Rockstar Desktops: "MACHINE"

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Originally seen as one of our brand new summer collection Rockstar tees released to the Warehouse recently, you can now download the original "MACHINE" art in digital form, including high-res desktop formats to scrutinize all of its detail.

As described by the Rockstar art team, "At the bottom left of the Machine, a child plays the Wurlitzer, music flowing all through the elaborate mechanisms. At the opposite end of the star formation, musical notes are played in concert by robot hands on a keyboard of cats. The hands squeeze the cats and the musical notes from the little girl’s Wurlitzer are translated into the beautiful sound of cat yelps. The Machine is powered by a living dinosaur skeleton on a treadmill and operated by men at the top, one of whom is being flogged for insubordination."

Get it now at in a variety of color options and a wide range of sizes for desktops, backgrounds, Facebook covers, avatars, and icons.

Get the Rockstar Machine & Rockstar Rolling Tees at the Warehouse
Rockstar Desktops Collection: RGB Series

Max Payne 3 Multiplayer: Latest Weapon Tuning Updates

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* UPDATE: These updates are now live across all three platforms, including PC.

As promised, we're paying close attention to user-feedback submitted by the Max Payne 3 Multiplayer community to our address, and using that information to help inform dynamic tuning, title updates and DLC content in the works. Today, we can report a lineup of tweaks that have just been made to adjust weaponry online with aim to enhance overall balance (the updates are currently live across all three platforms). Jump online, give it all a go, and do feel free to hit us back at the Feedback address above if you have any suggestions related to Max Payne 3 Multiplayer at all. Stay tuned for more info soon on forthcoming title updates and DLC as well.

•         RPG
o   Starting ammunition reduced
o   Projectile will no longer ricochet or skim off smooth surfaces

•         .38 Revolver
o   Effective range increased

•         DE .50
o   Accuracy and effective range slightly increased
o   Starting ammunition increased
o   Resolved an issue that prevented the Gas Systems Kit attachment from granting the correct damage bonus

•         608 Bull
o   Starting ammunition increased

•         Mini-30
o   Slightly lowered rate of fire
o   Reduced ammunition capacity of both normal and extended magazines
o   Recoil recovery speed improved

•         Sawn Off
o   Significantly increased damage and range

•         Super Sport
o   Starting ammunition increased

•         Two-Handed Shotguns
o   Resolved an issue that prevented the Gas Systems Kit attachment from granting the correct damage bonus
o   Improved the effectiveness of the Barrel Upgrade attachment

•         Suppressor Attachments
o   Now correctly decreases weapon damage at moderate to long range

Max Payne 3 Multiplayer: Community Feedback Welcome

From NYC to São Paulo: Behind the Scenes of Max Payne 3’s Voiceover, Mo-Cap & Scanning Sessions

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The inimitable James McCaffrey voicing dialogue in our Rockstar NYC recording studio.

From New York City to São Paulo – the casting, voiceover recording, body and facial scanning and performance capture of Max Payne 3 was in itself an epic-scale production and adventure, spanning across continents and with a dynamic cast of hundreds. While the game's principal stars are portrayed by actors recorded and motion captured at our NY homebase (including the inimitable James McCaffrey returning as Max Payne himself), in order to fill the many Brazilian supporting roles from paramilitary soldiers to Branco office employees to favela residents and more, we made several production trips to the heart of São Paulo for a series of intensive dedicated recording and body scanning sessions.

Today’s installment in our behind-the-scenes series on the making of Max Payne 3 provides a glimpse into this aspect of the game’s cross-continental production - with a special look at the work invested in the performances for the game’s single-player as well as multiplayer experience.

Left: McCaffrey and actress Benedita Pereira in motion-capture suits performing at the Rockstar Long Island studio; Right: The finished product with Max assisting Fabiana Branco out of the family helicopter for an ill-fated night of reveling at Club Moderno.

Nova Iorque

Securing James McCaffrey to reprise his role as the signature voice of Max Payne was an early step in the casting process – one we knew would delight long-time fans of the franchise, his very voice (alongside that signature theme song cue) sparking waves of nostalgia when we unveiled the game’s Debut Trailer last fall. With a larger script than either of the previous Max titles, James spent close to 50 hours in the voiceover booth alone, working on in-game dialogue and Max Payne’s signature inner monologue.

Beyond the cumulative months on end spent voicing dialogue in our NYC recording studio, the game’s principal cast also donned performance suits for extensive shoots at our Long Island based motion-capture facility. Rivaled by only a handful of others worldwide, the L.I. facility is a state-of-the-art grade of mo-cap studio with proprietary technology to capture an unrivaled range of motion for animation resulting in the fluid and believable movement you see when Max dives into action.

