Introduction to Max Payne 2 Tools and Modding

Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, like it's predecessor Max Payne, is designed to easily let you play new, exciting game content made by fans. These user-made modifications aka. mods can be created by using various tools, scripts and technologies that Remedy has made when developing the game and which are now available as a downloadable installation package for Max Payne 2 PC version.

If you also are interested in creating new content or already an avid game modder, we hope that you join the fun and enter the world of Max Payne 2 modding. This site consists of tutorials and articles written by Remedy's Max Payne team and it is designed to help you create new game content for Max Payne 2, using MaxED and other Remedy's tools. 

The Basics and other introductory sections will explain you how to get started especially with MaxED. Under Articles you will find several more explanations of various topics dealing with more advanced issues. 

  • MaxED 2.0 or MaxED2 is Remedy's proprietary level editor, and it is the most integral part of the toolset. Almost all of the environments and in-game objects in Max Payne 2 have been modeled, textured, lit and scripted with MaxED.
  • ParticleFX is Remedy's particle effect editor. While not as essential as MaxED, it is still a true powerhouse designed to create all kind of particle effects for the game: rain, explosions, sparks etc. 
  • Scripts and other techniques explained under their own topics help you create other things, new characters and animations for example.

If you find something missing or hard to understand, you could take a look at the tutorials that the always-devoted modding community has produced -- any of the Max Payne 2 fan sites are a good starting point to the community and should have plenty of interesting links for you to explore. Consider also visiting 3D Realms forums where you will find plenty of help and other FAQs answered in the Max Payne 2 mods & editing subsection.

Before posting new questions to forums, we kindly ask you to read these tutorials carefully once more and then search the forums for answers before actually posting a question -- there is a good chance that answer is already there. If you still have some problems, more seasoned modders will likely give you and answer. Remedy people also follow the forums and we are happy to help if we happen to come by a good question of a new, previously unanswered issue.

-- Max Payne 2 development team

Version 0.7, Updated 17.03.2004

  • Skin exporting & editing tutorial made available

  • Quick Reference made available

  • Lighting tutorial made available

Note: Remedy will keep updating this site and adding articles and making corrections as the work proceeds. Please take a look at this site from time to time.

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