The Crew Cut: Chairmen of the Boards

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This week on the Crew Cut, we check in at the the top of the Max Payne 3 Multiplayer leaderboards to see if the veteran Crews are still holding firm, or whether any new young upstarts can upset the balance of power. We start with a special shout to Payne Capitale, a French Crew whose 7 Samurai we featured nearly two months ago for reaching 31st on the overall Xbox 360 Leaderboards (and 9th worldwide amongst Private Crews). Their head count has swelled to a still-modest 18 members but their combined XP is now more than the 1,500+ member GameSpot Crew - an extraordinary achievement. Not far behind them in 32nd place (11th amongst Private Crews) are the Ganja Outlaws Crew - whose leader DutchStoner demands total dedication, sacking anyone seen moonlighting with rival Crews. This firm hand ensures that not a single member is wasted - and such is their popularity that their numbers never drop below 290. If you don't want to wait in line to get involved the the Ganja Outlaws, join up with their open-enrollment sister Crew, K-Jah Rebels - the two Crews always roll together.

Manhunt07420 (PSN ID: IzYdOeSiT420) of the Underground Thugs slays a Rockstar Dev during the July 6th Social Club event. 

Soul Crushers are another Crew with ideas above their station; their 18 members currently sit at an admirable 28th worldwide (12th amongst Private Crews) on the PS3 leaderboards. Despite modest manpower, they are veterans of nearly 2,000 feuds and have more than 5,000 Crew assists in Max Payne 3 multiplayer - clear evidence that when they roll out, they roll deep. Elsewhere it seems the rise and rise of Underground Thugs Crew shows no signs of slowing down. They have stormed into 11th place worldwide and 2nd place amongst Private Crews, just two weeks after we featured them at 17th. The axis of power at the top of the PS3 leaderboards has been finally been broken, as the Thugs place between perenial top Crews Pro Kill You and Pick Your Poison. They've made the divide, now can they conquer?

On the PC Leaderboard, Dangerous Liaisons continue to reign as the top Private Crew there. There can be no resting on their laurels however as the troika of Russian Crews, the Russian Bears Team, Army of Red Fuel Can and RGRussia continue to snap at their heels. Recent Private Crew entrants to the PC top 20 are Bloods Crew - an all-French Crew who've racked up a fearsome 82% win percentage. With just 72 members they've room to grow and with a few solid recruits,it won't be long before they're knocking on the door of the top 10. It was the playful Adventure Time-inspired emblem of the Masters of Alchemy Crew that first caught our eye, but their 20th overall placing cannot be ignored. This 85-strong Crew currently have an open-door policy on recruiting, so join up now for a chance to be part of something big.


Our favorite Crew Emblems this week feature two familiar ladies that have graced loading screens in Grand Theft Auto games in the past. On the left, we have the unmistakeable Lollipop Girl from GTAIV, recreated by TKSINCERE for the Hot Clan Crew; while on the right, you'll find the poolside cover girl of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, as depicted by kmajik and adopted by the Rewind Crew. Which lovely lady is your pick of the two?

Over the past week, we welcomed two more official friend Crews to the Social Club fray. On Tuesday, the boys from Trouble & Bass and Drop the Lime, who produced the awesome Trouble in Brazil DJ mix you hear during the Nightclub level in Max Payne 3, came by and had a hell of a good time getting down in Multiplayer here on the Rockstar rooftop. Thanks to everyone who answered the call on Twitter to get involved with the T&B Official Crew.

And on Thursday, our longtime friends from The Opie & Anthony Show came through along with comedian and Rockstar fan Robert Kelly for a ridiculous session during the Social Club Multiplayer Event to kick off their official O&A Crew. Check out a couple choice flicks below from the Rockstar Instagram feed, and stay tuned for more live-streaming Crew sessions with friends of the Rockstar family soon.

Live-Streaming Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Event on XBL this Thursday featuring The Opie & Anthony Crew

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Update: Today's live-streaming ‪Max Payne 3 Xbox LIVE Social Club has ended - thanks to everyone that joined in.

Now that you've stocked up on unlocked weapons, Bursts and Items over this past weekend's first Double XP bonanza for Max Payne 3, it's time to show and prove and put 'em to good use in the live stream during our next Xbox LIVE Social Club Multiplayer Event this Thursday July 12th. Rally your Crew or find a new one to roll with via our new Open Enrollment feature.

