Red Hook Crit London No.2 Recap

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This past Saturday, the second instalment of the Red Hook Crit 2016 Championship Series in London delivered powerhouse performances, intense competition and the most elite field of cyclists in the history of the Crit. Series leader Colin Strickland took his third consecutive RHC win with another commanding display in the men’s field, while Great Britain’s own Olympic gold medalist and three time world champion Dani King won in a dominating first-time RHC appearance.

Brooklyn No.9 winner Colin Strickland. Photo: @tornanti_cc

King earned pole position in the afternoon’s qualifying sessions, followed by 2015 series champion and five time RHC winner Ainara Elbusto qualifying merely a few tenths of a second behind King. Contenders Jo Smith, Ash Duban, and Vittoria Riati were also present to vie for the win.

Spectators watching the women’s feature race. Photo: @tornanti_cc

Elbusto, characteristically, won the first lap prime before King forced the others into action two laps later as she attacked into turn one taking Elbusto and Jasmine Dotti with her. Meanwhile, multiple riders attempted to either chase or bridge but only Ash Duban was able to separate herself from the main group and bridge to the leaders.

Dotti, King, Duban and Elbusto Leading the race with a large gap. Photo: @tornanti_cc

Suddenly, mechanical failure for Elbusto changed the dynamic of the race. With a perennial favorite and King’s main rival now out of commission, King attacked again and quickly distanced herself from Duban and Dotti. King rode aggressively, gaining precious seconds and sweeping away a portion of the field on each lap (in the RHC, riders are forced to drop out if they are lapped). King’s herculean effort ultimately dropped all but the top three riders from the race.

King receiving cheers on her home turf while powering through a turn. Photo: @tornanti_cc

Never before has the Red Hook Criterium seen this level of domination from any rider, male or female. Given King’s Olympic pedigree, many anticipated that she would contend for the podium, but no none thought she’d upend the race so completely, and she rode across the finish line to deafening cheers from the assembled crowd.

Great Britain’s own Dani King brings home a win in London. Photo: @tornanti_cc

1.  Dani King (Wiggle High5, UK)
2.  Jasmine Dotti (Ridewell Oscar Cycling, IT)
3.  Ash Duban (Affinity Cycles, US)

1st lap (breakfast prime): Ainara Elbusto, ES
Mid-way (dinner prime): Dani King, UK
Fastest Lap Qualifying Time: Dani King, UK (1:19.198)
Rockstar Games Top Antagonist: Ash Duban, US

1.    Ash Duban – 57 Points
2.    Vittoria Reati – 44 Points
3.    Ainara Elbusto – 44 Points
4.    Jo Celso – 40 Points
5.    Kiera McVitty – 40 Points
6.    Francisca Campos – 39 Points
7.    Dani King – 38 Points
8.    Veronika Volok – 33 Points
9.    Johanna Jahnke – 33 Points
10.    Jasmine Dotti – 30 Points

Meanwhile, in the men’s field, 95 athletes from 38 countries, including national road and criterium champions, world tour and professional six-day track racers, lined up to start the Red Hook Criterium London No.2 in the deepest field in the race’s history.

Aldo Ilsec qualified pole position, followed by 2015 series winner Ivan Ravaioli and Augusto Reati. Photo: @tornanti_cc

After Great Britain’s Alec Briggs won the first lap prime, no clear leader emerged as multiple riders shuffled positions forcing rider after rider off of the back of the field. Current American road and criterium national champion Daniel Holloway, and ex-pro tour rider Ignazio Moser each sought to force a lead but were kept in check by eager riders behind.

Alec Briggs checks his gap as he takes the first lap prime. @tornanti_cc

An opportunity to make a decisive move finally materialized after Strickland countered Luis Junquera's mid race prime win. The attack, accompanied by fellow American David Santos proved to be short-lived as the main field was quick to prevent Strickland from riding away by himself for the third race in a row.

