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D.O.B Unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Identifying Features Clean cut and expensively well dressed.
No scars, birthmarks or known tattoos.
Criminal Record File inaccessible.
Hang-Outs Caymen is an area where his presence is always welcome. Often sells cutting edge arms privately to boost market and make some cash. He has a long standing problem with Heroin addiction and the guns pay for the best gear.
Girlfriends Ulrika Afrique.
(Any high class call girl, money no object)
Car Prototype Zaibatsu Off roader - Unavailable to public. Complete with extensive gun rack.
Weapons Carries all new Zaibatsu weaponry on his Off roader.
Heat sensitive side arms.
Hand held Cruise missile launchers.
Gel Napalm guns.
Long Range shotguns.
Time delay adjustable grenades and launcher.
Habits Often found near gang areas or gun stores promoting new products. Everyone looks up to the man who peddles tomorrow's weaponry.
Drugs Proto-type Zaibatsu SMART drugs, Top Secret and the old brown sugar of course.
Specialities Displaying the power of new weapons on the innocent and eminently disposable.
Alias's The man with no name.
Santa Claus.
One Gun.