The Valentine's Weekend Massacre Social Club Online Event

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Grab your partners in crime this weekend for a hot and heavy Valentine's getaway to Los Santos. This Friday February 14th through Monday February 17th, jump into GTA Online to make sure you redeem the limited-time-only Valentine's Day Massacre Special content and also reap four whole days of in-game rewards, discounts and happenings in the Valentine's Weekend Massacre Social Club Online Event. Tailor up in a new double breasted suit or flapper dress from the Valentine's Day Massacre content pack, grab a trusty Gusenberg SMG and pick up your loved ones in an Albany Roosevelt to paint the town red all weekend long.


In addition to the limited-time-only Valentine’s Day Massacre Special content that can only be redeemed between Friday, Valentine’s Day through the end of February (but once redeemed, you can hold on to it for good), we’ve lined up lots of special in-game rewards exclusively for players this weekend to help you paint the town red.

  • Special Event Crate Drops. Make-out big by lurking around some of San Andreas’ most secluded spots such as the secluded beach in North West Blaine County, the Stables, Del Perro Beach, the Observatory Car Park and, of course, the VINEWOOD sign. Special Event Crate Drops will be falling from the skies in those lovers’ lane locations frequently, stuffed with huge RP bonuses, a range of SMGs, and Sticky Bombs to give that special someone some serious separation anxiety.
  • Triple GTA$ payouts for all Sea Races. Cruise the waterways of Los Santos and Blaine County and if you can best your rivals in a Sea Race, your happy ending will be extra sweet with triple the GTA$ payout.
  • Triple RP in Arm Wrestling all weekend. Lock hands, make some awkward eye contact and push for glory and triple the RP.
  • RP bonuses for riding in cars with others will be awarded up to three times as fast, whether you're in a traditional twosome or a full-on ménage.
  • Free cinema tickets all weekend to your choice of date night screenings.
  • Look for love in all the wrong places with free shots and free lap dances at the Vanilla Unicorn.
  • PLUS for old time's sake and by popular demand, we're also turning on Triple XP in both Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption all weekend long (through end of day Monday).
Share your best Snapmatic shots from the Valentine's Event Weekend and tag them with #vdaymassacre for your chance to win a cool GTA$1M and one of five exclusive in-game license plates (MASACRE, VLNTINES, VMASSCRE, KISS IT, BE MINE). We want to see the best shots of you and your beloved Crew members breaking hearts with the new Valentine's Day Massacre outfits, car and gun - and taking advantage of the other in-game Event rewards mentioned above. We’ll pick our five photogenic favorites to feature here at the Newswire and pay out a handsome GTA$1M each.
Like to watch? We're kicking off the weekend on Friday afternoon with an epic Rockstar-hosted live-stream which will be broadcast across three different channels: the Social Club Online Events page, the Rockstar Games Channel and the official Rockstar YouTube channel. Head over to or YouTube now and subscribe for an automatic email notification when the stream begins. During the show, we'll be joined in the studio by esteemed Twitch broadcaster and GTA fan Swiftor who will be playing live along with our Rockstar Devs and members of the Social Club community joining us in lobbies Online. We'll be playing through some of the brand new Jobs from the Valentine's Day Massacre Pack including brand new Last Team Standing, Races, Parachuting and Deathmatches as well as the latest round of Rockstar Verified player-created Jobs. Tune in from 2pm til 4pm ET Friday. Members of Rockstar Games will be online playing on both Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network as PlayRockstar, PlayRockstar1 and PlayRockstar2, so feel free to look out for us in the lobbies.

And all throughout the weekend, some friends of ours from the world of YouTube and Twitch streaming who are also leaders of some of the biggest Crews in Social Club will be going online hosting their own live GTA Online Valentine’s Weekend broadcasts.
Make sure to follow these guys to get the word of when they’ll be on:

Finally, enter to win sweet prizes in our Valentine's Weekend Event Sweepstakes. 5 lucky winners will score a deluxe Grand Prize Pack featuring the Valentine's-red Bugstars jumpsuit to role play in style along with a huggable Chop stash stuffed animal doll along with official GTAV t-shirts and stickers. 10 runners up will receive an official GTAV t-shirt and stickers for themselves (see Official Rules). Congratulations to the 5 Grand Prize winners of our previous Event Sweepstakes who each won the rare V Varsity Jacketcalirob1129Stonyboy16MatthewFingerFilmorPencilboy and lazyb3123.

10 New Rockstar Verified Jobs Added to GTA Online

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The latest round of Rockstar Verified GTA Online Jobs are now available for everyone to play on PSN and Xbox Live. If you're looking for new competitive and fun Races and Deathmatches to play, you can follow the links below to bookmark these on Social Club for easy access next time you boot up the game. And budding Creators, be sure to test these out to get the feel for what it might take to have your masterpiece become Rockstar Verified in a future update.

