Tips for Creating Stunning Cunning Stunt Races with the Creator (Part Two: Props, Tracks, Courses & Terrain)

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If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out Part One of this Stunt Race Creator tips series with a lot of guidance straight from the Rockstar dev team on planning and designing your stuntastic masterpiece. And read on for Part Two, where we delve into the finer points of getting the most out of your Props, tracks, courses and the Los Santos and Blaine County terrain.


Strategically placed Boosts can be helpful at moving the player through difficult terrain, such as shallow water.

There’s no shortage of new Stunt Props to play with in the Stunt Race Creator and with hundreds of options to choose from, you can supply GTA Online racing enthusiasts with an infinite supply of inspired tracks. Here’s some fine points on just a few of the varied Prop options awaiting you:

  • Templates (found in the Props categories) are useful for building set pieces of combined Props that you can duplicate and reuse in your Race. This is useful if you want to repeat a particularly awesome section of your course.
  • When you have a Prop selected, you can still use Fast Zoom to adjust the height of the Prop in quicker fashion. Fast Zoom is the Triangle (PS4), Y (Xbox One) button or L Ctrl and mouse wheel zooming (PC).
  • Stunt Props don’t just have to be used for their most obvious and originally designed purpose. Experiment by rotating them in different ways and try them out for decorations, barriers, even bigger set pieces – whatever you can dream up!
  • Where possible, use larger Props instead of several smaller ones to save on Prop count. For example, the Prop piece ‘Tube Extra Long’ is the longest track available so use it for long straight sections.
  • Smaller Props such as some of the Building Blocks are helpful in making the move between track pieces much easier.
  • Stunt Tubes provide a great way to transition from one section of the course to the next as they’re very malleable. They can be made to spiral upwards, downwards, over terrain and buildings, and even submerge into the ground.
  • Line up your Stunt Tubes carefully and with precision. Uneven placement means you could come across unwanted elevation change or speed-stopping bumps - unless you're into that sort of thing.
  • Circular checkpoints are the perfect size for Stunt Tubes.
  • Building Blocks are handy for filling in unwanted gaps on your course. When put together and rotated/angled, some also make for excellent ramps.
  • Ramps aren't just for jumping – they can provide smooth transitions when driving onto steep, vertical track pieces.
  • Stunt Specials, such as Boost and Slow Down can change the dynamic of a Race dramatically.
  • Boosts can be helpful at moving players through difficult terrain, such as shallow water or steep inclines. Multiple boosts can also drastically change how much velocity a player can get to achieve that perfect jump.
  • Slow Down, on the other hand, set at the top of a steep downward slope can potentially stop racers from driving clean over the top.


If you really want to stand out and impress with your Stunt Races – the wilder, bolder and bigger the better.

While you’re mapping out your madcap, challenging tracks, it’s worth bearing these strategies in mind:

  • Testing tracks as you go along will help resolve any problems that pop up early on. To quickly test your Race, press the Touch Pad (PS4), View Button (Xbox One) or Tab key (PC) and you’ll be transported onto the track in whichever vehicle you’ve chosen as the default.
  • Roughly laying out the Prop pieces before fine tuning their positioning will help you determine how many Props the track will require.
  • When attempting more than one track type in your Race, use Blends. There are a couple of Tube Blend Props that are of great use, especially when starting off a section of track made from the Tube Props.
  • Use the Track Link Prop in Stunt Tracks when moving between Stunt Track and Stunt Raised Track pieces in order to keep a tidy course.
  • With one of the new features of the Stunt Creator being Secondary Checkpoints, you can now create a second route for players to take in Races. It may be easier to visualize where you want the track to split off when you have a Primary set of checkpoints down from start to finish.
  • Be sure to set the new Stunt Grid layout option on the initial Checkpoint when using a Start Grid track piece.
  • Make sure Checkpoints are placed in a way that will allow players to complete a set piece on a respawn. You can try this yourself in Test mode by manually respawning at a Checkpoint before your set piece.
  • Don’t like your Checkpoint placements? The Delete All option now takes Secondary Checkpoints into account, just in case you want to redesign your Checkpoint layouts again.
  • Remember when putting down Checkpoints that there’s a limit of 68.
  • Building a Race with the intent to perform flips and tricks? Turn on the Award Stunt RP Bonus in Race Details to reward players for landing stunts during your Race. However, consider where and how players will land after big jumps.
  • To give your Races a bit of extra flair during set pieces, place down fireworks, flares, alarms and sounds that can be triggered by players. You have control not only over who can trigger them and when – first place or everybody and every lap or just the last lap – but also how often. The distance at which they're triggered can also be changed.


