Crew Noticeboard: Flight Pilots, The Highland Rebels, Unusual Fellas and Others Now Recruiting

Posted on April 17 2014, 10:16am | Author: R* K | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

The Crew Noticeboard is our featured column of Crews actively seeking members to join their ranks where we publish your recruitment pitches in your own words.

Previously featured squads like The Mojo Jojo Crew have seen their legions swell to nearly 1,000 members and in this week's edition, Crews looking to follow suit include a group of bilingual aviators, some ethereal beings looking to level up in Los Santos and a collective of unusual gents who are determined to stand out in a crowd.

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Fan Art & Snapmatic Pics: GTA Online Homages to Classic Movie Scenes, Fratuzzi's "Humans of Los Santos" Series, Epic Panoramas and More

Posted on March 27 2014, 2:38pm | Author: R* K | Filed Under: Games

The latest collection of GTA and Rockstar-inspired pics and original fandom artwork features some spot-on re-enactments of classic movie scenes and album covers, a pair of epically constructed landscape panoramas, some undeniably cute drawings of GTAV characters including paparazzo Beverly and young Franklin playing with puppy Chop – and lots more.

As always, if you've got something great you think deserves to be shared here at the Newswire, make sure to send it our way via Mouthoff and follow us at for all the latest official pics.

"That plane's dusting crops where there ain't no crops." With buddy merrymint behind the stick of the Duster, _zdah_ awesomely recreated this famous scene from the Hitchcock classic North by Northwest right down to Roger Thornhill's signature grey suit and shared it on Reddit.

Also seen on Reddit, wheresmycokehoney answered the challenge to recreate a movie scene in GTA Online with this shot of Vincent and Mrs. Wallace from Pulp Fiction.

M8_NUMERO_UNO and friend qel_droma_blood sent us their remake of Pink Floyd's album cover for the classic Wish You Were Here LP, using Snapmatic and a little post-production photo editing to stage the iconic shot. Shine on, you crazy diamonds!

Snapmatic ace FunDwayno took these absolutely gorgeous panoramas capturing the lights of Los Santos and the calm of Blaine County. You'll definitely want to click the images above to see them in full resolution. 

Smokin' and ridin', smokin' and ridin'... We can't tell whether jBhIpS (aka ILYA aka the prolific and creative Ferino Design) and his buddy are speeding away from trouble or towards it in this one, but judging from the bloodstained Business attire of the fella riding shotgun, they're not out for a Sunday drive.

Inspired by the Humans of New York photography project, Redditor fratuzzi created this excellent Humans of Los Santos Snapmatic series, adding touching quotes to tell often bizarre and tragic imagined stories of various Los Santos pedestrians. Check out parts 1, 2 and 3.

Person of the Year? Only an outlet like 'CRIME' magazine would choose Trevor Philips for such an accolade. This spoof magazine cover by Japanese deviantARTist newjackal7 shows the man of the hour looking characteristically pleased as punch about it.


Another gem from artist Misia, recently featured for her vintage comic strip of GTAV characters, here showing off adorable caricatures of Trevor, Michael and Franklin's original and extra-crispy custom looks.

Buns aka Fetus on Tumblr references a popular puppy pic and rewinds the clock for this sweet imagining of a young Franklin and his puppy Chop in simpler times.


Talented artist and big time GTAV fan Sarah Ann Kirby sketches out one of the rarer characters in the fandom artwork world, Los Santos paparazzo Beverly – saying “Beverly is a slimy little a*****e but he’s so likeable; in a cute, annoying way <3”.

Swedish artist Jennifer Carlsson, AKA Yankeestyle94 on deviantART, specializes in pencil portraiture (check out her jaw-dropping photo-realistic sketch of a 1980s Madonna) - and here she pays tribute to Rockstar with this graphite montage of GTAV, Red Dead Redemption and L.A. Noire. It took her 21 hours in total to create the detailed piece - check out a sped up YouTube Video of it all coming together.


