Grand Theft Auto | Rockstar Games Newswire from our Newswire tagged as 'Grand Theft Auto'.en_usRest in Peace, Edgar Froese of Tangerine Dream of us here at Rockstar Games are deeply saddened to have learned of the passing of Edgar Froese – the incredible, pioneering electronic musician and founder of Tangerine Dream. A true musical icon, his body of work spanned across six decades. He was a huge inspiration to us and we are honored to have worked so closely with him on the GTAV score.Our deepest condolences to the entire Froese family.Edgar Froese performing his score from the GTAV soundtrack live in a special New York Film Festival concert held at the Church of St Paul the Apostle. Backstage at the New York Film Festival performance, Edgar Froese with fellow score composers Woody Jackson, The Alchemist and Oh No along with the GTAV band.Fri, 23 Jan 2015 19:06:26 -0500Crew Cut: Tournament Time, Crews in Real Life and More this edition of the Crew Cut, we cover an ongoing tournament that promises to be packed to the brim with action, more Crews meeting up IRL, a new Reddit squad causing chaos and a couple of awesome Crew propaganda videos that caught our attention. First up, a few of our favorite Crew Snapmatics from recent weeks:  Clockwise from top left: During production of Malicious Intentt's Reservoir Dogs tribute video, co-Lieutenant greatler took a moment to grab this behind-the-scenes shot of MAIN keeping their cool amidst the chaos; Efin Secsy Club Crew Leader ThunderChild09 has been updating this Snapmatic every time the 5EXY Crew member count reaches another century - not far til' the next one!; GT69-Racing Crew look surprisingly intimidating with The Festive Surprise Stocking Masks on their head in leader SANFORD55's menacing selfie; The Ganja Outlaws Crew celebrate the New Year with a bang.TOURNEY TIMESeasoned GTA Online tourney producers HOT_KIMERA and his CAP PILLAS Crew kicked off their GTA Online Body Bangers Tournament this past weekend and things got off to a banging start. Round one of this thirty-Crew Free Aim tournament on PS4 saw Crew Cut vets such as the CAP PILLAS and Ineffable Arts Crews and lots of newcomers including the SouthVinewood Ballas, SEVILLE DIABLOS, Underworld Mob Kings and many more. Congrats to all the first round winners: Ineffable Arts and CAP PILLAS, the DIABLOS and Mob Kings, iTS A Blurr, KiLLIN ALL ON SiGHT, CASHOUTGANGG, Masked Terror SquaD and TRAPMOBB BROUGE AVE. You can check out all the action from last weekend in the highlight vid above, plus part two here with a part three coming soon. Round two begins today at 4pm ET and carries on through Sunday - watch the battlin' live on Kimera's Twitch channel. Good luck to the remaining Crews! Have a tournament or special Crew event you're hosting or participating in that you think we should know about? Hit us up with the details at SPOTLIGHT: The LosSantos AliensAlien Nation: This "average Crew session" is total chaos with redditors The LosSantos Aliens (SNOO).The LosSantos Aliens Crew caught our eye thanks to the ridiculous gif posted above, which shows exactly what a free roam Crew session should be all about. SNOO are the official Crew of the /r/GrandTheftAutoV sub-reddit and have strong ties to fellow redditors the GTAAdventures Crew who we've previously featured for their part in this sick Skyfall recreation and tilt-shift Toy Soldiers collab with 8-Bit Bastard. A quick glance at The LosSantos Aliens sub-reddit points to a committed squad hosting regular meet-ups of all kinds on all four different platforms. If you need any more convincing to get involved, check out this vid filled with more Crew mayhem. It's easy to see why, in the 6 weeks since their inception, they've nearly filled their roster. With the remaining spots going fast, head over to their application form if you wish to join. CREWS IN REAL LIFEHillbilly Agenda Crew have been at it again, hand-delivering more custom Crew license plates across the country to their fellow Crew members. This time, Crew Leader KnoxNerd and his son MarkusMerk flew themselves from Tennessee to Virginia to deliver a plate to co-Lieutenant IgnesousJester29. Exceptional effort guys! Merryweather IMF Crew have continued this trend, over an even greater distance. When Aussie co-Lieutenant the_killer_ewok was travelling through Europe, he stopped off in Germany to sample some "local culture" with Crew Leader NAVAL_SEABEE. After a few steins at a local brewery, NAVAL_SEABEE presented the_killer_ewok with a Crew T-shirt he designed himself. A noble gesture and just rewards for journeying such a distance.Hillbilly Agenda (HBAG) Crew co-Lieutenant IgnesousJester29 is the latest member to get a hand-delivered custom plate from Leader KnoxNerd.Merryweather