Existing roads provide a great way to link your track when making lap races, as well as reducing your Prop count.

Sometimes, the most surprising Stunts elements will be right before your eyes. When planning and preparing your ideal Race course, let the surrounding environment and landscape of Southern San Andreas lend a hand:

  • Make use of present landmarks and buildings. These can be massively useful in joining your track pieces together, as well as making it feel more memorable and unique.
  • Finding places to combine with your Race Props around the already available map, such as existing roads and bridges, will not only aid you in creating longer Races but also help reduce Prop count.
  • Use the straight lines of road structures to help you measure your straight tracks.
  • For better or for worse, elements such as water can provide a great hazard - take notice! Remember that you can submerge Props, but think of the shifting tides and the effect it might have on the pace and speed of your racers.

All the above just scratches the surface on the vast possibilities available with the Stunt Race Creator. There’s plenty more to discover for those champing at the bit to get started.

We’re anticipating some spectacular player-made Races to come from you imaginative Creator folk and look forward to seeing and playing those that are most inventive and brilliant and sharing them here on the Newswire.

If any keen creators out there have some Stunt Race track making tips of their own to share, definitely share them in comments here for others – or share your personal Stunt Race creations so that other Social Club members can help playtest them with you.

Tips for Creating Stunning Cunning Stunt Races with the Creator (Part One)
GTA Online Stunt Race Creator and Entourage Mode Now Available

Double GTA$ & RP Rockstar Stunt Races, 3 New Entourage Mode Maps, Unlockable Jumpsuit, Discounts & More (Aug 19-25)

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Get ready to tighten up your protection detail this week with three brand new maps for the Entourage Mode in GTA Online. Alongside Entourage IV, V and VI maps, enjoy riding the bountiful coattails of Double GTA$ and RP bonuses, as well as an abundance of discounts to keep your security detachment armed and dangerous. Read on for all this week's details.


Not only is there a trio of new Entourage maps for you to master, but you can do so while building both your bank balance and reputation. Today through Thursday, August 25th, there's Double GTA$ and RP on the Entourage Playlist, featuring new maps set in El Burro Heights, Paleto Bay and Pillbox Hill, all easily accessible straight from the GTAV boot screen. And if that's not enough to whet your appetite, then capitalize on Double GTA$ and RP across all Entourage maps for the entire week.

Play three new Entourage maps just released today – IV in El Burro Heights, V in Paleto Bay and VI in Pillbox Hill. 


Double GTA$ and RP windfalls don't stop at Entourage, they extend to all Rockstar-Created Stunt Races as well. If you're looking to add a bit of madcap mileage to the week's mix, take on some Cunning Stunts while raking in some well-earned extra GTA$ and rep.


Whatever tricks you've got lined up your sleeves for the week, make sure they're executed in style. Add the Red Stunt Jumpsuit to your must-have Stunt wardrobe by logging into GTA Online between now and Thursday, August 25th to ensure you look every inch the part.


With deals to do and tracks to win, don't miss the week's discounts to help you get the edge on any competition around. If you're in the market for some fresh wheels, there's a cool 25% off the Grotti X80 Proto, Dewbauchee Seven-70, Progen Tyrus and Vapid Desert Raid. For those wanting some accompanying armor on their drive, check out the HVY Insurgents at 50% off (with the Heist completion prerequisite temporarily waived). Stock up and make the most from 50% off Sniper Rifles, Miniguns, Launchers, and Ammo to ensure you’re prepared for any eventuality.


Put your discounted X80 or Tyrus to good use in this week's Premium Stunt Race: Plummet, for Supercars only. As a reminder, there are cash prizes for podium finishers of all Premium Races: First place gets GTA$100,000, second gets GTA$30,000 and third past the checkered flag gets GTA$20,000. Even if you don't finish in the money, all racers are guaranteed Triple RP. To join a Premium Race, enter the yellow Premium Race blip at Legion Square or use the Quick Job App on your in-game phone and put down GTA$20k as an ante to take on seven other hopefuls.


