Recap of Action in the October Max Payne 3 Social Club Multiplayer Events

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As we get ready to announce our new lineup of Winter Calendar multiplayer dates later this week, here's a look back at all of the Bullet Timing, Shootdodging, TDM-ing and Gang Warring action that went down in our recent October Max Payne 3 sessions which included Social Club members getting an exclusive first crack at unlocking ghoulish, intimidating new Max Payne 3 skull avatars. We'll also of course have a roundup soon of the current November sessions of Red Dead, GTAIV and Max including a recap of the bloodshed from last Friday's epic doubleheader.

Held on October 12th, the first event of the month's duo of dates saw our Rockstar Devs venturing into the lobbies of the Social Club playlist on Max Payne 3 multiplayer, greeting the masses of itchy trigger fingers. With some of the most elite practitioners of online shootouts reliably present at the event, the level of play was high and competition as thick as ever.

Early on, our very own MaxPayneDev3 and MaxPayneDev1 teamed up on PC with a few warm-up games of Gang Wars. In the Bus Depot, Dev3 was thrown into an intense battle for turf as players swarmed around a checkpoint in the broken down buses. The RPG proved to be the perfect weapon to aim at the disputed land, as Dev3 took out swaths of attackers, including ATM779, Shape_shifter and samo1980 in a single shot. Despite Ardistel sniping from the roof of the central warehouse and Sleepeur dual-wielding a deadly PT92 and 1911 pistol combo, the Devs' team held on to take the round. In consecutive games of Assassination, both teams were able to take down their intended targets; Dev3 managed to take out Ardistel, asdjagfjk and Bundeswehr43365 in yet another triple multi-kill with the RPG. Finally, after taking a round of Total Turf, the Devs' team entered the final Showdown with a 6 point lead. In a mad, scrappy fight for survival, the Dev team held on their advantage and took a Feud win from the Payne Killers Crew as well for good measure.

With Klaabu_Kosmoses in support, MaxPaynDev3 takes aim at ATM779, Shape_shifter and asdjagfjk with the RPG.

Below, you can watch ShenmueSaga’s full video of our event, capturing MaxPayneDev1’s performance as streamed live on the Social Club Multiplayer Events page. Check out the last hour of the event to see Dev1 venture out of the Social Club playlist and into the Branco Headquarters for an intimate game of Payne Killer. Fleeting alliances were made and broken as Dev1 worked with those on hand to take down Max and Passos and then to survive as them. Dev1's tactic of using grenades to suppress the special Characters and the M500 shotgun to follow up at close-range proved effective to remain in contention. Alexander.Cooler combined a Grenade Launcher with melee attacks to join Dev1's Passos as Max - and the two worked together to take out LukePein and Radamel. Ultimately, Alexander.COOLer was able to take victory in the game, finishing well on top of the leaderboards. Kudos.

The full recording of Dev1 uploaded to YouTube by ShenmueSaga.

In the last game of the day, it was every man for himself up on the Hoboken Rooftops (part of the free Disorganized Crime Pack download). MaxPayneDev1, playing as the Mona Sax avatar, headed into the cold New Jersey night with the trusty mini-30 and a few grenades to pick out the campers. While Alexandreas was able to score a few easy kills using the Booby Trap Item, Dev1 had some success thanks to the range and accuracy of the mini-30 in picking out opponents amongst the rooftops. After DieterKrass, playing as Max Payne's other femme fatale, Fabiana Branco, blasted his way into the lead with the 1911 and DE .50, Dev1 fought back into contention with a couple of tidy triple-kill streaks. However, Vitek9811's ruthlessness with the dual wield bull 608s was ultimately enough to win the game.

Hit the jump for much more including a recap from the Halloween special event with skull unlocks that was hosted on 10/26...

Crew Cut: Stiff Competition

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Since we challenged Social Club's top Crews to face off against a team of our Devs in Max Payne 3 Multiplayer, we've received a torrent of propositions - ranging from the polite to the... well, let's just call them 'fighting words'. On Monday October 29th we held a private throwdown with the Dutch Stoners in a 4v4 Soft Lock battle on Xbox 360. With the Devs rocking their fearsome Demonic skull masks, we took a clean sweep winning all five game modes in a Gang War at the bus depot. A Team Deathmatch went the way of the Dev Crew as well; they racked up an impressive 200 kills in the process. A Gang War at the docks was a slightly closer call, but ultimately our Devs ran out 3-0 winners over the course of the match.

