Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Now Available for PSP System: October 31, 2006

No tricks. Today, we deliver the ultimate treat for your PSP System. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is now available.

The story of Vic Vance - a man wrongly discharged from the US military, finding himself with his back against the wall, and in a position to do whatever he must to make a new life and make things right for himself and his family. A return trip to Grand Theft Auto’s tropical haven for tumult and excess… Vice City. 1984.

Visit the BUY NOW section for order options, and make sure to check out the MUSIC section for information and download links for the Vice City Stories soundtrack collection on URGE.

“Steal cars, fly helicopters, blow up everything and find out what your PSP can really do... Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories reasserts the series' dominance with another sprawling, open-world crime spree... Vice City Stories stands as one of the best games in the GTA series, as well as one of the best reasons to own a PSP.” - GamesRadar.


The release of this year's most anticipated PSP title is just one week away.

This latest update to the official site includes another discovered episode of Vice City's short-lived 1984 news channel, MeTV News - full up with the footage, images and sounds that defined the era. Also, be sure to check out the launch of the MULTIPLAYER section, which features an overview of all 10 modes available, as well as the debut of the MUSIC section, which contains a sample track listing (full track list coming soon).

And last but certainly not least - the launch of Official Trailer #3: "IN SO DEEP". Set to the tune of Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight". Can you feel it?

Visit the BUY NOW section for pre-order options, so as not to be left out in the cold next week.


The latest buzz to hit the mainstream gaming sites about Vice City Stories includes a look at the game's multiplayer modes, including in-depth sessions with the all-new "Might of the Hunter". Be sure to read up on Vice City Stories' multiplayer at GamesRadar, IGN and UGO.

PSM REVIEW: October 24, 2006

For the exclusive early word on Vice City Stories, check out PSM's review in their December 2006 issue, available on newsstands now.

"Vice City Stories may be the best PSP game we've played so far. It's got everything a GTA should have and more - and it's portable... If you don't have a PSP, get one just to play this game."

OFFICIAL SITE UPDATE & TRAILER #2: September 26, 2006

Today's massive official site update features some newly uncovered programming from MeTV News, with your host Jenny Mitchell; a heap of new and exclusive screenshots in the SCREENS section; and last but certainly not least, the debut of Trailer #2: “Ladies and Gentlemen, Let’s Pop” in the MOVIES section. Be sure to sign up for either the Rockstar Games or Grand Theft Auto mailing list to be notified about all future site updates.


Major gaming sites have recently posted in-depth previews of Vice City Stories. For details on the latest technical improvements and advancements, along with some background on the game’s main character, Vic Vance, check out the latest previews from 1up, Gamespy and IGN.


Today we present the launch of the official Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories website, featuring an archive of the short-lived Vice City cable channel MeTV News, along with the world premiere of the first official trailer, screenshots, pre-order options and more.

Be sure to sign up for either the Rockstar Games or Grand Theft Auto mailing list to be notified about all future site updates.

PSM PREVIEW: September 5, 2006

Check out the October issue of PSM magazine for an early look at Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories that includes a preview of new features, along with detailed impressions from a selection of the game's missions.

Stay tuned for more previews and impressions hitting throughout the coming months.