IMF.JPGMerryweather IMF (MIMF) co-Lieutenant the_killer_ewok shows off his new Crew tee personally delivered by Leader NAVAL_SEABEE.CREWS ON FILMMerryweather IMF's camaraderie is clearly evident in-game as well, with this follow up to last year's tongue-in-cheek recruitment video. As NAVAL_SEABEE explained it to us, in the past 8 months MIMF have culled down 1,000+ applicants to just over a hundred elite operatives, committed to protecting the Freemode city from red dot psychopaths, play crazy custom Missions, and overall have a great social experience. KDR hitmen, proficient gunners, expert pilots and great GTA cinematographers are all welcome to apply for second phase of the Crew: Gone Rogue. To find out more, check out the following recruitment video:Reuchlin5 of the Merkalot Crew was sure to hit record in this Team Deathmatch Crew Battle against the MexicanMafia1MXx Crew that saw MERK shutting 'em down 3-0. Want to show off your Crew's battle skills? Hit us up on to take the good fight to our official Twitch channel for a live Crew vs. Crew Battle. Keep an eye on our Twitter and the Rockstar Newswire for Crew Battle announcements in the future.Finally, an awesome recruitment video from Social Club stalwarts, the Ganja Outlaws - showcasing the organization and creativity we've come to expect from them. In this one, WEED take advantage of the expanded lobbies on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in this Toots and the Maytals inspired highlight reel that showcases exactly what you can expect from their next-gen Crew meets. We also enjoyed this montage of them Smokin and Ridin' their way around Los Santos. Keep up the good work, fellas. If you've created a video showing off the best of your Crew, please post them in the comments below or send them to us direct via Flight Crew SpecialA Crew that Hand-Delivers IRL License Plates, Plus F.C.-Themed Squads and MoreCamera Clubs, Creator Collaborators and the Latest Crew VS Crew BattlesFri, 23 Jan 2015 11:02:33 -0500Rockstar Game Tips: Scaling Up to 30 Players and Crafting Tense LTS Encounters in the Creator the launch of GTA Online for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the community of Online Creators have gone to town to make the most of the expanded lobbies and create even more epic Deathmatches, Races, Captures and LTS to share with the world via Social Club. We've been playing and enjoying many of those new Jobs and in our latest edition of Rockstar Game Tips, we've got pointers on how to make sure your creations are properly set up to support and maximize the action for a large player count.If you're new to GTA Online's Creator and looking for some fundamental instructions on getting started, you may want to brush up on some of our tips to building great Races, Deathmatches and Capture Jobs. You can also check out our official how-to PDF guides for making LTS Jobs, Captures, Races and Deathmatches. And further down in today's article, you'll also find some of our specific strategies for creating nail-biting Last Team Standing Jobs (by the way, stay tuned for our Last Team Standing Creator Contest selections to be announced in the weeks ahead with a new set of Rockstar Verifieds).Upping the AnteIf you've previously created a masterpiece on PS3 or Xbox 360, then you can edit it on the new versions of GTA Online to make it playable for up to 30 players. To do this, go to Online > Creator in the GTA Online Pause Menu and select "Load Creation". Here you will be able to access any previously published Jobs and edit them in any ways you choose. (Note: once you edit and publish an existing Job on PS4 or Xbox One, it will only be available to play on that system and not on Xbox 360 or PS3, even if you originally created it on one of those consoles).For Races, you can increase the Maximum Players in the Race Details menu. If the "Maximum Players" field is greyed out in this section then you may need to adjust your starting grid to make space for the increased traffic. Go to Placement > Checkpoints and select your starting grid. Here you will be able to adjust the number of players on the starting grid, as well as change the size and style of grid. If you need to move the starting grid to another road where there is more space, you may also need to move the Trigger to be close enough to it.In Deathmatches and Capture Jobs, after you have increased the Maximum Players count in the Deathmatch Details menu, you will need to increase the number of Team Start Points and Spawn Points in the Placement menu in order for the Job to work.Room to BreatheJust because you've made your Job available for up to 30 players, doesn't mean it's going to be as much fun with the increased population straight off the