Radiopappa’s GTAV Bullworth Alternate Universe, Plus Spirit Animals, GTA Online Comic Strips, Helpful Maps and More
The GTAV Art of Morgenty and Saskia, Stunning B&W Landscapes from Dead End Thrills and More 
A Study of Trevor in Wool, Los Santos Noire and Tributes to GTA San Andreas

35th Anniversary of The Warriors: Check Out the GTA Online Fan-Made Warriors Inspired Playlist

Posted on March 20 2014, 4:20pm | Author: R* K | Filed Under: Games

With this year marking the 35th anniversary of The Warriors' original 1979 theatrical release, we've been seeing quite a bit of great nostalgia for the cult classic film that inspired our own 2005 videogame adaptation - everything from the first annual WarriorFest fan celebration, to retrospectives on some of the film's most iconic characters, to a commemorative, limited release of its soundtrack featuring memorable songs from Joe Walsh and Arnold McCuller alongside Barry DeVorzon's mesmerizing score.
One nod to The Warriors that especially caught our eye recently is a special Playlist of original GTA Online Jobs created by Warriors fan Rayon Coleman aka rayon87 from the XB360 Creators Core Crew which scouted out the world of GTA Online to find perfect locations and times of day to fashion three Deathmatches that emulate classic scenes from the movie and game. Check out the Jobs:

The Warriors Park Scene
Appropriately set during the dreary dead of night in a baseball diamond east of La Puerta (as opposed to Riverside Park), combatants gather at opposing ends of the field and then charge to the middle to bop it out with melee weapons. Baseball bats may seem like the favored choice for individuals looking to release their inner fury but know that there are a few knives scattered about to effectively get the edge on your competition.

The Warriors Subway Scene
Take the fight underground near Rockford Hills. It'll probably be a good while until the F Train to Coney arrives, so you have time to slug it out with a myriad assortment of blunt objects at your disposal to settle territorial disputes. There may not be much in the way of health packs or Flash laying around to get your head right but there is a serviceable e-Cola machine on one end of the platform for your convenience.

The Warriors Final Scene
Daybreak - Warriors and Rogues gather under the Del Perro Pier on the beach to settle the score once and for all. Things can get hectic and crowded under the landing and you may find yourself hitting more dock supports than enemies as you swing away like a madman in close quarters. Take your rivals "out on the sand" to gain a better perspective on who's coming directly at you.

Crew Noticeboard: The Mercanti Family, Deadly Sins MC, The Departed MC and Others Now Recruiting

Posted on March 10 2014, 11:47am | Author: R* K | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

The Crew Noticeboard is our featured column of Crews actively seeking members to join their ranks where we publish your recruitment pitches in your own words.

Since the recent lift of the Social Club Crew member cap, the clamor of clans looking to gather numbers is more feverish and coordinated than ever. Meanwhile, the growing trend of Crews amplifying their efforts via other forms of media like dedicated websites and YouTube channels continues going strong. This week’s Noticeboard features some close-knit and character-focused Crews, along with a group of "good guy gamers" and more...

See this Noticeboard edition's recruitment messages after the jump.

The Business Weekend Social Club Online Event

Posted on March 5 2014, 10:53am | Author: R* K | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Get yourself a sharp suit, a fast car and a pair of shoes made from the skin of a cobra: it's time for some capitalism punishment in the Business Weekend Social Club Online Event, this Friday March 7th through Sunday March 9th.

High-end cars and rarefied recreational activities are on the menu, featuring a diverse portfolio of in-game benefits like bonus RP and GTA$ payouts for Land Races and Air Races respectively - and high powered weapons literally falling from the sky in Event Crate Drops all weekend. Also, there'll be chances to score rare GTAV gear in the Social Club Los Santos Better Business Sweepstakes and in-game GTA$1M and the exclusive 'BUSINESS' vanity plate in the #BUSINESS Snapmatic Contest. There'll also be special Event Weekend live-stream broadcasts starting this Friday afternoon with the official Rockstar show, featuring special guests and fun with the new plane, cars, guns and Jobs included in The Business Update - and continuing throughout the weekend with featured guest streams to be announced hosted by some notable Crews on YouTube and Twitch.