The game’s principal cast was directed through every story cutscene as well as stunt work needed for dynamic range of motion required for gameplay.  Many sets required extensive build time with stunts and body falls from intense heights. Joining Mr. McCaffrey (who performed many of the advanced stunts himself, save for some of the more dangerous Shootdodging™ and acrobatic dives handled by pro stuntmen) was a fantastic cast of actors including Portuguese novela star Benedita Pereira who plays the Portugal-born Fabiana Branco. As seen in one of the images above, and as with any of our game’s mo-cap performance work, vast credit is due to our actors for being able to believably act out a scene taking place in a helicopter ride over the skies of São Paulo whilst actually sitting on a stage in Long Island wearing bulky and awkward capture suits.

São Paulo

One of the largest countries in the world, in both population and sheer land mass, Brazil is also one of the most diverse – with distinct Portuguese language dialects and important cultural uniquities that vary from one city or province to the next. Limited in the possible talent pool of authentic Paulistano-born acting and modeling talent here in New York, and with a need to fill hundreds of supporting character roles in the majority São Paulo based levels of the game’s story and multiplayer, we embarked on our own mission to South America for a series of casting, scanning, and voice recording sessions.

As Vozes

In trips taken specifically for voice recording, Lazlow, Rockstar’s Director of Audio Content, led a team of directors, vocal coaches, translators and sound engineers to record over ten thousand lines of Portuguese dialogue spoken in the game. With a heavy focus on tough and authoritarian VO talent needed, our local producer and sound engineer Bruno Pompeo of Maria Fumaça Productions helped in rounding up an awesome cast to provide the vocal presence of the game’s Crachá Preto paramilitary, Comando Sombra gang members, UFE troopers, favela residents and more.

Notable among the cast’s Paulistano voices are local Brazilian reality TV star and tattoo artist, Zumba Treze who voices a commanding UFE officer in the game – as well as up-and-coming São Paulo rapper (and affiliate of Emicida's Laborátorio Fantasma label) Tiago RedNiggaz who voices a character in the favela levels – both of whom are shown in photos taken during the sessions in the slideshow above.

Listen here for a first-hand account of the trips as revealed by Lazlow himself recently during an appearance on the Opie & Anthony radio show.

Os Rostos e Corpos

Separate from the voice recordings, extensive sessions were also held casting and scanning local models to serve as the faces and bodies of the game’s extras, supporting roles, and Multiplayer character skins (particularly for narrative-based game modes like Gang Wars where teams of Brazilian gangsters and soldiers face off against one another).

A Paul-Bunyan-sized mixed martial artist, a golden-locked dancer, a muscle-bound Mr. Universe contender, and even a bona fide beauty queen were only a handful of the local Brazilian talent cast to fill the hundreds of these bit parts across the game experience. Conducted at the renowned Locall Studio in the Vila Ribeiro De Barros region of São Paulo, two studio spaces were required for this leg of production - one for wardrobe where actors would change into various costumes to suit each character and the other containing the large amount of advanced scanning equipment the development team lugged south.

In wardrobe, there was a wide variety of outfits tailored to the specific roles: elite forces police uniforms, smart clubbing shirts and dresses, string bikinis, hot pants, business suits, bulletproof vests, workman boots and more were on hand as needed. Once dressed, the models were ushered into the scanning studio for image capture - each individual scan taking up to 30 minutes to complete as the head, torso and limbs are all shot separately (and longer if the actor moved or blinked at the wrong moment). As seen in the body scanning production image in the slideshow above, the poles that are visible in the photos not only ensure the actor remains stable for prolonged periods of scanning, but also to position them correctly throughout.

Included in the casting sessions and serving as the basis of just a few of the character models you’ll see in the game were Brazilian Ju-Jitsu world champion Paulo Guimaraes, who appears both as a sniper and as a bearded foot-soldier out to take Max down; the towering Daniel Borges, who competes in vicious Vale Tudo (Portuguese for ‘anything goes’) bouts and shared his personal tactics for busting skulls (why anyone would be insane enough to get in the ring with this man-mountain is beyond us) who appears as a rifle-wielding commando; and the beautiful Sarah Ferreira, a Miss São Paulo pageant contestant who appears as a dancer in the game.

Once all of the scanning has been completed, the yielded raw files then serve as a foundation for Rockstar 3D character artists to artfully design and embellish into original models. As seen in the slideshow’s presentation of Mr. Borges’ transition from photograph to 3D head to a muscle-bound, imposing Crachá Preto solider.

Max Payne 3: The Official Soundtrack - Now Available on iTunes

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Today, you can download Max Payne 3: The Official Soundtrack on iTunes.

The original soundtrack for Max Payne 3 is composed by HEALTH, the L.A. noise band whose non-symmetrical sounds have garnered critical acclaim from the music press and fans around the world. Mixing their signature percussive undertones and synth effects, HEALTH has created a dark and driving soundscape that perfectly reflect Max’s blurred and frayed mental state. HEALTH discard conventional balanced compositions and inject their signature melancholy noise pop into a score that helps propel Max as he transitions between his dark present and tragic past, giving each their own distinctive feel, while staying true to the heavy atmosphere of the Max Payne series.

