Game Tips: Becoming a Successful VIP and Bodyguard

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The recently released GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals introduces new business opportunities for the ruthlessly enterprising, courtesy of the SecuroServ private security corporation. Whether you’re an established magnate in need of a reliable protection detail for your empire, or an ambitious upwardly mobile employee eager to earn some hard cash no matter how dirty the work – we’ve assembled the following keys to success to help you make your mark.

Executive Summary:

VIPs and Bodyguards are defined roles of employer and employee – who work together to succeed in VIP Work and VIP Challenges as well as escorting the VIP through the dangerous and unpredictable streets of Los Santos.

As a pocket-padded VIP, you can indulge in the lap of luxury or wreak criminal havoc, safe in the knowledge that you're in the care of experienced, well-armed bodyguards, personally selected by your good self in true executive fashion.

As the Bodyguards, get paid for doing what you enjoy - exercising decisive action. By becoming a Bodyguard, you can rely on a steady, periodic salary of GTA$5,000, on top of any additional cash and RP for taking on VIP Work and VIP Challenges that happen within Freemode.

Becoming a VIP:

If you want to take the lead as the boss of the group and be the VIP, make sure your bank balance is healthy. You don't have to pay out anything to become a VIP, but you will need a minimum balance of at least GTA$1M in capital to begin your reign.

Open up the Interaction Menu and access 'SecuroServ', where you'll be given the option to register as a VIP. Choose this to become a VIP and name your Organization. When you go back in to the Interaction Menu with your new status, you'll find the Option 'SecuroServ VIP' now available. From here, you can start living that VIP life.

While building up your executive empire, it's worth remembering the following to help you get the edge on your competition and manage your employees:

  • VIP statuses last for 4 hours of Freemode play. Time spent in Jobs or Heists do not decrease your VIP timer. Once the 4 hours are up, it's a 12 hour cool down period until you can be a VIP again. 
  • There can only be a maximum of 6 VIPs in a session at any time. If you join a session with 6 VIPs already active, you'll be given the chance to suspend your VIP status.
  • Once a VIP, the entry in the Personal Interaction menu changes simply to 'SecuroServ VIP'. From there, you will have access to the Hire Bodyguards option.​
  • You can hire and, if necessary, fire other players as your 'Bodyguards'. You can hire up to 3 Bodyguards to serve and protect your Organization at a time.
  • If a Bodyguard betrays your organization, or falls foul of your rule you can also end their employment via the "Terminate" option. The other Bodyguards in your organization will have 5 minutes to take out the black sheep.
  • You won't be able to be in a session with another Organization with the same name and while there's the option of renaming your Organization, it comes at a cost, so make sure you're certain about your Organization's name before you begin operations.

Working as a Bodyguard:

Bodyguards help their employer avoid 'unwanted attention' while earning cool cash as hired hands executing their delicate affairs.

To advertise your expert set of skills, simply open the Interaction Menu, select 'SecuroServ' to open up the option 'Looking for Work'. Toggle this on to make your services available to anyone who might be in need of a helping hand and wait for the job offers to roll in.

As you get stuck in to the hard graft or building your way up to VIP status yourself, we recommend making note of the following tips:

  • Bear in mind that your payouts as a Bodyguard reduce by 5% every time your VIP dies, to a maximum reduction of 50%. Keep your boss alive!
  • ​While in the VIP's vicinity, you can also earn a 100RP bonus per minute and if you die within a certain range of the VIP, you'll respawn nearby your VIP.
  • Bodyguards are able to call a vehicle in if the VIP owns it already, or if it's already active on the map.
  • You'll get your health regen accelerated and pushed up to 75% while in the VIP's radius. The health regen and RP bonus also apply if you and your VIP are in the same interior space.
  • If you're looking to rack up the RP, it's worth noting that Bodyguards receive a regular 400 RP bonus for riding with their VIP, and 600 RP for driving the VIP around.

Additional Pointers

While many have already successfully eased into the smart shoes of VIPs and Bodyguards, for those taking their first tentative steps into this mode, here's a few additional introductory things you should also know to get started:

How payouts work:

The Bodyguards earn $5,000 per 15 minutes for being in the VIP's service (regardless of how long they have been in the service for). In return for their salaries, 100% of the Bodyguards' winnings in Freemode (including participation bonuses in Freemode Events), go to the VIP (minus a 10% cut to SecuroServ). An exception to this is personal vehicle sales. Note that Bodyguards also earn an RP bonus when in the vicinity of their VIP and get a small stat increase. Stat increases and increased health regen are particularly useful during modes like Executive Deathmatch.