Executive Protection Bonuses - Double GTA$ Modes, Half Off Exec Offices & More (Aug 12 -18)
GTA Online Stunt Race Creator and Entourage Mode Now Available

Tips for Creating Stunning Cunning Stunt Races with the Creator (Part One)

Posted on August 16 2016, 12:15pm | Author: R*N | Filed Under: Games

With the Stunt Race Creator, the sky - and your imagination - is the limit.

This week's just-released Stunt Race Creator has unleashed hundreds of unique Stunt Props and new features for the mad scientists of the amazing Job Creator community to hit the lab with.

Ahead of diving in to begin constructing your Stunt Race masterworks, consult the official Stunt Race Creator Guide, which provides a proper tutorial of the new Creator tools, to get you started on creating and sharing your own Stunt Races. And for those either experimenting with the Creator tool for the first time, or wanting a primer on the overall GTA Online Creator suite, we encourage you to peruse all of the official tutorials available at the Rockstar Games Social Club website - including the original Race Creator Guide.

In this special two-part edition of Rockstar Game Tips here at the Newswire, we present sage advice from our dev team that will help you make the most out of all the new features of the Stunt Race Creator. If you're especially aiming to get your original Stunt Race Job featured at the Newswire in the future, or to make it a fierce contender in the upcoming Verified Creator Stunt Races contest, the pointers below may prove to be especially helpful.


Stunt Props don’t just have to be used for their original purpose; experiment by rotating them in different ways, to see if they can be used to create something wholly unique and unexpected for your track.

As inspiration strikes and you flex your fingers to create the Stunt Race track of your wildest dreams, here are a few important starting points to consider.

With hundreds of Stunt Props to choose from, it’s worth going through the list and familiarizing yourself with them before you start designing a Race; by planning your track prior to laying down the pieces, you'll save yourself the headache of having to resolve problems later on.

Keep in mind that while you can use up to 150 Props in a single Race, there are also 20 Dynamic Props such as the Giant Bowling Pins and Soccer Balls. If your Model Memory tops out before you reach your Prop limit, you will no longer be able to place any additional ones; in other words, use them wisely!

Once you’ve given the Props a thorough inspection, make sure to choose the appropriate car or bike for your course; you don't want to wait to discover during play-testing that the vehicle class you selected is entirely inappropriate for the track you laid out.

This goes the same for choosing a color scheme for your Stunt Race Props; it’s best to decide this early on, rather than having to change the color of individual Props down the line. You can look through the color options of any of the new Stunt Props at any point when creating your Race.

Last, but by no means least, remember that Rockstar-Created Stunt Races are locked to Standard. However, by creating a Stunt Race in the Creator, you can choose to make it Standard, GTA, Rally or Non-Contact. Additionally, if you pop a Stunt Prop into a regular Land Race, it will automatically convert to a Stunt Race.


Tube tracks provide a great way to transition from one section of the course to the next, since they can be quite malleable. They can be made into a spiral upwards or downwards, or to go over terrain and buildings.

Alongside the hundreds of new Props come some very nifty tools to literally take your Races to new levels – the Prop Snapping, Stacking and Override options. Here’s some pro-tips to master using them:

Prop Snapping:

  • Prop Snapping is a quick and easy way to place one track piece next to another, thereby speedily building up your Race. Look to see that you have this option turned on, and when you’re snapping away, use the shoulder buttons to adjust the angle of your next piece of track.
  • For more control over when Stunt Props snap together, tweak the options to Triggered Snapping. This allows you to click Props together at the press of the Square (PS4), X (Xbox One) or Space Bar (PC).
  • Prop categories with snapping abilities can snap to other Prop categories as well; this means that snapping together Stunt Tracks, Stunt Raised Tracks, Stunt Tubes and Stunt Building Blocks will be a breeze.
  • Chain Snapping repeats the last Prop you used, and snaps it into place, easily creating multiple builds of the same Prop. It’s worth remembering that when turning Prop Snapping on, Chain Snapping will also be on by default; switch this off in the Advanced Options of Props to snap without chaining Props together.

