Crew Noticeboard: Women With Weapons, Vintage Customs & more

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The Crew Noticeboard is our featured column of Crews actively recruiting new members to join their ranks. We publish Crew recruitment pitches in their own words so that you know exactly what they're all about.

This edition of the Crew Noticeboard includes pitches from a Crew with very specific vehicle requirements, a Lowrider club in search of avid new members and an established Crew with plenty of challenges to offer amongst others.

Declasse Tornado Custom Now Available

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Pick up the Declasse Tornado from Benny's Original Motor Works today, and upgrade it into a stylish Custom Lowrider. Make sure to take advantage of the ongoing 25% off select modifications at Benny's (ends Thursday!) to kit it out appropriately with options like custom Bumpers, Exhausts, Fenders, Hoods, Roofs, Engine Blocks and Air Filters, Hydraulics, Interiors and more.

Here’s just a few Snaps from proud Tornado owners who were first in line early this morning to acquire and start tricking out the latest Custom Classic…


A photo posted by Wendy (@incredible91852) on

And look for more GTA Online vehicles to be added to Benny's roster later this month as part of their ongoing spring inventory updates.

GTA Online Tornado Week: Lowrider Bonuses, New SUMO Maps - and the Tornado Custom Arriving Tuesday

Rockstar Fan Art: A Real Life BF Bifta Over 6 Months in the Making

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This week, check out a real-life recreation of the BF Bifta taken out for a spin, plus some artful odes to GTAV and Red Dead Redemption, and a curation of the latest and greatest GTA Online avatar custom portraits from artists around the world. And make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram, where we feature great fan creations like this on the regular. As always, if you've got some fantastic fan art or Snapmatics to share, be sure to drop your work in the comments below for the Social Club community to enjoy.

La BF Bifta IRL d'Iceteax

Thank you to BenDeR of the Grand Theft Auto Network France fan site for giving us a heads-up recently about the amazing work of his compatriot Iceteax - who has been painstakingly re-creating the BF Bifta as a real life dune buggy - down to the San Andreas license plate. Iceteax worked on the vehicle for 10 hours a week since August 2015 and the results are truly fantastique. Be sure to check out the video above to see Iceteax take his homemade Bifta out off-roading across the terroir of the Languedoc - blowing past scenic wind turbines in classic GTA Online racing fashion.

Trevor Philips by crowlls

The stinging splatter of red on the otherwise black and white canvas packs a punch in crowlls' excellent, Trevor Philips piece.


Mr. Philips by MrBananaSandwich

While MrBananaSandwich brings us a slightly more whimsical take (automatic rifle and booze-by-the-bottle notwithstanding) on Mr. Philips in an ever lovely blue dress and work boots ensemble.

Red Dead
 by Evan Luza

Atlanta-based graphic designer Evan Luza specializes in bold and iconic illustrations. He sent us this original piece via Mouthoff - a tribute to Red Dead Redemption with a windswept design, capturing the adventure, danger and spirit of being an outlaw to the end.

And the international world of GTA Online character avatar custom portraiture continues to astound – here are some of the latest standout pieces, including some from the most prolific artists on the scene…


Funny St. Valentine`s Day!
 by Sandra-Black

Russian artist Sandra-Black put together this Valentine’s gift for popular Russian YouTubers OlegBrain aka TheBrainDit and AlexPozitiv - decked out in Red Stockings and Black Leopard Boxer shorts from GTA Online: Be My Valentine.


Till death do us part by DigiMaru

Cartoonist DigiMaru pays tribute to both the recently released Adversary Mode Till Death Do Us Part and the 90's animated sitcom The Critic. Sporting the mode’s dapper vintage wear and toting his-and-hers Gusenberg Sweepers – it's a charming bit of portraiture.


missbellamelli by Lonedevil87

At missbellamelli's request, Italian DeviantARTist Lonedevil87 has joined the ranks of those called upon to bring GTA Online characters to life. "I never thought that a person could ask me to do a potrait drawing... but a little scared and happy, I accepted the challenge... I hope I managed to create something good for her D:" 


GTA Online Character by calponpon

Australia's calponpon sketches her cute-but-deadly Pistol toting, Top Hat clad GTA Online character with a wary side-eyed gaze.