Strickland close on Petrache’s rear wheel. @tornanti_cc

Amazingly, despite the pack’s concerted efforts, Strickland counter-attacked with his own move to establish a small gap with Marius Petrache, current national road champion of Romania, joining in his slipstream. However, Strickland soon grew frustrated with Petrache’s pace and set off on his own.

Strickland on his breakaway before taking the win. @tornanti_cc

Other riders, including Stefan Schafer, Ivan Ravaioli and Loic Chetout, gave chase and traded places at the front of the pack, while Strickland’s loyal teammate Aldo Ilesic surfed the front as a deterrent to any larger chase effort. 

After multiple failed attempts to rally the chasing pack around him, a huge effort by Chetout with only four laps to go nearly bridged the way to Strickland alone – while ultimately fruitless, this impressive move earned Chetout the Rockstar Top Antagonist Award and second place, as Strickland powered to his third consecutive win.

Strickland wins his third consecutive RHC. @tornanti_cc

1.  Colin Strickland (Allez Allez Specialized, US)
2.  Loic Chetout (Cofidis Credit Solutions, FR)
3.  Aldo Ino Ilesic (Allez Allez Specialized, SL)
4.  Ivan Ravaioli (Team Cinelli Chrome, IT)
5.  Daniele Callegarin (Ridewill Oscar Cycling, IT)
6.  David Santos (Aventon Factory Team, US)
7.  Marius Petrache (Team Cinelli Chrome, RO)
8.  Alvise Zanasca (Bahumer Racing TEAM, it)
9.  Stefan Schafer (Maloja Pushbikers, DE)
10.  Alec Briggs (LaClassica Racing Team by Speedgang, UK)

1st lap (breakfast prime): Alec Briggs, UK
Mid-way (dinner prime): Luis Junquera, ES
Fastest Lap Qualifying Time: Aldo Ino Ilesic, SL (1:11:158)
Rockstar Games Top Antagonist: Loic Chetout, FR

1.    Colin Strickland – 73 Points
2.    Aldo Ino Ilesic – 54 Points
3.    Ivan Ravaioli – 54 Points
4.    Daniele Callegarin – 46 Points
5.    Alec Briggs – 38 Points
6.    Olivier Leroy – 34 Points
7.    David Santos – 32 Points
8.    Loic Chetout – 30 Points
9.    Augusto Reati – 28 Points
10.    Daniel Holloway – 22 Points 

Congratulations to all of this weekend's fierce competitors, we're looking forward to another spirited race later this summer in Barcelona on August 27th. And for more details about the series, make sure to visit or the official Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

The Red Hook Crit Championship Series Continues in London on Saturday, July 9th

2016 Summer Concert Guide: See GTAV Soundtrack Artists Live This Summer

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Summertime is right around the corner, which means concert season is in full swing and countless artists heard across the Southern San Andreas radio dial will be on tour and potentially coming to a town near you.

We've compiled a comprehensive list of the itineraries of many acts spanning all genres - performing at everything from intimate clubs to sprawling international festivals of epic proportions. Hit the jump below for the latest schedule, broken down by in-game radio station, and keep an eye out as we'll be updating this post with more dates as they're announced.

Red Hook Crit Brooklyn No.9 Recap

Posted on May 3 2016, 6:40pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Rockstar

The Red Hook Criterium 2016 Championship Series kicked off in thrilling fashion on Saturday in Brooklyn, with Texan Colin Strickland capturing his first victory in Brooklyn after taking Milan last year and 2015 Championship Series winner (and perennial favorite) Ainara Elbusto of Spain taking the women's race - her second straight win at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. 

