GTA Online Creator Jobs on Film: Karin Sultan RS Rally Race, Beach War & More

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GTA Online Creator Jobs on Film is our series here at the Newswire featuring fun, player-created Jobs that have been recently demoed by members of the GTA YouTube community. Watch the videos to see them in action, and then bookmark the links provided to try them out for yourself.

In the latest edition of Jobs on Film: feast your eyes on some extreme wallrides, take a romantic walk on the beach with the Funhaus gang, enjoy a unique Race with your face challenge, and much more. Read on and bookmark these Jobs for the next time you head GTA Online.

The Job:  Raton Canyon Rally Race by Ryce_pt (PS4)
The Video: 

Portuguese YouTuber Ryce takes us on a tour of his Rally-inspired Race around the Alamo Sea and up through Raton Canyon, whilst showing off the poise and traction that come with the newly released Karin Sultan RS. Ryse makes this course look easy despite the windy and often hazardous terrain while also showcasing some top notch Rockstar Editor skills.

The Job: Shooters V's Everything by Gravedanger2 (PS4)
The Video: The 1 Million Play Celebration by MidnightMagic Gaming

Renowned Job Creator Gravedanger2 celebrates 1 million plays in this action-packed, Rockstar Editor-made highlight reel. Based on the always popular "X vs Y" Job style, this hilarious video features some truly incredible takedowns and mid-air kills.

The Job:  'Tamoga's-Wallride [Z]' by xTamoga (Xbox One)
The Video: 
STEERING WITH MY FACE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE!!! GTA 5 Online Best Custom Races (Funny Moments) by Unspoken OUCH!

XTamoga of the Content Creators XB1 Crew lays this stunting Race out across the Port of Los Santos, one of 108 total Races this prolific Creator has put together. Check out Unspoken Ouch!'s attempt not only complete this Race, but to use his face to steer through its twists, jumps, and turns. While Unspoken Ouch! may have not completed this feat, he does include a clip of Mr eYece successfully completing the challenge at the end of his video.

The Job:  BEACH WAR by Axiom..(PC)
The Video: 
BEACH B*TCHES - GTA 5 Gameplay by Funhaus

Funhaus take a leisurely stroll down the beach in Axiom..’s BEACH WAR. This Double Barbed Wire Fenced-in TDM has many cover options in the form of Trailers, but as the Funhaus team find out – it’s best to make your way toward the center of the map to grab up one of the Machine Pistols or Heavy Shotguns strewn about. Alternatively, you can make your way toward the southwest platform to snatch the Heavy Sniper or Grenade Launcher to rain mayhem down from on high.

Also Check Out:

The Job:  John Marston's Revenge by ShelbyGR (PS4)
The Video: 
The Damned & MTZ Warriors - GTA V Free Aim by Shelby GR
ShelbyGR of the Content Creators PS4 Crew pulls double duty here with a pretty epic video to showcase her gritty Red Dead-inspired Team Deathmatch.

The Job:  !#AG-Liberator 4.0# by Pirata_killer (PS4)
The Video:
GTA Online: **AMAZING CUSTOM RACES** by Unlikely Gaming
Unlikely Gaming has tons of Jobs featured in this Race compilation video, and Content Creators PS4 Crew member Pirata_killer’s Liberator map is a stand out from the bunch. The Land Act Reservoir serves as the perfect backdrop for the smooth loops and high flying jumps on offer. If you enjoy this Liberator Race, be sure to check out versions 1-3 of the Job as well.

The Job:  ADDER Addiction #1 thru #14 by MassRagN (Xbox One)
The Video: Let's Play - GTA V - Adder Addiction by LetsPlay
MassRagN of the Avengers Killers has a fix for all you Adder addicts with this 14 Race Playlist. The Playlist spans cross the entirety of Los Santos and includes custom ramps and some death-defying jumps – check out the AH gang on the LetsPlay take on the entire Playlist in Adders and other Supercars.

The Job:  ! Adrenaline $tunts 2 by lukzbrz (Xbox One)
The Video: GTA 5 Custom Race - Adrenaline Stunts (Grand Theft Auto 5 Race Link) by PetayPanMoFo
Stunting is clearly a way of life for lukzbrz of the Content Creators XB1 Crew as he’s crafted 178 high flying stunt Races, so it’s no surprise that PetayPanMoFo and friends chose one of his Races to put their wallriding skills to the test. 