You'll be able to watch the live double-stream of the entire event right here on the official Social Club Multiplayer Events page; with a third player stream on our our Rockstar page. You can also get down in the Rockstar-hosted live Social Club chat and enter the Sweepstakes for the chance to win hand painted Xbox 360 controllers bearing your Gamertag and Crew emblem, as well as t-shirts and sticker packs. As usual for our Social Club events, the MaxPayneDev Crew of Rockstars will be out in force to show 'em how it's done. Keep an eye out for the following Gamertags, as well as the RSG Crew dogtag:

  • MaxPayneDev1
  • MaxPayneDev2
  • MaxPayneDev3
  • MaxPayneDev4

And as special guest players this week, we'll be welcoming our longtime friends from The Opie & Anthony Show. Fans can join up to their brand-new official Opie & Anthony Social Club Crew at

You may recall the O&A crew joining in our Red Dead Redemption Myths and Mavericks Social Club Multiplayer Event last year, so we're excited to see how they do BulletTiming and Shootdodging through the battlegrounds of Sao Paulo and Hoboken streets in Max Payne 3 this year. For now, here's a list of Gamertags to look out for during the event (more may be added by Thursday) and look for the live stream right here and at


Crew Cut - Open Enrollment, Hot Action & High Accomplishments

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Selecting "Open Enrollment" in your Crew's settings lets users find and join your Crew quickly and easily.


To aid in recruitment efforts for private Crews looking to swell their ranks with a come-one come-all ethos, we've recently rolled out a brand new Open Enrollment setting which will allow anyone to join your Crew without you needing to approve or deny each member's request. Crew Leaders can toggle this Recruitment Status directly in their Crew settings - just select "Open Enrollment" from the dropdown. And if you're a lone wolf looking to join one such all-welcoming private Crew, we just launched an Open Crews filter area for you to browse through Open Enrollment squads - if you see a Crew you want to get down with in there, you can just click 'Join' on the Crew page and you're in - reaping XP benefits, rocking their Emblem in-game, able to Feud with their rival Crews and more.



A few weeks back, we picked out The Italian Job Crew as a team who were proving themselves on the PSN leaderboards but couldn't handle the pressure of a Feud. Checking back in, we're pleased to see they've taken heed and pulled their Feud win percentage up from a meagre 45%, to a respectable winning ratio of 59%. Tracking well, but keep it up compagni. Conversely, Xbox 360 Crew Ten Knobs were previously highlighted for their prowess at Payne Killer, but have completely dropped off the pace - cascading from 27th place down the leaderboards and out of the top 200. They've gained a few more members in that time, but the Crew Leaders will need to incite the troops to make sure that the Ten Knobs are repping online to restore the team to glory. All Crew leaders could take a lesson from the Payne Stake Crew who are going for it, promoting themselves all over the internet: we particularly enjoyed this video they posted to YouTube in aim to recruit hopefuls to their strong fighting unit. 


We've recently found several Crews led by some of our longtime fans and fansite community notables. Dedicated Social Club member and Max Payne 3 ass kicker Scareface1970 has set up the Scared 7 whose motto is a bit of brutally simple advice: "Don't Be Scared and Kill". Amongst the roster, we spotted a few of the faces of Max Payne 3 Multiplayer: ElvisMarques and Twisted AZ who were selected from our Twitter Casting event earlier this year and can be found in the Multiplayer Avatars menu as Elvis and Nick respectively. (On that note, and as we just announced yesterday, don't miss your chance to be immortalized as a Multiplayer Avatar face in one or DLC packs later this year; read up on the details and schedule for special Social Club playlists to join online to be eligible.) Twisted_ AZ has his own Crew: the Twisted Tea Baggers. He's managed to recruit another Newswire regular, ChicagoEnigma. Big thanks to ChicagoEnigma for putting together this blog post on about Crews looking for new recruits, which provided much of the inspiration for this weeks Crew Cut. Finally, it would be remiss of us not to throw out a mention for Community stalwart Sprunk95 and his GTA Town Crew. Be sure to check out the Crew's Facebook page where Sprunk95 is hosting giveaways from his personal Rockstar sticker collection for Crew members.