A daytime view of turns 1 – 7 including the double hairpin before qualifying. Photo: JW Zhang

With this year’s race attracting 375 cyclists and 400 runners representing 48 countries, the afternoon’s qualifying sessions were accompanied by fans eager to enjoy the beautiful weather, food trucks and early race action. Cyclists familiarized themselves with the new course design as they attempted their fastest lap, with American Addison Zawada (State Bicycle Co.) earning men’s pole position with the fastest time at 1:25:74; and Ashley Faye (Team Cinelli Chrome) of The Netherlands taking women’s pole position at 1:37:57.

Men’s qualifying group 1. Photo: @tornanti_cc

The late afternoon brought about the men’s Last Chance Race – where qualifiers who set the 86th to 150th fastest qualifying times compete for 10 spots on the starting grid, followed by the women’s and men’s 5k races.

Last Chance Race hopefuls line up to compete for a spot on the starting grid. Photo: @tornanti _cc

The Red Hook Crit 5k continues to draw elite running talent, with blistering times posted by the winners. Congratulations to men’s top finishers Abebe Sihine Mekuria, Jack Davies and Kumsa Adugna Megersa, and Zeineba Hasso Hayato, Jennie Cohen and Allison Goldstein from the women’s field. The Strava team competition was won by the New York Athletic Club on the men’s side and North Brooklyn Runners for the women’s. Each team got their top five runners across the finish line before any other team.

Ethiopia’s Zeineba Hasso Hayato (West Side Runners) finishing at 14:45.925 followed by American Jack Davies (New York Athletic Club) at 14:52.703. Photo: @tornanti _cc

The traditional neutral lap led by repeat RHC winner Kacey Lloyd and race director David Trimble Photo: @toranti_cc

The crowds continued to grow after sunset in anticipation of the women’s criterium, featuring its largest field of athletes to date. With the race underway, perennial favorite and 2015 Championship Series winner Ainara Elbusto (Conor WRC) handily claimed the first lap Breakfast Prime, setting a furious pace for the lead pack of thirty riders. 

Early attacks from Katherine Sherwin (Affinity Cycles) and Vittoria Reati (LaClassica Racing p/b SpeedGang) trimmed the lead group while Elbusto patiently sat in second position, maintaining control at the front of the pack and allowing her to take the midway Dinner Prime.

Rockstar Top Antagonist winner Kiera McVitty rounding turn 10 Photo: @tornanti _cc

British Rider Kiera McVitty continued driving the pace with several attacks, earning her the Rockstar Games Top Antagonist Award. Past winner and RHC veteran Ash Duban (Affinity Cycles), along with Kim Lucie (State Bicycle Co) and McVitty made moves to string out the field in the final laps of the race. With just over a lap to go, a crash in the final turn took out a handful of riders, with Elbusto, Duban, Reati, McVitty and Irene Usabiaga (Poloandbike) among others escaping to battle through one final lap. Elbusto took the win through a strong final sprint, with Duban finishing in second narrowly edging out Reati, Usabiaga and McVitty. 

Ainara Elbusto continues her RHC dominance Photo: @tornanti _cc

Every Red Hook Criterium is unique and Saturday was no exception. As the men’s race began, the lead moto – an essential race vehicle that rides ahead of the peloton to sweep for lapped riders and provide a visual and audible alert to riders, spectators, course marshals and medical teams of the approach of the lead pack – stalled only moments after the race start. A dramatic pileup occurred, forcing a race restart.

Addison Zawada leading the men’s race start Photo: @tornanti _cc

With the race underway, Mario Paz Duque (IRD Carerra) leapt ahead from tenth on the starting grid to first across the finish line to take his seventh the first lap Breakfast Prime. Soon after, Aldo Ilesic (Allez-Allez Specialized) took the lead – a key strategy that allowed for teammate Colin Strickland break off the front in lap five and establish a four second lead while Ilesic controlled the pursuing pack.

Paz Duque taking the lead on his way to win the Breakfast Prime @tornanti _cc

The chase group of 25 riders led by Daniel Holloway (Intelligentsia GR) were met by Ilesic’s defensive play to keep his teammate in first wheel. By the time Strickland came around on the next lap, the gap had grown to 10 seconds with the chase group stringing out behind him. By the mid-point of the race, Strickland had created a monstrous 20-second lead gap.