If you've watched a video of any awesome GTA Online Jobs recently, or even uploaded one yourself then feel free to drop a Social Club link in the comments so that the entire community can check them out.

GTA Online Creator Jobs On Film: Insurgents vs Choppers, Mega Ramps & More
GTA Online Jobs On Film: Corkscrews, Sky Races & Captures
Crazy Train Track Races and Explosive Deathmatches Captured by Team Epiphany, HikeTheGamer and Others

Double GTA$ & RP in all GTA Online Versus Missions: March 4 - 10

Posted on March 4 2016, 8:31am | Author: R*N | Filed Under: Games

It's high time to throw back to the classic Versus Missions and additional modes originally released in the GTA Online San Andreas Flight School Update that have been a staple of GTA Online adversarial combat. As part of Versus Missions Week, going on right now through Thursday March 10th, all of these modes are awarding double GTA$ and RP to players, win or lose. Whether you're into crowd favorites such as Top Fun and Weed Killer, or want to check out the explosive Airport Parking and death-defying G Rating - you can find all these Versus Missions easily via the GTA Online pause menus or Bookmark them via Social Club using the links below:

Acquire Targets I, II, III | Air Force Zero I, II, III, IV, V | Airport Parking | Crooked Cop | G-Rating (Cold) I, II, III, IV, V | G-Rating (Hot) I, II, III, IV, V | Hippy Hunting | Into The Wild | Roadgame | Top Fun, II, III | Truck Off | Weed Killer | Welcoming Party

Not only that, you can earn double RP for flying under bridges and for completing lessons at the San Andreas Flight School.

To ready yourself for the double GTA$ & RP Versus Missions as well as flying and fighting the not-so-friendly skies, enjoy a wide array of pertinent discounts:

  • 50% off Flight Suits & Flight Caps
  • 25% off all Combat Helicopters
  • 25% off all Private Jets
  • 25% off all Automatic Rifles
  • 30% off Homing Missile Launchers & Ammo

Launch yourself directly into the double GTA$ & RP Versus Missions when starting up GTAV, by pressing a single button when prompted on the GTAV loading screens. Since there are so many modes to get through, we're switching up the Playlist every couple of days. Make sure you're following our Twitter, Facebook & Instagram for regular reminders.

Tune in to the official Rockstar Twitch and YouTube Gaming channels today, Friday March 4 at 5pm Eastern where we’ll be live streaming a Playlist of classic Versus Missions playing with special guests from the GTA community.

Rhino Hunt Week: Bonus GTA$, RP and Discounts in GTA Online (Feb 26 - Mar 3)

GTA Online Game Tips: Putting in VIP Work

Posted on March 1 2016, 10:14am | Author: R*N | Filed Under: Games

Over the past couple months, Executives and their dutiful Bodyguards have been taking on VIP Work to reap RP fame and GTA$ fortune. While our previous Game Tips post walked through key pointers on the roles of the VIP and the Bodyguard, in this edition we'll be taking a closer look at the various lucrative opportunities in VIP Work that are awaiting a sharp, resourceful boss and their Organization.

Once you’re a VIP, you’ll be able to instigate VIP Work for your Organization - a series of co-op jobs that are completed in Freemode. VIP Work is launched via the SecuroServ VIP option in the Interaction Menu. Bodyguards will be notified that they’re needed via text or a pop-up message, regardless of their proximity to the VIP.

VIP Work offers up plenty of chances to make some cold, hard GTA$ and rack up substantial RP. Each VIP Work job rewards a default amount of GTA$ and RP depending on how the Work ended:

  • If the Key Organization successfully completes the Work, they will earn the full GTA$ and RP rewards.
  • If a rival Organization steals the glory and successfully completes the job themselves, they will win 70% of the GTA$ and 70% of the RP. However, this is only paid to the member who actually ends the mode. This, in turn, goes to their VIP if they are a Bodyguard, minus a 10% cut to SecuroServ. If you're up against another Organization in any Job or Challenge, it is well worth remembering these prospective rewards if you're thinking of impeding the opposition.

As well as the completion rewards (more of which below), everyone who meets the participation threshold during a given Work event will be paid participation GTA$ and RP, with each minute spent participating worth GTA$500 and 100RP. For Bodyguards, it’s also nice to know that the Participation GTA$ doesn’t transfer to your VIP when earned and is 100% yours for the keeping.