Does a Yacht count as a property?

A Yacht doesn't count towards your limit of 5 properties, but you can spawn there, freshen up with a change of clothes and grab a refreshing drink while you're at it. It does not contain a garage, or a Heist Planning Room, but the vehicles that come with the Yacht package you bought will always spawn there, even if they were destroyed in the last session. You can't sell a Yacht, but you can always upgrade, downgrade or completely re-create it, right down to the name.

How to kick undesirables off your Yacht:

Any good yachtsman knows the importance of keeping the ‘ahoy polloi’ away, and so each Yacht comes with built-in Defenses and several Access options to protect your Yacht from unwelcome visitors looking to mooch off your millions. If a stowaway has boarded your Yacht, follow these steps to get rid of them without changing sessions:

  • Restrict Yacht Access to exclude the interlopers. You can find the Access options in the Yacht Services area of your Interaction Menu.
  • Toggle your Yacht Defenses to 'Off' (so you can access your weapons).
  • Kill the unwelcome players. They will respawn on the shore.
  • Toggle your Yacht Defenses to 'On' so they can't simply fly back to the Yacht.
  • Enjoy your Hot Tub alone or with your closest friends discreetly and in peace!

Stay tuned for more upcoming Game Tips including strategies for success in specific VIP Work and VIP Challenges modes as well as in recently released Adversary Modes.

GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals Now Available
GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals Trailer

#Executives and #FestiveSurprise2015 Snapmatic Winners

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Presenting the winning Snapmatics from both the Executives & Other Criminals and the Festive Surprise 2015 photo contest challenges. Pampered moments on luxury Yachts, VIPs and Bodyguards acting the part, stunning shots of the new Declasse Mamba Sports Classic - and of course inspired holiday season snaps of bad Santas, Gingerbread Men and moments of wintry magic were all on photogenic display. Congratulations to all the winning photographers who take home GTA$1M in prize money for each snap.


DRAGON by Ming_666F

Japanese player, Ming_666F brings some distinctly Eastern flavor to this #Executives shot. With the golden dragons of the Oriental Theatre setting the scene, Ming_666F showcases some opulent threads from Executives & Other Criminals. The well-accessorized, golden Heavy Revolver and the stylish Syndicate Leader VIP suit and complementary Bodyguard outfit complete the look.

by Joelbor

Beautifully and artfully composed, Joelbor's majestic shot captures the serenity of the moment as a diver takes a dip off the Yacht bow. With the hazy setting of Del Perro Pier and a vast golden sky in the background, this snap is postcard perfect.

by Sariska

And now for a Yacht shot of the more action-packed variety. Sariska showcases the flipside of Yacht ownership, as two pirates approach on a Speedophile as part of the Piracy Prevention VIP and Bodyguard mode. Sariska's opted for a Dutch tilt to lend extra energy to this action shot, with the flag and moon on the right side balancing the composition perfectly. 

PORTOLA DR by _-Chy-_

Showing off the Declasse Mamba, _-Chy-_'s artistic use of a dreamy Portola Drive backdrop - complete with palm fronds and the high-rise skyline - and soft, smoky complimentary lighting emphasizes the classic curves of the car beautifully.  

PAZIFIK by StrohhutDLuffy

This one looks truly art gallery ready. StrohhutDLuffy and associate are caught frozen in time as they bail out, mid-air from the new Declasse Mamba. Masterful use of focus, filter, composition and color.


by KiinGSTeR

KiinGSTeR's Gingerbread Man is about to get a little extra frosting in this well-timed snap, comically capitalizing on his 2015 edition grimace.