Beach Side Race - created by papa_salada
After a quick tour of the Vespucci Canals, motorbikes and ATVs can really open it up along the coastal road from Vespucci Beach North to the Pacific Bluffs in this Race. We think papa_salada has picked the perfect vehicle class for this track, as the two and four wheelers can use their fearsome top speed to get some serious airtime on the canal bridges and that tricky jump along the final straightaway.

Custom Freeway gymkhana - created by SaltedCracka
With eight races already under his belt, SaltedCracka’s experience with the Creator tools are on display here. This short technical race around the docks features neat changes in elevation, a well-placed jump that fits perfectly with the flow of the race and some narrow, tricky turns that require deft use of the brake pedal. SaltedCracka has set the default vehicle as the Sultan - an excellent choice for drifting around the corners. The description for the Job pinpoints the final turn as the opportunity to “take it all and be #1”. Sage advice.

Pickup paradise in From Weazel To Weazel.

From Weazel to Weazel - created by cionyes
This tour of Los Santos and Banham Canyon is a great example of how to place pickups in a GTA Race, and it's clear to see why even prior to Verification the race has been played nearly 2,000 times. Creator cionyes hasn't just randomly peppered the course with pickups, instead choosing to place them in groups just before wide open avenues. This allows players to open the throttle, or open fire on the long straights and really make a play for first position. In the final dash through Banham Canyon opt for rockets instead of speed boosts to thwart the front-runners just in time to take the checkered flag back at Weazel Plaza.

Rush Hour - created by YouStupidFatFuk
Choose your vehicle carefully as tight handling is required to navigate the twists and turns on this long tour of the Los Santos highways. In what feels like a nod to "The Commute", one of the more popular races in GTA Online, the civilians of Los Santos aren't your only worry as up to 15 other drivers battle along the freeways. Expect a lot of paint to be traded along the way.

A plethora of pickups are available around the High Road track, and a pretty stunning view to boot.

High Road - created by Spider-aka-Mr19
A thrilling and chaotic race that goes from Los Santos' town center up into the hills for some alternative agriculture before racing back to Hawick and a rendezvous with your friendly neighborhood "pharmacist". Keep an eye out for some magnificent views of the Vinewood sign as you ride north into the hills.

The Pad of Death - created by DatBread
An anarchic Deathmatch down at the Los Santos docks filled with an arsenal of powerful weapons, explosives and grenades. While there's a healthy dose of chaos, there's also enough cover to afford tactical play; the terrain is littered with trucks and containers to allow for some surprise attacks and melee kills. Top tip: watch out for campers on the highway overpass and be sure to grab a Sniper Rifle or RPG from the jetty to take them down.

Horseback Hell - created by Misterbocs007
Misterbocs007, a representative of the Payne Killers Public Crew, shows his considerable Creator skills with this Team Deathmatch at the Paddocks just off the Senora Freeway. Items and pickups are grouped together close to spawn points and behind cover. These reload points encourage respawning players to immediately re-enter the fray, while players who have survived a firefight can retreat to this cover to restock before the next round. For an extra kick, huge gas tanks litter the map - aim a few volleys from the grenade launcher in their direction for some satisfying multikills.

Two deathmatches in two rural remote locales: Horseback Hell (left) and Lodge Battle (right).

Lodge Battle - created by Su-per-cat
There's certainly a slasher flick feel to the locale for this Deathmatch - an abandoned lodge in a remote forest. We recommend playing this one at night with the rain coming down for the full effect. We've seen a lot of melee-weapon Deathmatches created in small flat enclosed spaces, but fencing around the Bayview Lodge makes for an altogether different proposition. For those who prefer more explosive weaponry, pick up one of the Grenade Launchers from either end of the oval enclosure and launch them indiscriminately towards the center, or grab an Assault Rifle in the middle and clamber on to the steep pitched roof to get a vantage on the battles below.

Woodbury - created by RussianConcussin
RussianConcussin has created a Team Deathmatch with a story all of its own... A small town in the Blaine County Wilderness has been fortified with barriers positioning one team as the conquering aggressor, and the other as the defiant defenders of their fortress. This is a game of territorial control and teamwork, particularly if the lobby leader follows RussianConcussin's recommendation to force players to start with knives and pick up more powerful weapons as they move through the map.

Long Haul 2 - the longest Rockstar Verified or Rockstar Created race in GTA Online.

Long Haul 2 - created by Paradis_420
Get your Cheetah, Entity XF or Adder tuned up for the ultimate Supercar endurance test. There's almost no need to take your foot of the gas for the entire 12 minutes of this Race which is now the longest Rockstar Created or Rockstar Verified Job in GTA Online. The key to winning lies in the ability to maintain concentration, and to negotiate the traffic while still flying at top speed. Keep an eye on the minimap though, as your opponents will come hurtling past just as you've settled into your comfort zone.