Acquire the new blazing fast sports cars, Vestra aircraft, and powerful weaponry that are now available in The Business Update, and also reap special in-game rewards and bonuses right through the weekend including:

  • 50% more RP in all Land Races, providing the ideal opportunity to open up that brand new Albany Alpha, Dinka Jester and Grotti Turismo R.
  • 50% higher GTA$ payouts in all Air Races - a frequent flyer bonus for those who thrive in the skies of Los Santos.
  • High Priority Vehicle - Simeon has spotted a rush in demand for company cars and has put the call out for Ocelot Jackals this weekend. Wait for his text, grab the car and fight your way back to the docks for a nice GTA$ boost.
  • Event Crate Drops - Bonus Event Crate Drops will be falling from the skies regularly in the Downtown Los Santos financial district as well as around the airfields of Los Santos and Blaine County. This weekend, the Crates will be stuffed with RPGs, Miniguns, Sticky Bombs and more RP than ever - with up to 8000RP in every Crate.


Tag your best shots between now and end of day Sunday with #BUSINESS showing off your most creative, most awesome, and most beautifully composed moments featuring any of the new cars, guns, aircraft, gear or Jobs from The Business Update. We'll pick five (5) favorites to award GTA$1M in in-game financial dividends as well as the exclusive 'BUSINESS' in-game vanity license plate so you can always roll around Los Santos like a boss.

See full rules and eligibility details.



We'll be kicking off the weekend with this Friday's official Rockstar live stream broadcast from 4-6pm ET with two hours of mayhem, hijinks, and playthroughs of the new Business Update Jobs and gear - hosted by Rockstar and featuring special invited on-stream guests including our friend, Twitch broadcaster Swiftor. We'll be streaming across the Social Club Multiplayer Events page, the Rockstar Games channel and the Rockstar YouTube channel. Tune in and join us in the hosted chat at Twitch and Social Club as well.

The Business Event Weekend live-stream action will continue throughout Saturday and Sunday with some special featured streams hosted by some of the biggest Crews on Twitch and YouTube featuring:

Make sure you’re following us on Twitter where we’ll be letting you know when these featured streams go live over the weekend.


Finally, enter The Los Santos Better Business Sweepstakes all weekend for the chance to become a walking billboard for some of Los Santos and Blaine County's most reputable (?) local businesses. Five lucky winners will win the super rare Trevor Philips Industries tee and Merryweather Security camouflage cap. 10 runners-up will score GTAV tees and stickers. To enter, just fill in the form at the Social Club Events page between Friday and the end of day Sunday March 9th. Congratulations are in order to the confirmed 5 Grand Prize winners of our previous Event Sweepstakes who each won Bugstar Overalls and Chop stash plushies: HeadHunter, wifiducky, Jubey01, tcb888, and madmax9816.

Valentine's Weekend Massacre Social Club Event Roundup: Snapmatic Winners, Weekend Streams and More

Rockstar Game Tips: Making Killer GTA Online Deathmatches with the Creator

Posted on February 25 2014, 5:05pm | Author: R* K | Filed Under: Games

When making Deathmatches using the Creator tool, consider placing powerful weapons in harder-to-reach spots.

In our previous Rockstar Game Tips article, we covered game design pro tips and pointers for polishing and perfecting your own GTA Online Races using the Creator - and we've been enjoying test driving what the Social Club community has produced thus far. Next up, we're going to delve into how to make killer custom Deathmatches, deciding every detail from where players spawn to which radio station plays in the pre-match lobby.