We tip our hat to Slaughterhouse Crew who showed us a few weeks ago why they're one of the most feared Free Aim squads out there. After being given a lesson on Free Aim, we fear for the the Legends Of Red Dead Crew who seem to have their own private war with Slaughterhouse. If you two Crews ever organize a face-off, make sure you invite us so we can stream it on our Twitch page. 


On Thursday October 18th, we clocked up a glorious win in a nail-bitingly competitive matchup with The VII7 CrewGGretski and company came out strong, winning the first Team Deathmatch in Bus Depot by a handsome margin. Switching over to Gang Wars, our Devs proved their worth in Max Payne 3's signature multiplayer mode, opting for tight-knit tactics that paid off brilliantly. After losing an opening round of Deathmatch in the Favelas, our team was able to take a round of Short Fuse after the timer ran out with 3 seconds to go on a bomb planted on the bridge. Using this springboard to win the next two rounds comfortably, our Devs held on to take the match. GGretski admitted the loss was "embarrassing" in the Twitch chat but declined to comment on how he felt after we won another Gang Wars in the Hoboken Alleyways; if it's any consolation, GGretski, we've seen that end of the stick all too well ourselves, as you can read about below. You can also check out recordings of the full stream of this bout, and our other games and events, in the videos section of our page.

Prior to that, we took a convincing victory over our friends from the BrokenWhiskyBottles, who count amongst their ranks some of our most dedicated and hardcore fans. Ever gracious, even in defeat, ChicagoEnigma has come out said "This was so much fun, and entirely insane for us to do.. But I would not change a thing about it. It was a definitely a privilege to get to play against the Devs." Thanks Chicago! It was an honor to play against you lot as well. While we were streaming the game on our Twitch page, GermanScientist recorded his own gameplay perspective during the match and kindly uploaded it to YouTube. As the man says, "See 0:55:15 for a cool view when MaxPayneDev6 shot a RPG right in my face!" Sorry bout that!

We were less successful in our earlier Free Aim fixtures, losing decisively to elite Free Aim Crews Shinobi, Murders Death Kill and Ice Cold Assasins. Our Devs were humbled by the talent on offer - these squads put on a clinic in our two battles and showed the value in a Crew working together to hone razor sharp strategy, skill and coordination. Shinobi were featured all the way back in the third edition of the Crew Cut for their formidable Feud win percentage, and recently gave MLG Pro player Crream a sound beating on his own Twitch channel - something that Crew member Kenshiro360 proudly displays alongside their waxing of Rockstar in his profile Status. Congratulations to Kenshiro360 for taking Top Player in two of the games, and we have grudging respect of dRCrYSIS' strafe tactics with the PT92.


Back on Saturday October 10th, Ice Cold Assassins came out to represent PlayStation Crews against the Rockstar Dev Crew. They did their platform brethren proud, winning conclusively in all three Team Death Matches that we played.  We were intrigued to see Crew member hkl_100's tribute to his friend The M3rcad0's unusual tactic dubbed "No-Scope Sniping" in action. However, since being at the wrong end of an ass-whupping, the less we see of them in the future the better. Against Murders Death Kill Crew, our Devs cited FAARNSWORTH as a particularly fearsome shot with the sniper rifle. With the open ground covered, the rest of the team were able to outmaneuver our Devs and take a convincing victory in all three games.

And in our earliest of these bouts, the Rockstar Dev Crew faced off in an 8 vs 8 Team Deathmatch against the Elite Gamer Crew, who proudly boast the top 3 Team Deathmatch players on Xbox, IRAQDE3IL, LOSTBOY FOUND and MIShka Madness. While the Rockstar Dev Crew were able to claim their fair share of Feuds and lost by only seven kills in the Bus Depot, we again took an L in three straight sets to our worthy opponents - now a well-earned boast at the EGC Crew page ("WE BEAT THE DEVS 3-0 ... WELL DONE BOYS BIG UP"). However, during team practice the following day, the Rockstar Devs invited the Elite Gamer Crew for a behind-closed-doors off-camera rematch. With no one around to witness the game, both sides have controversially claimed victory, which can only mean that one final rematch is on the cards! Elite Gamer Crew, we'll be in touch.