As ever, we've been keeping a sharp eye on your artistic emblem efforts both in-game and online. First up this week are The Clownz Crew. It was difficult to pick just one of RealDeathClown's emblems to display here, but the Crew's active Emblem inspired by the malevolent clown Pennywise of Stephen King's It just couldn't be ignored. See their gallery for the Sheperd Fairey-inspired "Clown" poster and many more besides. Dwindlebag has created a wonderfully detailed Emblem for his Crew Bad_Dude_Inc depicting Max Payne himself. Placing the image behind a mock TV, complete with analog fuzzy lines lends a great vibe to the image. The Drunken Senseis Crew have gone for a sweet, simple literal depiction of their Crew name, a bushido master with bottle-up against the rising sun flag. We sign off our emblem round up this week with a sexy and unforgettable emblem from the Global Assault Team. As the French filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard so brilliantly put it, "All you a girl and a gun".



Finally, fans of New York hip-hop can join a new official public Crew formed by our friends at Hot 97. We've been allies with the pioneering hip-hop station (currently celebrating their 20th year since first adopting a "Where Hip-Hop Lives" programming format) for a long time now, and keen listeners to GTAIV's radio dial may know that they were good enough sports to let us parody them with The Beat 102.7 - borrowing some of their signature DJs and the iconic voice of the station, Eric Edwards. To kick off the launch of the Hot 97 Official Social Club Crew last week, we welcomed a few station DJs and rapper friends to the Rockstar rooftop to set things off with a public Max Payne 3 Multiplayer session - including DJ Bobby Trends of Funkmaster Flex's Big Dog Pitbulls DJ syndicate, serious gamer DJ Kast One of the Heavy Hitters, J. Medina who co-hosts DJ Mister Cee's radio show, plus Maino (aka Maino_HustleHard at the Social Club) known for "Getaway Driver" from the GTAIV Soundtrack and Uncle Murda (_Uncle_Murda_ at the Social Club) who did "Anybody Can Get It" also off the GTAIV Soundtrack. Known for their specialty in gun talk, Maino and Murda found most of the online shooters in Max Payne 3's virtual killing fields to be pretty overwhelmingly stiff competition, but wound up bodying the other guest players for bloody bragging rights as you can see in this highlight recap reel from the live-stream that Hot 97 posted on YouTube. Since the launch of the HOT Crew, it's now 60-deep with Social Club members showing and proving - shout to the top Crew leaderboard players by-platform horribletrade366 (Xbox LIVE), greenwzrd23 (PSN) and jpwilly (PC).


Stay tuned for more Multiplayer sessions hosted by the Official Hot 97 Crew featuring other soundtrack alumni as well as other special Rockstar friend Crew multiplayer sessions we're lining up for the weeks ahead including ones with Trouble & Bass from the Max Payne 3 soundtrack and with our longtime friends from the Opie & Anthony radio show very soon.

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Last Chance to Have Your Likeness as a Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Avatar

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After the success of the first casting for Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Avatars, we are giving you one more chance to have your likeness appear as a member of a new Gang of Max Payne 3 Avatars, to be released as part of one of our Max Payne 3 DLC packs this Fall.

This is your last chance to get your mug into Max Payne 3, and this time we're looking for recruits directly from the online Multiplayer community: beginning tomorrow, and for all of July, we'll be hosting a series of Social Club Multiplayer Event playlists across all platforms and in both Soft Lock and Free Aim game modes. Twice a week, for the next four weeks, you will see "Social Club Event Playlist" appear in the Max Payne 3 Multiplayer menus (see full schedule below). Startup Max Payne 3 and select the playlist. Complete one full game with an account linked to Social Club, and you'll automatically be in consideration to have your face in the game. 

Each week we will reach out via email to a randomly selected group of players who have participated and invite them to submit photos of themselves for consideration to be one of our new Gang Avatars. Those selected must respond with a picture within 24 hours to be considered. One person each week will be selected for casting. If you aren't initially picked, you can enter again the following week, simply by playing another session in the Social Club Multiplayer Event playlist.

Make sure you have your Xbox LIVE or PlayStation Network account linked to Social Club. If you haven't already set up a Social Club account, click here to do so. If you already have a Social Club account, click here to link your gaming network account.

Full details, along with terms and conditions can be found on our official contest page here. Any questions? Feel free to drop us a line at and we'll be happy to answer. We'll see you online...


