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D.O.B 12 / 11 / 73
Birthplace Stockholm
Identifying Features

Tall and heavy set, shaved head showing where a titanium plate was inserted after Oil rig explosion. Twitching left eye, which gives the impression he is about to lash out at any moment.

Criminal Record

Interpol Record
1990 Theft of leaked Government waste disposal proposals.
1993 Bombing of Norwegian oil terminal.
1994 Alleged assassination of "Effluent services" CEO.

U.S. Record
1996 Fire bomb attack on city commuters - 1 year state pen.
1998 Grand theft Auto (Suspected large scale) - No evidence.

Hang-Outs Carparks, garages or at his car crusher. Alternatively on of the Zaibatsu's new body sculpture centres.
Girlfriends Has enough problems controlling his own emotional rollercoaster life.
Car Any brand, they all crush up small.
Weapons His hands and the new power Tazer from Luppy which can stop a car.
Habits Stealing cars by night and crushing them by day, the bigger and faster and less fuel efficient the better.
Drugs New improved Zaibatsu steroids with only a minimal chance of cardiac arrest after a workout.
Specialities Pretending to be an innocent monk before stealing your car. Car jacking, especially buses filled with potential converts.
Alias's Blondie