As ever, in addition to occasionally changing Job names due to taste, copyright or other reasons - we also from time to time will make other small edits to players' Jobs before making them Rockstar Verified. This includes, but is not limited to modifying spawn points, improving checkpoints or increasing/decreasing the amount of weapon picks ups for a particular Job. Once Jobs are Rockstar Verified, they become available for play across both platforms, so whether you're on Xbox 360 or PS3, you'll have all these newly Verified creations available in your next Freemode session.
Go ahead and post your Job below in the comments (only once, please don't spam) with a punchy explanation of why it's worth checking out. We're always looking for new player-created Jobs to add to the Rockstar Verified program and the best way to get noticed is to have a solid Race or Deathmatch that's been thoroughly tested by the community and refined into the most fun and fair experience it can be.


Crew News: Member Cap Raised to 1,000

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We’ve got some great news especially for the large Social Club Crews out there who’ve long since hit the historic member cap ceiling of 300. We’ve now more than tripled the maximum member cap for all user-made Crews to allow for up to 1,000 people in your ranks.

So with the ability to seriously swell your Crew roster head count, it’s time for some heavy-duty rallying and recruiting and we’ll certainly be on the lookout to see who truly grows their army or consolidates forces amongst affiliate Crews. Be sure to use your Crew's profile page feed and in-game messaging features this weekend to set up a few lobbies to meet, greet, audition or orient your new Crew mates (remember that in GTA Online. you earn 10% more RP for Jobs completed with a Crew member). And with join requests likely to come raining down heavy and fast, Crew Leaders and Commissioners should make sure your Crew Hierarchy is in order to help deal with the new recruits.  

With Crew headcount now reaching four figures, it's also a perfect time to get familiar with the recently released Crew Head to Head Playlist challenge feature. To initiate a Crew Head to Head, you'll need to create a Playlist that does not contain Vehicle Deathmatches, Survivals or any Jobs that require more than 2 teams. Head to My Playlists in the Online menus and you will see the option to start a "Head to Head (BETA)" by clicking the right stick on your game controller. From the lobby screen you can go ahead and invite other players from your own Crew, Friend's Crew or from Skill Matched Crews. You'll need to have some cash in your wallet to set the wager - the minimum is $1000 - but the ultimate Crew bragging rights are worth much more.

We're also taking the occasion of this new Crew update to kick off the first Grand Theft Auto Online Crew vs Crew battle live stream this Friday February 7th at 2pm ET broadcasting from our official Twitch channel. Tune in then to see us pit two bloodthirsty Crews against each other over the course of a curated Playlist of Rockstar Verified and Rockstar Created Jobs. Note that one Rockstar dev player will join each side to play in order to facilitate streaming and to keep things fair. We've already reached out to a few of the toughest Crews around (we'll be confirming the first matchup sometime this week) and will be contacting others soon. If you would like to be considered for the live stream battles, please get in touch with us at telling us your Crew name, a link to your Crew profile page, the specific platform you would like to stream on and a reason why you should feature on the stream. We may also show preference in selecting your Crew if you have a video that showcases your ability at competitive game modes - and if there's a specific Crew with whom you have beef you'd like to settle in a public arena - so definitely let us know via email. If we like what we see, we will get back in touch to find out your availability and to try and coordinate an upcoming battle. If you aren't picked, then stay out there and keep on truckin'. We're always on the lookout for Crews that are representing hard. (Although please note that anyone spamming the email or the comments section will automatically be disqualified from consideration!)

As always, for notifications of when our stream goes live, hit the subscribe and follow buttons on our YouTube, Twitch and Twitter channels and keep an eye out here at the Rockstar Newswire for Crew Cut recaps of the battles and announcements of upcoming skirmishes.

10 New Rockstar Verified GTA Online Jobs, Including the #CreatorWeekend Selections

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Recently, we challenged the GTA Online community to show us their best Races and Deathmatches during our Social Club #CreatorWeekend for a chance at GTA$1M and an exclusive GTA Online license plate. Read on for a look at the Creator Weekend selections, along with five more Jobs that will also join the ranks of Rockstar Verified.

Please note, in addition to occasionally changing Job names due to taste, copyright or other reasons - we also from time to time will make other small edits to players' Jobs before making them Rockstar Verified. This includes, but is not limited to modifying spawn points, improving checkpoints or increasing/decreasing the amount of weapon picks ups for a particular Job. Once Jobs are Rockstar Verified, they become available for play across both platforms, so whether you're on Xbox 360 or PS3, you'll have all these newly Verified creations available in your next Freemode session.


Twists and Twirls

A complex but beautifully constructed point-to-point through some of Blaine County's iconic countryside. Follow the winding roads of Vinewood Hills as you race from Galileo Observatory through to Tongva Valley. Car selection from the Sports class is key here - steer clear of the Comet's twitchy back end or risk a fishtail festival. Tight turns and unforgiving cliff edges require deft use of the brake pedal, but don't be afraid to go for broke when the opportunity arises.