bat. More players may require wider roads for your Race, a larger area for your Deathmatch or greater choice of Capture Objects in your Capture Jobs. In a Race, take the time to review the positioning of your Checkpoints, and any signs or Props you've used to warn of an upcoming turn. A last-minute, poorly signposted tight corner may become even more frustrating for players if 30 of them are all trying to make it at the same time - especially during the early stages of the Race, when the larger pack is more closely bunched together. In Deathmatches, it's not just about creating a larger playing area; if your Job focuses around a choke point, make sure it's not going to be too chaotic forcing 30 players into the same space all at once - and also make sure there are enough weapon pickups for everyone to feel equally well equipped. Similarly, if your Capture Job takes place across a large area, make sure there are enough vehicles so that nobody is left stranded.Major PropsWhether you're updating an old classic or starting out from scratch, with the Creator on PS4 and Xbox One you can add more than twice the number of Props to your levels. What's more, you can also place props in mid-air using the L3 and R3 buttons while you have your Prop selected - great for building vertiginous ramps, bridges between skyscrapers and enclosed spaces for arena-style Deathmatches. But as always, the best creations are carefully considered and every item or prop you place is going to affect how your Job feels to play.Survey the New SurroundingsThorough testing is the key to any great creation, and it's important to re-test your Job once any changes are in place. Not only will an increased player count greatly affect the dynamic and feel of the Job, some of the new features of the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game may impact the experience in ways you hadn't imagined. For example, the vastly increased foliage in the game world may mean that there's a rock, tree or other fauna in an inconvenient place that wasn't there on last-gen. In more built-up areas, the increased traffic in the city might make highway-based Races a little too congested - especially with 30 racers all slipstreaming and weaving through position. Be sure to test your Job using all of the variables available to the end player - GTA, Rally, in the rain, locked to first person etc. - to make sure everyone gets a great experience.Different PerspectivesTo balance the playing field between players that prefer a certain perspective, you can choose to lock your Job to first person or third person using the "Force Camera View" option in the Race Details menu.Creating Last Team Standing Jobs in GTA OnlineFair and Balanced BloodshedAs with Deathmatches and Captures, balance is crucial. Unlike Team Deathmatches though, the Rounds system allows Last Team Standing players to play on both sides, giving Creators the option to create deliberately asymmetrical challenges. Whether you go for balanced or asymmetric, different rules apply. Check out Hawick LTS for one example of a balanced Job that deliberately grants players the same avenues of attack and an even spread of weapons. Asymmetrical maps such as Skyscraper LTS give teams different, but complimentary, weaponry and vehicles as well as offer new challenges from round to round. Always keep in mind which of these types you want your creation to be, as they will dictate other key choices.Teams, Rounds & BoundsIn the LTS Creator, you can select the default number of rounds, which should be tailored to suit the location used for the LTS – for example, there’s no point in setting default Rounds to one in an LTS that takes place over a very small area as it will be over too fast.Location will also dictate the number of teams you can have. Some locations lend themselves well to big multiple team missions while others are much better for head-to-head skirmishes. Take a look at all possible team start locations - if you can find four that are balanced and fair, use four – though two is fine as well. Additionally, don't crowbar a start location into somewhere if it doesn't make sense. When picking the number of teams, make sure it matches the number of rounds. For instance in a four team, first to five wins LTS, it could have a maximum of seventeen rounds (assuming all teams get to four, and then one team wins the final round and the overall match). This will take a while to play through!Another key feature of the LTS Update is the Play Area Bounds - once you've chosen your location, you need to decide how large it will be. Along with always-visible blips, this feature has been introduced to ensure there are no stalemates or overly-defensive tactics that might result in painfully long