We'll be announcing our next set of Private Throwdowns very soon. Make sure you check out our Twitch page to watch recordings of past games, and follow us at either Twitter or Facebook to get the word when we're kicking off our next matches (we'll also drop a heads up in comments here). To everyone else from a Crew who has challenged us so far, you should have received a reply to your email by now (if you've only very recently contacted us, then watch your inbox in the coming days); while we can't play everyone immediately, we're trying to get to as many, if not all, of you bit by bit you so please be patient. If you're a Crew with some cred at the top of one of the new tiered leaderboards by platform who'd like the chance to take us on, keep your Challenges coming in to


When Rockstar Games Social Club was relaunched back in May of this year, we gave out special tags to those Crews who were with us from Day One. (For those not in the know, two stripes on a Crew tag denotes a Founder Crew, which is a special designation granted to any Crew created before May 15). With the recent announcement of exclusive Day Of The Dead Skulls for our Founder Crews, we thought we'd take a Where-Are-They-Now look at which Founder Crews have stood the test of time, and made the most of their head start, as well as some who haven't quite lived up to their early hype.

Of the Founder Crews who currently boast full membership rosters, most have already earned at least one mention on the Crew Cut. SFO-Wolf however are one Founder Crew with a full headcount who have thus far been overlooked, despite being around since May 9th. In their time, they've put out some pretty serious emblems, but we particularly like the regal crest shown above. Crew leader pencil_dude splits his time with another Founder Crew PCC, who still rep hard across all three platforms after being featured in the very first edition of the Crew Cut.

While they may no longer be in the top ten private PS3 Crews, the Rising Angels are still putting in work in Max Payne 3 Multiplayer and maintaining an impressive 75% Feud win PCT, counting prominent Founder Crew Ganja Outlaws amongst their recent scalps. Having just tipped over in to the 101-300 tier of Xbox CrewsTennent's Special Crew maintain a dedicated Twitter account to boast of their status as the "Top Scottish" squad. Just behind them is another Founder Crew, The Sevens, this one with several color variations on an awesome 50s gun-totin' rockabilly chick. The Sevens also lay out a Communist manifesto in their status claiming that "there is no Crew leader, and that all members are the Crew." Marx Payne?

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Chrome Guns Bonus Now Available for All Social Club Members

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As a bonus for all Social Club members, and as promised earlier this week, we've just released the shiny, badass new Chrome Weapons unlock for Max Payne 3 Multiplayer.

All members of Social Club can now jump into the in-game Loadout menu, equip and tote chrome variations for all guns that they have unlocked.

To access the chrome options, head into the Arsenal section of the Max Payne 3 multiplayer menus, and Modify one of your Loadouts. While hovering over one of your selected weapons, hit the button for Attachments where you'll be able to upgrade your weapon with all manner of handy add-ons. Select 'Chrome' and roll on out into the battle grounds, knowing that the highly reflective glint will be the last thing your enemies will see before succumbing to a vicious melee attack. 

Stay tuned for additional special bonus upgrades coming soon - along with more information on the Max Payne 3 DLC Packs coming this fall.

Crew Cut: Throwing the Gauntlet

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In this special edition of the Crew Cut - after witnessing some intense en masse elite Crew showings in the Max Payne 3 Social Club Multiplayer Events playlist last week and after studying the squads that are occupying the #1 positions on the recently revamped tiered Crew leaderboards - the Rockstar Dev Crew of internal ringers from our various studios would like to throw out a challenge.

We're calling all top Crews to name the time and place, and we will do our best to accommodate a Crew vs Crew battle online in the coming weeks ahead - some of our best guys Crewed up against any of yours. So that the result cannot be in doubt, we'll also look to stream the action from these sessions live via the Rockstar page. If you're the leader or an active member of an elite Crew occupying a top spot on one of the tiered boards (you don't have to be the #1 spot, but do try and impress us with your standing), confer with some of your fellow soldiers, and give us a shout to to propose a date and time for a throwdown against us, any particular modes, and letting us know your online IDs so we can send out invites accordingly when the time is right. We will be standing by, locked and loaded. With that, here's a lineup of some of the current #1 Crews that we are hoping to hear from - if they dare.