Stars In Your Eyes

As the description so eloquently explains, this is "a tribute to the legendary track 'Stars in Your Eyes' in GTA IV". Pick the fastest car in the garage for the long straightaways on one of the busiest highways in Los Santos. Although Creator blueeyedbarbi advises that "you might want to turn traffic off if your reactions aren't quick enough", we think it's better to leave them on for a hair-raising drive into oncoming traffic that could leave the asphalt stained red.

Monaco Grand Prix GTA ed.

Another recreation of a famous real-world track, the Monaco Grand Prix GTA ed. contains all the features of Southern Europe's iconic Grand Prix race track: empty urban streets, a seafront setting, high end cars, a tricky hairpin, and two unforgiving chicanes that will slingshot you into the race lead, or through your own windshield.

Casal Dos Ferros Race

A track for the Online racing purist. No novelty factors, no sneaky tricks, no unwelcome distractions - this is raw and unadulterated driving where timing is everything and winning is decided on milliseconds and inches. Use slipstreams to push yourself into the lead and don't look back, particularly as you hurtle towards the water on the final straight down Del Perro Pier... and definitely don't blink.

Classy Construction

Amongst the mansions of Vinewood Hills, a new build is going up bringing downtown construction workers into uptown 'hoods. Tensions arise between these two tribes, and isolated firefights break out across the elevated terrain. High walls and high end cars allow for a variety of maneuvers in this tricky Deathmatch. We recommend taking the sniper rifle to the top of the mansion turrets or seek out the minigun and own the streets.



4 Way Madness

This tight Downtown track is spread over four blocks and built for aerial mayhem. 4 Way Madness forces players to jump cross each others paths through a central airborne death zone, flying through mid-air in four different directions. Creator gangsterpdp has placed gas tanks beneath the airspace to ensure that any collision results in instant death. Be sure to max out the starting grid, and then wait until the pack thins out for the carnage to begin. So deliciously cruel and marvelously cunning we couldn't help but select gangsterpdp for the GTA$1M as well as an exclusive CRE8R license plate.

Crastenburg Drifting Race

French-Canadian Creator WoriedNiko recommends turning the rain on to get the full experience from this tight, twisting race constructed across several parking lots near Los Santos International. Barrels and containers have been carefully positioned to create a series of on-a-dime turns and unforgiving chicanes best navigated via finessed tapping of the handbrake to throw out the back end of your ride into a controlled, smooth drift. For designing a race that brilliantly focuses on a specific racing technique, WoriedNiko gets the TOPCRE8R license plate and GTA$1M. Trés bien!

Laguna Seca Remake

Previously featured on the Rockstar Newswire as a Job that caught our eye, we gave GTAVDriver a Rockstar Verified stamp of approval this week so that players on both platforms can enjoy this painstakingly detailed recreation of Southern California's famous Laguna Seca raceway. Bookmark it now for long straights and tight 270 degree turns that will challenge all your skills as a driver. The aptly named GTAVDriver also lands himself a NO1CRE8R License Plate and GTA$1M to spend on high end cars to throw around the track.

Paradise Ally

unseenchaos26, recipient of a THECRE8R license plate, warns that the law of the urban jungle reigns supreme in his well-crafted Deathmatch amongst the warehouses at the end of Del Perro pier. A high-walled street alley littered with heavy weapons, heavy armor and multiple entry points force you to keep moving, so campers be warned! The audacious play is to snag an ATV from the perimeter, and charge through the burnt out cars and buses into the central corridor to try and spring a surprise attack. When the coast is clear climb the ladder to the top of the warehouse overlooking the old motel and pick off your respawned enemies from above.

Terry's Hangout

The only #CreatorWeekend selection set outside of Los Santos, eponymous creator terrynut6969 scoured the Blaine County landscape to find this cluster of buildings set around a small airport hangar. terrynut6969 has earned his I CRE8 license plate by cleverly splitting the space using wrecked buses that not only fit the derelict environment but create dynamic pathways and cover areas that set up brutal head-to-head showdowns. The added cover allows for surprise attacks using assault shotguns spread throughout the map, while isolated king-of-the-hill skirmishes will decide who owns the coveted positions atop the hangar and the air traffic control tower. Best enjoyed beneath the cold blue desert moonlight.


Feel free to share some details and links for your Created Jobs in the comments below (being careful not to spam, natch) and see if you can gather some folks to test it out on a grand scale. We're always scouring Social Club for new Jobs to Verify, so keep testing, tweaking, improving and playing for your chance to become Rockstar Verified. And if you missed it when it aired live, our Creator Weekend stream also featured a few tips from the Rockstar Commentary team on how to get the most out of Creator. You can view an archived version at our past Events page.