Watch and learn as iTwisterr takes out an entire Organization himself in Piracy Prevention.

Here's the rundown on the best way to prosper in each of the 6 VIP Work variants:

Piracy Prevention: 
Objective: Attack and defend your way to a successful capture of the decks on the Super Yacht.

With boats, helis and Seasharks all a part of the onslaught, here’s how to handle the situation:

  • The pirates must take the upper deck of the Yacht, denoted by a yellow marker. As the defending Organization, don't forget to have one person guarding this area at all times.
  • The defending team should plant proximity mines on all of the entrances of the upper deck to catch out an unsuspecting attacker – but be careful of detonating them yourself.
  • Use your VIP Abilities to order a Buzzard for your defending Bodyguards. They can patrol the skies for any incoming enemies, including players parachuting in from all angles and therefore helping to take out the opposition as early as possible. Also keep an eye out for any figures swimming underwater to sneak aboard.
  • When attacking the Yacht as part of an Organization, use the Ghost Organization ability to render your Organization invisible on the radar. This will allow you to sneak aboard undetected.

Objective: Complete various hacking challenges to reveal packages, collecting them before the competition does.

Here are our tips to help you pip your rivals to the post:

  • VIPs - only you can use the 'Sightseer' app but you're most vulnerable when hacking it to locate the next package. By the same token, Bodyguards - you'll need to be on high alert at all costs. If your VIP dies, the job is over.
  • As the VIP, have your bodyguards chauffeur you around while you hack for the next package location. The additional vehicle cover may give you that extra safety buffer.
  • Bodyguards can't see the package locations but as the VIP, you can place a custom waypoint on the map to display a GPS for your Bodyguards to follow to each package.
  • Helicopters are a fast way to travel between packages, but they’re very vulnerable to missile attack. The Turreted Limo is the slowest option but does provide substantial offensive and defensive protection. Choose your vehicles wisely.

You’re not just trying to escape rival Organizations and other players in Hostile Takeover, the cops will also turn their attentions to you once you have the package.

Hostile Takeover
Objective: Deliver a 'package' to a set location. With the sizeable challenges the package may pose, take the following tips to tackle the situation deftly:

  • Preparation, preparation, preparation. You have a generous time limit to complete the drop off so use it to plan your approach and exit carefully.
  • You’re not just trying to escape rival Organizations and other players in this mode, the Cops will also turn their attentions to you once you have the package.
  • Once the package is collected, you’ll become visible to everyone across Los Santos and Blaine County so have an escape plan ready. Consider taking multiple vehicles in case something happens to one of them.
  • If you’ve got one available, the Turreted Limo can be a powerful tool for your Organization. Consider bringing it along to aid your escape.

Executive Search:
Objective: Keep your VIP alive for 10 minutes while everyone else in Freemode attempts to track down and annihilate the VIP-in-hiding for cash rewards.

Whether you’re the hunters or the hunted, we’d suggest the following approaches:

  • If you’re the hunter, the VIP will be confined to a small area; fan out to cover more ground when tracking them down.
  • As the hunted VIP, keep on the move. If you stay in the same spot for too long you will become visible on the radar to the hunters searching for you.
  • To throw the pursuers off the track, as the VIP, try blending in with the regular citizens of Los Santos and Blaine County. You could be pleasantly surprised at how effective this can be.

In Asset Recovery, t
hink about splitting up to avoid any attacking cops and to confuse rival Organizations and other players trying to take your vehicles out.

Asset Recovery
Objective: Recover impounded vehicles at LSPD stations around the city and return the freed assets to a designated location.

To avoid the clutches of other players and the cops, we recommend: 

  • Co-ordinate your Organization so that you steal the vehicles at the exact same time. All members of your Organization will become wanted by the cops as soon as a target vehicle is stolen, so line up before you fire up.
  • Let those bullets bounce off you. The target vehicles have bullet proof tires, so don’t panic if you’re being shot at.
  • Get creative with your escape route! The GPS is not always the fastest or safest route to the drop-off location so get off the beaten track if you need to.
  • Think about splitting up to avoid any attacking cops and to confuse rival Organizations and other players trying to take your vehicles out.

Executive Deathmatch: 
Objective: Rival Organizations go head-to-head in a Deathmatch-style clash in Freemode, with each VIP battling to survive with their 10 allotted lives.

