The Executives & Other Criminals Event Weekend in GTA Online: Dec 16th – 20th

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Diversify the revenue streams of your VIP organization in GTA Online this weekend with huge GTA$ bonuses and much more in the Executives and Other Criminals Event Weekend. Whether you're an up and coming VIP or a newly enlisted Bodyguard in Los Santos looking to make a fast buck, you'll need every dime you can beg, borrow or (preferably) steal in order to work your way to the top of the SecuroServ food chain (and to stay there). This weekend in GTA Online we're giving you the opportunity to build up a nest egg to purchase your first Yacht, Conker Avenue Stilt House or even your own SecuroServ VIP organization. The Executives and Other Criminals Event Weekend contains multiple ways to earn Double GTA$ as well as RP boosts and significant discounts on the tools you need to live the life of a true mogul or make a name for yourself in security detail. Read on for more information.

Like any business, legitimate or otherwise, expansion requires investment and a focus on the bottom line. Your biggest profit margins this weekend can be found playing Double GTA$ & Double RP Adversary Modes. As is standard, a simple one button launch from the GTAV start screen puts you directly into a Playlist featuring the brand new Adversary Mode Extraction. The perfect arena in which to hone your SecuroServ skills, Extraction sends in a team of Bodyguards to work with their team member, the Target - stranded after a plane crash - to rendezvous in the extraction zone and get them to the evac point. They're up against the opposing Hit Squad who have caught wind of the operation and are on a mission to take out the Target.

With GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals, the ultimate symbol of wretched excess - your own luxury Yacht - is now available to purchase. To get your sea legs ready for a life on the open water, we're doubling the GTA$ bonuses on all Sea Races all weekend. Those extra dollars will come in handy when customizing your new Yacht, whether you go for the standard Orion, or go all in on the ultra-deluxe Aquarius which comes complete with a Hot Tub and a new SuperVolito Carbon helicopter.

Cut your overhead this weekend with a hefty 50% off discount on a range of gear intended to protect you, your VIP and your vehicles. There are 50% off discounts on Body Armor, Bulletproof Tires and Vehicle Armor, so you can take to the streets with confidence and shrug off any inconvenient bullet sprays. The tire and armor bonuses extend to the 10 new non-armored land vehicles that were released this week, including the Imponte Nightshade, Declasse Mamba, Bravado Verlierer and the Benefactor Turreted Limo.

If you're worried about keeping your new Yacht in pristine condition, don't miss the 50% off discount on RPG Rockets to get the upper hand in Piracy Prevention, Executive Search or any of the other VIP and Bodyguard Freemode games. For those needing new arms and extra ammo, look out for the 50% off discount on Sniper Rifles (perfect for taking out any VIPs without having to engage their Bodyguards); grab the 50% discount off Pistol ammo for your brand new Heavy Revolver and for those wanting a signature look to their weaponry, there's a 50% discount on gun engravings.

Finally, to ensure you can always get yourself to your new Yacht this weekend (or prepare to board someone else’s), we’ll also be featuring 25% off all Docktease Services for whatever your aquatic needs may be.

Since it's impossible to fully enjoy an extravagant purchase without sharing a photo of it on social media, make the most of the Snapmatics you're taking by entering our #Executives Snapmatic Contest. Five Snapmatic photographers who publish the greatest Executives & Other Criminals Snapmatics will win GTA$1,000,000 towards their next Yacht or Stilt House. Eligible photos must be published before end-of-day Sunday Dec 20, and must feature content from Executives & Other Criminals, whether it's a new vehicle, weapon or fun times aboard your majestic sea-faring monolith. Don't forget to tag your photo with "executives" on Social Club. Full rules can be found here.

You'll want to match your in game trappings of the executive lifestyle with some real world finery, so head over to the Social Club Events Page now and enter for the chance to grab a sack full of presents, perfect for gifting to loved ones or hoarding for yourself this upcoming holiday season. The ideal stocking stuffer is the GTAV engraved chrome Zippo lighter, perfect for commemorating the purchase of your new Stilt House with a fine cigar. SecuroServ VIP organizations come complete with a variety of outfits for your Bodyguards to wear, so get in the spirit of this organized crime with the Grotti Polo shirt and the classic GTAV black hoodie. There’s also the GTAV kitchen magnet, Epsilon paperweight and magnetic kitchen timer to make your IRL Penthouse Apartment feel like home, and of course you'll need to be on guard around your yacht, particularly if someone has too much champagne before getting in the Hot Tub. Look the part with the Los Santos Lifeguard t-shirt.

