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D.O.B 04/06/54
Birthplace Oxford, England (Maybe German)
Identifying Features Unseen for many years.
Saville Row suits and haircut.
Numerous healed scars around temples and extensive surgery on spinal column.
Criminal Record File inaccessible
Hang-Outs Never leaves penthouse apartment in the heart of the Zaibatsu complex.
Girlfriends Wife - Henriettta de Courcy died on operating table, after suffering extensive headwounds in a motor accidents. No known girlfriend or previous girlfriends
Car N/A
Weapons Global Empire of Lifestyle products
Habits Spends most of his time researching new technology. Zaibatsu can turn proto-type; car, drug, gun etc, from lab to high street quicker than any other corporation.
Drugs Unknown Zaibatsu prototypes keep him alive.
Specialities Leading the country into thinking they cannot live without his products.
Alias's The President.
The Doctor.
The Cure.