As before, we're leading off with a general guide for anyone yet to get some quality time with the Creator. For Creator veterans, we've got some inside design tips in response to questions and comments we've received at the email address, including specific suggested do's and don'ts from some of the very Rockstar dev team that are actively seeking out exceptional Jobs to join the ranks of the Rockstar Verified.

Hit the jump to read our official pro tips on making killer custom Deathmatches with the Creator

Valentine's Weekend Massacre Social Club Event Roundup: Snapmatic Winners, Weekend Streams and More

Posted on February 24 2014, 10:28am | Author: R* K | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

The good folks at popular fan-run channel GTA Series Videos posted this awesome video on Valentine's Day as a detailed tour and highlight reel of their (now 1,000-man) Crew putting the new Valentine's Day Massacre content through its paces.

Much love to everyone who turned out, dressed to the nines in their spiffy double-breasted suits and flapper dresses, for the Valentine's Weekend Massacre Social Club Online Event.

We saw tons of players and Crews out there not only getting into some vintage violent hijinks with their new Gusenberg Sweepers and Albany Roosevelts, but also taking to the waterways to reap bonus GTA$ payouts in Sea Races, locking palms for Triple RP Arm Wrestling, scooping up Event Crate Drops with free weaponry, RP boosts and more.

As a reminder, while the Social Club Event weekend in-game rewards may be over, the Valentine’s Day Massacre Special content itself will continue to be available to redeem in-game until the end of February and will be kept in your inventory for good thereafter – so you’ve got until the end of day this Friday February 28th now to snatch up those vintage goodies while you can.


We kicked off the Social Club Event weekend with the official Rockstar live stream broadcast across Twitch, YouTube and the Social Club Events page on Friday afternoon as we were joined by special guest GTA fan and popular Twitch streamer, Swiftor. Swiftor got in the spirit by hosting an impromptu romantic pick-up line contest with players on the stream where would-be Romeos offered questionable queries like, "Can I borrow your phone to call my mom and tell her I'm in love?" from ThisGameIsEasy and other, less wholesome gems from CheeseWhiz90, SombreOsprey and more. Thanks to Swiftor and his awesome community for joining us, and we definitely look forward to having him back soon again.

A special shout to everyone who managed to get in a game with us during the show as we played through new Jobs from the Valentine's Day Massacre update - including ChubbyGrandad and ChubbyGrandson of the xBrotherhood Nation and well-known GTA community members iLewisGTA, theGTAbase, and MRGTAVInformer. Great times were had by one and all as you can see below.


The live stream Valentine’s Massacre Weekend action continued throughout the weekend with lots of other broadcasts by standout members of the community on Twitch and YouTube.

The new Albany Roosevelt might not immediately strike you as the perfect off-road vehicle but nonetheless, HikeTheGamer and his Crew decided to gather a fleet of them and take to the great outdoors on Saturday and then move out to the LSI tarmac to put their customized vintage sports vehicles through some rigorous racing and unusual jump choices - the footage you see above was streamed live to Hike's YouTube channel this past Saturday. Cheers as well to DomIsLive of the DevastationYT Crew who got buckwild on Twitch for over two hours, decked out in Valentine’s gear and getting into all sorts of Races and free roam action with others.

MarleyThirteen on YouTube also decided to spend Valentine's in the hills by taking along particularly demanding paramour, SaplingGirl for a romantic date in search of the sunset. And LarsDK got in some quality time with our very own PlayRockstar streaming his playsession, taking in a wide range of Jobs including Races and Capture.


Over the weekend, we challenged all Snapmatic shutter-bugs out there with capturing themselves and their respective Crews breaking hearts using the hashtag #vdaymassacre - with a cool GTA$1M and one of five exclusive in-game license plates (MASACRE, VLNTINES, VMASSCRE, KISS IT, BE MINE) up for grabs for our favorite five. Here are our most adored #vdaymassacre pics that were taken during the Event eligibility period:

of the ZWAME PT Crew did an excellent job of capturing this vintage sepia-soaked scene of contrasting black and white Roosevelt Albanys racing down a Vinewood street while amorous flappers look on blowing kisses. Shenizian was prolific in gettting into the Valentine's Day spirit all weekend long, also catching our eye with this capture of a cheeky Cupid cherub drawing his "bow" and setting his sights on a young couple.

