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9:47PM March 16, 2009

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is in stores now exclusively for Nintendo DS and with it comes the opening of the Chinatown Wars area at Rockstar Games Social Club.

Social Club members who own Chinatown Wars will be able to track detailed game stats and compare them with their Friends on Social Club. Also exclusive to Social Club members are hidden missions waiting for the player to unlock. Find the two missing Guardian Lion statues in the game to gain access to this secret content via Rockstar Games Social Club. More secret in-game unlockables will be announced soon, exclusively accessible to Social Club members.
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9:32PM March 16, 2009

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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars features an online component that allows you to instant message your friends and trade information and items. You can send and receive map waypoints for hidden items and special locations to your friends, and trade weapons, money or street product to enhance each other’s single player experience.

Head-to-Head and Co-op multiplayer is available locally via Wi-Fi and features 6 different modes to play. See below for details on three of them, with more information coming soon.
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8:08PM March 16, 2009

The fourth game Feature Clip is all about the triumphant return of the fan-favorite Rampage mode to the Grand Theft Auto series. Look for the Game Feature Clips Series to continue on the site post-release, highlighting more special and unique gameplay features of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars that you may not know about.
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12:59PM March 13, 2009

All-new exclusive screens showcasing boats, Huang Lee and Zhou Ming, the flamethrower and the return of rampage missions.

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12:59PM March 13, 2009

The legendary hip-hop producer DJ Premier (as heard hosting and mixing Grand Theft Auto IV's 'The Classics' radio station) was the first to debut Ghostface Killah & Doom's original "Chinatown Wars" theme song (produced by OhNo) on his Friday night Sirius XM radio show Live from HeadQCourterz. Listen to Premier's world exclusive debut where he mixes, scratches and cuts it up like only he can. The original song and its remix will be available on iTunes with game launch next week on Tuesday, March 17th.

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Retired Features: Rockstar Games Social Club features and unlocks for Chinatown Wars are no longer available as of 5/31/14.