games. As mentioned above, set your bounds to suit your location and then base your default rounds on the width of that area.WeaponsThe Forced Weapon option can change the flavor of an LTS drastically. Users will be able to create sniper-only battles between two opposing islands, or an RPG focused encounter in Downtown LS, for example. Since both sides get the same hardware, unusual choices for Forced Weapons lend themselves best to balanced maps. For instance, you may want to use long distance artillery and sniper rifles to narrow the distance between teams who are placed far apart. In a close quarters map with a lot of cover, shotguns and grenades may be the more suitable choice.For asymmetrical and deliberately unbalanced maps, teams start with the same weapons so the balance must be defined by the choice of weapon pickups (and vehicles) available on the ground. An RPG forced weapon game won't last very long - unless you’ve found a location with a lot of natural cover to protect players (don't forget that in LTS, blips are visible on the mini-map at all times). TDMs feature noise-based blips, but enemies are always blipped in LTS to prevent hiding, stalemates or players running across the map. You can use Lester to hide your blip, but by default, the enemy blips will be visible regardless of noise or distance.Weapons should be placed to engage the teams and force them to confront each other, but also to guide players towards nice and unique positions (snipers on vantage points, shotguns in tight alleyways etc…).VehiclesUsers will also be able to place offensive vehicles in their maps (Tanks, Buzzards etc.), so it wouldn't be a very balanced map if one team had access to four Tanks, and the other three teams did not. With the new asymmetrical option, nothing stops users from trying this potentially fun and challenging option. It’s an easy way to change the feel of an LTS, to throw in an over-powered vehicle or two. Changing little things here and there can make a big difference to how these jobs play, and can potentially add a fun ‘wild card’ element to the gameplay if done right.AsymmetryFor an extra Creator challenge, try making a deliberately unbalanced Job, where one team must always play as the underdog. The Rounds system allows for both teams to take a few goes at trying to 'break' the advantage of the other team. The advantage must be slim enough to give the underdog a chance, but large enough for them to require different tactics to their play. For example, you could give one team a Tank, and the others only Assault Rifles and Sticky Bombs to take it out with. Alternatively, try giving one side all Sniper Rifles, and the others only Combat Knives, but enough cover to be able to dart quickly towards their opponents. Let us know in the comments below if you've been able to tweak any existing Jobs, or even create entirely new ones using the tips and tricks in this article. Also, if you have requests for future Game Tips articles that you'd like to see, feel free to hit us up via and request a primer on any aspect of GTA Online gameplay or features. Previously:Playing With Perspective in GTAVEarning Your Wings at San Andreas Flight SchoolMastering the Most Challenging GTA Online Contact MissionsThu, 22 Jan 2015 10:53:22 -0500Pre-Order the GTAV PC Download at the Rockstar Warehouse Now to Get a Free Bonus Game and More today, you can pre-order the digital download of Grand Theft Auto V for PC at the Rockstar Warehouse.All players who pre-order the game (either the physical version or the digital download) will get a $1,000,000 in-game bonus to spend across Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online (GTA$500K for Story Mode and GTA$500K for GTA Online). And if you act quickly to pre-order the digital download version at the Rockstar Warehouse between now and February 1st, you will get a bonus free PC Digital Download from select titles (details), plus an additional GTA$300K for use in Grand Theft Auto Online.The digital download version of GTAV for PC is also now available to pre-order from Steam, Amazon and other digital retailers.Fri, 16 Jan 2015 10:00:09 -0500Upcoming GTA Online Livestreams: Special Guests from the Stunting Scene & The Chain Gang of 1974 us over the coming days for a special pair of GTA community livestreams at the Rockstar Twitch channel:Friday Jan 16     4pm ET*Stunting and Racing with special guests Kwebbelkop, Jelly and moreTomorrow, we're honored to welcome some special guests to the Rockstar livestream studio, renowned GTA stunting community veteran Kwebbelkop along with Jelly of the GTA5Videos fan channel on YouTube. You may be familiar with Kweb and Jelly's channels for their amazing stunt montage videos including many we've