Max Payne 3 Social Club Multiplayer Recap: June Events

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As June has come to a close, we look back on a month stocked with Social Club action in the Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Events Series - having kicked off with a triple-header weekend in celebration of the game's PC launch, and flowing on with daily impromptu sessions through mid-June and live-streaming events on Xbox LIVE (June 14th) and PlayStation Network (June 23rd).

Thanks to everyone that took part in some truly awesome multiplayer matches with us, testing their mettle against Rockstar Crew members from our worldwide dev teams and the multiplayer community at large. Read on for a recap from each event accompanied by some choice screens and fan videos... and buckle up for much more all summer with Max Payne 3 Multiplayer live-streaming events into July and August and beyond.


Our most recent event last week involved four Rockstar devs taking on all comers on PSN. MaxPayneDev4 emerged victorious in a Hoboken Deathmatch, using a classic AK 47 to defeat John_SALEM of the two-man Tropa De Preto Crew, splendidgate2972 from the Cleveland/Detroit Crew of GameStoppers and Rhino-Soldier of the Soldier Boyz Crew duo. Hats off to DeadMaN_The_Poet of the Deadman Faction Crew who has seemingly become master of the melee kill, taking out MaxPayneDev4 on four separate occassions with a gun butt to the skull. MaxPayneDev4 also appreciated the vocal commentary and team tactics coming over the comms from MrRatatat’s headset, key to a 100% Gang Wars victory for the Cracha Preto in the Docks.

Stand-out players we saw included ZefirothXawesomecurrent54 and Se-Xi-Chick-156 - the latter (from The Chosen 156 Crew whose motto is "Known for the Way We Kill....") with an incredible 81 kills vs. 18 deaths in a Favela Gang War. MaxPayneDev1 also picked out Brazil's Kennyloko as a worthy foe, after he camped out in the Favelas' high point with a sniper rifle to take out enemies one by one. As for the Crews, MaxPayneDev4 and MaxPayneDev1 bit off more than they could chew against members of DamnoKrat as they used positioning, organization and timing brilliantly to defend a checkpoint during a Gang War in the Docks. Congratulations to DIMALICIOUSX for placing top on the event leaderboard.


Cheers to GM-Shenmue for recording and uploading the streams from all of our events. Check out the action from June 14th above.

Hit the jump below for recaps of the rest of our June events, along with a full roll call...

The Crew Cut - Leaderboard Stars & Rockstar References

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It's now been just over a month since the dawn of the Crew age on Social Club. This week's Crew Cut checks in on the top of the leaderboards to see which private Crews have maintained the frantic pace of the opening exchanges. Sustained effort and savvy recruitment from LXG Crew, Dangerous Liaisons and Pick Your Poison has helped them hold on to their positions as best private Crew on their respective platform leaderboards. Their places are by no means assured however: the blood thirsty hordes chase them every day, motivated by glory and often times revenge. In particular, Pick Your Poison should be keeping a close eye on the Underground Thugs, who are making a bid to upset the status quo on the PSN leaderboards. They leapt from 20th place to 17th over the weekend and with an impressive 85% Feud win percentage show no signs of slowing down.

At the top of the Deathmatch leaderboards, American Most Wanted currently take the title of best lone gunmen among the private Crews on Xbox 360. On PSN, their standing is matched by the Royal Legends, one of only two Crews we've found with their own website. Elsewhere, Army Of Two's 32nd place position amongst PC Crews for Payne Killer may initially seem modest, but their Crew name is no lie - their two members pack some serious punch. Longtime Crew Cut favorites T Bagging Yo Moms and much more recent discovery SoldiersSpainKillers have both picked out Gang Wars on PSN as their specialist subject. The rivalry between these two is well established: SSK currently edge out T Bagging 15 to 13 on Feuds - total kills are currently at an incredibly close 238 to 225 - we're eager to see if either can gain a significant upper hand.


Specialist Crews are also out in force away from the multiplayer battlefields: Los Pollos Hermanos are proving to be no chickens when it comes to the New York Minute SP Game Mode; they currently dominate well over half of the Xbox NYM leaderboards. Meanwhile, Hearts and Spades "shineth into the Dark" on the PSN NYM leaderboards. They're facing some significant competition from a well-known duo around these parts: Niko and Roman (aka slave_oonnee and woitexxx12) clearly fare well under a time pressue, whether in Liberty City, Hoboken or São Paulo.


