Tear up the streets road rash style on the new selection of motorcycles, armed with a heavy bat to smack opponents off their hogs. Swing the bat to left or right, and charge up your swing to do extra damageā€¦ or get a solid start off the line and race away from the competition. For a complete list of all the new bikes available in this mode, visit the official vehicles page .

In this competitive/co-operative hybrid mode, ride with The Lost and prove you have what it takes to become club leader. You’ll receive tasks that must be completed to gain standing with the gang, and once you’ve completed enough tasks, you become the leader.

In this mode, a single player, the Lone Wolf, is on the run and everyone else is out to get them. The Lone Wolf must go through a series of checkpoints that only they can see, while the rest of the participants attempt to kill them and take over the role of Lone Wolf. If the Lone Wolf is killed, the person that kills them takes over

In the Lone Wolf Biker mode there are two options “Full Throttle” and “Chopper vs. Chopper”:
* Full Throttle - Successfully complete motorcycle checkpoint racing while other bikers do all they can to stop you - play as the hunted or as one of the hunters.
* Chopper vs. Chopper - Pits checkpoint bike racer against another player trying to stop you in an attack helicopter with explosive rounds. Crazy.

This is a team based mode where you choose to be either N.O.O.S.E or The LOST. There is a prison transport bus that must drop off prisoners at different police stations across Liberty City. N.O.O.S.E must deliver the prisoners safely to LCPD stations across the map to win. Meanwhile, The Lost members however, are on a mission to destroy the heavily-armored bus full of snitches.

This team based mode’s main objective is to take as much territory as you can. The territories are drawn on the map and guarded by NPC defenders. You must eliminate all defenders and rival gang members before you can capture a territory. The winner is decided based on a fixed territory captured % or whoever has most territory after a time limit expires.

A player tries to use the baseball bat to help take the lead in a race through Star Junction.
A Team Deathmatch shootout on the edge of Alderney featuring new weapons like the automatic
9mm and the sawed off shotgun.
The orange team attempts to intercept the bus carrying prisoners in Witness Protection.
Preparing to ride out and handle missions for the Lost MC in Club Business mode.
The “Lone Wolf” firing backwards while trying to outrun his pursuers in “Lone Wolf” Biker mode.
Teams battle for control of the Southern tip of Algonquin in Own the City.