Chinatown Wars Comic-Con Hands-On Previews
3:14PM February 26, 2009

A few weeks back, select visitors at the New York Comic-Con were treated to a rare hands-on preview of Grand Theft Auto's debut handheld incarnation on the DS... Here's a collection of what they had to say:

"Rockstar has managed to build a fully 3D portable version of GTA IV's Liberty City for players to explore and it looks phenomenal on Nintendo's handheld... The more amazing accomplishment that Rockstar has managed to pull off is getting a home console GTA experience on a handheld-no small feat. A lot of thought has gone into making this the definitive GTA experience and fans should be on the lookout when this game hits in March." - Wizard

"The living breathing world of GTA IV has found a way to exist on the DS on its own terms... The game is unabashedly fun..... and Chinatown Wars at times has the feel of an arcade game." - The Escapist

"To say that I didn't expect Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars to be my favorite game at New York Comic-Con would be an understatement... Before this convention, I literally knew next to nothing about this title and assumed it was just going to be a throwback to the days of playing 2D GTAs on my PlayStation. Turns out, that assumption was dead wrong... When I got my hands on the title and began roaming around the city, everything felt natural. If you're a GTA IV addict like me, you'll probably be happy to know Rockstar kept the same map from the most recent game and built the town from the ground up to fit the cell-shaded world. Believe me, I haven't touched on the majority of what's in this game... In short, this game is the business." - IGN

"To call Chinatown Wars feature-laden would be an understatement on par with calling glaciers slow... Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars hits the DS on March 17th and with it comes a whole new rap sheet for Nintendo's handheld. Rockstar Leeds has spent nearly two years putting Chinatown together, building a fully rendered Liberty City in the process... Overall, Chinatown Wars looks pretty sick... Rockstar is kicking out some obscene value for $35 in this DS title." - G4

"I knew this game was big, but not this big. It's an ambitious title for the DS, and one Rockstar seems to be taking very seriously. While I nearly spent two hours with the game, I still didn't feel like I even scratched its surface." - Kotaku

"The graphics are quite impressive, with full 3D models, an incredible amount of texture variety, and a very steady framerate... we're looking forward to exploring more of Liberty City when Chinatown Wars ships on DS next month." - Joystiq

"...this is a full-featured Grand Theft Auto title, with everything you could want from a new installment -and more ...a fully 3D world, epic on the scale of nothing before seen on the Nintendo DS... the biggest and most ambitious DS game I've ever seen, an instant must-buy for anyone with the system." - CHUD

"Lord knows how this all fits on a DS game card but it does... the important thing is that Rockstar hasn't compromised the series' formula in bringing it to the DS. It hasn't been simplified or sanitized - it's a legitimate Grand Theft Auto game and that's more than enough reason to check it out." - CinemaBlend

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Retired Features: Rockstar Games Social Club features and unlocks for Chinatown Wars are no longer available as of 5/31/14.