GTA Fan Pics on Instagram & Snapmatic: Epsilon Meta Masochism, Trevor Toons & More

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This week's round up of awesome Grand Theft Auto fan photos shows off the community's style & panache from artistic renditions of Trevor and Michael to some creative applications of GTA heads-up-displays on nails and flesh, plus a glimpse via Instagram Video of the moment when Epsilon Program inductee Haylee Hendricks encounters her in-game self - and torments her.. 

As always, if you happen upon (or take) any cool GTA or Rockstar-related shots, make sure to send them our way via Mouthoff and remember to follow us at for all our latest official pics.

Permanent. Cheat. Code. @bundalele's maxed out stats etched in ink.


Spotted at Roadtrippers, they've got an impressive tour comparing tourist sights across the real life West Coast to those in LS & Blaine. 

One of the many highlights at the Snapmatic most Popular collection at Social Club, S_T_E_R gets creative with skid marks.

This and other of @pocketsizesupervillian's sketches on IG and Tumblr get melancholy baby over Trevor and Michael ("So many feels... ;~;"). 

Awesome to see Epsilon chosen one @hayleehendricks getting acquainted with her in-game self. A shout to Epsilon member Tiana as well enjoying the spectacle in the IG comments.

Another of the most Popular Snapmatics at Social Club, Mafian94 juxtaposes a Scorcher dirtbike at sunset on a hilltop to create a true thing of beauty.

Yet another reason to fly Elitas Travel. From the Snapmatic most Popular collection.


Nail artist @elaineqxoxo commemorated her foray into Los Santos & Blaine County with this lovely GTAV inspired polish.

 A throwback to GTAIV here as @niko_Liberty247 takes cousin @romanfromLC's offer to heart and fully commits to a ten pin strike. 


 @carolinegariba's impressive caricature of Trevor is a sly reference to a recent personal appearance.

The Softer Side of San Andreas

And finally, found at the Snapmatic collection at Social Club, a few of our favorite beauty and nature shots to kick back and enjoy...

M_Nusardi stepped just far enough away from the boardwalk amusement to snap sundown in Del Perro.

 thebwoycamps99's hike up Mount Chilliad resulted in this heavenly shot.

snifflesx perfectly captured the sun shining through the happy little trees of Paleto Forest.

Fan Photos: Snapmatic Selfies and Scenic Photography
Found on Instagram: #RDR Tattoos, Toys and Rockstar Costumes, A Few #GTA Instagram Faves


Found on YouTube: GTA Theme Song One-Man-Band and Niko Reacts to the GTAV Gameplay Video

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GTA fan and YouTube musician extraordinaire SquidPhysics released some pretty impressive covers of past Grand Theft Auto theme songs. He proves himself to be quite the Renaissance man - filming, recording, mixing, and playing a wide array of instruments, including the classic violin, the saxophone and the cello as well as a few of the more eclectic instruments like castanets and bongos and found sounds via beer bottles, markers and spray paint. Check out his cover of the theme from GTAIV below. 

You can also hear his renditions of the GTAIII, Vice City and San Andreas themes over at his YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, in addition to all the reaction here at the Newswire to the GTAV Official Gameplay Video (over 28,000 comments and still going strong), it looks like Niko Bellic himself had a profound response - in Yeardley Diamond's follow up to the breakdancing "Gentleman" clip we featured here a couple weeks ago...



The December Social Club Multiplayer Events Recap

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Thanks to GM-Shenmue for this capture of the December 15th Max Payne 3 Social Club Multiplayer event.

December brought us the final Social Club Multiplayer Events of 2012, capping off an explosive year of Bullet Time laden Gang Wars in São Paulo, free-for-all wild western Shootouts, and of course Free Roaming mayhem across Liberty City and the American frontier. Here’s to our dedicated and awesome Social Club community for all the great times – and to an exciting 2013 as we continue the Winter calendar and gear up for what’s in store this spring

Here’s a recap of action along with some highlight-reel screens and fan-captured video from the December sessions.

In December 7th's Red Dead Redemption event, the festivities began with a race at Sidewinder Gulch, where GTAIV_King got an early jump against a field that included our own RedDeadDev4. In a Gang Shootout, dylribe opened things up with a kill on Rollaw whilst scareface1970 got it from the wolves. Meanwhile, in Tesoro Azul, a bit of Grab the Bag went down with the initial team of GTAIV_King, ARTHAS010701 (PSN ID) and spookyjames  for the Marshals and RedDeadDev4, dylribeQcfrank89 and Rollaw repping Dutch’s Gang. With Dev4 eliminating ARTHAS01071 and Qcfrank89 firing a shot off on GTAIV_King right off the bat, Dutch’s Gang won the initial showdown handily. Dev 4 then stopped Marshal bag carrier spookyjames but ARTHA501071 was able to get revenge 17 yards out with the Springfield rifle. With a bag capture from d7oom_V-I-P (PSN ID), Dutch’s Gang found themselves up 3-0. Rollaw was good for one more grab and Dutch’s Gang pulled off a smooth 4-1 victory.

Over in Coot’s Chapel, Undead Nightmare's High Brains Drifter map was jumping with our monster mash out posse. Dev4 fought the good fight with fellow Social Club zombie hunters, but in the end was killed by the undead and, in a classic case of "I don't know which species is worse", by his own teammate, Rafioso. Et tu, Rafi?