This Friday Dec 18th at 5pm ET, tune in to the official Rockstar Games channels on Twitch and YouTube as the Rockstar Broadcast team plays through every single map of the brand new Adversary Mode Extraction, as well as the new VIP and Bodyguard gameplay in Freemode with special guests including Ltzonda, Deanabean, Manny FweshTheLiveLemonMattophobia, plus Knox and Jester from the storied Hillbilly Agenda Crew and more. We'll be checking out the latest vehicles including the armored versions of the Gallivanter Baller, Enus Cognoscenti and Benefactor Schafter and will also be firing the Rockstar Broadcast t-shirt cannon at the very end of the stream for your chance to score rare in-game tees.

GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals Now Available
Watch the Executives and Other Criminals Trailer

GTA Online Thanksgiving Specials: Double GTA$ & RP in All Adversary Modes + Black Friday Sale and More

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Put down the Pißwasser, get your poultry posterior off the tailgate, and into GTA Online this Thanksgiving weekend for Adversary Mode bonuses and epic discounts. On top of Double GTA$ and RP for ALL Adversary Modes on all platforms, there’s a special Featured Playlist for PS4, Xbox One and PC players featuring all three variations of the Running Back Adversary Mode that just launched yesterday, and more. Read on for all the details.

Reap double the GTA$ & RP in all GTA Online Adversary Modes for four straight days, including everything from OG favorites like Come Out To Play and Siege Mentality, to recent releases like Hunting Pack, Slasher and the aforementioned Running Back. This latest Adversary Mode is perfect for any game day weekend, with teams battling it out in an impromptu 2-minute drill on the Los Santos highway gridiron.

You'll also be able to launch into a special Adversary Mode Playlist all weekend long on PS4, Xbox One & PC, straight from the GTAV launch screens. If you're already in-game, or want to play with just friends or Crewmates, simply go to the Rockstar Playlists section of the pause menu and select the Running Back Playlist option. 

This Black Friday, November 27th, take advantage of a pair of GTA Online sales running across all platforms (including PS3 and Xbox 360). To make sure you have the proper pad for entertaining holiday guests, Dynasty 8 is offering 40% off all Apartments. And to ensure you’ve got one of the sleekest collection of sleds in Southern San Andreas, all Vehicles will be 25% off. So for those looking to expand to a fourth property in GTA Online or complete their collection of Lowriders, make sure to mark this Friday on your calendar.

New Running Back Adversary Mode in GTA Online Today

Crew Noticeboard: Russault Motorsports, Project Annihilation, 32 Kings Jet Crew & More

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The Crew Noticeboard is our featured column of Crews actively recruiting new members to join their ranks. We publish Crew recruitment pitches in their own words so that you know exactly what they're all about.

This edition of the Crew Noticeboard features pitches from a Crew of racing enthusiasts with an impressive Creator portfolio, a group of jet fighting mavericks looking to expand into BMX stunting and a tight Mafia family on the lookout for new blood.

Friday the 13th Weekend: Bonus RP & GTA$, Exclusive T-Shirt Unlocks + Last Chance to Get GTA Online Halloween Surprise Cars & Masks

Posted on November 13 2015, 12:41pm | Author: R* X | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

This Friday the 13th weekend is your last chance to snatch up (and keep!) all of the GTA Online Halloween Surprise vehicles, masks and more - and we've got a special Event Weekend live now featuring a Double GTA$ & Double RP Event Playlist, exclusive in-game Vinewood horror movie t-shirts to collect each day, Double RP in all Land Races all weekend and more.

Even though it's the final days to grab the Lurcher and Fränken Stange vehicles - along with all of the new Halloween Masks & Facepaints - once acquired, these items will stay in your inventory for you to haunt Los Santos residents with any time you'd like.

The new "Slasher" Adversary Mode will also remain available to play beyond in GTA Online even after the Halloween Surprise period ends this Monday - and this Friday the 13th Event Weekend, you can get Double GTA$ and Double RP when playing it in the official Event Playlist. The Playlist features two of the most frightening Slasher Jobs along with other especially scary Adversary Modes like the murderous home invasion mode "Siege Mentality" and the pulse-pounding “Hunting Pack”. Launch straight into deadly adversarial action directly from the GTAV launch screens. And if you're already in-game and want to go back for more - simply go to the Event Playlist in the Rockstar Playlists section of the pause menu.