To keep your VIP ahead of the competition, our pro tips are:

  • Stick as close to your VIP as possible to take advantage of the health regen and stat boost bonuses your VIP provides.
  • Bodyguards, don’t be afraid to sacrifice yourself to help your VIP escape death. They’re the target here, not you; if they lose, so do you.
  • As a VIP, remember to utilize your VIP Abilities. Drop armor, ammo and Bullshark Testosterone for your Bodyguards if they need them. In a pinch, you can use the Interaction Menu to stock up on ammo mid-fight, which could well mean the difference between failure and success. 
  • Rewards are a bit different in this Job. All members of the winning team will receive a reward and if it’s a Rival Organization that wins, the reward will not be passed to the VIP.
  • Ensure your bodyguards are equipped with ranged weapons, such as snipers and RPGs, to keep any threats at a distance.

If you're hankering for more Executive and Bodyguard action, stay tuned for more upcoming Game Tips to help you take on VIP Challenges.

Game Tips: Becoming a Successful VIP and Bodyguard 
GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals Now Available
GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals Trailer

Rhino Hunt Week: Bonus GTA$, RP and Discounts in GTA Online (Feb 26 - Mar 3)

Posted on February 26 2016, 10:28am | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

From today through Thursday March 3rd, earn double GTA$ and RP when you square off in the new Rhino Hunt Adversary Mode that launched earlier today. You can jump straight into the explosive action of Rhino Hunt in the current Event Playlist, accessible at the push of a button from the GTAV launch screen, or hop straight into any Rhino Hunt skirmishes outside the official Event Playlist to get 2 times the GTA$ and RP.


To keep you suitably armed for dealing with the local wildlife outside the Rhino Hunt reserve, Ammu-Nation, Warstock Cache & Carry and Merryweather Services have dropped their prices on select items and services right now all the way through Thursday March 3rd. Set your rifle sights on the discounts as listed below:

  • Warstock Cache & Carry – 25% off
  • Merryweather Services – 25% off
  • All Automatic Rifle ammo – 50% off
  • Select Weapon Attachments – 50% off
  • All Tactical Gear from Heists – 50% off (includes Utility Vests, Rebreathers, Night Vision Goggles and Earpieces)


When you decide to give your Sticky Bomb tossing arm a respite from blowing up Rhinos, you can also score some double RP for quick rank up in both the recently released Till Death Do Us Part Adversary Mode, as well as in all Freemode Events all week.  

And tune in at 5PM today for our weekly livestream on Twitch and YouTube, where the Broadcast Team will be joined by special guests KevinLaSean (fka XpertThief), Swiftor and more to play all variants of the new Rhino Hunt Adversary Mode live.

Rhino Hunt: New Adversary Mode in GTA Online

Rhino Hunt: New Adversary Mode in GTA Online

Posted on February 26 2016, 7:21am | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Games

Rhino Hunt - a brand new GTA Online Adversary Mode - is now available in-game. This is a battle of the nimble and numerous against the mighty but few, as a team of Sticky Bomb-wielding Hunters in dune buggies and other vehicles seek to take down one or two of the biggest and most elusive game in Southern San Andreas. Rhino drivers must utilize the sheer strength and firepower of their tank to survive against the onslaught of Sticky Bombs thrown in their direction.
You can play this new Adversary Mode in three different locations (selectable via the Adversary Modes section of the GTA Online pause menus) or launch a Playlist featuring three locales by hitting the button when prompted on the GTAV launch screens.
Keep an eye out for an announcement later today on the Rockstar Newswire about special Rhino Hunt bonuses and more.

Till Death Do Us Part: New Adversary Mode in GTA Online

Fan Vids: Romancing the Albany Roosevelt, Bonnie and Clyde Capers & More

Posted on February 25 2016, 3:43pm | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Games

From Rockstar Editor powered odes to the Albany Roosevelt Valor to mini romantic comedies costume designed in Fedoras and Bustiers – and hilarious Let’s Plays of the latest Adversary Mode “Till Death Do Us Part” – check out this special round up of fun, fan-created videos featuring the recently released Be My Valentine content, which will remain available in GTA Online.

Grand Theft Auto V - Original Gangsters by Berdu

Berdu and his band of good fellas, The Valentines, remind the modern-day gangs of Los Santos where it all began in this short film titled "Original Gangsters".