GTA Online Characters
by Grobi-Grafik

These days, no GTA Online character portrait round-up is complete without the artistic stylings of Grobi-Grafik. Grobi’s latest creation mashes up a fierce avatar portrait commission alongside some dramatic characters of his own invention, in a vintage comic book pencils-and-inks style.

Character Portraits by DJ1NNsGR1MO1R3

Sourcing in-game shots of Raspy and Mahey31 for reference, Canadian artist DJ1NNsGR1MO1R3 aka Pleasance13 creates these portraits that look to have come straight out of the GTAV loading screens.

Grand Theft Auto Online: Liberté Égalité Fraternité by W_Flemming

"This artwork is dedicated to Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood, three words that best identify The Damned Brotherhood and FReeNCHCo on Grand Theft Auto Online." GTA fan art veteran W_Flemming portrays Crewmates Boolax, GoGoKilla and MiKiNiNo, pictured ready to defend their Yacht and elegantly transposed to some well-worn playing cards. Some sweet details in this one, including GoGoKilla rocking the Statue Of Happiness t-shirt from The Independence Day Update. Check out a motion graphics video version of these artworks, and appreciate the attention to detail via a few high-res close-ups.

Have you seen or created an exceptional bit of fan art or great Snapmatic photo that you'd like to share? Be sure to drop a link to it in the comments below for the Social Club community to enjoy, or send it our way to see via Mouthoff and we’ll check it out. And if you aren't already, make sure you're following us on Twitter, where we regularly share awesome community creations.

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Cluckin' Bell's Balls & Rings, Avatars on the Loose, Red Dead Throwbacks and More
Makeup Artist Transforms Herself Into Trevor, Pixel Art Claude & More

GTA Online Tornado Week: Lowrider Bonuses, New SUMO Maps - and the Tornado Custom Arriving Tuesday

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Benny's Original Motor Works' spring inventory adds a bona fide classic next week - the Declasse Tornado Custom, coming this Tuesday April 5th. Unlock the full potential of this beauty with a glorious range of upgrades at Benny's, including expressive and eclectic Livery choices, an abundance of roof design options and many more.


For those who love the new SUMO mode recently released with Lowriders Custom Classics, we’ve got two treacherous new maps that have just been added today. Watch out for the cracks as you smash, bash and barge in high atop the SS Bulker at the docks in Sumo V - and take to the roof of Sightings Bar & Restaurant at the airport for the ultimate dance of destruction in Sumo VI.

Sumo VI is a battle royale atop the Sightings restaurant at Los Santos International Airport


Celebrate today's arrival of the new Sumo maps and the upcoming release of the Tornado Custom with Tornado Week, today through Thursday April 7th. Log into GTA Online all week long for special Double RP opportunities in curated Playlists, as well as in all Sumo Adversary Modes plus Contact Missions from GTA Online: Lowriders, great deals on custom body mods and 10-car garage properties and lots of discounted items from the first Lowriders update. No April Fooling here - take advantage starting today!

  • Get Double RP in all Sumo Adversary Modes (including the new maps released today), Contact Missions from GTA Online: Lowriders and select Race Playlists. You can also launch GTA Online directly into the Playlist when prompted while booting GTAV, to easily play and gain the Double RP bonus. Upon completion of the day's Playlist, feel free to play it as much as your heart desires by way of the Rockstar Playlists section in the GTA Online pause menu. Here is the full Playlist schedule:
    • Friday April 1 - Sunday April 3 - Sumo Adversary Modes (including the new maps)
    • Monday April 4 - Tuesday April 5 - Street Races 
    • Wednesday April 6 - Thursday April 7 -  Street Races (different set of Jobs)
  • 25% off select modifications at Benny's Original Motor Works and all Los Santos Customs. With the impending release of the new Tornado Custom come Tuesday, these discounts will be particularly handy. Mod out and take the streets by storm with your upgraded ride (although note that base modifications for already upgraded Lowriders are not discounted). When you're done cruising and you're looking for a place to store your prized new Tornado, pay a visit to the Dynasty 8 website at some point this week and enjoy 15% off all 10-car garage properties. It's a great time to buy!
  • 30% off your purchase of the Machete, the Machine Pistol and any item of Lowriders clothing.