Prop Stacking:

  • Want flexibility with Prop placement? Always check that you have Prop Stacking turned on!
  • HOWEVER, when attempting to edit a Prop, it’s best to turn Prop Stacking off, otherwise when you press the X (PS4), A (Xbox One) or Enter (PC) button to edit, another Prop will be placed on top of what you’re trying to edit – rather than the one you’ve highlighted.
  • Observing the name of the Prop in the Tool Tip to make sure you have the correct one selected will also help; with Prop Stacking turning on, you don't want to lose track of what you’ve highlighted.

Override Rotation and Override Position:

  • If you’re having trouble placing Props, Override Rotation and Override Position are your go-to choices. Enter the Position and Rotation Override options to maneuver the Prop until it’s perfectly placed, by changing the X, Y and Z axes.
  • HOWEVER, remember that once the Prop is placed, you can no longer change the Position and Rotation without editing it.
  • Make Override Position your best friend – it will help when making those final flourishes and tweaks to your Race.
  • Use the Triangle (PS4), Y (Xbox One) or L Ctrl (PC) button for Fast Zoom, speeding up your movement when you’re adjusting Props.
  • For perfectionists with a discerning eye, when using the Override Position menu on Props, change the Prop’s alignment to ‘Local’; this will allow you to fine-tune the Prop, moving it based on its orientation rather than where it is in the world.

Look for Part 2 of this special Stunt Race Creator tips series, coming to the Newswire very soon, with a focus on Props, tracks, courses and terrain.

Executive Protection Bonuses - Double GTA$ Modes, Half Off Exec Offices & More (Aug 12-18)

Posted on August 12 2016, 11:04am | Author: R* M | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

This week in GTA Online, Executives and CEOs of Los Santos are advised to gather their Bodyguard detail and earn Double GTA$ & RP in three Adversary Modes all requiring teamwork, trust and collaboration in order to keep a Target alive. So that you've got somewhere to discuss strategy, there are shrewd discounts on Executive Offices, Services and accoutrements, as well as discounts on a few vehicles befitting an Organization‘s top brass. In addition, there are further Double RP opportunities, as well as a brand new Premium Race to best your rivals in. Read on for full information.


From now until August 18th, Extraction, Hunting Pack and the latest GTA Online Adversary Mode, Entourage, are all paying out Double GTA$ and RP. To begin reaping the rewards as soon as you enter the game, look out for the Playlist button on the GTAV launch screens, which will drop you straight into a Playlist featuring all three modes. For those already in-game, you may have noticed the new Adversary Mode corona in downtown Los Santos that was introduced with Cunning Stunts. Walking into the blip will take you straight into an active Adversary Mode, and this week it can quickly place you in a lobby to play either Extraction, Entourage or Hunting Pack. For those unfamiliar with Entourage, get a feel for the mode by watching our most recent GTA Online Sessions video with a fun cast of YouTube and Twitch friends from the tri-state area.


This week’s discounts include half off all Executive Offices and 25% off Office Decor & Customizations like the office Safe or Gun Locker. Assistant Services, such as Impound Recovery and Pegasus Vehicle Delivery, are also half off as well as all clothing from Further Adventures in Finance and Felony. There also a cool 25% markdown on the Pegassi Reaper, ideal for navigating the loops and jumps of the latest community-Created Stunt Races.


For VIPs and CEOs climbing up the ranks, you can pick up Double RP in all VIP Work as well as in VIP Challenges. This includes recent modes like Salvage, Haulage & Cargo Delivery and missions from Executives and Other Criminals like Executive Deathmatch, Sightseer and Piracy Prevention. Be sure to take advantage of 50% off the Buzzard Attack Chopper, invaluable in helping your Organization complete many of the Double RP Work & Challenges and Special Cargo missions.


Finally, this week's Premium Stunt Race is Vespucci, and is locked to the new Progen Tyrus, released with Cunning Stunts. First place finishers receive GTA$100,000, second place GTA$30,000 and third place earns back their GTA$20,000 entry fee. And all racers are guaranteed Triple RP. To join a Premium Race, enter the yellow Premium Race blip at Legion Square, pay the cover charge, and take on seven rivals to win big.