CHIMNEY SWEEP by quaid86

Titled “Chimney Sweep”, quaid86's Santa makes a hasty getaway after dropping an explosive stocking stuffer down the chimney for one naughty Los Santos resident.

by _-Chy-_

This Snapmatic depicting the wonderment of a girl seeing snow for the first time is just sweet. _-Chy-_ has never won a Snapmatic contest before but today has made lightning strike twice, with another winning shot. _-Chy-_ revealed a bit of the BTS artistry behind this seemingly simple snap: “Director Mode, Editor, and a lot of patience with catching the snowflake in the right position while matching the exact timing of the player action expression.”

by CodeBre4ker

On, Blitzen! Another bad Santa is poised to make spirits bright on Christmas night in Los Santos.

by EddieLTU

EddieLTU's clever “Got Milk?” of Gingerbread Man trying to avoid being served up as Santa’s Christmas Night milk and cookies treat is undeniably cute. There were so many other fun Festive Surprise 2015 mask Snaps as well that it was very hard to choose just 5, so a special shout out to some honorable mentions along those lines such as missNxkolette for her “Are You Ready to Be Served?” unwitting Christmas turkey dinner guest and monkdogg69 for his gangster “Straight Outta the Oven!” Gingerbread Man among many others.

Finally, congratulations are also in order to the winners of the Executives & Other Criminals Social Club Event Weekend Sweepstakes prize packs: solid_snake_X, JudgmentDay86STARZTVlill-bad-boy and ipodipad. Stay tuned to the Rockstar Newswire for future opportunities to win Rockstar and GTAV gear and collectibles.

The GTA Online Festive Surprise 2015
The Executives & Other Criminals Event Weekend 
GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals Now Available

GTA Online Creator Jobs On Film: Insurgents vs Choppers, Mega Ramps & More

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GTA Online Creator Jobs on Film is our series here at the Newswire featuring fun player-created Jobs that have been recently demoed by members of the GTA YouTube scene. Watch the videos to see how fun these Jobs are in action, and then bookmark the links provided to try them out for yourself.

In this edition of Jobs On Film, check out some enormous ramp action causing ski jump style launches, some super fun 'versus' metagame creations and lots more - all demoed by the likes of XpertThief, JoblessGarrett, SssniperWolf, TacticalTaco5 and others. Read on and bookmark these Jobs to try out with friends the next time you play GTA Online.

The Job:  Super Turbine Turmoil by MTLRellik (Xbox One)
The Video: Super Turbine Turmoil by Swiftor

Job Creator extraordinaire MTLRellik combines vertigo-inducing sky ramps with punishing obstacle courses to make one beautiful route of destruction. Rellik himself joins Swiftor in the video above to play through this 30-player Job on Xbox One. Even with the strong driving skills Swiftor has naturally developed by playing GTA Online regularly over the years, you'll see sometimes in this Job he just has to press pedal to the metal and hope for the best.

The Job:  Aspects of Agility by Zorvaine (PS4 & PS3)

​The video may be in Spanish, but it speaks the international language of nail-biting parkour. Creator Zorvaine only has a few Jobs under his belt, but is clearly a natural at crafting platform sequences that will put your rooftop-hopping motorcycle skills to a stern test. Patience and persistence are the key as this Race features multiple routes and perilously tight turns. One for those who can keep cool, calm - and controlled - under pressure.

The Job:  The Chiliad Challenge. by numnuts16 (Xbox One & Xbox 360)

XpertThief & koalibears take the road less travelled in an attempt to be the first to the top of Mount Chiliad, a task made all the more difficult by a liberal sprinkling of Sticky Bombs. Designed by UK-based Creator numnuts16 of the Blood in Hand Crew, and with trails barely wide enough for one 4x4, this Job will test the skill and patience of anyone who dares.

The Job:  Spirality!!! by T.y.p.u.c.T (PC)

Garrett and madcap stunters Kwebbelkop, Slogoman and Jelly go off on a crazy winding custom challenge over the Grand Senora Desert designed by Russia's T.y.p.u.c.T. Drivers must make their way up a massive spiral towards a collection of Sniper Rifles whilst being targeted by attackers armed with rocket launchers on an overhead platform. 

Also Check Out:

The Job:  Proximity Flying (XB1) by pocpiz | Proximity Flying (PS4) by ImDaRAD (PS4)
The Video: GTA V - Proximity Flying Capture Job by iLoveYourFace
Kudos to pocpiz and ImDaRAD, creators of this daredevil's Capture Job on Xbox One and PS4 respectively, for innovation here. Players need to skydive down the rocky climbs of Mount Chiliad, maneuvering through gates to collect Capture Objects before depositing them in the Capture Point at the base of the mountain. If you make it to the bottom empty-handed, a room of knife-wielding ladies are on standby to brutally send you back to the Spawn Point. In the video, iLoveYourFace displays some ace freefalling skills in both first and third person to make this challenge appear easier than it really is. These Jobs were created by members of the Sky Children, whose aerial exploits you may have recently read about here on the Rockstar Newswire.