With an eye for detail, DTizMusiK and his Vespucci Beach Boyz Crew took an historical reenactment angle for this perfectly composed B&W Snapmatic of a Valentine's Massacre gangland execution in progress. Official Gang Alliance Crew, The Leone Family did a masterful job of looking cool, collected and dapper in their new suits and spats whilst casually taking a stroll away from an insane explosion, under the directorial eye of lensman KidFromBroker.

Is this a private mob bosses’ summit somewhere away from the prying eyes of the FIB’s lip-readers? Or a tense "take a ride with me, we need to talk" type of discussion that will inevitably end with someone sleeping with the sharks? Mr_Nosnets of the San Andreas Hounds Crew sets the imagination running and lists this intimate snap as one of his personal favorites.

and the always entertaining Traffickers Crew painted the parking lot red by working together to arrange 24 crimson cars to spell out their undying affection.


We would certainly be remiss if we didn't honorably mention a few other standout Snapmatics - including some that were tagged #vdaymassacre but were posted outside of the announced eligibility period: jbhips a.k.a. Ferino Design captured this gorgeous snap of a Roosevelt rolling out at The Richman Hotel and Ayreon01 blew a sweet kiss making for a perfect potential advert for the Vanilla Unicorn. Other notable honorable mentions include commendable pics from NineD6, iDeSTRuCTiioNz-, k2xBlazer, Space0Monkey, austin_45561, jwozzbot117 and Leinachan.


We'd like to give a special s/o to the ladies of Pussi Riot, self-proclaimed "GTAV's Premier Girl Character Crew Tearing Up The Streets Of Los Santos" (although if any other all-girl Crews want to challenge that claim, drop us a line at Their Lieutenant, blondarus set them a challenge at the beginning of the week to dress up in their finery and share "Mug shots even Eliot Ness would be scared of". That turned into an incredible bit of foresight with the Valentine's Day Massacre update being announced shortly after, and we enjoyed checking out the contributions on their Crew Blog.


Remember, the Valentine's Day Massacre Special content is still available to obtain in-game til the end of this month and can be kept for good, so you've got until the end of day this Friday, February 28th to scoop it all up. In addition to that, we'd like to also remind everyone who entered the Social Club Event Sweepstakes (for the chance to win rare Bugstars overalls, the Chop stuffed stash and more) to watch the inboxes of whatever email you have linked to your Social Club account as we’ve now sent out email notifications to try and confirm potential winners. Stay tuned for more new GTA Online content updates to be announced soon as well as more Social Club Event Weekend action to come.

Rockstar Game Tips: Perfecting Your GTA Online Races with the Creator

Posted on February 19 2014, 4:57pm | Author: R* K | Filed Under: Games

With access to some of the very same tools that our developers use to create GTA Online Jobs and now with over 2.5 million created thus far at Social Club, fans have certainly been putting the Deathmatch & Race Creator to work.
Our latest edition of Rockstar Game Tips is designed to help you get the most out of the Race Creator, with some general guidance that should ensure your races are intuitive and fun to play. Many of these tips are in direct response to questions and comments we've received at the email address, where we're constantly reading your feedback about all things GTA Online as we continue to grow and refine the experience. For avid Creators out there, read on for Race game design pro tips including some do's and don'ts specifically suggested by our dev teams who are on the lookout for standout Jobs with Rockstar Verified potential. Definitely take note if you're aspiring to join that illustrious group with one of your custom-made Jobs.
For those yet to jump into the Creator, we're leading off with a guide to getting started, and be sure to look out for a future Game Tips article covering Deathmatch creations very soon.

Hit the jump to read our official pro tips on perfecting your Creator Races

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