We'll be kicking off and closing out Tornado Week with two blockbuster live streams at the Rockstar Twitch and YouTube channels.

  • Today Friday April 1     5pm ET
    Playing new SUMO maps and other April's tomfoolery with Twitch all-stars:
    Ellohime, EatMyDictionTangentGaming and BikeMan of Team New Game Plus
  • Thursday April 7     5pm ET
    We are excited to welcome huge GTA and Rockstar fan LOGIC, alongside FaZe Clan's Rain, Adapt and Blaziken plus Rhymestyle and AfroSenju. Logic is in town performing at Terminal 5 as part of The Incredible World Tour and is stopping by Rockstar NYC for this special live stream. One elite MC and a gang of elite professional shooters will be riding out with Rockstar in the new Tornado Custom, and letting Faze air us out in some Compact Rifle and Machine Pistol TDMs and more.

GTA Online: Lowriders Custom Classics Now Available

GTA Online Game Tips: Taking on VIP Challenges

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Following on from our Game Tips article on VIP Work, we now turn the spotlight on contests fought by fellow Bodyguards to prove their worth to their Organization's VIP, like Gladiators fighting for the entertainment of Emperors. In VIP Challenges, it's down to each Bodyguard to rely on their honed training, wits and the arsenal of weaponry at their disposal to emerge victorious.

If you're ready for another bite of the VIP and Bodyguard lifestyle, read on for our latest VIP Challenges game tips to best outsmart your opponents:

VIP Challenges are found under the 'SecuroServ' option in the Interaction Menu, and are initiated by the VIP to offer out trials to those in their Organizations. While the winner of the Challenge will of course receive their dues, as with VIP Work, each Bodyguard taking part receives a participation award of GTA$ and RP for every minute (rounding incomplete minutes down) that they spend participating in the Challenge.

Once the Challenge is set, the VIP will have the option to spectate the competing Bodyguards.

Use a nimble vehicle and a well-timed sticky bomb to take out your opponents in Due Diligence.

Due Diligence: 
Objective: Find and collect packages marked with a Flare. While each one collected is worth GTA$100, the player with the most collected Packages wins.

We recommend the following tips: 

  • Look out for trails of smoke to find the packages; if a package isn't found in a certain amount of time, a second Flare will be fired to light your way. 
  • Using the 'Trackify' app will help hugely during this mode to find each location, but remember that the app can’t detect elevated items.
  • Think about nabbing a nimble vehicle to navigate tight spaces, and stay ahead of the competition. If it's neck-and-neck with another member of your Organization on the way to a Package, nothing in the rules say that you can’t destroy their vehicle...
  • If you’ve found a package but know you won’t get there first, don't waste time racing to collect it; instead, use the time to prepare for finding the next one that appears, before the competition.

Auto Buyout: 
Objective: Steal and deliver the highest value of vehicles you can to a specific drop-off point within the allotted time.

It is important to remember that it's not the number of vehicles delivered, but the combined value. With that in mind, take the following steps:

  • Consider the area you’re in; different areas across Los Santos and Blaine County will yield higher quality vehicles to steal. It’s worthwhile taking longer to search for higher value vehicles than simply loading up on lower value vehicles.
  • Don’t be afraid to switch vehicles when en route to a drop-off, if you see one with a higher value.
  • Other Player's personal vehicles can be dropped off
  • Try not to damage the vehicles on the way to the drop-off, as this will lower their value.
  • Race against other members of your Organization to fill that last spot at a drop-off to delay their delivery.

In Auto Buyout, consider the area you’re in; different areas across Southern San Andreas will yield higher quality vehicles to steal.

Courier Service: 
Objective: Find and deliver a designated cash bag to a drop-off point while avoiding being hit. Any remaining cash left in the bag at the end becomes the winning score:

  • Armor up to help avoid damage to yourself at all costs, as each bullet wound will cause you to bleed precious cash.
  • Even if you only make it back to the drop-off with $1, you can still beat the other members of your Organization who don’t make it back in time.
  • Completing your delivery is your primary objective! Undelivered cash held at the end of the round will not count towards your score.
  • Be ready to move as soon as you collect the package; the Cops are also eagerly watching.
  • It may be quicker to deliver in an air vehicle, but you will gradually lose cash along the way. 