Back to regular Red Dead modes, in the Carrera del Diablo cup, the Grand Prix got off to a heated start as the aptly named KIKURAZZ (XBL GT) picked off an enemy and literally the horse he rode in on, followed by the decapitation of Dev4 by Darkshniff, who earned Top of the Crop. After one race, Qcfrank89 was in first place, followed by Darkshniff and Rafioso. Winning Race 2, Rollaw suddenly found himself at the top heading into Corona’s Paradise.
Heading over to the Gang Shootout in Las Hermanas, Walton’s Gang faced off against Rebeldes. While Walton’s Gang’s zellraiden was the unfortunate victim of friendly fire by yozgatli-burak (PSN ID), the former did get arjun-22 (PSN ID) and Walton’s had momentum on their side, winning the showdown. With the match half over and production from the likes of yozgatli-burak, Walton’s Gang was still ahead but it was anyone’s game. In the second half, EdAlexandar (XBL GT) and CWBfromtheNFT (XBL GT) stepped up their games for the Rebeldes, winning $2000 to $1800.
Hit the jump below for more on all the happenings of the December Social Club events.

Seen on Instagram: #GTA Adorning Man and Machine

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In our latest look about the world of Instagram, we've seen impressive #GTA homages decorating the flesh and steel of some pretty hardcore fans, as well as race and chase grannies, Vice City mobile highlight reel shots and more. If you stumble upon any other fun user pics whether from GTA or any of our other games, send them our way via Mouthoff and remember to follow us at to always see our latest official pics.

VC to SA to MAN. Salford tattoo artist @mrjackart hooked up this sleeve for @jamespanayiotou in a tribute to #ViceCity, #SanAndreas and 'sunny' Madchester.

There's been lots of choice IG photos posted by fans returning to #ViceCity via their iPhones, iPads and Droids. Doing an insane stunt jump in a bus while rocking 2 stars? Impressive, @wupreme666.

Spotted on the streets of Berlin - this guy took Pay 'N' Spray to a whole new level (via @canbaba)...

And in the UK - this one found in a Tesco parking lot by @ryanpanayis.

Through the years. A shout to @chaanbansal for this lovely nostalgic collage of the Vice City,Los Santos and Liberty City skylines from '86 to 2013.


Grandma runs you over with a Sabre Turbo. @scottboas shared this pic of his grandmother catching wreck on the streets of #ViceCity.


RIP IWIHooligan

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Some very sad news has come to our attention in that longtime community member IWIHooligan has recently passed away.

IWIHooligan was a dedicated and active member of the Social Club - a huge fan of titles like The Warriors and GTAIV as he led The  Warriors Gang Crew - a regular commenter here at the Newswire and attendee of multiplayer events - and was talented in his own right as a video editor as a former winner of one of our Video Editor Contests for his piece, "I Walk Alone" (you can also read a nice interview with him that fansite GTAAddict conducted in 2011).

We know that many of you here at the Social Club were mates of his - we'll all miss his voice and presence here and we'd like to take this time to remember him and to offer our deepest condolences to all of his family and friends.

Found on Instagram: #RDR Tattoos, Toys and Rockstar Costumes

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Here are some of the latest fun Rockstar related pics we've seen (and favorited) floating around the world of Instagram, including some homemade Red Dead toys; Payne, Phelps and Marston costumes as seen on the convention circuit and gearing up for Halloween; and perhaps the most unpredictable Rockstar character tattoo we've ever seen. If you happen upon something awesome and Rockstar related in photo form shared on Instagram, shoot a link our way via mouthoff, or drop it in comments - and remember to follow "rockstargames" on Instagram or browse at

Max Payne in all his glory. Spotted at #NYCC 2012 by @chrisdotb  
@Brandiiketchum observed Cole Phelps on the case, live at Anime Weekend Atlanta

Avid costumer @yolomofo shows off his John Marston ensemble
@camilomm88 recreates a #RDR scene of Marston riding off into the sepia-toned sunset using #legos

He says it's still a work in progress - but his is already a pretty badass custom Undead Marston figure created by @cdtwitcher in London
Big time Red Dead fan @Laurajanefraser decided to pay homage to her favorite female #RDR character permanently on her leg. No, not Bonnie, not Luisa, not even the Scarlet Lady - but multiplayer avatar character Sarah Grace... Whoa.

Recap from our September Max Payne 3 and GTA IV Social Club Events

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Last month, we continued the Fall program of Social Club Multiplayer Events with visits to GTA IV's Liberty City and Max Payne's haunts of Hoboken and Sao Paulo - streaming live on the Rockstar Games' channel and on the Social Club Multiplayer Events page for both events. Thanks as always to everyone who participated, and without further ado, here's all the gory details....

During our Max Payne 3 event on Sept. 21stMaxPayneDev4 flagged emKultra reppin for The Patient Crew as one particularly tough opponent on PS3. emKultra won two games on the trot playing alongside our Dev: first a Deathmatch in Branco Headquarters followed by a Last Team Standing on the rooftops. Soon after, MaxPayneDev4 entered a Team Deathmatch in the Hoboken Alleys mid-game to find the team he had been placed on were already down 20 kills at the halfway point. Showing courage in the face of adversity, Dev4 went on an incredible run with the G6 Commando, finishing with 30 kills to 4 deaths, helping to pull his team into first place for a fantastic comeback.

Thanks once again to Shenmue Saga for uploading the full video of MaxPayneDev2's Event gameplay.

Hit the jump for more from our Max Payne 3 event, as well a rundown of our September 27th GTA IV event and more...

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