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D.O.B Unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Identifying Features Clean cut and expensively well dressed.
No scars, birthmarks or known tattoos.
Criminal Record File inaccessible
Hang-Outs Mainly in the Noxxa area where he races sports cars illegally. Also has a taste for virtual prostitution after some untested Zaibatsu hallucinogens.
Girlfriends Petula Shoe (Wife, 5yrs)
Car Prototype Zaibatsu Sports car - Unavailable to public
Weapons Mobile Phone - Access to high-ranking police and military if difficulties occur. Difficulties rarely occur
Habits Driving fast and collecting kidnapped Krishna for new drug testing
Drugs Promotes Zaibatsu products, which he also uses. Excessive use of untested drugs, he is a Dr. Jekyll style guinea pig for his products.
Specialities Injecting people with drugs without them realising it. Indiscriminate kidnapping.
Alias's The Chemist - (He creates the drugs)
Schizo - (Does a nice line in multi persona)