And tune in today at 5pm Eastern on the official Rockstar Twitch and YouTube channels for this week’s official live stream which will be a special double-header community session on PS4 and Xbox One playing Creator Stunt Races and playing Entourage mode. Joining us will be such community all-stars as: Commissioner of the Content Creators Crew Frezyys; feared sharpshooter Tactical Taco of the TaconMadre Crew; #GTAVine maestro Dirty Worka; esteemed YouTube curator of both stunts and fails OhBrox; player-created Job connoisseur Gtamen; elite player Freddy Los Santos; ace wheelman GTA Wise Guy; GTA fan artist Viboxing; JustJamieHDG representing the mighty team of GTA streamers Elite Gaming Network; popular GTA fan channels GTAonlineNews, sights_ov_gta, allaboutgtav, Vinewood Motors and more.
Follow/subscribe for go-live notifications at: and

Cunning Stunts Come Alive: Incredible Saves, Vehicle Showcases & More From the GTA Online Community

Posted on August 10 2016, 11:58am | Author: R*E | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

The GTA Online Community has risen to the occasion of capturing great footage and Snapmatics of all things Cunning Stunts. From folks like XpertThief maneuvering all the crazy loops and turns of Rockstar-created Stunt Races to GTASeriesVideos showcasing the vehicles, below are some of the most entertaining clips, GIFs and Snapmatics we came across.

Fresh off the official Rockstar Cunning Stunts live stream they did with us a couple of weeks back, the gang from Achievement Hunter continue the thrills and hilarity in a stream of their own. AH go through Racing Alley, Turbine, Downtown Loop and Threading the Needle, all part of what appears to be their new favorite GTA Online update.

From GTASeriesVideos, here's a showcase of the three newest Cunning Stunts vehicles, with a full walkthrough of all customization options AND a showcase of the interior view and performance on the streets of Los Santos. If you're in the market for something with power and considering the Bravado Sprunk Buffalo, MTL Dune or Vapid Contender, check this video out. You can also peruse some other recent rides our old friends tested out here.

About halfway through Point to Point Stunt Race Zebra and sitting in fourth place, Alton Mclawhorn (aka 911 NYC Crew Leader nikobellic250000) clipped a fellow racer mid-jump, a circumstance that easily could have taken him out of contention. Instead - and to his surprise - Alton stuck the landing and moved into first place. Watch here for the full Race and Alton's ultimate victory.

Racing maestro Broughy1322 also found himself in a bit of an airy situation. After completely overshooting a jump, Broughy hung tight through several revolutions and was able to straighten out post-landing and regain composure. That was indeed one hell of a save.

Seasoned GTA photographer Cassy adds to her ever-growing collection of jaw-dropping snaps, setting up her fresh-from-the-factory Vapid Contender in a proud pose for this abstract shot.

XpertThief aka KevinLaSean was quick off the mark in testing out the latest bunch of Stunts Races and new vehicles in a recent live stream. Alongside RealRosesAreRed and other friends, Kevin plays through Forest, High Flier and others. Check out a recording of the full broadcast above.

Staying calm under pressure, SAEVARM3 harnesses the power of their inner wallrider to stage a remarkably elegant recovery behind the wheel of an Annis RE-7B in the Super Stunt Race East Coast.

Tiff92Productions' flamboyant "helicarpter" jump on new Stunt Race Zebra looks to be setting them up for a rough landing. Amazingly, Tiff escapes unscathed and lives to stunt another day.

Geared up and ready to rally, czechgamehunter takes the MTL Dune for a spin on the dusty roads of Blaine County.

MODESTMOUSE89 risks it all with a perfectly timed shortcut -- complete with a barrel roll -- to blitz past two other hopeful racers in East Coast. By their own admission, they only managed to land this trick once, so you might want to think twice before trying this one at home!

With a penchant for highlighting new GTA Online vehicles, Logic-Films and DeejayJeanP are back, this time honoring the sleek and powerful Emperor ETR1. Deejay intercuts flattering angles of the ETR1 with beautiful shots of a sun-soaked San Andreas to show the obvious appeal of this new Super.


If you've got any excellent Cunning Stunts or Rockstar Editor clips you'd like to share with us, be sure to hit us up via Mouthoff or share them in the comments below.