Grand Theft Auto V - My Babe (Be My Valentine MACHINIMA) by MrSrdaro

To the tune of Little Walter’s 1955 classic “My Babe”, Los Santos' answer to Bonnie & Clyde goes on a vintage crime spree. MrSrdaro says, "It ended pretty bad for the Roosevelt Valor, but we've managed to escape the law in a smooth way, after all that's what a couple would do."

NEW Vehicle, Sexy Underwear & More! by iamfallfromgrace

iamfallfromgrace charmingly checks out the new Outfits & Masks from Be My Valentine, along with a comprehensive look at the customization options on the Albany Roosevelt Valor (not to mention the recently released Banshee 900R as well). As grace herself would say: "Duuuude, so sick".

'Til Death Do Us Part! (ft. Sips) by Hat Films

One of several very fun Let’s Plays and livestreams of the latest Adversary Mode, Till Death Do Us Part, is this clip from the lads at Hat Films and their pal Sips. Watch out for "wank 'n' flank" as they get to grips with all five of the mode's maps. Also check out our friends Kevin LaSean (fka Xpert Thief) and RealRosesAreRed team up and throw down in their session of Till Death Do Us Part as well.


Vinewood Motors does his own remix of the official GTA Online: Be My Valentine trailer. Glad to see the ushers are taking care of the happy couple even after they leave the church.

How To Valentine (PS4 Rockstar Editor) by Lu Iggy

Lu Iggy and friends have got the gun and the car, but sadly the clothes to complete the look were shed somewhere along the way in this short but amusing little vignette.

Cue up the violins with sin2934 and the Creative R6 Inc Crew, well known to the GTA Twitter community for their consistently strong output of excellent Snapmatics and other inspired digital creations. Here, dapper dons and fierce femmes mob the streets of Los Santos for a classic feast of the saints. Would-be Don Fanuccis: watch your back.

Ever consider taking your Valor out for a tandem drifting session in Los Santos? bee.1108 and friend show how it's done in this Rockstar Editor powered clip set to "Trouble" off the Welcome to Los Santos album.

GTAOnline: Vehicle spotlight - Albany Roosevelt Valor by TheGTABase

Longtime fan community channel TheGTABase classes up the joint with this jazzy little video showing much affection for all the sexy contours of the Albany Roosevelt Valor.

CaPn_bOnEs #BeMyValentine #GTAVine is a classic example of unrequited love.

Special Valentine's Day Couple YT Playlist 
by GTA Editor Movies

Finally, GTA Editor Movies put together a special trio of couple-themed action shorts highlighting love-struck duos pulling off daring capers. Within the playlist you have The Chase, Liquor Store Assault and Hit' em Up, featuring not one but two couples doing the memorable 'Desperate Times Call For...' Contact Mission for Lamar in a festive red Moonbeam Custom. Click any of the thumbnails above to play the videos.

If you've created any Rockstar Editor videos of you and your Crew checking out the new content from GTA Online: Be My Valentine, make sure to share them in the comments below for the Social Club community to enjoy.

GTA Online: Be My Valentine

#BeMyValentine Snapmatic Winners

Posted on February 23 2016, 4:43pm | Author: R* J | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

The lavish apparel, revamped Roosevelt and iconic Gusenberg Sweeper - all featured in GTA Online: Be My Valentine - lent themselves to some seriously stunning entries to the #BeMyValentine Snapmatic Contest. We're proud to present the winning collection of photos below, from L.A. Noire inspired recreations to stylish matching vehicle and outfit compositions. Congratulations to the chosen entries, who are each awarded GTA$1,000,000.

L.S. Noire by Duffi_21

It's an ill-fated night for a lost soul in this gripping L.A. Noire-inspired scene. Channeling the dramatic atmosphere of both the aforementioned game and the hedonistic tone of the era, Duffi_21's L.S. Noire crime scene spins a tale of murder, intrigue and suspense. With the characters sporting the new Mustard Pinstripe Suit, Dusk Check Suit, Black Column Dress and the returning Roosevelt fitting right in to the scene, this Snapmatic's ambience is spot-on.

Never Mess With Us by --EVOLUT7ON--

Along with fellow members of The Magnificent Team, --EVOLUT7ON-- shows that getting your hands dirty can still be done with style and flair. Modelling complementary Pinstripe Suits, Black Suit and Check Fedoras, the team prove that you can never look too dapper while dispatching your foes. (This awesome shot also by --EVOLUT7ON-- made our shortlist. It features the The Magnificent Team suited and booted and in the line of fire as they roll out their particular brand of street justice.)