The Job:  Derkaderkastan Deathmatch by Ayreon01 (PS4)
The Video: Event #3 in the Playlist - Derkaderkastan TDM by Tactical Taco5
Ayreon01's Deathmatch in the desert provides plenty of opportunity to flank and dominate your opponents in the maze of cover, but be sure to cover your back and watch the corners as you don't know who could be waiting.

The Job:  LOS SANTOS BATTLEFIELD by Smokadonjuan (PS3)
The Video: GTA 5 Battlefield Deathmatch w/ XpertThief! by SSSniperWolf
SSSniperWolf and XpertThief take on the maze of freight containers, tankers and ramps on the playing fields of the University of San Andreas Training Center in this close-quarters Deathmatch created by Smokadonjuan.  

The Job:  Bilgeco GP (Part 2) by PlamenVT (Xbox One)
The Video: Bilgeco GP by Bekjenet
A corner-by-corner walkthrough by Bekjenet through the tight turns and long straights of PlamenVT's Formula 1 style track.

If you've watched a video of any awesome GTA Online Jobs recently, or even uploaded one yourself then feel free to drop a Social Club link in the comments so that the entire community can check them out and preview how fun the Job is to play.

GTA Online Jobs On Film: Corkscrews, Sky Races & Captures
Crazy Train Track Races and Explosive Deathmatches Captured by Team Epiphany, HikeTheGamer and Others
Creative and Challenging Custom Jobs as Demoed by NerdCubed, Olli43 and More

Fan Videos: Executives and Other Criminals Film Festival

Posted on January 6 2016, 11:23am | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Games

Check out videos from over the past few weeks posted by an award-winning Rockstar Editor director, a prominent Social Club Crew of redditors, and several YouTube stars, all of whom have been getting to grips with the wide range of content in GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals. Whether they're manning the cannon on the Turreted Limo, getting a high profile Target to safety in Extraction or simply decompressing with some friends in the hot tub on a new Super Yacht, the videos below show off a good taste of the Executive lifestyle.

REBL - Yacht Parties [R* Editor] by REBL Community

Some may recall reddit based Crew REBL PC (formerly known as the Reddit Rebels) showing up in force to flaunt their GTA Online Lowriders. Now they bring their unique style to profile on the deck of their new Super Yacht, showing that when you’re on top and living lavish in Los Santos, it won’t be long until others come to try and spoil your suit. All set to the sweet and apropos sounds of Neon Indian’s “Change of Coast”.

Turreted Limo Cinematic Showcase (Commercial) | EXECUTIVES & OTHER CRIMINALS DLC by YEAHMAP

Envisioning the weaponized Benefactor Limo as a completely reasonable purchase option for your average consumer, renowned (and contest winning) Rockstar Editor filmmaker YEAHMAP put together this cheeky commercial spot to entice (and instigate) all would-be "Bosses".

GTA 5 Online Funny Moments - Yacht, Switch Blade, and New Apartments! (DLC) by VanossGaming

In a typically audacious outing, Vanoss is joined by frenemies Lui CalibreMoo SnuckelH2O Delirious, Wildcat and Silent Droidd for some patented Freemode shenanigans and hijinks - Executives style. Definitely watch to the end to see Vanoss straight-up hijacking Delirious' tour of his brand new Penthouse Apartment. 

GTA 5 - Declasse Mamba Cinematic [Car Showcase] by Keys Plz

Rockstar Editor director Keys Plz uses the in-game suite of video creation tools to put together this super sleek and stylish glimpse of the new Declasse Mamba Sports Classic. The custom "SUPRMACY" vanity plate is certainly a classy touch.

Grand Theft Auto V - The Executives by Berdu

Berdu has always made a point to include friends from the Full Leather Jackets Crew in his previously featured stylish films such as Marathon Men and Joyridin'. About this outing he muses, "This is how rich people actually live. All footage captured unscripted that one night when Kimble bought a god damn yacht. This is our Crew enjoying the Executives and Other Criminals DLC."

