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D.O.B 26 / 01 / 72
Birthplace Okinawa
Identifying Features Short stature and thick glasses, heavily tattoed arms.
Criminal Record

1994 Arrested for suspected car theft and possession of Firearms.
1995 Arrested for illegal Gambling racket and charged with possession of Firearms - one year in prison.
1997 Arrested and charged with multiple murder in notorious gambling den. Released on a technicality.
1998 Linked to Gambling racket and more "Poker" deaths as they have been nick-named. No evidence as yet.

Hang-Outs The Judas House of Cards. (illegal Poker Joint)
Pilots Palace Casino.
Bakuto Square, (Prostitutes Hangout)
Girlfriends None, prefers prostitutes.
Car S-Class Mercedes (Shiny Black, very fast)
Weapons Laser sighted Assault Rifle, (Small, silver and Silenced)

Plays poker incessantly and Blackjack at Pilot's Palace Casino. Will gamble on just about anything. Sometimes works to rig gambling dens or move large shipments of Narcotics. Kills so ruthlessly when loosing that few doubt his conviction.

Drugs Dabbles in Amphetamines, but only when playing cards for long periods.
Specialities Forcing players to loose out of fear for their lives.
Alias's "X-ray" refers to his inate card reading ability.