featured here at the Newswire over the years - both of the guys are visiting NYC all the way from the Netherlands this week, and while in town, they're dropping by for this special stream with live stunt challenges and Races along with some other special invited lobby guests from the stunting scene to be announced.Monday Jan 19     4pm ET*GTAV Soundtrack Edition featuring THE CHAIN GANG OF 1974Kamtin Mohager aka The Chain Gang of 1974 is the artist behind one of Grand Theft Auto V's most iconic songs, "Sleepwalking" as heard in the game's Official Launch Trailer. Kam's in town this week doing shows in NYC with Dillon Francis and is swinging by this Monday afternoon to get down in some GTA Online with us live on Twitch, so make sure to jump into the chat for the chance to ask questions live and be on the lookout for some special giveaways as well.* Please note that with all livestreams, dates and times are very much subject to change. Follow and to get live notifications of when streams begin. And stay tuned for many more Rockstar livestreams in the weeks ahead to be announced.Thu, 15 Jan 2015 13:18:00 -0500GTAV PC: New Release Date, First Screens and System Specs we head into 2015, we would like to share the first screens and system specs of Grand Theft Auto V for PC as well as a new release date of March 24, 2015. Our apologies for the slight shift in the date but the game requires a few extra weeks of testing and polish to make it as good as can be. Moving a release date is never a decision we take lightly and is a choice we make only when we know it is in the best interests of the game and our fans. Thanks everyone for your understanding and we assure you these few extra weeks will be worth it when the game does arrive in March.GTA Online for PC, which will support up to 30 players, will launch alongside GTAV for PC and will include GTA Online Heists.  Online Heists for consoles will be launching in the coming weeks ahead of the PC launch.Click on each new screenshot to see them in full 4K resolution, and read on for the game's official system specifications and additional info. GTAV for PC pushes Los Santos and Blaine County to even greater levels of detail, running at 1080p and 60fps with up to 4K resolution and support for up to triple monitor configurations, as well as NVidia 3D Vision for up to triple monitor setups.GTAV for PC also includes the new Rockstar Editor, which gives players a full suite of editing tools to create and publish gameplay clips direct to both Social Club and YouTube. Below, check out official minimum and recommended specs and stay tuned for more information on GTAV for PC in the coming weeks.Minimum specifications:OS: Windows 8.1 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit Service Pack 1, Windows Vista 64 Bit Service Pack 2* (*NVIDIA video card recommended if running Vista OS)Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (4 CPUs) / AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Core Processor (4 CPUs) @ 2.5GHzMemory: 4GBVideo Card: NVIDIA 9800 GT 1GB / AMD HD 4870 1GB (DX 10, 10.1, 11)Sound Card: 100% DirectX 10 compatibleHDD Space: 65GBDVD DriveRecommended specifications:OS: Windows 8.1 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit Service Pack 1Processor: Intel Core i5 3470 @ 3.2GHZ (4 CPUs) / AMD X8 FX-8350 @ 4GHZ (8 CPUs)Memory: 8GBVideo Card: NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB / AMD HD7870 2GBSound Card: 100% DirectX 10 compatibleHDD Space: 65GBDVD DriveOver time, downloadable content and programming changes will change the system requirements for this game. Please refer to your hardware manufacturer and for current compatibility information. Some system components such as mobile chipsets, integrated, and AGP graphics cards may be incompatible. Unlisted specifications may not be supported by publisher. Other requirements: Installation and online play requires log-in to Rockstar Games Social Club (13+) network; internet connection required for activation, online play, and periodic entitlement verification; software installations required including Rockstar Games Social Club platform, DirectX, Chromium, and Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 sp1 Redistributable Package, and authentication software that recognizes certain hardware attributes for entitlement, digital rights management, system, and other support purposes. Single use serial code registration via internet required; registration is limited to one Rockstar Games Social Club Account (13+) per serial code; only one log-in allowed per Social Club account at any time; serial code(s) are non-transferable once used; Social Club accounts are non-transferrable. Tue, 13 Jan 2015 10:00:04 -0500GTA Fan Vids: A Clockwork Orange