Crew Cut: The War Report

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Since we first challenged Social Club Crews to step up and take on our Rockstar Dev Crew in Max Payne 3 Multiplayer, the battles have been flowing fierce and fast, each one streamed live via the Rockstar Games Twitch TV page. Facing off against some of the most passionate and dedicated Crews out there has shown us both the thrills of victory as well as some agonizing defeat, as you can see from the box score results below. Read on for the full report from the battlefields over the past couple months... 


Proving that the most skilled Free Aim PC player Crews are truly an elite and rarefied breed, our most recent game held on January 15th saw the Dev Crew on the wrong end of a 3 - 0 thrashing at the merciless hands of The Beer Barons Crew. The Beer Barons let slip the dogs of war over the course of three games, but were charitable enough to let our Devs win one round in each of the Gang Wars. Things looked grim off the bat in the São Paulo Bus Depot as Snuser offed MaxPayneDev1 for the first of many times, just as scoring began. Brandishing dual PT92s, xOpiate30x also had a big showing. The Team Deathmatch in the Nova Esperança was the real kicker as the Devs succumbed by a wide margin. Porosenok85, number two on the Crew’s leaderboards out of their total 69 members, flexed his BEER muscles throughout the game, as did Narbe974 and Qlw34k.
The two games prior to that however were a reversal of such misfortune, as the Rockstar Devs notched a 3-0 win against the Mp3 Killers Crew last Saturday the 12th. Things got off to a bloody start during the Gang Wars of the Nova Esperança when MaxPayneDevDev1 rocked LAgamer4life by way of the IA2. After a couple of minutes of one-sided brutality at the hands of the Devs, Chillwar82 decided his mates needed to wake up and did so by blasting Dev2 not once but twice, first with the AR and again with the 1911. From there, the round was a ping pong match that the Devs eked out 58-56. Later on, Dev1 received more abuse, first by Easy--B’s sawn off and then berries_odingle’s AK-47 and just like that, the Mp3 Killers were on the board.  The rest of the match saw the Devs dominating and, finishing with MaxPayneDev9’s devastating kill of SsWOODYsS, the Devs won the war. 
In the second match against KILL, the two Crews got rolling in the São Paulo Bus Depot. With an assist from Dev1, MaxPayneDev13 started the festivities with an M10 attack on Babba_Banshee. A little while later, after some back and forth between Dev1 and bigwho1313, the former had the last word and then Devs were up two rounds to none. Continuing to respond to pressure, the MP3 Killers worked hard to protect the target, Banshee_Babe. Despite some early aggression from MaxPayneDev11 on SpBloodRed, strong efforts from Chillwar82 with the AR and OG_Murk, the Mp3 Killers Crew held on and won chapters three and four. However, the Devs picked up the pace in the final chapter and found themselves up 2 - 0. Over at the Tietê River Docks in the final match of the day, Chillwar82 went on a rampage with two kills in a row on Dev1 and the Mp3 Killers found themselves in the lead. Murda_N_tha_1st followed suit and with bigwho1313 taking names with the AR, the Mp3 Killers rocked our Devs 125-75 in Chapter 1. Unfortunately, the Crew could not keep the magic going and the Devs wound up taking the afternoon with a 3-0 shutout. 
Hit the jump below for a round-up of our matches against Tha Bullys, United Sick Assassins, Pro Killers Unleashed, Killer Smoking Aces and Xvx-The-Agency-xVX, as well as a recap of our first Crew vs. Crew grude match battle battle between the Ganja Outlaws and Murda Squad Gang...

Crew Cut: Season's Beatings

Posted on December 31 2012, 12:46pm | Author: R* M | Filed Under: Social Club

As Old Man Winter tightens his icy grip outside, Social Club Crews have continued to keep warm with regular southbound trips to the hot and hazy multiplayer grottos of São Paulo in Max Multiplayer. To celebrate the season and in the spirit of giving, we've hooked up all members of Social Club with a little stocking stuffer in the form of the awesome new Human Skull, accessible via the Head Items section of your Loadouts. After this past Saturday's Max Payne 3 Social Club Multiplayer Event, we also introduced Event-specific Crew leaderboards for the very first time on the Social Club Multiplayer Events page, alongside our usual individual Player leaderboards. The chance to unlock another skull, the fearsome Wedding Skull, by placing in the top 10 private Crews brought the best of Social Club Crews out in force, with everyone allowed to join in all the games. We'll have more chances to unlock these skulls coming in January. This week on the Crew Cut we take a look at who the winning Crews were in our second Social Club Winter Calendar Event, and which squads are catching our eye for the very first time with performances that left their opponents strung up like fairy lights. We've also rounded up some fine and festive seasonal Crew Emblems we found further below.

Makavell from Slaughterhouse sent in this pic of him preparing for his nuptials. Ah, romance.