Lone wolf Colin Strickland from Texas pushes his massive lead on the field @tornanti _cc

Ilsec continued to thwart attempts from Alec Briggs (LaClassica Racing Team by SpeedGang), Marius Petrache (Team Cinelli Chrome), and Tristan Uhl (Aventon Team Factory). With Strickland handily winning – thanking the crowd in his final lap – 2015 Series Champion Ivan Ravaioli (Team Cinelli Chrome) outsprinted Ilsec in the final moments for second place, followed by Ilsec in third.

Strickland enjoys the fruits of his dominant performance – a new specialized bike and the Rockstar Top Antagonist Award @tornanti _cc

Congratulations are in order for all who participated in the day’s events, and we are looking forward to the next edition of the championship series in London on July 9th. For more details about the Red Hook Crit Championship Series and upcoming events, visit

Rockstar Games Presents the Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No.9

Posted on April 26 2016, 10:32am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Rockstar

We are looking forward to kicking off the 2016 season of world-class racing with the Red Hook Crit Brooklyn No.9, this Saturday at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.

375 cyclists and 350 runners hailing from 48 countries are descending on Red Hook to participate in the annual 5k running race and feature bike races. We’re excited to see the familiar faces of elite veterans, as well as imposing newcomers, registered in the men’s and women’s start lists.  

There are also exciting new changes to the racing format; this year’s start line introduces the “YVO Grid”, an arrow-shaped starting grid where the fastest qualifier takes lone wolf pole position as the tip of the spear, while the remaining 94 racers are spread no more than 5 riders per row. The circuit itself has been shortened to 1.13km per lap, giving spectators an improved field of view, with a new double hairpin added in turns 2 and 3. 

We’re also proud to bring back the Rockstar Award for Top Antagonist for both the men’s and women’s races, rewarding the athlete who without consideration for their final position most affects the outcome of the race through a combination of tactics, aggressiveness and strength. 

For an in-depth look at the race details, athletes and more, check out the Official Strava Race Guide and for all things Red Hook Crit, visit or check them out on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

The 2016 Red Hook Criterium Championship Cycling Series

The 2016 Red Hook Criterium Championship Cycling Series

Posted on March 10 2016, 1:01pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Rockstar

Rockstar Games is proud to announce the return of the Red Hook Criterium Championship Series in 2016, continuing our ongoing support as title sponsor of the international track bike racing series for the 4th straight year.

With four spectacular events scheduled in Brooklyn, London, Barcelona and Milan, competitors will race laps around an approximately 1km circuit filled with turns, chicanes, and hairpins – on brakeless, fixed gear track bikes hitting speeds up to 35 mph. Taking cues from international motorsport, athletes first compete in timed qualification rounds to establish grid positions for the finals. These finals, traditionally raced at night, are held in front of thousands of cheering spectators who bring the crit’s signature festival atmosphere to life at every destination.

•    April 30: Brooklyn, NY, USA
•    July 9: London, UK
•    August 27: Barcelona, Spain
•    October 1: Milan, Italy

Athletes accumulate points for finishing each race, traveling from one city to the next, vying for a position on the championship podium. With the continued, four-race schedule, riders will need to perform consistently if they are to contend for the series trophy with each race undoubtedly bringing its own dynamism throughout the season. 2015 Series Champions Ivan Ravaioli (Team Cinelli Chrome, Italy) and Ainara Elbusto (Conor WRC, Spain) will return in 2016 to defend their titles against fierce rivals and ambitious newcomers alike.
For those who don’t always net points but race with tenacity and determination, there’s the coveted Rockstar Games Top Antagonist Trophy to be awarded in both the men’s and women’s feature races to the athlete who without consideration for their final position, most affects the outcome of the race through a combination of tactics, determination, and sheer strength.