LXG Crew, at the top of the 101-300 tier on Xbox 360, were the first Crew our Dev team came up against in a recent MP3 Xbox event and their proficiency is well documented in our Crew Cuts. Less well known are the U Got Smacked Clan who top out the 1-5 headcount stratum. There's a lot we could say about this German fivesome, but this video from the U Got Smacked YouTube channel of Crew leader UGotSmacked dual-wielding 1911s around the Imperial Hotel in Free Aim tells you everything you need to know:

Murders Death Kill have been quick to point out to us in previous Crew Cut comments sections their achievement of placing top of the 6-20 tier. However, they were modest enough to forget to shout out their other number one placing on the Hardcore Gang Wars leaderboard. An intimidating prospect - but we're up for it. Red Dead Soldiers rep hard on the 21-50 tier, and a look at their Crew Feud stats shows why: not a single Crew has managed to best them in terms of Feuds won, or in terms of kills made during Feuds. Let's see what we can do about that... Finally, not only are Killer Smoking Aces the best Crew in the 51-100 tier, they are also the third best private Crew in all of Social Club, holding their own against Crews with triple the number of members.


Over on PS3, the Ganja Outlaws continue to reign supreme at the top of the 101-300 boards. Further down the membership strata, X-Justice For All-X call the shots in 1st place of all 51-100 Crews. Interestingly, they are only two members over the threshold to take them into a lower tier. Although kicking out some dead weight wouldn't actually do them any favors seeing as they would fall into second in the 21-50 tier behind Death Bringers, who with just 43 members, have nearly 30M more XP. The 5 members of crybaby killers1 maintain an astonishing 95% win percentage for Feuds at the top of the 1-5 member tier on PS3, having played nearly 800 Feuds. Their Crew leader Ego-Smasher is quick to fire up his minions with regular ALL CAPS pep rallies on the Crew's profile page. Soul Crushers hold a slightly more modest 51% Feud win percentage, but nonetheless hold pole position on the 6-20 echelon of PlayStation 3 Crews. They're also partial to CAPS emphasis, as shown in their clear and direct motto: Inflict PAIN No FEAR No REGRETS Leave Nothing BEHIND.

When they're not eating pizza or fighting Shredder, the five members of TMHT - DVD 5 Crew are riding high on the 1-5 member leaderboard for PC players. This is their first shout on the Crew Cut; we look forward to facing off against a relatively unknown quantity. By contrast, Pest Control, Pro And Deadly, Illuminati and The Gallant Psychos are PC Crews we know well, and do hope to take on in a live battle. With more than 5,000 Feuds played between the four Crews, these guys are well versed in the guts and glory of Max Payne 3 Multiplayer, and should be well up for a chance to prove themselves against our Devs.

Having assessed 15 of the top Crews we hope will accept our challenge, none of them look like they'll be giving our Dev Crew an easy ride. We'll also be sending Crew leaders a message directly to get in touch - otherwise, if you're the head of an elite Crew or an active member who wants to round up some fellow warriors to accept the Rockstar challenge - get at us. If you're a highly-skilled Max player otherwise who wants in for some Rockstar blood, either motivate your Crew to keep rising to the top - or align yourself with one of these squads to get in on it. You can also stay apprised of who and when we're battling in the comments section here, where we'll drop an update or via Twitter where we'll also give a shout...

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Compare Max Payne 3 Stats Across Single Player and Multiplayer with the New Social Club Friend Compare Feature

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It's time to tell your loudmouthed friends and crew mates to quit their wild braggadocio, because this week we've got a great new tool on Social Club to ensure a quick and indisputable end to any and all Max Payne 3 verbal one-upmanship from those who can't back it up. The Friend Compare system is available now at the Max Payne 3 section of the Social Club so you can investigate how you size up against your nearest and dearest, in a wide range of stats across both Single Player and Multiplayer

Convinced that you rep the G6 Commando the hardest or always Bring The Payne when playing as Max or Passos in Payne Killer? Want to know for sure that you have the best Consecutive Hit Streak on Chapter IV of Story mode? Now prove it by lining up against up to five of your friends and Crewmates at a time and really finding out who's the boss (it is worth mentioning that you can only see the stats of those friends who have the appropriate privacy settings).

To access this useful tool just head over to the Max Payne 3 area of the Social Club and hit the Friend Compare button on the right hand side of the navigation bar in either Single Player or in Multiplayer. From here, you can scroll through your friends list, and any of your Crews' rosters to select those players you want to check your stats against, and find out where you need to pick up the pace.

