Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars at the Rockstar Social Club
9:47PM March 16, 2009

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is in stores now exclusively for Nintendo DS and with it comes the opening of the Chinatown Wars area at Rockstar Games Social Club.

Social Club members who own Chinatown Wars will be able to track detailed game stats and compare them with their Friends on Social Club. Also exclusive to Social Club members are hidden missions waiting for the player to unlock. Find the two missing Guardian Lion statues in the game to gain access to this secret content via Rockstar Games Social Club. More secret in-game unlockables will be announced soon, exclusively accessible to Social Club members.

Getting Started:
To gain entry to the special features for Chinatown Wars, you will first want to obtain a Friends Code and link your account. This will allow you to connect your game to the Social Club and enable future stats syncing. Detailed instructions can be found at the new Chinatown Wars Account Linking tool in your member Profile settings - click here to access (must be registered, logged-in member).

Find Your Friends:
When you sync your stats, your Nintendo DS Friends Roster will also be joined to your Social Club account. You can then compare your stats to your friends'. Make sure to tell your friends to also sign up to Social Club to take part in this feature.

Guardian Lions:
Rumor has it some very valuable Chinese artifacts arrived and promptly disappeared in our fair city. On their way to the museum, a pair of priceless statues called The Lions of Fo that once guarded a recently unearthed ancient Shaolin temple were stolen. The now missing statues are worth a substantial fortune on the black market. The perpetrators of the heist have hidden them in Liberty City while they attempt to offload them. Once you have completed the main story missions, your quest for the two lost Guardian Lions will begin. Social Club will provide members with hints as to where to locate them, and, once found, will present a special key to unlock new secret story missions.

More To Come:
These features are just the beginning for the Chinatown Wars section. We will be adding activities here that allow you to earn extra in-game cash as well as other special unlockables. Check back soon for more announcements.

If you haven't registered a Rockstar Games Social Club account, it's quick and painless - click here to do so.

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Retired Features: Rockstar Games Social Club features and unlocks for Chinatown Wars are no longer available as of 5/31/14.