First Max Payne 3 Soundtrack Details: HEALTH Crafting the Game's Original Score

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John Famiglietti (left) and Jupiter Keyes (right) of HEALTH recording Brazilian percussion for the original score of Max Payne 3. Special thanks to Rockstar soundtrack veteran composer Woody Jackson for the use of his studio. Photo by Eric Coleman.

We received a ton of fan inquiries regarding the powerful music heard in the recent official trailer for Max Payne 3, and today we're proud to reveal the artists responsible. Los Angeles-based rock band HEALTH are currently in the process of composing for both the score and soundtrack to the game, as revealed on music website today.

"Video games are redefining entertainment and whether people like it or not, they are becoming as culturally relevant as films,” said the band's Jake Duzsik. “We feel that Rockstar’s projects have an undeniably raw and tasteful aesthetic. It's vitally important to us that we be involved in things we respect artistically. Max Payne 3 has a complex story that unfolds mercilessly and we are excited to be a part of it." 

HEALTH's distinctive style perfectly suits Max's dark story, and the band went to great lengths to ensure that unique sounds and motifs were used to represent each specific locale featured in the game. In addition to composing the dynamic in-game score, HEALTH is creating exclusive songs for the game’s forthcoming soundtrack (which you can get as part of the Special Edition package). 

Look for announcements of more soundtrack details - including contributions from some of Brazil's own, and behind the scenes information about the music's creation - here at the Newswire very soon.

Because It's Friday: The Rave Archive

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Image via Gonzalo Valenzuela, Wikimedia Commons.

Rave's Golden Age may have come and gone but the mixtapes, memories and pictures of ecstatic clubbers with eyes like giant squid live on thanks to the efforts of the collective at the Rave Archive.

Thousands of underground zines from across the world are collected here alongside a comprehensive selection of downloadable mixes to document the '90s dance music community. It's awesome stuff if you ever wondered what life was like when the British Parliament went so far as to ban public gatherings that featured dancing to 'music with repetitive beats' through the Criminal Justice Bill in the hopes of foiling the growing rave scene. Like jazz, rock and roll and hip-hop before it, rave culture soon found its way to the mainstream and the outlaw spirit moved on - not before giving us these incredible treats though.
Reach for the lasers.

Rockstar Talks Max Payne 3 with

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In this latest interview about Max Payne 3, we share with more detail about the weapons and targeting systems highlighted in our most recent Design and Technology Series video - as well as insight into the approach to multiplayer in Max Payne 3:
"Concepts for multiplayer in Max Payne have actually been around since the first two games, so it was key for us that it was a natural extension of the Max Payne universe, playing on the same themes, fiction and characters that occupy Max’s world. The goal is to add a layer of narrative and meaning to multiplayer matches, and create extra drama out of the interactions that go on between players within each match."

Read lots more here:

Max Payne 3 Screens from Official PlayStation Magazine UK

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Aiming down the sights of a G6 Commando.

January's issue of Official PlayStation Magazine UK features an in-depth look at one of the levels in Max Payne 3, where Max must wield heavy firepower along with absolute precision and cunning to rescue a hostage from the clutches of the ruthless Comando Sombra gang at the docks near the Tietê River.

You can now read the full preview online at the Official PlayStation Magazine UK site, and here check out a selection of screens originally only available in the print edition of the magazine. Check them out here as well as two more full high def over at the newly launched Max Payne 3 official website:

"It's heartening to see Max back on such fine form, and there's multiplayer to get excited about too... The tone is just as I remember, and it’s still about one man’s struggle against both his own demons and overwhelming odds. Oh, and did we mention that it looks amazing?" - Official PlayStation Magazine UK

Returning fire on a member of the Comando Sombra.

Max loads up, preparing to take care of business down at the docks.

Rockstar Speaks with Digital Trends on Max Payne 3
Max Payne 3 Original Artwork: "Downpour"

Fan-Made Creations: Red Dead Redemption's Blackwater in Minecraft

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As fans of Minecraft, we dig its zen-like reappropriation of resources mechanic to create whatever the hell you want - it's a cool and unusual game concept that draws some pretty hardcore fans.

Even cooler yet to see when those fans create homages to the games we make, like this awesome block-by-block recreation of the town of Blackwater, home to government agent Edgar Ross and the most modern city in Red Dead Redemption. This must have taken some serious work. Props to Minecraft builder technoanimate100 for his efforts, and check out his other creations including a recreation of Western outpost Armadillo.

Check It Out: Do Ho Suh

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We recently got the chance during the holiday season to check out a pretty amazing installation at London's Tate Modern - a great example of the possibilities in bridging the gap between real and imagined spaces. 

Korean-born and now NYC-based sculptor and artist Do Ho Suh's exhibit is minimalistic at first glance but deceptively sophisticated: sculptures made of cloth, featuring a staircase ("Staircase-III"), floating in mid-air as seen above.

Suh's other work includes "Reflection" - part of the Gallery Hermes in Tokyo - a mirrored reflection of a grand gate, inspired by personal memories of the former entrance to his childhood home in Seoul; and "Karma" - a striking and massive sculpture of a giant in slacks and dress shoes stepping atop swarms of tiny people.


First Details of Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Coming Tomorrow

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In this Max Payne 3 multiplayer screen, members of São Paulo’s elite U.F.E. take on the Tropa Z gang at the docks.

Get ready for Max Payne multiplayer. Max Payne 3 will take the fluid combat and signature kinetic movement that makes Max Payne so unique - online, with an explosive range of multiplayer modes...

Tomorrow - Wednesday December 14th at 12 noon Eastern, look for the very first Max Payne 3 multiplayer details to be revealed as part of an exclusive multiplayer feature on

Gunplay, Bullet Time, and Max's Story: Our Latest Max Payne 3 Video Interviews at IGN and G4TV

Posted on December 12 2011, 10:03am | Author: R* S | Filed Under: Games

Check out the most recent set of exclusive video interviews where we chat with both IGN and G4TV to talk in detail about the gunplay, story and spirit of the Max Payne 3 game experience:

In-Depth Max Payne 3 Interviews at GameTrailers and GamesRadar
Talking Max Payne 3 Gameplay in New Video Interview at GameSpot


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