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D.O.B 17 / 11 / 69
Birthplace Tokyo
Identifying Features Polar Bear Tattoo on his back and Paranoid appearance. Tall for Japanese and flared red nostrils.
Criminal Record

Extensive Criminal Record in Japan - Unavailable
1995 Arrested on suspicion of multiple murder in a noodle bar. No Witness's
1996 Possession of Illegal firearms - 6 Months
1997 Arrested for "Hello Sushi bar" Massacre.
Bailed for £ 2 Million Dollars.
1998 Alleged connection to huge Cocaine and Amphetamine smuggling operation. Also linked to Arms theft and dealing.


The Pink Dog Strip Joint.
Any "Hello Sushi Bar" restaurant.
Saki and Shots bar.
Yaka Video porn cabins.

Girlfriends Hana Funabashi (Currently)
Car S-Class Mercedes (Shiny Black and Fast)
Weapons Two 45 Automatics (Silver)
Habits Frequents strip joints, cheap porn houses and Crack dens. Loose trigger finger when loaded is almost legendary.
Drugs Collosal abuser of Cocaine freebase Ice.
Specialities Shooting people and intentionally keeping them alive. Preferably with many bullets, his record is seventy two.
Alias's Johnny Ice (For his drug habit as much as his cool façade)