With the awesome Wedding Skull to fight for, Crews were repping hard to cement their place at the top of the leaderboards. The Ice Cold Assassins Crew impressively snuck into the top 10 private PS3 Crews with just five members. This came as no surprise after the plucky Free Aimers proved themselves admirably in a recent bout against the Rockstar Dev Crew, showing us the speed and accuracy with which they maintain their 90% Feud win percentage. However the most astonishing performance in the entire event was by two-man Crew Black Shadow. This deadly duo worked harder than Saint Nick on Christmas Eve to finish 10th overall on the PC Crew Event leaderboards; respect to leader BermsBertDualShk for also finishing eighth on the PC Player leaderboards.


Black Shadow are just one of a host of Crews who have not yet received the recognition that they clearly deserve here in the Crew Cut report. Two more Crews that have never been featured are Kung Foo Fighters and Dixie Gaming League, coming in 8th and 9th respectively on the Xbox leaderboards during the event. Kung Foo Fighters Crew recently snuck into the top 20 of all Xbox Crews worldwide, and are making a play for the big dogs. Meanwhile the Dixie Gaming League's vocal leader, MONSTRO1988, shouts out his "heritage, not hatred" Crew faithfully here in comments on the Newswire. Monstro is a professed Loadout connoisseur and strong opponent to the current trend towards dual-wielding amongst Max Payne 3 players. The tactic seems to be effective as Monstro himself placed 9th on the individual leaderboards. Solid work, there.

Three more Crews new to this column caught our eye during the event. Fight Fire With Fire made it to 70th place on the Xbox leaderboards with just three members. Having recently added a fourth, their future appears to be bright. The ironically named Peacekeepers Crews were anything but during the event as they made it into the top 10 private Crews on PC. A full 40,000 XP ahead of the Russian Bears Team, Peacekeepers have just 102 members, so if you're a PC player looking for a Crew to join up with so you can rock the Wedding Skull, these might be your guys. The Order of the Dragon pushed to 7th on the PC boards, and we're big fans of the competitive-but-attitude evident in the feed of their Crew's profile page: "Any Crews looking for a challenge, or a display of good sportsmanship, you are welcome to join us." Quite refreshing to see a Crew showing goodwill to all.



With Christmas just around the corner, we're pleased to see a few Crews getting in the spirit already with well-placed Santa hats giving a festive feel to some classic Social Club emblems. The YRA and S-13 Brasil are committed not only in their Emblem Editor practice but in their Social Club Events performances as well, with both of them earning their right to sport the Wedding Skulls over the Holiday Season. The YRA Crew's British Bulldog can show off his new mustache proudly after they finished top of the PS3 private Crews during the Event. Meanwhile, the S-13Brasil Crew's emblem cries reddened tears for the fallen, but the 2,465 Kills they racked up during the event proves every word of their cerebral motto: "Nenhum obstaculo e tao grande se sua vontade de vencer for maior" ("No obstacle is too great, if the desire to win is greater"). 


We leave you this week with an awesome rendition of the GTAV "Beach Weather" girl by ErnestoRock2 given a suitable Christmas twist by Sweeeet55 for Consumer Products Crew. Not only do they have a sweet emblem, but as the only Crew on Xbox to beat the 121,000 strong hordes of the Payne Killers Crew members, Consumer Products were top of the tree on the Xbox Event leaderboards. With well over 4,100 Feuds won, it should come as no surprise. Sons of GTA didn't make it onto any of the Event leaderboards, but we must give respect for the holiday-themed version of their emblem featuring the men of GTAs past. You'll have to make room for three more in there next year, lads!


Previous Editions of the Crew Cut: 

Recapping the November Social Club Multiplayer Events with Fan Videos & More

Posted on December 20 2012, 1:12pm | Author: R* M | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Social Club stalwart and Video Editor all-star FugetSudo created this pretty awesome video of Niko Bellic himself getting in on the November 29th GTAIV PC event fun live from Tw@ cafe.

Thanks to Social Club members worldwide for joining us last month for a stacked set of Multiplayer Events battles across Max Payne 3, Red Dead Redemption and GTAIV - and those we've seen continuing to fight the fight in the current Winter events calendar with action unfolding well into the New Year. We'll have a December recap soon looking at all of the most recent action including the skulls holiday unlock Max Payne 3 extravaganza that happened this past weekend.

The final month of the Fall Calendar kicked off with November 16th’s intense 6-hour doubleheader of Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3. Our two live-streaming players, RedDeadDev3 and RedDeadDev4, started with a Gang Shootout in which Dev4 took out 3 opponents in the opening duel and then raced to 13 kills for only 6 deaths. However, the opposition clung on thanks to solid work from KALD_KSA_F-15 (PSN ID) and mad2oo8m (PSN ID), leaving only $50 in it with three minutes to go. Dev4's teammate justaway56 (PSN ID) came to life here with a series of quick fire kills to claim the win for Dutch's Gang and come away as top player with 19 kills notched.