GTA 5 Online NEW Adversary Mode | EXTRACTION! (GTA 5 Online Gameplay) by iamfallfromgrace

Charming Aussie YouTuber, iamfallfromgrace tries her hand at the brand new Adversary Mode "Extraction". Taking on her own squad, the FallFromGraces Army Crew, Grace assumes the role of the "swagalicious" Target, making a harrowing escape in an attack Chopper after being pinned down by attackers. In the second round she plays as a Bodyguard and takes a clever shortcut off an overpass smoothly getting her VIP to the Extraction Zone. You should check out some of Grace’s previous Adversary Mode gameplay videos like “Every Bullet Counts” and “Running Back” as she always puts on a great show giving it all with her Crew.

GTA Online Executives and Other Criminals Update [All DLC Contents] by GTA Series Videos

As is their tradition, the long-running and awesome GTA Series Videos fan channel take you through an incredibly thorough rundown of everything to be found and enjoyed in GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals. For a comprehensive look at all the new housing options be sure to check out their All Custom and Stilt Apartments presentation as well. 

Share videos you've created in the comments below, or post ones from other creators that you find deserving of recognition. For even more fantastic fan-created videos, be sure to follow us on Twitter where we're always sharing fun creations.

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GTA Online Player-Created Throwback Jobs: Liberty City Stories

Posted on January 4 2016, 10:56am | Author: R* X | Filed Under: Games

To celebrate Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories recent arrival for iOS devices (coming soon to Android devices as well), we’ve rounded up eleven very fun GTA Online Jobs made by the Creator community in tribute to the missions, gangs and characters of Liberty City Stories. For fans looking to pay respect to the Leones and the Forellis on the turf of Los Santos, be sure to bookmark these Jobs on Social Club for play in GTA Online.

 Mafia Mudslide by Babe_Blade (PS4)
"From the Forelli family comes an epic race down Mount Chiliad to the tunnel at the base of the mountain. Flips, skids, bumps and mudslides are done as you chase each other's car parts into first place."

Leader of the Dukes of Anarchy, Babe_Blade, brings us this rough and tumble race down Mount Chiliad. With your last checkpoint being at the top of the mountain and the finish line all the way down at the foot, your best bet is to choose Off-Road vehicles that can handle the tumultuous downhill course (or meet an explosive end). Change the settings to rain to make it a true mudslide for your Mafiosos.

 Family Feud by Gunman36 (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)
"The Forelli Family attacks the Leone Mansion."

Only a member of the Leone Family Crew could accurately depict a Forelli Family siege on the Leone mansion. Strap up with your respective Teams and battle it out on opposing sides of Prosperity Street. There are no pickups in this TDM, so use your ammo wisely.

Every Mafia foot soldier starts somewhere. Snag the drugs and deliver them to your base before your rival Mafiosos know what’s up in NuSpirit’s "LS Stories: #2 Dock Raid "

 LS Stories: #2 Dock Raid by NuSpirit (PC)
"After your ferocious Los Santos Drag Race, you found your enemies were faster than you. Now you gotta fight to get your drugs and be faster than them."

Commissioner of the N3oSpirits Crew, NuSpirit, gives us an awesome LCS reboot in Los Santos in the form of a killer Capture at the Terminal. Teams not only have to face off with each other but also hostile NPCs and everyone’s favorite boys in blue, the LSPD. Don’t settle for your default Pistols in this brawl, make your way to the northeast or southwest of the map to arm yourself with the Assault Shotguns to get more bang for your buck.

 The Offer by Dillono (PS4)
After talking to Toni Cipriani, Salvatore Leone has sent Cipriani to the docks to pay off the leader of the dock strikers, Jane Hopper, so she'll let Sal use the docks to get drugs to Portland. Sal has his own men stationed nearby if anything goes South. As Toni arrives then gives Hopper the money, she runs off and a group of strikers approach Cipriani... (Based off The Offer mission in GTA Liberty City Stories. Some changes made for gameplay purposes.)

Member of the Content Creators PS4 Crew, Dillono, bases this TDM on the infamous ambush at Portland Harbor in the mission “The Offer”. Located on Elysian Island, Dillono provides many cover points and opportunities to re-up your ammo, so you won't have to make the same grand escape as the title’s mission.