Vinewood horror aficionados rejoice - log on to GTA Online each day this weekend to unlock three exclusive t-shirts:

  • Friday the 13th: The Simian
  • Saturday the 14th: Vampires On The Beach
  • Sunday the 15th: Splatter and Shot

If you've picked up a Lurcher Hearse or a Fränken Stange and want to terrorize foes, take advantage of Double RP in Land Races all weekend long.

Today at 5pm Eastern, tune in to the official Rockstar Games channels on Twitch and YouTube as very special guests Team EpiphanyLtzonda and more will be joining the Rockstar Broadcast team to play through the Friday the 13th Event Weekend Playlist and paint the town red in the Lurcher Hearse, Fränken Stange and more. We'll also be busting out the Rockstar Broadcast t-shirt cannon at the very end of the stream for your chance to score rare in-game tees as well.

Grand Theft Auto Online: Halloween Surprise

Crew Cut: Crews Living the Low Life, a Real Life Skydiving Crew & More

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The Crew Cut highlights exceptional grassroots community activity, events, accomplishments and other happenings across the thriving Social Club Crew scene. If your Crew is doing something special that you think the Social Club community needs to know about, hit us up at and tell us all about it – you might see your Crew featured in an upcoming edition of the Crew Cut.


Now that Benny's Original Motor Works has officially opened its doors, Los Santos citizens have been flocking to customize their new rides for the car shows and bounce-offs being organized all over Southern San Andreas.

Exhibiting a true show of force, the REBL PC Crew put together this Rockstar Editor video to showcase their new whips as well as their skills with the Machete and Machine Pistol. 

Oozing style and color, these videos by the Ivaneh and Six Star Street Racers Crews beautifully show off their newly acquired rides by bouncing high, popping hoods and leaning low to the side.

Cruising the streets of Los Santos in their new Lowriders, Anonamix and his Crew the Traffickers keep it low n' slow.

And you just know the Lowly Gentlemen were amongst the Crews positively chomping at the bit to take these new rides to an all-star car meet.



With the Rockstar Editor now added to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of GTAV as part of the recent Freemode Events Update, there's been an influx of console-based directors releasing high-quality Crew recruitment videos and other Crew productions taking advantage of the Editor's robust suite of tools. Ever since appearing on the Crew Noticeboard last September, Los Demonios MC have exhibited a flair for the dramatic in their mission to put a fresh spin on traditional Motorcycle Clubs. Their latest recruitment video effort really dials up the production value and is truly amongst the best recruitment videos we've seen yet, as Leader EPMUSICMAN attests: "We have so many talented members in our group, and especially with the addition of the R* Editor to the XB1 platform, our GTA experience has been brought to a whole new level of creativity!" 


The Sky Children join Vice City Crime MobHillbilly Agenda and Merryweather IMF as one of a handful of Crews who have notably let their passion for in-game Crew comradery translate into real life friendships. However, it's not every Crew member who can convince their Crewmates to put down their game controllers and step out of a plane door in real life at 12,000 feet with nothing but a piece of silk and some positive thinking between them and solid ground. SKYZ have done just that.

Social Club member Mechluvin managed to compile this footage video entitled "A Journey" - chronicling the in-game and real-life skydiving adventures of his fellow Crew mates making the legit transition from the rarefied air above Los Santos and Blaine County to the open skies above Florida, France, New Zealand and Australia as a unified Crew of daring free fallers.

To see more cool sky diving feats by the Sky Children Crew be sure to subscribe to the Sky Children Collective on YouTube.

Pushing the limits of skydiving on GTA Online since August 2014, this over 400-member Crew houses over 50 real life skydivers and counting. In their video, we see some of the top brass of the Crew Hierarchy openly defying gravity all over the globe, with Commissioners redeyejediOgre, DirkDigglerRulesShReD_NzMrNimbus69 (an actual tandem instructor with over 1500 jumps), Foo-Hurru and (recently certified) Crew Leader EpicLeftz all taking part in Accelerated Free Fall jumps.

A special congratulations to Crew Leader EpicLeftz who recently gained the qualification to jump without a licensed tandem skydiving partner. In regards to his recent graduation jump, EpicLeftz said: 

"So my moment has finally come where I am able to say I am a certified skydiver! This journey has brought me through some of the most mentally challenging situations I've ever been in and I have made myself proud because July 10th marked the day my life began."