Montage, The Beauty of Blaine County vs. The Streets of Los Santos, Military Miniatures and More latest round-up of eye-catching excellence from the GTA fan community features a recreation of iconic scenes from a Kubrick classic, a couple of videos that artfully convey the contrast between the mean streets of Los Santos and the picturesque scenery of Blaine County, as well as some other great clips we've spotted.GTA Online - A Clockwork Orange by GTA Series Videos The droogs at GTA Series Videos bring us this impressive homage to many of the classic scenes in Kubrick's film adaptation of A Clockwork Orange. Especially ingenious is the recreation of the film's driving scene via a creative 'green screen' approach.The Beauty of Blaine County & The Streets of Los Santos by SA96HDA study of the two very distinct sides of Southern San Andreas, this pair of videos from SA96HD capture both the dark underbelly of Los Santos and the comely countryside of Blaine County.Toy Soldiers | GTA 5 Tilt Shift / Miniature Army by 8-BIT BASTARDHere, 8-BIT BASTARD uses the tilt-shift technique to turn Los Santos into a battleground for tiny toy soldiers.Also Check Out:GTA 5 - A World in Miniature by GTA Series VideosMost Wanted Trailer #1 (2015) - GTA 5 Next Gen Movie HD by CommandoflaugeIn the spirit of action-comedy buddy movies comes this story of two down on their luck, not-so-bright friends who resort to a life of crime in the big city. When a botched break-in ends in an explosive public disaster the two find themselves on the run from Federal agents as the "most wanted" pair in Los Santos.Also Check Out:GTA 5 Movie Trailer | El Bastardo by 8-BIT BASTARD w. El SerpeGTA 5 Movie Trailer (Crank High Voltage) Parody by RamskingQueen Of The Skies: GTA5 Stunt Montage by ash0191 edited By FishyDizzleWe've seen some pretty cool and elaborate stunt videos in the last year from EvolveStunting editors ash0191 and FishyDizzle, including ash's recent GTA5 Next Gen: Skydive and Fishy's "Persistance" Minitage. Now they combine their talents on this excellent aerial outing to showcase a skilled heroine perfecting many of the popular FPS skydiving tricks of the trade. Also Check Out:Evolve Stunting: Best Stunts of 2014 by EvolveStuntingAct Like You Know - GTA V Online PS4 - Wingsuit / BASE Jump / Skydive by Tommy Soulier HOLIDAY HIJINXAnd here are a few of our favorite holiday-themed productions from the recently wrapped up Festive Surprise:Snow Time Lapse – The Art of Winter by DOM098652DOM098652 uses the time-lapse technique here to document that rare San Andreas snowfall that took place recently across Los Santos & Blaine County as part of the Festive Surprise.GTAV The Not So Merry Christmas by Stephane JulienIn this video, SgtIrase and the naughty boys and girls from the Black Bulls Gang Crew got together to spread their own twisted version of holiday cheer.Also Check Out:CHRISTMAS IN LOS SANTOS by KOKONITOS VIDSLet it Snow in Los Santos by Archie RaineGTA Online | The Lynch Mob "Evil Elves" by The MOBSA GTA Christmas Story: GTA V Festive Surprise Update by Bombastic Gamer FilmsGTAV First Person Gun Sync Holiday Special by SilverzDH Of course, if you've got an excellent GTA or Rockstar themed clip of your own that you think the world needs to see, send it our way to have a look at, and we may feature it in a future round-up here at the Newswire. Also, to see lots of great vids shared on the regular – make sure you’re following us on Twitter.Previously: Awesome PS4 & Xbox One ActionMon, 12 Jan 2015 17:08:00 -0500#FestiveSurprise Snapmatic Selections hope everyone enjoyed celebrating the holidays in GTA Online with all the new goodies from the Festive Surprise, as well as the freak bouts of snowfall that covered the streets of Los Santos and the hills of Blaine County. We certainly enjoyed checking out all the #FestiveSurprise tagged Snapmatic pics on Social Club. You can see our official selections below (each of which receives GTA$1M), along with a few honorable mentions.And while the seasonal masks and clothing may be gone, there's still plenty to get your hands on from those that skipped the holiday rush, including the ability to purchase a third property and those four new vehicles to help fill up that new garage with - the Hot Rod Rat-Truck, Slam Van and the Massacro and Jester sports cars with Race liveries. Plus, you can make spirits bright all year long with the new Homing Missile Launcher and Proximity Mines at Ammu-Nation any time. And for those who may have missed out on a few of the rare collectible Crate Drop items around Christmas, watch the skies this coming Friday through Sunday for your chance to score the coveted Vivisection tee, the Supa Wet Beer Hat and the Please Stop Me Mask. Happy New Year and look out for lots of great stuff here on the Newswire in 2015.