 The Sicilian Gambit by RitinhaCadilac (PS3)
The Leader of the Online Girls Crew has created this Deathmatch based on the final mission in Liberty City Stories, where Toni finds himself taking out wise guys whilst protecting the boat and fighting his way up Portland Rock. Thematically set at El Gordo Lighthouse, fight your way to be the first to the lighthouse and gather up all the Carbine Rifle Ammo, Armor and Health you can carry to hold out as long as you can on your own. If DMs aren’t your thing, set this to 2 Teams for a better shot at holding the island even longer.

 CiprianiCrimeFamily G Map by RicoCarini (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)
"We Built This Family off of loyalty and respect. Dont worry about the small things and more about the big Father Cipriani"

This Davis-based TDM was created appropriately by the leader of the GalloCrimeFamila Crew, RicoCarini. With a plethora of Carbine Rifles and Advanced Rifles strewn across the map, along with strategically placed Armor and Health, this Job is non-stop action from start to finish. Head for the roof of the northwest building to take out any opposing Team that may be wandering about the ground, but be sure to take cover -- once they catch wind of your strategy you’ll be in for an epic firefight up on high.

There are only two ways out of Los Santos in JesseJeek’s "Going to Liberty City": on a flight or in a duffel bag. 

 Going to Liberty City by JesseJeek (PC)
Los Santos is fun but it’s time to head back to Liberty City with the Leader of the JEEK4LIFE Crew’s race to LSIA. As you zoom around in your vehicle of choice, be sure to not be fooled by the countless misdirections. One wrong turn could cost you the race and make you miss your flight!

 The Cemeterio by ByGhost5 (PS3 & PS4)
"Hey kid. My name is Toni Cipriani, Don of the Leone family. There are TRAITORS in the Los Santos Cemetery looking over the grave of their boss, Wei Cheng. The Sindacco family have sent a few men. Take them out and the Leone family will be grateful to you. T. Cipriani"

Vinewood Cemetery transforms into Liberty City Cemetery in this TDM created by member of the TwilightSparklesCrew, ByGhost5. Kill the traitors as ByGhost5 instructs with your choice of weapon from Molotovs to AP Pistols all the way to RPGs. With tons of cover options in the form of tombstones, you and your Team can make your way through the graves (while adding some additional ones along the way).

 The Wong Side of the Tracks by Turboteo1107 (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)
Based on the timed side mission ‘Wong Side of the Tracks,’ take the path Toni did as he drove along the train tracks on a Sanchez whilst being chased by The Wong Brothers. This Bike Race is no walk in the park -  choose wisely which tunnel entrance to take in the Race. As you ride next to the tracks, keep an eye out for the underground entrance you will need to take in order to reach the jump and soar over the LS River to reach the finish line.

 Liberty City Tales by Hearrok (PC)
Hearkening back to all-out Mafioso brawls a la 'Sindacco Sabotage' and 'Sicilian Gambit,' this ‘massive Deathmatch’ has you battling for victory at the Kortz Center. Member of the CrowerZ Crew, Hearrok, included tons of artillery, Health, and Armor on the board along with random spawn points throughout the map. Fill the lobby up to 16 to keep the action frantic.

 Sindacco Sabotage by Tripilin (PS3 & PS4)
"Relive the Sindacco Sabotage story mission from GTA Liberty City Stories"

Leader of the TRIPOS Crew, Triplin, pays homage to the LCS mission 'Sindacco Sabotage' in this 8-Player TDM. Since Toni only received Armor and a Gun at the start of the mission, this match appropriately leaves you with only your starting Pistol, Armor and Health pickups. The spawn points can quickly leave you with a bullet to the back of the head, so move as a team up and down Vespucci Boulevard to better cover each other’s backs.

By the way, tune in to the Rockstar Twitch and YouTube Gaming channels this Friday January 8th at 5pm ET for a special Throwback Jobs livestream where we'll be playing through these Jobs with some of the creators themselves and other special guests from the GTA community. If you've spotted or created an epic GTA Online Job themed around one of our games, a certain mission or character, be sure to tag it #throwback on Social Club and drop a link either here in the comments for others to try out or via Mouthoff to our attention.