With his new qualification under his belt, EpicLeftz and fellow Floridian Foo-Hurru plan to meet up with JDM_SKIRK, Mechluvin, Nimbus and Skysha6 at Missouri River Valley Skydivers for a Crew dive sometime in the next year.


Describing themselves as a collective of "Basejumpers, skydivers, pilots, photographers, creative minds and free spirits", the Sky Children play on all platforms and have a roster that includes such esteemed players as "Queen of the Skies" Ash0191 and backwards skydive stunt originator weezlb who you can see soaring through the containers on the lower right of the quad above.


HOT_KIMERA and the The H0T CLAN Crew are at it again with a massive Crew vs. Crew Tournament featuring 32 Free Aim specialist Crews battling it out in a 5-against-5 knockout style contest. Early voting after the third round appears spot on with Gooniemafia soundly leading with a K/D of 1.68 and 183 kills. Other notables include death dodgers Shoot To Kill with a K/D of 1.31 after defeating the Reapers Reach MC 2-0.

The current Death Dealers Tournament standings. Follow HOT_KIMERA on Twitter and YouTube to stay up to date on future rounds and check out the highlights video showcasing action from Round 3.

Top Daily Objective Crews & The Off-Road All Stars
Car Meet Carnivals and the Top Head Hunter Crews on Social Club
The STNC x GLRY Euro Car Meet, "The Five" TDM Tournament and More Crew Events

#Lowriders and #Halloween Snapmatic Contest Winners

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Snapmatic photographers all over southern S.A. competed to see who could most artfully capture the freshly tailored rides from GTA Online: Lowriders and who could come up with the most photogenically frightening scenarios featuring the new content from the Halloween Surprise. We’ve dived into Social Club to find Snaps worthy as the winners of the official #LOWRIDERS and #HALLOWEEN Snapmatic Contests and recipients of GTA$1,000,000. Check out these glorious shots taken by some first time ever winners and some returning photography champions as well, plus some fantastic honorable mentions to follow.


Pacific Ocean by Vertigo9219

Gorgeous color and impeccable framing. Leader of the ADULTS ONLY Crew, Vertigo9219, takes this Lowrider out for an oceanside repose.

Leopard Print by ArtsyBoo

ArtsyBoo knows the devil is in the details – just check out the perfect accessorizing in this sexy shot of a custom Hot Pink Buccaneer with Pink Leopard Patent Heels to match. 

Don't Mess With Vagos by ChaosZake

ChaosZake gives fair warning to anyone who may want to go head to head with the Vagos in this clever trick photo at a dutch angle. If they can lift a Custom Vapid Chino with a mere finger, you probably don't want to mess.

Olympic FWY by R1CHIEC

R1CHIEC and the squad show off the Declasse Moonbeam's ability to allow passengers to fire two-handed assault rifles from the van's back and sidedoor (even if your driver is a little tipsy). 

SPF 1000 by SilverFox1

Who needs SPF when you’ve got SilverFox1's Custom Voodoo throwing shade on Vespucci Beach.

Honorable Mentions...

  • Genuine Elites’ Leader HairyHole appropriately titles his Snapmatic "Euphoria" to match the ecstasy of the Voodoo Livery paint job art with an equally sultry GTA Online character. 
  • High jumps aren’t just for athletes in Quaid86’s "Ground Clearance" Snapmatic.
  • AlexSniperBullet was looking to make a big splash in Vinewood by pulling off a positively cinematic launch over its landmark sign in "Bouncing on Vinewood".
  • Looking to add some legit drama to this hectic scene on "Portlola Dr", Vinewoodonfire lives up to his name by calling in an airstrike while surfing on the hood of his custom whip.
  • NorthernScript seems to have attracted the perfect friend to complement his custom San Andreas plaque on "Mount Gordo".  


SMILEY by BanJabi

The evil queen supreme of the pumpkin patch rises in this maniacal Snap.

BURTON by PhenaxMusic

The #Halloween Snapmatic contest was rife with inspired homages to classic horror flicks – but for this one, PhenaxMusic dug wayyy deep with a brilliant re-creation of the iconic final scene from one of the earliest horror movies ever, 1922’s Nosferatu by F.W. Murnau. Eschewing the Count Orlok-esque White Vampyr mask in game, PhenaxMusic makes use of the new Classic Lucifer mask in honor of the Halloween Surprise.