#FESTIVESURPRISE SNAPMATIC PHOTO CHALLENGE SELECTIONS"Proximity Mines? You shouldn't have!" Duffi_21 captures "The Best Moment of Christmas" as the GTAPhotographers Crew seize upon their festive haul. We also liked Duffi's pic of Rudolph, Blitzer and Crew rolling on BMXs with Saint Nick's Bifta in tow.When Santa is done delivering presents for the year he swaps his sleigh for an LCC Innovation and rides out with a new-look Mary Christmas on the back of his hog. Props to R1CHIEC for a brilliantly conceived and executed pic.mathewisonfire's perfect stocking filler ain't Nuthin' But An 'E' Thang. Dr. Dre himself would be proud of this festive tribute album created using the Snapmatic meme creator.If you see the glowing nose of a Homing Missile from the new Launcher coming towards you, you'll know that sickbiyatch of the Pussi Riot Crew definitely doesn't want you joining in any reindeer games. In a scene evoking Frank Capra's It's A Wonderful Life, lvc0034 snaps his Rat-Truck filled with gas and ready for the long Christmas Eve drive home.Honorable Mentions...• Headlights reflecting in the snow bring this enormous Christmas Tree outline to life in Christmas Car Postcard from .Bjodjus..• Santa steps up to the plate for some well-earned Boxing Day R & R, with SilverFox1 playing backstop.• As K1LL3R.BUST3R was turning around, down the chimney St. Nicholas came with a bound!• "The Beauty of Winter" framed magnificently by well-known Snapmatic photographer HairyHole.• Snapmatic Art Crew Commissioner RyanArtWorks perfectly captures Father Christmas unleashing a Homing Missile into the night sky. Previously:The GTA Online Festive SurpriseSnapmatic Contest Winners: #TrickOrTreat and #GTASanAndreasWed, 07 Jan 2015 11:16:01 -0500Double GTA$ & Double RP Featured Playlists in GTA Online this Weekend Playlists are a new feature recently added to GTA Online allowing players on all consoles to launch directly into a Rockstar Created Featured Playlist of GTA Online action with just one button press. We'll be regularly rotating this Playlist to give you a varied lineup of fun Jobs to get your teeth into. Just look for the Featured Playlist button on the GTAV launch screens, or if you're on PS4 you can also launch directly from the PS4 home menu using the Live Tiles feature.And as an extra bonus this weekend (Friday, Jan 2nd through Monday, Jan 5th), we'll be running Featured Playlists with Double GTA$ and Double RP rewards to help you move up in the world. Each Playlist will contain a Race, Deathmatch, Capture and a Last Team Standing Job to give you a four-course menu of GTA Online game modes. Additionally, we've carefully curated these Playlists so that the Races are for Sports or Muscle car classes to help you take advantage of the four new vehicles released with the GTA Online Festive Surprise: Slam Van, Hot Rod Christmas Ratloader, and the Massacro and Jester Race liveries. Players on Xbox One and PS4 will have access to four up-to-30 player Jobs in each Playlist. Read on for info about the Jobs in the special Double GTA$ & Double RP Featured Playlists.Teaming up to halt an invading truck in Frigit Factory LTS.Double GTA$ Featured Playlist for Xbox One and PS4 - Jan 2nd - 5th First BaseTroops have been mobilized to deal with an outbreak of charitable giving in downtown Los Santos, leaving Fort Zancudo with just a skeleton crew, and you with the opportunity for some opportunistic slaughter on a grand scale. It may be the biggest airbase in the state, but it can still feel claustrophobic with 30 industrious maniacs crawling all over it in search of each other's blood. On the GOHThe first time you almost plunge off a cliff, you'll forget about the stunning views and start to concentrate on the road. Dozens of hysterical city-dwellers compete for a small patch of asphalt in this long lap race for sports cars on the Great Ocean Highway and Banham Canyon.Fridgit Factory LTS   Like every other great American industry, it's only a matter of time before organized crime is outsourced to China, too. Celebrate home-grown violence while you still can with this two team LTS around the old factory sector of La Mesa. Whichever team controls the choke points and rooftops has the advantage. GTA: Grass is Greener Like many Americans, you bought an RV only to discover that you hate being close to nature and your family. Luckily, it doubles as a mobile weed silo, and there's a bunch of hillbillies who need your services. One team gets to transport four tons of bespoke plant life from Braddock Farm to a local scrapyard, while the other team tries to intercept it and make it their own. First team with three vans back at base gets to start a