Keep an eye out on Social Club for more new features in the coming weeks.

Crew Cut: Champs of the New Tiered Leaderboards, from Featherweights to Heavyweights

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Recently, we released new tiered Crew leaderboards over at the Social Club - providing a whole new insight into which Crews are truly tearing it up based on their member weight class. Bracketing Crews by member count enables you to separate more clearly than ever the pretenders from the contenders - and see where your private Crew falls in the grand scheme. Whether you're a quartet of killers, a dirty dozen, or are rolling deep, there's a bracket for you. This also means that Crew leaders may now want to be extra scrutinizing about retaining, recruiting or being exclusive about their ranks to maintain bragging rights in their size class. While we've previously featured prominent Crews from the 1-5 membership bracket such as the crybaby killers1 (#1 on the PS3 boards) and the Turkish Police (#4 on the PC boards), credit is also due to the Ice-Cold Assassins Crew, a committed quintet of PS3 free-aim players. Ice-Cold Assassins are currently looking to bolster their ranks with "active and skilled players with mics" - these boys clearly use communication and tactics good effect in maintaining their impressive 85% Feud win PCT. Props also to Crew member Evo7ution1 for a top 10 finish in our August 30th Social Club Event.

The top 5 Playstation3 Crews with 5 members or less

In the 6-20 tier on PC, the emblem of Number 1 Clan stands out clear from the rest, although this Crew is somewhat ironically placed in fourh. In the past few weeks, Number 1 Clan were ballsy enough to take on the might of Pro And Deadly Crew and came out of their altercation on level ground, with a very respectable 3 Feuds won. Not too shabby. Prominent Crew member N1Anoobis posted this impressive montage of kill streaks and Feud wins on Number 1 Clan's own Crew website. Check it out below:

Elsewhere in the 6-20 tier, Fear The Wrath Crew place 4th in the Xbox 360 leaderboards. Their eye-catching emblem is a tribute to the efforts of their top player ChuckMP3 who recently broke the 5 million personal XP threshold. With such support like this from their Crew mates, it's no wonder that Fear The Wrath have a Solidarity V achievement and 4K #1 Finishes. Finally, a shout out to the Nice II Crew, ranked 9th in the 6-20 bracket on Xbox 360, who have a great range of emblems in their Gallery parodying everything from Nike to Alien to Domino's Pizza. All designed by Crew Leader Endymion72, to whom we neglected to give full credit for last weeks' Contract Killers and Lawless Gangsters emblems. NICE work, Endymion.


On PSN, there are some familiar faces from the Crew Cut in the 21-50 Crew stratum including HOT Clan, Zombie Zuckerz, The Italian Job and the incredible Death Bringers. We must also pay homage to third place MP3 Killers in honor of achieving 1000 Feuds won a few weeks back, and for having an awesome emblem. MP3 Killers have stayed true to their name: Almost a third of their Feud wins have come against the MP3 Crew and they've racked up around three and a half thousand Kills in the process. It would be remiss of us to move on from the PSN 21-50 Crew tier without acknowledging the spectacularly evil emblem of 11th ranked Skeleton Crew. Props to designer TxGlock.

The top 5 Crews in the 51-100 range of Xbox 360 Crews

In the 51-100 range of Xbox 360 Crews, the underrated Dew Dirt Crew nose into third, although they have 10M XP to catch up on second-placed Rewind. Delving into their Feud stats, Dew Dirt recently lost 5 out of 5 Feuds to yet another high achieving Spanish team, Company of Killers Crew. Company Of Killers have also beaten top placed Crew, Killer Smoking Aces in Feuds by 26-8 recently, and must feel suitably aggrieved at their current placing in fourth. Keep up the fight. Finally, respect to Double Trouble for topping out the 51-100 threshold for PC players with room to spare on their roster. Not only that, but we have good reason to believe that they rock the best facial hair on Social Club.

