New GTAV Screens: Motorbike Action, Heists, High-Speed Chases and More...

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Just added to the collection of Grand Theft Auto V screenshots at is a brand new set of 12 action-packed shots in high-res featuring Michael, Franklin and Trevor in various states of play - parachuting over Blaine County, piloting over the coastline in a Cuban 800, as well as attending to business affairs solo and as a masked unit tackling heists. Enjoy.



Michael. Franklin. Trevor. Trailers April 30

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11 AM Eastern, today.

Unreleased Original Radio Espantoso Songs from Vice City Now Available on iTunes

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On top of the classic Love Fist EP we remastered and released not too long ago, we've just dug even deeper in the vaults to release a trio of original sought-after tracks from Vice City's Radio Espantoso airwaves.

"The Bull's Wrong" by Alpha Banditos

"Yo Te Mire" by Tres Apenas Como Eso

"La Vida Es Una Lenteja" by Unaesta

These latin jam bands were a sureshot to get the fiesta going back in 1980s VC and now fans of their funky sounds (special shout to LegionYT1994) can grab the digitally remastered tracks for the low price of $0.69 each over at iTunes. They're also available for streaming on Spotify and have been added to our official playlists.

Official Grand Theft Auto Radio Playlists on Spotify and iTunes
Love Fist's Original 1986 EP Is Now Available on iTunes
Head Radio & Lips FM Station Albums from Liberty City Stories Now Available on iTunes
Grand Theft Auto III: Head Radio & Lips FM Station Albums Now Available on iTunes

A Totally Rad Roundup of 80s Flicks in Honor of Vice City

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Looking back on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on the occasion of its recent mobile release is a pretty powerful double-hit of nostalgia for us. Not only are we here at Rockstar taken back to that wild year of 2002 when we labored to take the groundbreaking 3D GTA experience pioneered in the previous fall's Grand Theft Auto III into a direction that no one at the time expected - but it's also a time to revisit the fascination with 1980s pop culture that inspired Vice City in the first place. From coked-out debutantes, suave and in-control hit men, hot-blooded drug kingpins, egomaniacal movie directors... the larger than life attitudes of that "me" decade as served up in the films of the era served as perfect inspiration for the stories, characters and scenery that drove the world and vibe of Vice City...

Scarface (1983)

But of course. Largely dismissed at the time as an overblown, needlessly and gratuitously violent and profane remake of Howard Hawks' 1932 gangster classic - it has now, of course, transcended all of that and become one of the biggest and most enduring cult hits of all time - defining what a modern crime epic should be. An absolute top favorite of ours, we started paying homage to the film's legacy in GTAIII with Flashback 95.6's Scarface soundtrack heavy playlist and the casting of Robert Loggia as the sciatica-plagued Ray Machowski - but it goes without saying that Vice City owes much of its inspiration to the vivid characters, style, scenery and music of De Palma and Pacino's 1980s Miami gangster masterpiece.

Less Than Zero (1987)

Hands down the darkest movie of the 'brat pack' genre, this Robert Downey Jr. and Andrew McCarthy-starring movie is a stylish adaptation of the disturbing Bret Easton Ellis (American Psychonovel. A morality tale of excess following rich Beverly Hills yuppie kids caught up with living life in the coke-fueled fast lane of the 1980s social scene. Incredible style, music and oddly prophetic to the drug troubles that would plague Downey himself in the years to come.

Hit the jump below for the rest of our selections and be sure to recommend your favorites in the comments.

Vice City Crime Tree Desktop + Unreleased Classic Character Art

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Rounding out our collection of Vice City digital wallpapers, backgrounds, Facebook covers, buddy icons and avatars - we've created a desktop-ready version of the classic Vice City Bureau of Investigations crime tree from the original Grand Theft Auto: Vice City website. So pin that one to your monitor, fill the loafers of VCBI Agents Bruce and Bob, and eagle-eye the relationships between the dodgy characters of VC's criminal ecosystem - from powerful kingpins like Sonny Forelli and Colonel Cortez on down to dregs like 'expert' safecracker Cam Jones and chef Leo Teal.

Additionally, we've dug into the crates a bit and created nice hi-res desktops of all the other character art that was never officially released in the Vice City collection. That's Avery Carrington, Cam Jones, Candy Suxx, Colonel Cortez, Gonzales, Hilary King, Old Man Earnest Kelly, Kent Paul, Steve Scott, Tommy Vercetti, Umberto Robina - AND, all of the radio DJ character art: Adam First, Pepe, Fernando Martinez, Oliver 'Ladykiller' Biscuit, Mr. Magic, Toni, and Lazlow.

Grab these and more over at the Vice City collection of Wallpapers, Icons, and Avatars.

New Vice City Anniversary Artwork Added to Rockstar Downloads

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Coming to PSN Tomorrow

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We know GTA fans on PlayStation 3 have been eager to be able to download and play the original Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas from the PSN Store for quite awhile now and we're happy to announce that it will finally be coming for download there tomorrow, Tuesday December 11th (the game is also currently available for Xbox 360 players via the Xbox LIVE Marketplace).

Stay tuned as we will officially confirm the availability of San Andreas at the PSN Store here tomorrow at the Newswire.

GTAV Trailer #2 Coming 11AM ET this Wednesday

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Trailer #2 will be coming at 11AM ET this Wednesday, November 14th. Let the countdown begin.

Catch it here at the Rockstar Newswire, or at

UPDATE: You can now download the Trevor, Franklin, Michael artwork as seen above at the Rockstar Downloads section in a wealth of sizes for desktop, mobile, social media backgrounds as well as avatars and icons (Social Club avatars are also available).

Watch HEALTH's Official Music Video for "TEARS"

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Released last week on Halloween, enjoy the new official music video for "TEARS", from Max Payne 3 soundtrack composers HEALTH.

"TEARS" is available as a single on iTunes and as part of the Max Payne 3 Original Soundtrack on iTunes and on CD via the Rockstar Warehouse.

“TEARS” by HEALTH Single Now Available on iTunes
Max Payne 3 Official TV Commercial

Rockstar Warehouse