BEAM ME UP by incredible91852

incredible91852 aka Wendy Rich, makes appropriate use of the new Blue Hypnotic Alien mask, and a little help from the Rockstar Editor, to create this otherworldly return to the mothership. 


With a perfect storm of composition, lighting and action - Sariska creates an epic, apocalyptic shot.


Perhaps the most genuinely spooky shot we’d seen posted all weekend. Imagine making your way through the darkness of the Abandoned Mineshafts in Great Chaparral with nothing but a flashlight in hand, when this face appears in the distance…

Honorable Mentions...

  • gets the perfect angle to catch their Mummy Bobble head singing into the Old School Mic Column Shifter Lever in "ONE FOR THE MUMMY".
  • Horror movie heavyweights duke it out in greatler's "FREDDY VS JASON" with the Vinewood sign in the background.
  • lvc0034's "DEADLY COMBINATION" depicts a hellish shot of the Fränken Stange and an ominous chauffeur approaching.
  • Caught somewhere between Jeff Goldblum and Missy Elliot, Quaid86 found some burning inspiration for this I-was-a-teenage-Fly shot cleverly titled "Me I’m Supa Fly".
  • JayIsFNMental lives up to his namesake with this simple but horrific shot of him literally going out of his head in "Rockford Hills".
  • A menacing black on red silhouette evocative of Children of the Corn captured by Basimatic in a lonely field in Great Chaparral. Titled: "グレート・チャパレル".

Thanks again to everyone who participated in both the Lowriders and the Halloween Social Club Event Weekends, here’s a list of all the winners of the prize packs as of now.

Lowriders Prize Pack Winners: CrashureSeltsemSovietEmployeeJoya_Lita and Stroop14.

Halloween Prize Pack Winners: Narobicb_rodriguez1617mouhamed_kebevanillaice84 and Digital_Gimp.

If you missed either of the last two official Rockstar event livestreams with guests like Lui Calibre, Wildcat, Daithi De Nogla, SilentDroidd and Swiftor, after the jump you can check out archives posted by Daithi and Wildcat of the whole stream captured from their perspective.

For those of you who want the chance to nab one of those Rockstar livestream chat exclusive in-game tees, not to worry – just turn up at any of our upcoming streams as we’ll be blasting the t-shirt cannon at the very end of them for lucky viewers so there’s always an opportunity to get one if you’re in the crowd at these live events.

GTA Online Player-Created Throwback Jobs: The Warriors Anniversary Special

Posted on November 2 2015, 11:57am | Author: R* X | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Can you count, suckers? This fall season marks 10 years since the release of The Warriors on PlayStation 2 and Xbox. All you boppers who want to pay tribute to the Warriors' mad dash for Coney, we've been digging through Social Club for GTA Online Jobs inspired by the game and collected a gang of Team Deathmatches, Last Team Standings and Captures for all you street people with an ear for the action. If you can dig it, bookmark these jobs on Social Club and try not to get wrecked

The Warriors 2014 by CBudda-Money (PS3)
"Present Day Coney Island. You are the new day Warriors. Do you have what it takes to survive this showdown?"

Leader of the ColdHeartSaintsMafia, CBudda-Money, sets this TDM in "present day Coney Island" at Lake Vinewood Estates. With artillery ranging from AP Pistols and Sticky Bombs to Miniguns and Heavy Sniper rifles, there is something for everyone on this map. Spawn points are spread throughout the board so keep your eyes peeled and make sure to properly cover your Team lest you meet a sticky(bomb) end.

The Warriors did it... by sylverskye (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)
"Fight your way around the city along the rails to get home to the pier."

This four-team Capture created by the Leader of the Elite Gamers Club is set throughout the city of Los Santos. All Teams must gather and deliver their packages to their home base on Del Perro Pier. Proceed with caution, however, as this match allows for you to gather multiple packages before heading to your home base – if you are killed before making it to the pier, your enemy can gather up spoils and deliver them for the win.

Find the lone RPG and make your way for the bridge to annihilate the opposing Team in "The Warriors Bus Scene"

The Warriors Bus Scene by CRIMECOMMANDO (PC & Xbox 360)
"In this recreation of a famous scene from The Warriors, the Turnbull ACs try to steal The Warriors' spray paint and deliver back to their hangout. The Warriors try to stop them but a battered Prison Bus stands in their way."