GTA Online Player-Created Throwback Jobs: The Warriors Anniversary Special
GTA Online Player-Created Jobs: Inspired by The Epsilon Program
GTA Online Player Created Playlists: Z-Games Rallycross, Killing Time at Lake Vinewood and More

Enter to Win a Customized Liberty City Stories iPad Mini and iPhone 6+

Posted on December 29 2015, 1:34pm | Author: R* M | Filed Under: Games

To celebrate the release of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories for iOS devices - which comes complete with a host of new graphical upgrades and performance enhancements for touch-based gaming - we're giving away an iPad Mini 4 and iPhone 6S Plus, each sporting highly-detailed, custom Liberty City Stories artwork. 

Enter now through Friday, January 8th via the super simple form on the Social Club Events page and you could be in with a chance of winning one of these awesome prizes: an iPad Mini 4 with 128GB of storage, LTE connectivity and Touch ID fingerprint sensor OR an iPhone 6S Plus with 128GB of Storage (unlocked/compatible with all cellular carriers that support the iPhone) and 3D Touch pressure sensitive screen.

Each device is painstakingly customized with a dual-finish automotive grade paint job. The illustration is painted in a smooth matte finish and then spot varnished with an ultra-high gloss clearcoat, resulting in a hand assembled, one-of-a-kind collector’s item that will never be re-issued.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is currently available for iOS, and coming soon to Android and Amazon devices. Those who download Liberty City Stories, and then sign in to Social Club within the app, will unlock the bonus I HEART LC t-shirt for that same account in Grand Theft Auto Online for PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Void in certain countries and where prohibited. Must be 18 years or older. See Official Rules and Privacy Policy for eligibility details. Ends Friday January 8th 2016.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Now Available on iOS and Coming Soon for Android and Amazon Devices

Save 20% on All Digital Downloads at the Rockstar Warehouse Thru December 31st, 2015

Posted on December 24 2015, 11:12am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

If you're looking for some last-minute stocking stuffers for fellow GTA fans, or ideas on how you might spend that post-holiday loot, the Digital Downloads section of the Rockstar Warehouse is currently offering 20% off all PC and MAC Downloadable games.

Move quickly and pick up the latest generation of Grand Theft Auto V on PC at 20% off to fully enjoy the ongoing Festive Surprise 2015, and you can get 20% off of all PC Shark Cash Cards to help support your Yacht Life aspirations as well. Also save on classics like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, GTA III, and Bully along with Rockstar fan favorites like L.A. NoireMidnight Club II, and much, much more.

Visit the Warehouse today - sale ends Thursday, December 31st.

Festive Surprise Christmas Bonus: Snowfall, Holiday Gifts and the New Beast Vs. Slasher Adversary Mode Now Available

Posted on December 23 2015, 7:35pm | Author: R*E | Filed Under: Games

As the incredibly rare phenomenon of snowfall blankets Los Santos, the roar of the Beast ensures that there will be no silent night this year. Beast vs. Slasher, an intense new Adversary Mode for GTA Online, is out today on PS4, Xbox One and PC. A team of Beasts blessed with superhuman abilities must evade the clutches of the pursuing Slashers. To help them on their merry way, Beasts are gifted not only with wild speed, but can leap over buildings and have temporary invisibility.

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, a creature was stirring, but it wasn't a mouse.

To give the Slasher Team a fighting chance, they're split into three sub-teams: Demolition, Heavy and Assault armed with RPGs, Miniguns and for the first time in GTA Online... Railguns. And if being armed to the teeth isn't enough, Slashers are also equipped with thermal vision to help seek out and bring down the elusive Beasts. Supporting 4-10 players, both teams will need to stay on the move and work together with their teammates to prevail in this new Adversary Mode..


Suit up and hit the streets as snowball battles return to GTA Online.

Today marks the return of the rare phenomenon of Los Santos snowfall to GTA Online across all five platforms, so bundle up warm in your new Santa Costume and head outside to enjoy a snowball fight (press left on the d-pad to collect up to 9 snowballs). All players will also receive an early gift from Santa: a Fireworks Launcher with 5 rockets to help celebrate the Holiday Season with a bang. And be sure to look out for more gifts under the tree when you log in to GTA Online on Christmas Day.

The new Tampa, now available permanently in GTA Online for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Southern San Andreas Super Autos has bolstered its showroom inventory with the permanent addition of the brand new Declasse Tampa for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Now that players can own up to five properties in GTA Online, make sure you take full advantage of all that extra garage space and pick up this ferocious new sleigh.


The GTA Online Festive Surprise 2015

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