Grenade Launcher

This single shot grenade launcher will fire a grenade farther, at a higher velocity and with more accuracy than any thrown by hand. Must be reloaded after every shot, but is powerfully effective. Learn to bounce grenades off walls and around corners to take out your rivals.
Assault Shotgun

This fully automatic shotgun is extremely powerful and fires off shells constantly. This weapon is very effective at taking out multiple targets at once and can take down vehicles quickly.
Pool cue

Use this lethal weapon like the bat - swing left, right and block using the different attack buttons.
Pipe Bomb

This explosive device is home made, but produces a large blast radius. This weapon is most effective when rolled under vehicles or thrown into areas with a high density of enemies.
Sawed off shotgun

This shotgun has a short gun barrel producing a wide blast and is deadly at close range. Fires only 2 shells but automatically reloads and can be fired from your bike.
Automatic 9mm

This pistol requires only one pull of the trigger to empty the magazine and is very accurate. This is a great weapon for drive-bys and close combat with its high rate of fire.

Pipe bombs are effective when attempting an escape by motorcycle.
Johnny assaults the Angels Of Death clubhouse, equipped with the sawed off shotgun.
While not the most polite method for hailing a cab, still an effective way of getting a Liberty City cab driver's attention.
Johnny stares down his next victim with the automatic 9mm.
Lost MC members can always call up Terry for weapons on demand, delivered to your current location.