Most Wanted: 
Objective: All players in the Organization will be hit with a 5-star Wanted Level. From there, last player alive wins.

With danger all around, the following tips may help you avoid the heat:

  • If you find yourself cornered, put up a valiant last stand and go out fighting. Other members of your Organization may be in a similar situation and unable to hold out for as long as you.
  • The Cops are relentless during this time and you won't be able to lose them until the timer is up. Therefore, plan your movements carefully to survive and pick your ideal spot for evading them; you're going to need all the help you can get.
  • Stay away from aircraft, interiors and the underground tunnels, as these will knock you out of the Challenge.
  • If there’s more than one player alive after 10 minutes, the reward will be split between those still standing.

Take note of your surroundings to avoid getting ambushed in Market Manipulation.

Market Manipulation: 
Objective: With all open convenience Stores blipped on the map, race from Store to Store to hold up cashiers and collect as much cash as possible. The player with the most GTA$ when the timer is up takes home the loot.

The following tips should come in handy:

  • After a Store is robbed, it will be unavailable for a time; observe other players and plan your route to avoid getting cut off.
  • Killing the shop attendants is a risky strategy; it offers a quicker, but smaller payout than holding up the Store, and leads to more heat from the Cops. Strike a balance between speed and efficiency.
  • Be aware of your surroundings; it’s easy to get ambushed by the cops when exiting a Store.
  • If you die, you will drop a percentage of the cash you have already collected. The more cash you are holding, the larger the amount dropped will be. 
  • Feeling brave? If you’re bold enough, you can risk multiple Stores before losing your Wanted Level.
  • If you pass an opponent making a robbery, try blowing up any getaway vehicles they may have parked outside the Store to slow them down.
  • A fast, armored vehicle is indispensable for this mission; a good opportunity to try out one of the armored models of the Baller, Schafter and Cognoscenti.

Point to Point:
Objective: A point-to-point race, set by the VIP.
Once the destination marker has been set down by your Executive, get ready to win the race:

  • The GPS route is not always the fastest route to the race destination, so plan ahead, if you know the area well.
  • Grab a vehicle as quickly as possible; anything is better than running!
  • Watch the VIP’s movements at the start of the race; they've set the race destination, so they'll likely know where they are going.
  • Take out the vehicles of other members of your Organization with a drive-by attack or a well-placed sticky bomb to help guarantee first place.

Feel free to share any tips or questions you may have in the comments section below.

GTA Online Game Tips: Putting in VIP Work
Game Tips: Becoming a Successful VIP and Bodyguard 
GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals Now Available

Snapmatic Winners, Sumo Highlights and More from Lowriders: Custom Classics Week

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Presenting the winners of the #CustomClassics Snapmatic Challenge that was held last week with our five favorite selections (as well as some great honorable mentions) below. Also, check out Lowriders: Custom Classics video highlights, including the official GTA Online Sessions episode of funny moments from our live stream with Carly Aquilino, Nessa, Daym Drops and Lazlow playing Sumo, racing out in fully modded Lowriders and lots more.


Thanks to everyone who submitted their entry to the #CustomClassics Snapmatic Photo Challenge in the hunt for the GTA$1,000,000 award and good old fashioned Snapmatic community cachet. Plenty of Slamvans, Donks, Double Barrel Shotguns, Rolled Quiffs and High Waisted Trousers graced the #CustomClassics section of the Social Club Snapmatic galleries. Congrats to our four first-time-ever winners, as well as one veteran Snapmatic champion...

San Andreas Avenue by S4NT3LL173

Herb Ritts would approve. A beautifully shot black and white Slamvan snap with a rustic vibe. Complete with the Benny's Shop Truck Livery and Stack 'em Up Exhaust, S4NT3LL173's new ride is primed and ready to take it low n' slow.

Dash of Shark by Basimatic

The prolific Basimatic's Blacktop Bomber Slamvan prowls the waters of the LS Storm Drain. Constantly pushing the envelope with creative GTA photography, video and other creative endeavors, be sure to follow Basimatic on Twitter where she shares her amazing work day in and day out. A shoutout also goes to AXELSCHWEISS77 for this other sly shark-themed Slamvan entry worthy of honorable mention.