The Official Soundtrack also includes Emicida's "9 Circulos" as a special bonus track - a powerful and socially conscious original song created by the acclaimed Brazilian MC especially for Max Payne 3.

Full tracklisting:

10. +90
13. DEAD
14. GUNS
17. 16 230
18. U.F.E.
25. PAIN
27. 9 Circulos (Bonus Track) – Emicida

Download "MAX: THEME" by HEALTH Plus More Updates on the Max Payne 3 Original Soundtrack

Max Payne 3 Multiplayer: Community Feedback Welcome

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As part of our commitment to support the Max Payne 3 Multiplayer community all summer long and beyond, we're eager to hear your direct feedback on anything and everything based on these first few days of international online action. As with any good online multiplayer experience, we'll be continuing to fine tune and balance aspects of the game based on player feedback and based on constant analysis of online metrics. We will be using your input as valuable information to help steer tuning updates we will be making on the fly as well as the content and priority of our title updates and elements of our DLC Packs currently in development.

To have your voice heard - simply fire an email off to Cheers everyone.

Download "MAX: THEME" by HEALTH Plus More Updates on the Max Payne 3 Original Soundtrack

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Yesterday marked not only the date of the official release of Max Payne 3 here in the states but also the release of HEALTH's hypnotic and powerful Soundtrack single "TEARS" on iTunes. Today, we've got more Soundtrack treats for you all as we gear up for Max Payne 3's international release kicking off on Friday.

Starting with a special free download for Max Payne fans everywhere, the "MAX: THEME" by HEALTH as heard above - their faithful, haunting rendition of the signature Max Payne theme as heard in the Max Payne 3 Launch Trailer (and teased in this in-studio behind-the-scenes clip).

We've also launched the Soundtrack feature page at the Max Payne 3 Official Website this week with more audio and info for everyone including an audio snippet of another pounding percussive track from the Soundtrack by HEALTH, "COMBAT DRUGS" (heard in Official Trailer #2). You can also read up on some new details about other music that underscores the Max Payne 3 story - from the original Trouble & Bass DJ Mix heard during the game's fateful Nightclub sequence (stay tuned for a special mixtape release of that mix soon) to the gritty and soulful sounds of celebrated contemporary blues guitarist Gary Clark Jr that are heard during the Hoboken Bar sequence, a violent turning point in Max's life.

The Max Payne 3 Official Soundtrack will be available digitally next week, Tuesday May 23rd featuring all original music from the score as composed by HEALTH, including "TEARS" as well as the bonus track "9 Círculos" by Emicida. Stay tuned for full tracklist info by Tuesday - and also keep an eye out on the Rockstar Twitter feed for the release of a special "US To BR" Remix of Emicida's "9 Círculos" later this week.

Enlistment Roundup: The First Days of CREWS at the New Rockstar Social Club

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Social Club Crew registration has only been open for a few short days and already we’re seeing rivalries fostering between storied internet communities, very ill original Emblem Editor creations, and allegiances being forged amongst our longtime Social Club members, #MaxPayne3 Twitter cast members and more. We promise to keep you updated on a regular basis at the Newswire in the weeks and months ahead on the latest news from the Crew frontlines – highlighting those that are dominating the Max Payne 3 Leaderboards and unlocking accomplishments, and those that have managed to catch our eye out there in the community. For now, check out a first roundup of some noteworthy first Founder Crews.

From top left:

911 NYC, PCC Crew, and Bring on the Payne – these guys have been actively recruiting at the Newswire and on Facebook since well before the New Social Club launched – and we know many of you in Comments have already pledged your allegiance to one (or a potentially treasonous multiple). We’re looking forward to an epic Feud between these warring factions online once Max Payne 3 drops next week.

Enlistment support drive – these guys may be short as yet on members, but big on fun names, emblems and mottos that have caught our attention – have a look: Raging Wookiees (“Don’t anger the Wookiees”), GameTimeAgainNinjas (“There’s only two ways this can end & in both of them, you die), War Kitties (“I am the devil, and I am here to do the devil’s work”), Jimmy Rustlers (“Your Jimmies just got rustled”), Cthulu Catz (“Crew for having a good time. Open to all!”), Los Santos Kings (“Oooosh bang tidy!!!”) and Pattern Baldness (“We’re not ready to let it go… Share your despair. Tear the hair from your enemies.”).