Double Trouble reign supreme over all of the PC crews with membership between 51 and 100

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Recap from the GTAIV & Max Payne 3 Doubleheader Multiplayer Event (August 30)

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On August 30th we bid farewell to our Summer season of Social Club Multiplayer Events with an epic, all-day double header featuring back-to-back sessions of Grand Theft Auto IV and Max Payne 3 Multiplayer. First up, congratulations are due to the winners of our sweepstakes who have earned themselves prize packs including Rockstar collectibles and other gear. The GTAIV winners were richard_hung-lo, MicBlaze, Andy315x, Skankasaurus and JasonDeadly, and our Max Payne 3 winners were thedutchpitbull, Jinxyman, VoiD88, TheCloven and PaynePillPopper.

We began the day in our old haunts of Liberty City, with four Rockstar Devs out in full force, taking on all comers in various gamemodes. GwRockstar2 got warmed up on Xbox LIVE with a Deathmatch at the Docks. Our Dev got up close and personal with a knife and had moderate success with this surprising tactic against R3tardedLi0n69 and Ne0nDarkness16. ORIGINAL SMOKEY proved a tough competitor however, wasting us in successive shootouts. In a vengeful rage, GwRockstar2 turned to using trusty molotov cocktails to burn the place down.

Hit the jump for more videos, details, some screens and also a list of participants according to our records. And make sure to check out the new fall calendar of events so you can plan ahead - starting with this Thursday's Triple XP Red Dead Redemption event on PSN and Xbox LIVE.

Crew Cut: The Mavericks

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This week on the Crew Cut, we're featuring several Crews and emblem artists who buck the trends on Social Club and really stand out from the crowd. 

The impressive accomplishments of the aptly named 'Unfair Advantage' Crew. Watch your back if you run into any of these folks playing Max Payne 3 during this weekend's Double XP session.

Sometimes you find a Crew who has just got it all. Unfair Advantage surely takes the prize for the best All Round Crew on Social Club right now. Their 89% Feud win percentage is difficult to match by most Crews, but combine this with a great emblem and the fact they've entered the top 100 Crew on the Xbox 360 leaderbaords despite having just 26 members and only being one month old and you've got yourself some serious world-beaters that look like a force to be reckoned with. With prominent player EelsInCaves having sounded the call, expect them to be challenging for the top after this weekend's Double XP.

RoyalL_Genius is a committed Social Club community member who rose to prominence as a key part of oft-featured Crew the RoyalL_Legends. He's since formed a splinter group of Max Payne 3 players called the Contract Killerz Crew. After switching to Open Enrollment last week, the Crew has ballooned in numbers to dwarf the roster of RoyalL_Genius' former running mates. The surge in recruitment may have something to do with a fantastically detailed and imaginative emblem that captures their name and spirit quite well. RoyalL_Genius is committed to making it into the top 10 - so if you're looking for a new Crew of dedicated PSN players to roll out with, these might be your guys.

From Left to Right: The Contract Killerz Crew emblem, the Zombie Zuckerz mosaic emblem gallery, Emblem Addicts take on Red Dead Redemption and the Lawless Gangstas honor John Hillcoat's latest.

On the logo front, we spotlight a Crew who has done amazing things with not one, but all 12 of the emblems on the front page of their gallery. Zombie_paste was astute enough to see the potential for publishing emblems in a specific order to make an entirely new mosaic in the gallery of his Crew the Zombie Zuckerz. Full marks for ingenuity; we're interested to see how other Crews can take this idea further...     

Inspired by the unique visual energy of Red Dead Redemption, stealthyassassin has contributed a stand-out effort into the gallery of emblem super-Crew the Emblem Addicts. With a stark economy of color and a clear aesthetic, this emblem is a worthy tribute to John Marston's adventures in West Elizabeth and New Austin. It seems apt to feature alongside the emblem of The Lawless Gangstas, which refers to the latest film from veteran director John Hillcoat, who's responsible for one of our favorite westerns (2005's The Proposition) and also directed a fantastic short film using the world of Red Dead Redemption to re-imagine John Marston's pursuit of justice and salvation.

Finally we'd like to again showcase a range of emblems from one artist in particular. Noru 112 is a user who clearly takes a purist's joy in the emblem editor, showing off a consistent yet dynamic style while filling his own Crew, the Hidden Daggers' gallery with his creations. While the Crew currently lack Feuds and points on the board, Noru112 has made an impassioned appeal for more members and greater ambition. With the Crew now set to open enrollment, Xbox LIVE players looking to a splash a stylish emblem across their victim's death screens may want to consider this squad.


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