GTA Fan Vids: GTAV "Hyper Timelapse", NO "There's a Glow" Music Vid, "The BMX Flow" Stunts & More

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In this week's round of fantastic GTAV-based video creations, we see a talented multimedia artist from Quebec and a Los Angeles-based rock band using the virtual landscape of Los Santos to go on location and create some inspired creative works. We also have a video tour of an amazing recreation of the De Santa residence, constructed block by block in Minecraft – and a tried and true group of world class stunters combining their powers to create quite a public spectacle over the aerial landmarks of LS...




Canadian artist Benoit Paillé has been making some noise for his stunning digital installation juxtaposing in-game GTAV scenery with still-life photographic elements entitled “Crossroad of Realities”.

The video above, “Hyper Timelapse GTAV”, is part of that collection and is a really unique and artful take on the in-game time-lapse concept set to a frenetic jazzy score perfectly capturing the hustle and bustle of Los Santos as well as Blaine County.

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NO | There's A Glow by Machinima

The L.A. band NO has shot their latest official music video for the track “There’s a Glow” ‘on location’ on the streets of Los Santos using a taste of the limitless action of GTA Online to melodramatic effect. Reminiscent of both the GTAIV Xbox 360 trailer of Niko Bellic's walk through Liberty City, and classic live-action music videos like Verve's "Bittersweet Symphony" and Xzibit's "What You See Is What You Get", a GTA Online version of lead singer Bradley Hanan Carter makes his way through the city streets seemingly disaffected by aggressive fellow pedestricans, chaotic explosions, gunfire, near misses with curb-checking emergency vehicles and helicopters crashing down all around him. The video concept itself was put together by director/editor Johnny Agnew, produced by Leighton Dyer and has a humorous twist of an ending, so definitely stick around for the final bit.

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GTA 5 Stunt Montage | Nomad Union - V by RedKeyMon

Recently featured on Kotaku, the boys of Nomad Union are back with their Vth installment, starring some familiar faces from the stunting scene like BenBuja, DarkStar, Daffy, KillaMarci, MxZz, Rainbow, Slayer, TaZ and Turtle Dick, who kicks things off near the start with a seriously vert backflip onto a power-line that's later followed up by an awe-inspiring launch to a lighthouse roof. The always flashy Daffy obliges a 1-2-3 triple flip that has to be seen to be believed and Slayer sticks a perfect pinpoint landing near the Del Perro Pier Ferris Wheel. Daredevil action aficionados, dig in.

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GTA 5 - "The BMX Flow" [Insane BMX Stunts!] by ErasableNinja

BMX bad boy ErasableNinja had caught our eye in the past for a slick and stylish stunt montage. Now, Ninja is flexing some serious shadow skills, seemingly with the corporate backing of several extreme in-game sponsors like Heat, ProLaps, Eris and Rearwall. Ninja effortlessly pulls off a number of tricky maneuvers from wall rides to 360 side flips and even introduces a rarely seen backflip into a front handlebar grind other bike trick enthusiasts may find themselves envious of.

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Minecraft - Michael's House - Grand Theft Auto 5 by Keralis

Keralis and his block buddy Shiftmaster offer up a grand tour of a 'cubist' rendition of the De Santa household created by the talented digital artisan Tanriverdi in the latest iteration of their Minecraft Inspiration Series. A real treat to see - Tanriverdi's got the exterior AND interior nailed including the bedrooms, the tennis court, pool and even the garage stocked an appropriately blocky version of Michael’s Obey Tailgater.

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GTA Fan Vids: Cunning Stunts, Co-Signs from Mad Dogg and More

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This week's roundup of fine Grand Theft Auto fan vids features a pair of top-shelf stunt montages, some impressively expedited character sketch work, an inspired GTA Online homage to Patrick Bateman and a pair of music videos presented by or co-signed by some rap legends. Stumble upon or make a GTAV clip of your own? Feel free to drop it in the comments or send it to us at

GTAV Stunt Montage by BenBuja
Machinima’s BenBuja, whose previous work includes the excellent 100 Ways To Die in GTAV, now brings us a collection of miraculous ways to survive seemingly impossible jumps, inverted aerial scenarios and unlikely pool drops in this stylish and meticulously crafted montage that will likely have you saying 'whoa' more than once.

GTA 5: Stunt Montage III* by Hazardous (*embedding disabled)
As a race and chaser to that one, Hazardous returns with his third stunt video installment, literally busting through television screens (see 00:14) with vehicular barrel rolls and incredible landings. At one point, he uses Trevor to pull off a pretty dramatic belly flop but perhaps an even more impressive use of the stunt plane is his upside down flight through the traffic filled tunnel beneath Fort Zancudo. If you enjoy these types of physics-defying displays, be sure to check out GTA 5: Stunt Montage I! and GTA 5: Stunt Montage II! as well. For something a bit more on the humorous side, Hazardous' Sh!t GTA 5 People Say is good for a quick laugh at the overheard amusing rantings and off-hand comments made by the colorful residents of Los Santos and Blaine County. Love the part at about 2 minutes in where a muscle-bound braggart at the Del Perro Pier tells his friend "I just got my third-degree black belt, so... I'm really excited to hurt somebody" - only to get promptly knocked the f**k out by good old Franklin.

Realistic GTAV Drawing - Franklin by HelenD4TT
Here's an impressive time-lapse sketch of Franklin with Chop at his side drawn meticulously by artist HelenD4TT. Helen lays down some heavy lead (or graphite), penciling in detail across the page and even makes a point to lay down an extra sheet of paper when working from left to right as not to smudge any previous line work or shading.
Los Santos Psycho by BaileyPoints
"I live on Bay City Avenue, in Apartment 45..."
BaileyPoints is really getting into his GTA Online character. Perhaps a bit too in-character in this awesome little American Psycho parody.

Smoothe Da Hustler - Grand Theft (Produced by DJ Wally)
Many may remember Brooklyn's Smoothe da Hustler from his bona fide 90s rap classic "Broken Language" - it's dope to see his latest official music video visualized with the aid of some appropriately grimy GTAIV footage from the streets of Liberty City thanks to the machinima skills of creators such as xturkishdelightB4WZeRBezTehz and MldnightClub.


GTA Online - ICE-T - The 5th

Bringing things back over to the Left Coast, SnM and his Crew Overwatch Elite have been busy creating their own GTA Online music video tributes to various 1990s Ice-T records - and this week even got a big co-sign from the O.G. himself on Twitter as you can see above. Make sure to check out their other Ice-T music vid for "Cramp Your Style" with the Overwatch Crew lamping in their Los Santos pad and pulling off robberies with a bullet and a smile.

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  • The latest entries (five, six and seven) in DefendTheHouse's Mythbuster series put some helpful survival tips to the test, including how to hitch a ride on a Luxor Jet using a BMX, whether you can tase a shark, and tactful ways of evading police pursuit. 
  • A viral sensation making the rounds this week: Angry GTAV Granny who appears to take out her frustration with the local utility company's latest price hikes by engaging in a few Trevor-like rampages. Is that you, Grandma Philips?




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