For more details, visit and make sure to follow the official Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Red Hook Crit Milano No. 6 Recap

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Red Hook Crit Milano No. 6 Recap

Posted on October 13 2015, 10:48am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Rockstar

The winners celebrate on the podium. Photo: @strict / @eloisemavian.

The Red Hook Criterium 2015 Championship Series drew to a close with the fourth and final race in Milan, Italy on Saturday. 325 athletes from more than 27 countries came to qualify for the final races. Congratulations to Ainara Elbusto for taking first place in the women’s race and Colin Strickland for being the first American to take 1st place on the men’s podium since 2013’s race at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

With her win, Elbusto also locked up her second straight championship, while Italy’s own Ivan Ravaioli captured the 2015 men’s championship. 

Qualification sessions ran throughout the afternoon. The fastest lap times determined where athletes were placed on the final 95 starting grid spots. Photo: @strict / @eloisemavian.

Hit the jump for the full recap of all the day's action. 

The Red Hook Criterium Milano No. 6 this Saturday, October 10th

Posted on October 5 2015, 10:29am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Rockstar

The final race of the 2015 Red Hook Criterium Championship Series presented by Rockstar Games is this Saturday in Bovisa, Milan. Following races in Brooklyn, London and Barcelona, the final leg sets up to be one of the most thrilling conclusions yet. 325 athletes from over 27 countries will descend upon Milan to compete in the city’s 6th annual Red Hook Crit finale.

A view of the crowds at the start of the Men’s race at last year’s Milano No. 5 (Photo: Mauro Tittoto)

Women’s series leader Ainara Elbusto has a commanding 115 point lead. Second to her is Kacey Lloyd (92 points) who – sporting the Rockstar Games jersey – outsprinted Elbusto in the final stretch of the Barcelona race to win in dramatic fashion. Barcelona’s Top Antagonist Winner Fleur Faure (67 points) sits in third place followed closely by last year’s Milan winner Ash Duban (62 points). We’re looking forward to seeing newcomer Gretchen Stumhofer (45 points), who placed eighth in her Red Hook Crit debut at London, then third last month at Barcelona.

Kacey Lloyd’s final sprint against Ainara Elbusto at Barcelona No. 3, followed closely by Gretchen Stumhofer. Photo: @strict / @eloisemavian

In the men’s series, led by Italy’s own Ivan Ravaioli (97 points), the top 5 are all still mathematically viable to win the overall championship series. While Puerto Rico’s William Guzman (76 points) sits second place with powerhouse performances in all three races so far this year, we saw a heated battle develop between Ravaioli and Mario Paz Duque (66 points) in Barcelona – and look forward to seeing how the competition will unfold in Milan. Not to be counted out are Italian dark horses Fabio Scarazzati (67 points) and longtime RHC competitor Augusto Reati (66 points).

Mario Paz Duque and Ivan Ravaioli battle in London and Barcelona (Photos: @strict / @eloisemavian)

While the men’s field grows more competitive with the likes of French pro Loic Chetout making his first RHC appearance, and the return of David Santos - perhaps one of the most notable changes is the absence of Eduard Grosu, who has back-to-back wins in Milan the past two years.

Spectators bang barrier panels and ring cowbells to cheer athletes approaching the start/finish straightaway at Milan No. 5 (Photo: @strict / @eloisemavian)

For anyone in or nearby Milan, the race is free for all spectators and will surely be a day of world-class racing. The qualifications will begin around 12:30 with the final races beginning around 20:00. Best of luck to all of the athletes and for more information visit the official Red Hook Crit website and follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Red Hook Crit Barcelona No. 3 Recap
William Guzman and Ainara Elbusto Power Past the Field to Win the Inaugural Red Hook Crit London
Congrats to Eduard Grosu and Ash Duban, Winners of the Red Hook Crit Milano Race

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