EASY PREY! by BNadal

From jaws to paws, BNadal brings us another clever vehicles-as-wildlife shot, using the Zebralicious Livery to depict an apex predator Faction Custom Donk sizing up its next meal at Procopio Beach.

ALTA ST by erin7696

Rocking some brand new Lowriders: Custom Classics threads and with her Slamvan ready to roll, erin7696's GTA Online character refills her Double Barrel Shotgun before heading out for a night on the town. Awesome detail capturing the shells gripped between her fingers as she loads up here.

I WANNA PLAY WITH MY NEW TOY by withoutoragainst

Snapmatic photographer withoutoragainst makes intelligent use of in-game gestures and the optical illusion of forced perspective to make their new playthings appear miniature in size.

Other Honorable Mentions...



Watch this latest official GTA Online Sessions YouTube episode for some raucous moments with Carly Aquilino, Nessa, Daym Drops and Lazlow playing the new Sumo Adversary Mode, some Destroy Last Place Races with new rides from Lowriders: Custom Classics, and a particularly hilarious bonus round of Hasta La Vista.

/r/GTAV_Cruises celebrate Custom Classics Event Week by lining up their Donks down in the LS Storm Drain for an epic synchronized wave.

KYR SP33DY and the Crew get into a Sumo grudge match - with characteristically ridiculous results.

Kwebbelkop, Jelly and Slogoman pimp out color-coordinated Willard Faction Custom Donks and go on a spree with the brand new Compact Rifle. Check out Slogoman's perspective of the hijinks here.

Trott, Smith, and Ross - collectively known as Hat Films - and their friend Sips discuss the finer points of the Panto, Sips' mum's hybrid and take part in the occasional impromptu singalong as they get into hysterics with GTA Online's latest Adversary Mode.

For more Sumo shenanigans, also enjoy these vids from Swiftor, N&B Gaming and iamfallfromgrace.


Congratulations to the Custom Classics Sweepstakes Contest winners who have each scored a cache of GTAV prizes including the V Zippo Lighter, the Grotti Polo Shirt, the Welcome to Los Santos Soundtrack CD and more: sambogamingCorpse_CollectorKhiDemoHitFoxie and smoothyoungbeezy.

GTA Online Lowriders Custom Classics Now Available
The GTA Online Lowriders Custom Classics Event Week
New Inventory Coming to Benny's Original Motor Works

ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Week: Unlock an Exclusive GTA Online T-Shirt, 25% Off ILL-GOTTEN Vehicles and More (March 25 - 31)

Posted on March 25 2016, 10:47am | Author: R* L | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

After reaping the benefits of a full week of Double GTA$ opportunities in the Lowriders Custom Classics Event Week, take advantage of a huge array of discounts in-game from now through to Thursday March 31st. As well as an exclusive unlock available all week and Double RP Race Playlists, there's up to 50% off clothing and tattoos, and 25% off select vehicles and more from the Ill-Gotten Gains Updates (Part I and Part II), not to mention discounts on select car modifications. Read on for full information.


"It's time to fight to the end. Again". Simply log-in to GTA Online any day this week and you will unlock an exclusive t-shirt bearing the name of Richards' Majestic cult classic sci-fi feature The Shoulder Of Orion II. 


There's a Playlist of Double RP Races available to play directly from the GTAV launch screens every day this week. We'll be switching the Playlist up with different types of Races throughout the week, so check the schedule below or keep an eye on our Twitter or Instagram for regular updates:

  • Friday March 25 - Sunday March 27 - Street Races
  • Monday March 28 & Tuesday March 29 - Air Races
  • Wednesday March 30 & Thursday March 31 - Sea Races

If you complete the Playlist, and want to replay it to earn more Double RP, there's no need to restart the game; you can find it again easily via the Rockstar Playlists section of the GTA Online pause menus.


Hit the Legendary Motorsport website on your iFruit phone this week for solid discounts on select rides from the ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Update Part 2. Through the end of the month, buy the luxurious off-road beast that is the Coil Brawler, the lightning fast Progen T20, the Muscle classic Invetero Coquette BlackFin and the KERS-enabled Dinka Vindicator motorcycle - all at a 25% discount. Modifications for these vehicles and many others will also be available with a quarter of the price taken off the top; just roll on over to Los Santos Customs for the hook-up.