Niko and Roman are far from being the only Crew to take inspiration from the Rockstar catalogue. Among the others are CousinLetsGoBowling - a Crew dedicated to one of the Bellic boys' favorite leisure activities in GTAIV - and a posse calling themselves the Bigfoot Hunting Club who are on the lookout for the elusive creature known as Sasquatch. Atxa02 has created a fantastic portrait of the Harwood Butcher himself, Vice City's Tommy Vercetti (complete with trademark threads) for The Vercettis. Still no sign of any Feuds with the Forelli Crime Family but we imagine that's only a matter of time...

Dedicated to the highest peak found in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the well organised Chiliad Jumpers has its own Facebook page as well as prizes for members who hit XP milestones. They even have a specific schedule when they play, which is great for team practice and useful information if you're a rival Crew with some unfinished business. It's great to see that long running fansite have set up The Warriors Gang to rep themselves in Max Payne 3. Although the Baseball Furies, Lizzies, Rogues, Hurricanes, and the Riffs and are all begging them to "Come Out To Play". 


Last week's Crew Cut featured a fantastic GTA-inspired Parisian revolution emblem from YourTaxesAtWork and this week he's gone one better with an impressive homage to the late Tupac Shakur that's good enough for both of his Crews (Shine Thugz and Texas Finest) to sport it. Alongside it, we feature a creation from the whimsical land of My Little Pony by Time_Victim, who has filled the gallery of his Crew Mercs Inc with a range of colorful cartoon animals.




Previous Crew Cut Editions:

The Crew Cut: Competitive Spirit

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Several squads made their way into the Crew Cut this week by proving their worth in this week's Social Club Xbox LIVE Multiplayer Event. It was awesome to face off against the skilled players of LXG Crew - the only private Crew to have broken into the top 10 on the Xbox LIVE Leaderboard. Another highlight of the event was a Gang Wars session with MaxPayneDev4 and a couple of members of Holiday Red and Les Frere Du 38 lighting up Hoboken Alleys. Kudos to HouseLeo and benanova from those Crews for standing strong in the close-quarters carnage.

Our MaxPayneDev1 and MaxPayneDev2 both stood toe-to-toe yesterday with the ever-active American Most Wanted Crew - Hoopdreamz030 proved why he's the best of their 298 members with some excellent play and an enviable XP haul. But the coup of the week belongs to Box Car Racer, as their leader persuadedspoon recruited CrisDaThug - hands down one of the toughest players our devs have faced - into the Crew after the event was over. With that star signing, we're sure we'll be seeing more of their snarling green rabbit emblem in future events.


There's another important multiplayer event underway in Poland and Ukraine at the moment, as 16 nations compete in the Euro 2012 Football Championships (that's soccer, for our yankee readers). The Beautiful Game has clearly gripped the British Bulldawgs Crew, whose emblem is a faithful recreation of the England football team’s Three Lions crest. Just across the Channel, the French Crew are using their own forum to organize matches and talk tactics. Euro 2004 winners Greece are backed up by the Greek Godz, fittingly led by Il_Zeus_Il. Strong and silent, their emblem consists of nothing but a black skull on a grey back ground and their motto is just one single word: IMMORTAL.

While the German and Spanish football teams are strong favorites to take the Euro 2012 trophy, Crews from those two nations have already faced off in Max Payne 3 Multiplayer. The German Force will be hoping they're better at shooting with their feet than they are with their controllers, as they were outclassed by the tight teamwork of the SoldierSpainKillers, eventually losing 6 to 1 in Feuds.


Meantime, the NBA Finals are well under way here in the states, and Social Club members Ammonites and Willingsort566 have created their own lone wolf Crews to honor the two conference champion contenders: Miami Heat and OKC Thunder. With the series currently tied at 1-1, both Crews may be looking to recruit fresh members from the bench to help support their side. Request an invite accordingly, and if you guys wanna battle out a 5-on-5 Gang War once you have your numbers up, get in touch, and we'll be happy to ref.



