Name : Marcus A.K.A. : Brother Marcus, Sister Elisha (Sat. evenings only)
D.O.B : 05/30/67 Height : Unknown
Distinguishing Marks : n/a
Past Offences :
various Ninja high jinks
Ganja propoganda
Dealing Narcotics

Known Associates :
Brothers Davey, Eck, Soapy, Boab, Wullie, Hen, Horace, Joe, Paw an' Granpaw. Sisters Daphne, Maggie, Maw and Bairn.

Notes :
The provisional Brotherhood of Jah Army of Love have been waging a campaign of terror for over 7 years now. The control almost all of the drug trade in Vice City, although sources indicate that they operate a 'one for you - two for me' method that has curtailed their violence somewhat.

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