Not just by land, prices are also getting slashed at sea; the fine folks at DockTease are getting into the spirit of things with 25% off the Lampadati Toro, so pick up this luxurious, balls-out speedboat if you haven't already. 


Style your wardrobe, and body, at a good price all week long with 50% off all clothing and tattoos from both ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Updates. Swing over to Binco, Suburban or Ponsonbys to get the look you want in outfits including The Baller, The Swank and much, much more. While you're at it, let your body be the canvas without killing your bank account, and get inked with any of the 30 ILL-GOTTEN tats at any parlor for half off too.


Leave a lasting impression with any style of Knuckle Duster, from The Pimp to The Rock and everything in between for 50% off retail. Stop off at any Ammu-Nation outlet so you can knock suckers out in style.

The GTA Online ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Update: Part One Now Available
The GTA Online ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Update: Part Two Now Available
Lowriders Custom Classics Event Week

Rockstar Editor Powered Videos: "GTA Z", "The Raid", "Jumpers" Drop Zone Tribute & More

Posted on March 22 2016, 1:22pm | Author: R* J | Filed Under: Games

Sit back and enjoy this latest Newswire film festival of creative and fun videos recently made by creators with footage captured using the Rockstar Editor.

The Raid by Lu Iggy

Known for a consistent body of work producing short films and music videos of ever increasing ambition using the Rockstar Editor over the past few months, Lu Iggy's twelfth short form narrative project may be his best work to date. With some truly impressive stunts, subtle but effective use of filters and even a few sly bits of comic relief, Lu showcases an audacious raid on Fort Zancudo that he took on with his partner Sgt Wadsworth. The story twists and turns right until the end, and leaves you on a brilliant cliffhanger. We can't wait for the sequel...

Flashback by ChaosZake

ChaosZake shows that he's more than just an accomplished Snapmatic photographer and takes us all the way back to the early 80's in this mesmerizing early MTV styled music video set to the toe-tapping classic "Flashback" by Imagination which may sound familiar from afternoons spent cruising to Space 103.2. With help from GTA community stalwarts CaPn-BOnEs, missNxkolette, Sariska and others, he perfectly captures the aesthetic of those halcyon days - dubious moustaches and all.

Zombie Apocalypse Ep.4 - S.O.S by Duggy

Duggy presents the fourth installment of his amazing series "Zombie Apocalypse". Parlaying clever Story Mode and Director Mode mods such as elsewhat's Scene Director and HippieCommunist's ZombieZ, Duggy's harrowing portrait of a city gripped by a zombie epidemic is told through a series of incredible set-pieces. As Duggy explains, the video employs innnovative editing techniques to immerse the viewer: "the end sequence is actually 5 different recordings stitched together to create the illusion of one continuous scene".

Sultan RS Showcase by Logic-Films

DeejayJeanP and INKAKU offer some visual adoration for the recently released Karin Sultan RS in this slick presentation befitting the sharp, clean lines of the Sultan's contours. Logic-Films have a strong history of showcasing their favorite vehicles from GTA Online: check out more montages featuring the Custom Classic Slamvan, Declasse Mamba, Galaxy Super Yacht and the Albany Primo.

Grand Theft Auto V - JUMPERS - MrSrdaro

MrSrdaro's hypnotic Rockstar Editor video poetically portrays the perilous battle over contested land in the Drop Zone Adversary Mode. MrSrdaro hopes you appreciate the "beauty of skydiving and shooting, everything you need to know about Dropzone".

Also Check Out
Nause - The World I Know (GTA Online) Cinematic Music Video by FullyTrollin
Not Giving In by Exion
California Feeling (Beach Boys) by Grand Theft Auto Music Videos
Behind Your Eyes (TLMC Elysian Island) by The Lost MC Elysian Island
Dallas by Clintonics
Parkour: Del Perro Beach by Knife_guy productions

If you've been working on your latest Vinewood blockbuster and want to share it with the community, drop a link in the comments below or email us directly to give it a watch at


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