Cunning Stunts: Choice GIFs, Videos and More
New Stunt Races and Vehicles Added to GTA Online: Cunning Stunts

GTA Online Stunt Race Creator and Entourage Mode Now Available

Posted on August 2 2016, 8:52am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Cunning Stunts has already delivered 27 death-defying Stunt Races alongside a host of new stunt-ready vehicles and more, adding a whole new dimension to GTA Online racing... Now, prepare for an unrelenting barrage of new and outlandish custom Races with today's launch of the Stunt Race Creator. With this latest addition to the GTA Online Creator tool, anyone can build and share their own custom stunt courses with the entire population of racers, stunters and daredevils throughout Los Santos and Blaine County - including options for Standard, GTA, Rally and Non-Contact Stunt Races. 

The Stunt Race Creator features newly refined tools, allowing you to quickly snap and stack objects together, make branching tracks with split checkpoints, and so much more. Use Raised Tracks, Tubes, Loops and more to make massive ascents and breakneck plummets. With over 250 new Stunt Props now at your disposal, tracks can spiral through the skyscrapers of the Los Santos Skyline, dive through bridges and summit Mount Chiliad. Customize your creation with dangerous obstacles like flaming rings, speed boosts, oversized soccer balls, bowling pins and more.

For some general guidance to get you started on constructing and sharing your very own Stunt Races, we've created a handy PDF guide that is available alongside our Creator Guide series at Social Club. And stay tuned for the details on our first official Rockstar Verified Stunt Race contest, happening very soon.

Today’s update also brings a brand new Adversary Mode for the combat-ready populace of Los Santos. Entourage requires tactical teamwork for Bodyguards to transport a well-armored and armed Target to a designated Extraction Point, all the while battling a team of Assassins attempting to take down the Target. The Extraction Point along with all Assassins are only visible to the Target on their radar – the Bodyguards must rely on communication to safely transport the Target and themselves to the goal.

Enjoy Double GTA$ and RP from now through August 11th in the new Entourage mode, including a Featured Playlist accessible from the loading screens when booting up GTAV. And tackle the new Cunning Stunts and user created Stunt Races while sporting brand new ink and Stunt Clothing, all at a 25% discount.

Cunning #Stunts Snapmatic Photo Challenge Winners

Posted on July 29 2016, 11:39am | Author: R*N | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Cunning Stunts has taken the GTA Online racing world to wild new heights and with new wheels to burn, tracks to run and attire to look the part, there’s been plenty for the talented Snapmatic community to capture. 

Presenting the winning photographs from our #STUNTS Snapmatic Photo Challenge, including our top five winners and a fantastic group of honorable mentions.


Thanks to everyone who submitted their entry to the #STUNTS Snapmatic contest and congrats to our five winners, who each earned a GTA$1,000,000 award. 

Snapmaticart by snowgoose95

Racers and their superbly color-matched bikes take the sharp turn of an apex corner in snowgoose95's tightly timed and well synchronized winning snap.

Grand Senora Desert by Six-Face

In between the concrete, high-rise walls of the Stunt Race Trench 1, Six-Face beautifully frames the Nagasaki BF400 mid-flight as a racer on a Bati 801RR spectates from below.

Hot Wheels by def9779

Riding the asphalt in a blaze of glory, def9779 showcases the Stunt-ready Obey Omnis in full, scorching triumph as it makes its mark on the road.

Winner by Basimatic

Basimatic's jubilant snapshot neatly sums up the classic phrase "to the victor go the spoils". With not one but two Annis RE-7Bs on display and the Jock Cranley Black Jumpsuit making an appearance amid the celebrations, it's a tantalizing glimpse of what awaits a winner.

Cunning Stunts by greatler

Walk-away action shots don't come more explosive than this. Against a fireworks display of a flaming Declasse Burger Shot Stallion, Bravado Redwood Gauntlet, Vapid Piswasser Dominator and a cluster of bikes blasting skywards behind them, greatler's trio of racers take it all in stride.

Other Honorable Mentions...