We've featured many Crews with emblems that have impressed, but we've also enjoyed some of the slogans that players have drafted. The positive-sounding Yes Yes Yes Crew claims that "When you're this good, you don't need a fancy corporate sponsor" and, judging from their 67% Feuds won statistic, they're true to their claim. Animals are a recurring theme in Crews, like Kobra Clan with their motto "Be wise as a serpent, and gentle as a lamb" - although with a currently only 29% Feuds won stat and ownage by their rival RTD Productions Crew (a fellow animal squad who enjoy "Doing It Donkey Style"), they appear to be more of lambs to the slaughter and may want to rethink that tagline. Finally, The Deadly Komodos warn: "WE ARE KOMODO DRAGONS, WE WILL HISS AT YOU" and taking a slightly different tact there's For the Puppies, who have said that "Everything we do is... for the puppies."



We're constantly amazed and impressed by what the community is achieving with the emblem editor and this week we've selected two creations to showcase, both with astonishing levels of detail. ZeroFoxFK has produced the stunning image below left with skulls and a sword at the center of its motif for his Crew The Faceless Knights - we especially admire the blurring effects employed on the flame and second skull. Dopeness. Meanwhile, YourTaxesAtWork and Kartoon-187- have collaborated on this beautiful emblem for the Shine Thugz Crew that combines a Parisian rally-by-night scene with GTA-inspired styling.




The Crew Cut: PC Crews

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PC players have taken quickly to the fast-paced gunplay of Max Payne 3 multiplayer and the Social Club Crew leaderboards have been ablaze with activity since the moment of release. One Crew that wasted no time in making their mark is Dangerous Liaisons – more than a hundred strong, they burst into the top four on Day One and are still clinging to top ten status at the time of writing. However, with margins tight in these early days of online warfare, they’ll need to keep plugging away if they want to hang on to that berth. Their closest threats include all-Russian Crew Army of Red Fuel Can, cross-platform contenders The Vidya; Steam Powered, who have been doing a good job of bullying the four members of Francis Inc; and a Crew from the forums of Facepunch, who have been keen to let us know via Twitter just how well they're doing.
Fan-made crews Dangerous Liaisons, Facepunch and Army Of Red Fuel Can have infiltrated the Top 10 on the PC Leaderboards


The Red Army has gathered outside the gates of the Top 10 PC Crews, as our Russian community seems to have hit upon on their perfect platform. Sc2tv-ru, SteamVK, Russian Bears Team and IgroManiaVK have all amassed their ranks from Mother Russia – their common tongue allowing for enhanced strategy, teamwork and tactics over the headsets. Valkyr Abuse round out the fan-made Crews who have made the Platinum PC leaderboard, but unless they quickly improve on a less-than-stellar 14% win rate during Feuds their position in 22nd is surely under threat.


Congrats to the Heroic Soldiers, who caught our eye with their standings on the Gold PC Leaderboards this past week. Having officially graduated to the Platinum ranks now, they'll have some serious competition looking to replace the “Honor In Their Hearts” with hot lead. On their way to 7th place, Kamikaze Death Squad’s 8 members have built up a fantastic Feud win pct of 80%. This includes a vital Feud win over Gold Top 30 competitors No Shirts Crew, who have been displaying the Union Jack (as well as their bare chests) proudly since last weekend.

SPECIAL GUESTS have been friends of Rockstar since before they guested on our Red Dead Redemption multiplayer event last year; Butcher Black also joined us for our Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Event three weeks ago, representing the website’s official Crew. Another Crew that we’re particularly glad to have around is the Dedicated Servers – a gaming-based charity organization that just this past weekend held a live-stream event playing games from across the Rockstar catalog to raise money for our friends at
Over on the Emblem Editor side of things, we’ve been admiring the fantastic detail that Knickyx put into the emblem of Pizza This Delivery. atrockhouse has also shown an almost pathological attention to detail, designing the emblems of Avenged Sevenfold. We’ve enlarged them here so you can fully appreciate the time and effort that has gone in:
Finally, a mention for the Lords And Ladies in The Crew Cut is long overdue. Not only do they place very respectably on the Xbox 360 Leaderboards but have also filled their gallery with a fantastic array of aristocratic animals and psychedelic shapes. They’ve clearly realized that if you’re going to leave your emblem on a lot of dead bodies, might as well make them as awesome as possible.

The emblem gallery of the Lords and Ladies




Social Club Crews

For Max Payne 3 to Grand Theft Auto V and beyond, Crews are groups of Social Club members who form persistent teams to compete and earn rewards in-game and on the Social Club website. Create a Crew or join one now - here are some Crews we've featured in the Crew Cut here at the Newswire:

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