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D.O.B Unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Identifying Features Clean cut and expensively well dressed.
No scars, birthmarks or known tattoos.
Permanent suntan and glazed appearance.
Criminal Record File inaccessible.
Hang-Outs Found in other gang territory, especially Krishna territory. Large groups of people, especially prostitutes, drunks or people on drugs. Certain city nightclubs and bars.
Girlfriends Any Prostitute.
No known girlfriend or previous girlfriends.
Car Zaibatsu stretch limousine.
Weapons Stun Gun / dart gun. Used to help make people come quietly.
Habits Never sleeps and can be found roaming the city in his limousine almost continually.
Drugs Proto-type Zaibatsu neural preservation therapy and micro biotic food replacements - Top Secret
Specialities Has unnatural rapport with people which is almost hypnotic. People tend to disappear in his company. Very sinister until you meet him, then incredibly disarming, in every respect.
Alias's Android.
The Shrink