A thank you again to all those who took part in the Official Cunning Stunts Event Sweepstakes. Congratulations to the winners, who each nabbed a GTAV prize pack: evil_jacques1, ImJustD3lirious, ZacTheCreator13, monkeyb33r and g00ber121

Play 5 New GTA Online: Cunning Stunts Races Today + New Vehicles, Bonuses and More
New Stunt Races and Vehicles Added to GTA Online: Cunning Stunts
GTA Online: Cunning Stunts Now Available

Rockstar Fan Art Gallery: GTA in a Bottle, 8-Bit Bully, Red Dead: The Board Game and More

Posted on July 28 2016, 1:01pm | Author: R* X | Filed Under: Games

The week's gallery of outstanding Rockstar-inspired fan art captures San Andreas' maritime scenery in a bottle, some gender-bending character imaginings from the prolific and talented Grobi-Grafik, an impressively detailed student-made board game based on Red Dead Redemption, plus lots more. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram, where we feature great fan creations on the regular. As always, if you've got some fantastic fan art or Snapmatics to share, be sure to drop your work in the comments below for the Social Club community to appreciate.

Deep Sea Adventures
by oathDCR

Cleverly melding multiple Snapmatics with a bit of inspired Photoshop work, longtime community member oathDCR magically bottles up the life aquatic of San Andreas.

GTA V Fan Art by Matt Slater

Australian multimedia designer Matt Slater fashioned this pleasantly kitschy ad campaign for the Karin Futo and Vapid Bullet. Lovely in its simplicity, but don't miss the sweet details to be found here - from their custom tires to their signature decals and stripes.

Board Game
 by Daniel Steel

Some impressive planning was put into this original and wonderfully detailed Red Dead Redemption inspired board game made by UK-based design student Daniel Steel. In the board game's design, players move their miniature trains around the circuit of winding plastic train tracks on the board, competing as they land at stops with questions and challenges until the first player reaches the star in the center - which Daniel cites as representing both the winner's star badge and as a very sweet homage to Rockstar that we're honored by. 

Lester by Grobi-Grafik

Heading back to his roots, ubiquitous fandom artist Grobi-Grafik reminds us of where he started with this awesome gender-bending imagining of Lester, drawn after recently replaying GTAV again. With cane, asthma pump, and up-to-no-good side gaze, Grobi nails one of the best behind-the-scenes criminals around.


Max Payne by Grobi-Grafik

Played it again a few days ago, still the best shootout-porn out there.” Grobi continues his Rockstar replays and this art series with a Ms. Payne who channels not only the gruff protagonist himself but also evokes a bit of Furiosa and Ellen Ripley to boot.

wpap Trevor by d32na

Desna Ikhsandra aka d32na proudly embraces his native Indonesia's WPAP art movement (Wedha's Pop Art Portrait - as pioneered by famed artist Wedha Abdul Rasyid) and here gives the signature geometric multi-color treatment to Trevor’s familiar, mean mug.

Birdie, Jester, Lee, and Lady East by Charlie Dunn

Charlie Dunn, AKA @iChazzer on Twitter, marries multiple action-packed Snapmatics with dramatic poses of his Crewmates' GTA Online characters to do the UNIT chaotic justice.

by JamesMason0

A woman who is so narcissistic that she has a giant portrait of herself in her living room.JamesMason0 recreates one of his favorite GTAV characters in this 3D portrait of hot headed lawyer, Debra.

Money and Love by Jackce-Art

No romance without finance. Marce Esquivel aka Jackce-Art hooked up fellow DeviantArtist Aaliyah Lloyd aka AgentPrettyBoy with this commissioned piece portraying her original character as the paramour of Los Santos billionaire Devin Weston.


GTA Online: Chrissy by ArtRN

French artist ArtRN uses Black Ink and Photoshop to create a very interesting, almost stained glass styled incarnation of their GTA Online character, Chrissy.

Back in December, we featured Hoyb’s 8bit style version of Claude Speed. Now that it’s been nearly a decade since Jimmy Hopkins first stomped and skated about Bullworth Academy's campus, Hoyb releases another retro gaming style rendition of a classic character from the Rockstar Games repertory.

Dead End Alley by Juan Martinez

Directly inspired by 'Dead End Alley' off the Red Dead Redemption Soundtrack, Chicago-based illustrator Juan Martinez painted this dramatic scene of John Marston purposefully approaching a stranger on the frontier.

Have you seen or created an exceptional bit of fan art or great Snapmatic photo that you'd like to share? Be sure to drop a link to it in the comments below for the Social Club community to enjoy, or send it our way to see via Mouthoff and we’ll check it out. And if you aren't already, make sure you're following us on Twitter and Instagram, where we regularly share awesome community creations.

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