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Chapter One - What's Going On

Wednesday 11.30pm

Some Dive in Caymen, Anywhere, USA.
I never wanted this case, but then who would? I've been here for three days now, and am no closer to knowing the who, why, what of the matter than I was three days before. And then, I knew nothing. All I knew is I was put on a plane and told to sort things out. And here I am. Sorting things out. Sorting what out? Well, I don't know, all I was told was to come to the city and look into the Zaibatsu, and see what I could find. But everyone knows about the Zaibatsu. It's like saying go and find out about the sun. Everyone knows about Play Drugs. Hell, I even do Zoom Zoom myself. I don't know about the wrongs and rights of the thing. I ain't here to make moral judgements. Just do my job and get the hell out of here. Only, I don't know what my job is. So, I've done a little research. Same as usual, bribed a cop, got the files, had a glance through, a stiff drink , a couple of beni-proto-quadrcyclonals and waited for the apocalypse, only nothing happened. I must be getting' stale. When you can't even get high, you know you're getting' stale. That's what daddy used to say to me, and he died of liver failure at the age of thirty eight, so he ought to know. So here I am, using drugs to try to investigate the makers of the drugs, kind of like a wine taster trying to solve the case of disappearing wine. Don't know much about these Zaibatsu dudes, but they make damn fine play drugs. But anyway, back to the matter at hand, which is now in my mouth and it ain't bad. Zoom Zoom certainly is finer stuff than BPQCs, no wonder Zaibatsu are cleaning up. The first leisure pharmacist and still the best. The Zaibatsu Corporation, eh? Well, I've un-earthed a few things about them, but it's very much dirt free earth, I guess. And when the earth ain't dirty, then what the hell is? Just a few adverts for Zoom Zoom, and their other play stuff and nothin' else. Hmm, well not really, the big wigs are a little odd, but then so am I, AND IF YOU'RE GETTING THESE TRANSMISSIONS, THEN SO ARE YOU TOO -

WHAT AM I DOING HERE? What's been going on with the Zaibatsu corp? well I've hacked into the police files for the leaders of the Zaibatsu and attempted to get some more info on them, and I've got a company profile, and it turns out the public and private image of Zaibatsu Corporation, is, er, somewhat different. Along with more fingers in more pies than your average pie fingerer, it turns out not all of their activities are strictly legal, and above board. Genetic Modification and vicious cloning experiments, leisure narctotics, and piles sensitive toilet paper, vans and cars, this is legal pleasure seeking, and all well and good, but armaments? They don't have the license to manufacture weaponry. Now, everyone knows a license can be bought pretty cheap, so why haven't they got one? And intellectual enhancement? I mean everyone heard the rumours, and a lot of people claimed to have undergone the experience, but nobody really believes in it. It's just an urban myth, like blue skies, and healthy babies and fertile men. That stuff just doesn't happen. Why doesn't that woman call me? Where's my assistant when I need him? Does anyone know what's going on?