RedDeadDev4 waits for the perfect moment to take out Chief_RoYAL_KuSh

Following a spontaneous mass brawl in Free Roam, Dev3 entered a Grand Prix in Carrera Del Diablo with DemonLord B7R, Mazzkulin, AkA x MaFiAzZ, ClaudeSpd, ListeKing, StrappedRuby303 and Samuel4000. Dev3 saw an early lead diminish as weapons went live and DemonLord BR7 immediately put his horse down. It was an uphill struggle from there but our dev almost pulled it back, clinching second going into Chuparosa but ultimately falling just behind the race winner, Mazzkulin. Dev3 fought valiantly in the next two races and was in prime position going into the final race, but wound up falling to a 5th place finish - credit to Mazzkulin. for the overall win.

Our Dev player rides into the sunset during a race around Chuparosa

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Crew Cut: Playing the Field

Posted on November 30 2012, 11:34am | Author: R* M | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

In the over six months since the launch of Social Club multiplayer Crews, we've seen that the way players handle their relationships with their Crews definitely does vary. While there's certainly players who have committed themselves to a loyal relationship with one particular Crew (and a lot of Crews who also demand full exclusivity from their members), there's plenty others with more of a polygamous attitude towards the entire endeavor. And hey - with the ability to be a member of up to five Crews concurrently (although only one active at a time), that's entirely your prerogative - not everyone is cut out for a long-term Crew commitment. So whether it's a case of pulling double-duty and two-timing between a couple beloved Crews you just can't choose between, or really spreading the XP love around - today's edition of the Crew Cut has a little fun blowing up spots in a new column highlighting those who we've seen playing the Crew field.

BFAMREALISM came to our attention with his second place Overall ranking in Max Payne 3 Multiplayer on Xbox 360. BFAMREALISM loves getting up close and personal with the short range weapons: his top 3 are the M10, the Auto 9mm and the trusty Sawn-Off. With these tools of the trade, he's been quite busy as a strong contributor to the Lawless Gangstas (7,441,521 XP) and Unfair Advantage (6,368,241 XP) Crews, and the predominant force in his own two man crew, aptly named bfam realism Crew. That's plenty of action, but just last week BFAMREALISM decided to step out with the famous OneEightSeven Crew, showing an insatiable appetite to benefit from Crew assists and Feuds.


Our second open-relationship Crewmember today is a longtime fan we've seen many times on the Max Payne 3 battlefield. Scarlettnscott is clearly playing her reputation to an advantage as she stepped out against our own Rockstar Dev Crew alongside The VII7 Crew in a recent private throwdown. We also saw scarlettnscott's Gamertag amongst the roster when ProKillersUnleashed got in touch with us about setting up a game. Then, when scarlettnscott also threatened to turn up and fight us as part of the BrokenWhiskeyBottles, we were truly impressed at her ability to play the field to consistently devastating effect, but had to politely decline in order to let other players get involved. However if we are ever to rematch the BWB, we hope to see her out there. A special shout as well to her other Crews, the popular OneEightSeven and the Girls with guns.


Finally, artists have long held a reputation as being a romantic bunch and it appears some of our Emblem Artists are no different in terms of having a free-spirited and polyamorous approach to Crew relationships. Whether it's for practical reasons to help spread the visibility of their fine talent in more than one domain in order to further their renown, or just an insatiable desire to be prolific and practice their love widely - some renowned Emblem Artist studs are known to join multiple Crews and publish original creations for each of them. Today's spotlight shines on ErnestoRock, who has two accounts set up to manage all of his Crew Emblem-request suitors and the time he spends fulfilling them. Below is a small gallery of Ernesto's creations we particularly admire including Rockst4r Los Santos' Grove Street party, One Bullet At A Time's rendition of Misty and The Hardcore A Team's homage to divine intervention. We'll keep a keen look out for more.



Here's a roundup of action in our private grudge match throwdowns pitting our own Rockstar Dev Crew against various Crews who've challenged us to an online rumble for bragging rights.

Saturday November 17th saw the Fear The Wrath Crew come to take on our Rockstar Devs in a tight series of 4-on-4 games. Fear The Wrath nominated the Branco HQ map as their first choice to play a Team Deathmatch bout. With almost every player opting for dual-weld Sawn-offs, it was a fast, furious and messy battle, with no mistake or false step left unpunished. In one of the closest TDMs we've seen yet, the Devs held a three kill lead until the final two minutes when Fear The Wrath rallied to nose in front and hold on - Crew leader WrathOfJenati taking three kills in the final 10 seconds as insurance. Our Xbox party then headed to Club Moderno for a dance of death. This time, the victory was much more convincing as Fear The Wrath took the game handily 76 - 42. After two losses, the Rockstar Dev Crew sought redemption in a Gang War in the Bus Depot. Turf Grab proved an easy victory for us, as our Devs held on to all three checkpoints for the majority of the round. It was a similar story in Passage, and while Fear The Wrath were successful at Grab, when Dev 2 took down RosiGolan in Takedown, the writing was on the wall. Our Devs held out to win the battle, but respect to Fear The Wrath Crew for a fantastic performance in Club Moderno.