Reddit versus The Vidya (4Chan) – we are not taking sides in this one, but these two communities have planted their Founder Crew flags down and it looks like the beef is on. The Vidya has inadvertently broken the Crew cap of 250 members and soared to over 300 deep – the biggest Crew yet. With that, we've officially lifted the member cap for all private Crews to 300, and are working on lifting it even higher in the coming weeks – in the meantime, the gauntlet has been thrown in Reddit’s direction as Vidya Crew member ThuhPickle states on their Crew page, “Reddit doesn’t stand a chance”…

GTAForums and iGrandTheftAuto – two of the longest-running GTA fan communities Crewing up. Shout to Crew leaders Meta_Pathos and Psyware respectively. But will it be a GTA fan alliance between these two – or a Rampage?

Ready for action – these Crews are growing in numbers and appear to be pretty damn serious about making a mark in Multiplayer: Russian Bears Team (“Turn yourself into a best, get rid of the pain of being a man. Recruiting new members and NOT only Russians. Join and together we will build a mighty and powerful crew”), UK Crew (“Anarchy from the UK, is all about the GMT… We’ll be Bringing the Payne from all UK consoles to everyone else.”), NYC Bloodpack (“Fighting for Peace, Killing for Fun”), Riot Hounds (“Play Hard or Play Chill. Most of all – Play for Fun.”), SFO-Wolf (“Mortis Nostrum Hostilis… Welcome to the den! Home of the tier-one Special Force Operative WOLF!”) and Guerilla Gaming (“Looking for the Best of the Best of the Best to Dominate the Competition.”).

SODMG Gamers – we’ve seen these guys from the SODMG community on Twitter for weeks now getting amped for Payne, even making original songs like “Strapped Up Like Max Payne”. Ready to see all of SODMG flood in to that Crew.

Two gaming community Crews worth noting - WetheGamerz of with an awesome emblem – and of course, NeoGANG – The Official NeoGAF Crew founded by DGSimo. Also everyone can check out the NeoGAF Max Payne 3 OT now up and rocking.

Broken Whiskey Bottles – Finally, a special shout to this Crew for its constituency of faithful Social Club members like ChicagoEnigma, FugetSudo_Jr, emmi18176860, German Scientist, Marney-1, IWIHooligan, and others – as well as for recruiting several of the #MaxPayne3 Twitter cast members like JaclynJimenez, silenthamish, Twisted_AZ, ElvisMarques and Louzer. We’re sure this squad will be a fixture in the daily play sessions with Rockstar and official Max Payne 3 live streaming Social Club events.

Emicida “9 Círculos” (from the Max Payne 3 Original Soundtrack)

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Emicida, a leader of the rap scene in Brazil's hip-hop capital city of São Paulo - and winner of Act of the Year in the 2011 MTV VMB Awards - has just released his original track, "9 Círculos (9 Circles)" composed and produced exclusively for Max Payne 3 to his fans at Produced by Emicida's in-house beatmakers Casp and Nave Beatz, you can now listen to the song in full above and at the Rockstar Games Soundcloud page.

The inspiration for the song according to Emicida, is his hometown city of São Paulo itself, where Max Payne 3 is set - as he explains:

"O caos da maior cidade da América Latina, a insegurança, o medo envolto nessa atmosfera de corrupção, crime, pobreza, luta por justiça e todos os elementos que compõem este ambiente... A composição é dividida em duas partes. A primeira é algo como um conflito interno, e a segunda é uma visão mais política, com um olhar sobre fatos recentes, uma vez que o jogo é lançado neste momento que estamos vivendo agora. Acho que a música faz jus à São Paulo que vemos hoje... Ter uma canção cantada em português num lançamento mundial é muito especial para a música brasileira. ‘9 Círculos’ passeia por uma brasilidade bem interessante, flerta com maracatu e samba. É um texto bem cru sobre a realidade das ruas, estou feliz com isso."

("The chaos of the largest city in Latin America, the insecurity, the fear that revolves around this atmosphere of corruption, crime, poverty, the struggle for justice, and all the elements that are part of this environment... The song is divided into two parts. The first part is something along the lines of an internal conflict, and the second is a more political insight, with a glimpse over current events that we are experiencing right now as the game [Max Payne 3] is released. I think the song lives up to the São Paulo that we see today... To have a song sung in Portuguese in a project released worldwide is quite significant to Brazilian music. ‘9 Círculos’ contains a Brazilian flavor that is quite interesting, and it flirts with the maracatu and the samba. It possesses a raw content covering the reality of the streets and I am really happy about that.)"

We're very proud to have this original composition in Max Payne 3. For all of our non-Portuguese-speaking fans, you can check out a faithful transcription of the lyrics into English after the jump - and stay tuned for a special remix of the track as well, to be released soon.

Social Club Crews

For Max Payne 3 to Grand Theft Auto V and beyond, Crews are groups of Social Club members who form persistent teams to compete and earn rewards in-game and on the Social Club website. Create a Crew or join one now - here are some Crews we've featured in the Crew Cut here at the Newswire:

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