traditional Blaine County bonfire.Double GTA$ Featured Playlist for Xbox 360 and PS3 - Jan 2nd - 5th Vespucci ShorelineIsn't it time some minds got blown at Vespucci by something other than medical marijuana? A large, open Deathmatch in and around the facilities of Vespucci Beach with little cover Hit The Apex - created by ZigMeister666A Verified Race from several months back, Hit The Apex provides the perfect opportunity to check out the new Massacro (Livery) and Jester (Livery) and to see how those new paint jobs look when you're drifting around downtown Los Santos.Paleto Bay - Tank LTSSome places get all the luck. Two teams face off with tanks and explosives and don't mind if they turn the whole town to rubble. Who'll be left standing in what's left of Paleto Bay? Contend: Townhall TrinityThree packages, two teams, one town hall. Albeit the fanciest town hall in Los Santos. If you control Rockford Hills, you control the money, and you control the city, so get the packages back to your base. Fri, 02 Jan 2015 07:33:52 -0500Fan Art: Festive Finery, GIF Wrapped Goodies and More'Tis the season, and what better time to unwrap some of the latest and greatest artwork by the ever-creative GTA community. We start with a cheeky glimpse at how the stars of GTAV might look decked out in their festive finery, take in the latest GIF magic by Julia Scott, check out a Porsche with a killer paint job, and much more.As always, should you come across any impressive GTA or Rockstar-related art or photos, be sure to share them in the comments section for the community to enjoy or send them our way via Mouthoff and follow us at for all our latest official pics.Michael, Franklin, Trevor and even Chop get in the festive spirit with obligatory garish jumpers in these fun pictures Tweeted by @richardholland_. A "Merry F*ckin' Christmas" indeed from all of us here at Rockstar.Julia Scott, aka inkdrinker on Tumblr, is the GIF that keeps on giving. We've featured her Graphics Interchange Format masterworks a few times on the Newswire, and these piece on Trevor brilliantly captures his chaotic life leading up to the events of GTAV.  We featured Juan Muñoz back in August for his vintage portrait of Michael, Franklin and Trevor. More recently he has created this more contemporary take on the trio in his own distinctive style as seen on the left. On the right, we find out that Twitch streamer and friend of Rockstar Jade Jolie's skills aren't restricted to DNFs on our live streams. She shared these work-in-progress canvas paintings of Michael and Franklin on her Twitter account. UPDATE: check out Jade’s finished paintings (including Trevor) here.  We've seen minimally-styled posters for our games in the past, and this trio for GTAV, featuring Michael, Franklin and Trevor respectively by deviantARTist LandLCreations, are among our favorites. Despite the spartan approach you still get a strong feel for each character, and for the unmistakeable vistas of Los Santos and Blaine County. Simply titled "Firemen" (left) Andrea, aka thisgamergirl on Tumblr, has added flame and smoke effects to this shot of Michael and Franklin to give a real sense of the rising heat. Meanwhile, the-dead-trees on Tumblr shows some love to Wade (right). These cartoons by battybooo on Tumblr are just about as adorable as a blood-soaked bat wielding psychopath and a gun-toting serial robber can get. We're looking forward to seeing her take on Franklin, and also enjoyed this pic of Michael and Trevor getting schoolyard on one another.Blurring the lines between fiction and reality, this Snapmatic shot of the Ferris Whale on Del Perro Pier reflected in the water by thegta5photographer on Instagram is a stunner. Trevor Philips is a popular subject for fan art portraiture, and we're digging this piece by thisgamergirl on Tumblr.Looking like it rolled right out of TransFender Body Swap Shop, we're not sure if benjaminnparsons on Instagram drives this Porsche or simply spotted it out and about. Groooovy indeed! atleastoneperday on Tumblr specializes in stylish pen drawings inspired by games, movies and TV. This sketch of a mime artist, about to understand that Trevor's bat very much exists, caught our eye.Sometimes the simplest ideas produce the most eye-catching results. This timelapse Vine by ren hlasny manages to catch Trevor nicely with just a few strokes. Did Somebody Say Yoga? Michael wrestles with a new pastime in this less than flattering portrait by kristyphilips on Tumblr. Previously:Fan Art: Halloween at Bullworth, Masterwork Miniatures, GTA Tats and MoreFan Art: Snapmatic Surrealism, Bullworth GIFs, Throwback Art and MoreTrevor on Canvas, Damned Brotherhood Portraits, You Only Live Once Photo Journal & MoreMon, 22 Dec 2014 11:20:52 -0500