Commissioner of the I Kill For Green Crew, CRIMECOMMANDO, lays this Capture on the straightaway of Little Bighorn Ave to mimic driving the Turnbull AC’s bus back and forth in the The Warriors videogame's mission ‘Desperate Dudes.’ Grab up the few Pistols scattered about the map and make your way to the other Team’s base to steal the spray paint. If you're more of a camper than fighter, there's an RPG hidden on the map near the bridge (which makes for a great vantage point to blow up the opposing Team’s Bus).

THE WARRIORS transit by True-Killa-666 (PS3 & PS4)
"Picture perfect Deathmatch in a subway straight from the movie scene itself"

Appropriately set in the LSIA Parking Station in Los Santos International Airport, this TDM created by a Lieutenant of the Meads Familia Crew makes you feel like you are fighting it out in the NYC subways. Each team starts on a separate platform before meeting each other in the narrow corridor between. Sticky Bombs are your friend on this map as the corridor is prime real-estate for a strategically placed explosive.

The Warriors by TheANDALUZ (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)
Homenaje a la pelicula y juego The warriors"
Translation: Tribute to the film and game of ‘The Warriors’

This Warriors tribute TDM created by the Leader of the DistrisctAndaluz Crew allows for some serious melee combat. Make a mad dash for the Knives - the best Damage/Speed combo to make quick work of your enemies as you duke it out near Vespucci Beach.

Square off and join the melee mayhem in FeHaden's "The Warriors, Gang Brawl"

The Warriors, Gang Brawl by FeHaden (PC)
"Its sometime in the future and the gangs run the streets now. Fight for the pier and take what is yours! CAN YOU DIG IT?!!"

VALcrew member FeHaden has created only one job on PC, but it's a killer gang brawl TDM set at Del Perro Pier to mimic the iconic Coney Island home of The Warriors. Fill this one up to the 20 player limit and watch the melee mayhem unfold as you defeat your foes with Knives, Crowbars, Baseball Bats, Golf Clubs and Nightsticks.

THE WARRIORS LS CHAPTER by oktellmemyname (PS3 & PS4)
Leader of The Society We Trust Crew, oktellmemyname, has clearly put some thought into this Warriors-inspired Team Deathmatch. Del Perro Pier's plethora of cover options require teams to strategically plan their attack - runners 'n' gunners may be picked off pretty quick. Head for higher ground in order to more easily attack those taking cover, but be warned that once you've been spotted, there's nowhere to hide. 

The Warriors: ending by crayzesteve (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)
"After a long trek to the Bronx, you and your crew are glad to be home...only to be hunted by an unwelcoming outfit. Settle the score and put the night behind you. Large scale hand to hand LTS, strut to the fight like gentlemen and back up your pals. Only dirty Luthers pick up the gun. Hardcore Swans pick up the knife."

Crayzesteve has recreated The Warriors videogame's final mission ‘Come Out To Play’ as an LTS on the beach east of Del Perro Pier. As Steve says in the description - if you’re a true Warrior like Swan, you’ll go for the Knives – if you’re a ‘dirty Luther’ head for the Pistol at the center of the map.

The Warriors by Tetrahedron999 (PC)
"(clink, clink, clink) Warriors, come out to play. Warriors, come out to play-ay!"

In a similar vein to FeHaden's awesome The Warriors, Gang Brawl TDM above, this LTS by Tetrahedron999 finds itself on the familiar boardwalk of Del Perro Pier. You and your team must scramble to one of the scarce spread out weapons. Teams spawning closer to the north side of the pier have a slight advantage as they are closer to the Micro SMG, so players spawning to the south should focus on taking cover and making their way to the Assault Rifles, AP Pistols and Armor located on the west side of the Pier.

And to help you get in the nostalgic The Warriors x GTA Online mashup mood, make sure to check out this awesome Warriors tribute video done by our friends over at GTA Series Videos a few months back. This homage to the cult classic took a whopping three weeks to record and edit more than ten hours of raw footage. It also featured a number of dedicated Crews, twelve maps, ten characters and involved more than 40 players including familiar faces from the GTA community scene PrE233GtamenYan2295 and many more.

