11:45AM October 14, 2009

Looking to make her big break in journalism, documentary filmmaker Melanie Mallard has made a deal with Chan Jaoming that she believes will help her finally make a name for herself as she captures the Triads' rule of the City's drug trade on camera. It will be up to Huang to escort her around as she films the action, but whether or not she can be trusted not to go public with too much information remains to be seen.
Tags: people
7:53PM April 8, 2009

Lester Leroc is a chopper riding, beer drinking, donut chomping, skirt chasing P.I. Despite the Elvis costume he wears to infiltrate the motorcycle gangs of Liberty City, Lester is a good man to know, with plenty of drug connections for Huang to make use of.
Tags: people
11:36AM March 23, 2009

A mobster of the Italian variety, Rudy crosses the aisle to do business with Huang out of necessity - he too is being squeezed by FIB informants, and needs Huang's help to work outside his compromised circle to ferret out the rat.
Tags: people
1:46PM March 20, 2009

Relative newcomer to the Triads of Liberty City, Zhou is the dark horse candidate to succeed Hsin Jaoming. Audacious, egotistical and sociopathic, Zhou is a dangerous schemer with power on his mind, and blood on his hands.
Tags: people
1:00PM March 13, 2009

A dirty narcotics detective with the IAD on his tail and a monkey on his back, Wade Heston forms a dubious alliance with Huang Lee to find the mysterious FIB rat who has set up both Huang and Wade. Lying, stealing and murdering are all in a day's work for this member of Liberty City's finest.
Tags: people
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