Bonnie and Clyde 101 by ZazDillinger

In the calm before an approaching storm, the infamous duo are captured in this smooth black and white shot. ZazDillinger's seemingly minimal Snapmatic is all about the unspoken details, from the matching Gusenberg Sweepers at the ready, to the lingering gazes of the pair; right down to the Roosevelt's personalized number plate nearly hidden in the shadows - BONN1E.

Valentine by guardian473

Fueling the flames in the week of amore is gaurdian473's red hot Roosevelt, playing central role in this sizzling shot. The Roosevelt Valor is exhibited beautifully here, looking as formidable and enigmatic and as the mysterious figure approaching it.

パレト・フォレスト by Basimatic

Basimatic and friends kick up the leaves of the Paleto Forest as they go for a joyride fully decked out in Be My Valentine finery. Basimatic has used a Dutch tilt in this shot to emphasize the recklessness and destruction in the shot.


Honorable Mentions...

  • . by -Demize- - This serene, snow-white figure, fittingly attired in the Angelic Outfit stands proudly next to her matching Albany Roosevelt Valor.
  • Bye Bye Valentino by Sengel - It's a heart burning farewell to the labors of love as Sengal's Roosevelt goes up in flames in the Paleto Forest.
  • Downtown Vinewood by SilverFox_2 - SilverFox_2's classy dame is only matched by her equally classy ride in this cool, historically suggestive snapshot of old-time Downtown Vinewood.

A thank you again to all who took part in the Valentine's Social Club Event Weekend. The winners of the prize packs are as follows:

Valentine's Prize Pack Winners: toddbertuzzi, SnackyPackChamp, Walter_Wheat, Holzhacker88 and czycoloradn1.

The GTA Online Be My Valentine Event: Feb 12th - 18th
Till Death Do Us Part: New Adversary Mode in GTA Online
Grand Theft Auto Online: Be My Valentine

Friends in High Places Week: Double GTA$ & RP in Select Contact Missions thru Feb 25th

Posted on February 19 2016, 6:35am | Author: R*N | Filed Under: Games

Capitalize on your nefarious network of criminal contacts and reap double GTA$ and RP every day this week as part of Friends In High Places Week in GTA Online. Each day through Wednesday February 24th, a different contact in your iFruit will be offering double the standard amount of GTA$ and RP for completing the GTA Online missions they've sent you - and on Thursday February 25th get ready for the grand finale as all Contact Missions will be rewarding double. 


With Contact Missions offering some of the most lucrative deals in GTA Online, be sure to follow the schedule closely each day  to max out your earnings (follow our official Twitter & Instagram for daily bulletins and reminders). Also, take note of a little extra bonus or discount every day, each one specific to the Contact offering up the day's bounty.

Here's the schedule as follows:

  • Friday Feb 19: Double GTA$ & RP on all of Simeon's Contact Missions plus Double GTA$ on Simeon's Import/Export requests
  • Saturday Feb 20: Double GTA$ & RP on all of Ron's Contact Missions plus 50% off all Blazers
  • Sunday Feb 21: Double GTA$ & RP on all of Trevor's Contact Missions plus 50% off Jerry Cans
  • Monday Feb 22: Double GTA$ & RP on all of Martin's Contact Missions plus 10% off Stilt Houses
  • Tuesday Feb 23: Double GTA$ & RP on all of Lester's Contact Missions plus 25% off Lester Services
  • Wednesday Feb 24: Double GTA$ & RP on all of Gerald's Contact Missions plus 50% off Micro SMGs and Machine Pistols
  • Thursday:  Double GTA$ & RP on all Contact Missions in GTA Online


To keep you properly equipped for a week of fast wheels and deadly deals, Ammu-Nation is kindly slashing its prices on select items right now all the way through Thursday Feb 25th. Lock and load with discounts on the following:

  • Rifle Ammo - 50%
  • Body Armor - 50%
  • Grenades - 25%
  • Sticky Bombs - 25%

By the way, for helpful tips and tricks on five of what many consider to be the toughest Contact Missions in GTA Online, take a peek at this Game Tips post. If you've got any other tips, or if you have a particular contact or mission you're looking forward to working with, feel free to share it with the GTA Online community in the comments below.

Executives Bonus Week in GTA Online
The GTA Online Be My Valentine Event: Feb 12th - 18th
Till Death Do Us Part: New Adversary Mode in GTA Online

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