The heatmap from our first game against Fear The Wrath Crew.

On November 20th, the Rockstar Dev Crew came up against the cream of the crop: The Ganja Outlaws Crew who have reigned supreme at the top of the PSN leaderboards for several months running. Now it was time to prove their worth against our Devs on PSN. Entering a Bus Depot Gang War, a game of Grab turned out to be a war of attrition, as neither side managed any drop-offs - they were too busy filling each other with lead. Max Payne Dev3 got close, but was picked off by DNutz90 just meters from the drop-off point. Final score: 25 kills to 21 in favor of the Ganja Outlaws. Devs took the next two rounds narrowly, with Feuds being chalked up for both sides in Takedown, where CammySutra was the marked man. The Devs swept in and Dev1 executed the target with no mercy. A six point advantage entering the final Showdown proved too much for the Ganja Outlaws to overturn. By the end, the Devs had stretched their lead to 13 and taken the Gang War with style. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, fellas.


Sticking with Gang Wars, the Ganja Outlaws sought revenge in the Docks and were vindicated by a stellar performance, where they took four of the five rounds, including the final Elimination. With scores tied at 1-1, it was for all the marbles with one more Gang War in the North Favelas. After Ganja Outlaws took the first two rounds, Dev3 equipped the Spray Can to salvage some pride and checkpoints in Passage. Only a victory in a game of Turf Grab would give the Devs any kind of hope in the final round. DutchStoner took up a high sniping point, but it wasn't enough to distract the Devs from their mission and they finished on top. This left it all square heading into the final round. Top player Peawicko's RPG proved his own undoing with an immediate suicide, and the Dev Crew held on their lead for much of the game. However, as the clock ticked down, so did the teams' respawns until there were just three Devs and two Ganja Outlaws left. With both sides opting to camp down and play it safe, Dev4 went on a maverick run through the central channel to outflank the remaining players. In a nail-biting finale, Dev4 popped up from cover with the Sawn-off and cut down CammySutra to secure a famous victory. Thanks for the game guys, one of our most exhilarating yet. You can all watch the first half of this illustrious session below.

Check out the video from the first half of our private throwdown with Ganja Outlaws

The next challenge for our Rockstar Dev Crew was the fearsome Legends of Red Dead Crew in Free Aim on November 24th. And the LORD quartet - with Infamous_RayG of MARV3L Crew guesting alongiside them - proved they're just as adept with a pair of PT92's as they are with a Cattleman Revolver. We started with Gang Wars in the Favelas and got burned in the first three rounds as our Bomb Suited opponents displayed surgical dual-wielding accuracy. In fear of a clean sweep, our Rockstar Devs1 and 2 used lighter Loadouts to their advantage and took all three checkpoints in 'Siege' to get a fighting chance going into the final round. Alas, the headstart proved too much and the Legends of Red Dead picked up the win when DJRico666 decimated Dev2 with the rocket launcher.
The next round of Gang Wars in Docks went much the same way, with LORD taking a three-round lead and then foiling us right at the death in a round of 'Short Fuse', defusing the bomb seconds before explosion. That lead to a clean sweep with Lord_Fredinho taking the most kills - an impressive 44. With the overall win out of contention, we headed into Team Deathmatch armed with bruised pride and dual sawn-offs, but the Legends of Red Dead stayed true to form and claimed another win.
Bloody but not deterred, we rallied to take the fight to the LXG Crew on the 27th November. LXG have sat comfortably at the very top of the pile of Xbox Crews for some time now having racked up over 217 million in XP, so we were hyped for the chance to take down the biggest and baddest of them all. We began the day with a Team Deathmatch in the Bus Depot. While there was no quarter given or asked in the opening exchanges, the Rockstar Devs went on an unprecedented run: 14 kills with no reply to take the game 36 - 19. LXG were never able to recover the deficit and with Dev1 patrolling the upper balconies of the Depot warehouse, the game finished in favor of our Devs. Next up, a ding-dong battle in the snow-covered Hoboken Alleys began with a tense game of Last Man. It came down to 1-on-1, as Dev10 stalked IcedOutCook, eventually finishing him off with dual SMGs in the carpark - execution: gangland style. Later, Dev1 was picked off easily after going on a kamikaze run down the central alley in Takedown, but it wasn't enough to stop our Rockstar Dev Crew from taking another victory. In the second Gang War of the day, it was again level pegging heading into the final round, but the LXG Crew couldn't match their tactical Gang Wars skills with the demands of all-out warfare, and the Devs finished the day with a 100% record. Cheers to LXG for the games; we look forward to our next encounter against xVx-The-Agency-xVx planned for later today Friday 30th November at 5pm. We'll let you know here in comments (and via Twitter) if they dare to show...
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