If you've spotted or created any epic GTA Online Jobs with a classic Rockstar game theme, drop the link either here in Newswire comments for others to enjoy or send it to us via Mouthoff so we can check it out too. Stay tuned for a next edition of Throwback Jobs featuring GTA Liberty City Stories themed creations - a game that is also celebrating its 10th anniversary this fall season. Stay tuned as well for upcoming livestreams on Twitch and YouTube Gaming where we will be playing these Throwback Jobs with special guests.

35th Anniversary of The Warriors: Check Out the GTA Online Fan-Made Warriors Inspired Playlist
GTA Online Player-Created Jobs: Inspired by The Epsilon Program

The GTA Online Halloween Event Weekend: Play the Slasher Event Playlist, Unlock Exclusive In-Game T-Shirts & More

Posted on October 30 2015, 12:41pm | Author: R* M | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Kicking off today and going through this Sunday, November 1st, you'll have the opportunity to sink those costume teeth and claws into a juicy Halloween weekend lined with sweet GTA Online rewards, featuring the official Event Playlist with the brand new Slasher Adversary Mode. To make sure you're seasonally attired for the long, dark nights ahead, don't miss out on the exclusive in-game tees available this weekend only, and get your snap-trigger fingers ready to capture the most atmospheric and awesome Halloween-themed pics in our #Halloween Snapmatic Contest, plus enter our Halloween Sweepstakes Giveaway. Read on for more details, if you dare... 

Slasher is the brand new Adversary Mode which pits a shotgun wielding menace against a pack of foes hiding in the gloom waiting to strike with melee weapons. So that you can launch straight into the action, the Event Playlist features three different variants of this game mode and is accessible directly from the GTAV launch screens at the press of a button. If you're already in-game and want to go back for more - simply go to the Event Playlist in the Rockstar Playlists section of the pause menu.

For accompanying attire on your Los Santos trick-or-treat escapades, log on to GTA Online each day this weekend to unlock exclusive t-shirts featuring a few of Vinewood's greatest slasher flicks:

Knife After Dark – Friday, October 30th
Psycho Swingers – Saturday, October 31st
Zombie Liberals From The Midwest - Sunday, November 1st

Social Club members will no doubt be taking the opportunity to grab some Snapmatics of the awesome new vehicles and masks from the Halloween Surprise while they are still available in GTA Online. We're upping the ante to give you a little extra incentive to get your pictures published to Social Club and shared with the world. Whether it's ghoulish masks lit from an odd angle by the new flashlight, or perhaps you've found the perfect spot to capture the new Lurcher Hearse or Fränken Stange... To enter, simply publish your Snapmatic to Social Club by Sunday night and make sure that you've tagged it with #Halloween on Social Club. Then, keep an eye on the Rockstar Newswire as we'll be announcing the winners sometime next week along with the winners of last weekend's #Lowriders photo contest as well.

If you want to get ahead of the game with an outfit idea for Halloween 2016, we're giving away 5 very special Social Club Event Weekend Sweepstakes Prize Packs, each containing three different costume ideas: the Bugstar boiler suit, the Merryweather t-shirt and the Los Santos Lifeguard t-shirt. If you prefer to keep your Halloween weekend a little more sedate, perhaps with a séance in the woods, we've got your covered with the GTAV Body Bag Sleeping Bag, as well as a Epsilon Program candle to help light your way. We're also throwing in a few Rockstar and GTAV stickers for good measure. If you want to have a chance of winning one of these five prize packs, head over to the Social Club Events Page now and enter using our supremely simple entry form. Best of luck!

Today at 5pm Eastern, tune in for very special guests WILDCAT, Lui Calibre and Swiftor on Twitch and YouTube joining the Rockstar Broadcast team to play a few rounds of Slasher, get to grips with the new vehicles and show off their favorite Masks from the Halloween Surprise. Expect a few hair raising Races, and some extra bodies filling up the Los Santos graveyard in our Flashlight melee battle.

And for the first time ever, the Rockstar Broadcast Stream GTA Online T-shirt Cannon will be in full effect, firing out exclusive in-game t-shirts to lucky viewers throughout the stream. There are 8 different Halloween t-shirts locked and loaded, and these are available nowhere else. You can only collect one by tuning into to watch and finding out how to win them during the stream.

The Meathook For Mommy, Vinewood Zombie, Hot Serial Killer Stepmom and Cannibal Clown t-shirts will be available to Twitch raffle winners during our official live stream.


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