Fan Pics: A Study of Trevor in Wool, Los Santos Noire and Tributes to GTA San Andreas

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This week's collection of fan pics is full of GTA West Coast flavor with impressive creative tributes by means of everything from tattoo needle to knitting needle.

Check 'em out below and as always, be sure to send any Rockstar-related and fan-created awesomeness that you think is worth featuring here at the Newswire to us via Mouthoff and follow us at for all our latest official pics. You can also feel free to drop cool finds in the comments section below for other Social Club members to enjoy.

Along with this picture proof that even in knitted form, Trevor looks ready to burn your house down, deviantARTist Coldestblood also sent Mr. Philips on a bender with Bender, Credit to Coldestblood for the fine knitting work and to collaborator, photographer lucasgenio123 on the inspired photoshoot collage. Amazingly, Ned Luke himself popped up in Coldestblood's gallery comments section to say, "Hey... what am I? Chopped liver? This is freaking awesome. I wanna see Michael. Ned" - and voila: Michael. Word is that a knitted Franklin is also underway to complete the trio.

Evidence of a trend? deviantARTist and avid plushies designer AkaKiiroMidoriAoi shows her fluffy takes on nearly every GTAV character. She even gave the tweaked out Wade all of his respective piercings for a nice touch of detail.

Los Santos Noire. A dark and stormy night in Vinewood, stunningly shot in Snapmatic by Digi-Geist using the new B&W filter.

deviantARTist @doubleleaf hooked up this fun animated GIF after completing GTAV - inspired by both a frantic Trevor and this vintage TV ad for Manga series Lupin III.

Here’s a mini-gallery of some great tributes to the original GTA San Andreas – we’ve seen a surge of excellent stuff in the wake of the game’s recent release for mobile devices (now also out this week for Windows Phone) and in light of the game’s 10th anniversary this year. Definitely send us any other awesome fan photos and creations for consideration to feature here at the Newswire.

DeviantARTist ubegovic created this pin up of San Andreas caricature sketches he did while replaying the game. That's Big Smoke's scowl to a t. 


Wow - YouTuber MyRagingMonkey is working tirelessly to recreate all of San Andreas in Minecraft. He's already got a very detailed Grove Street as you can see above and even the interior to C.J.'s houseFound via @roguecircuitgaming.

@Mightdieb really took "Grove St 4 Life" to heart. By the looks of it, The Grove Street Family will always have his back. An insane work in progress by artist @Maggiemayhemm.

dmmcintyre3's bounty hunting vehicle of choice is an LS Custom-made FIB Rancher modeled after the original GTA San Andreas Vehicle. He shared his experience with reddit, swearing to his durable Rancher XL over most super cars. A shout out to GTA Wikia for the sweet comparison photo. 


San Andreas fan @Samuelhoygan went as far as to have the Grove Street Family muralized on his bedroom walls, copping a seat next to Ryder for full effect. 


trlxpro claims, "CJ def isn't dead. I found proof in pics..." You can spot this arguable doppelgänger of C.J. in GTA Online, shared by his Crew, Ganton Disciples' Instagram. 


Spotted in Russia by @georgepobivaev, a vivid and pretty spot on, full-color graffiti of the classic San Andreas' "Drive By" artwork. 


Fan Pics: V Reimagined in 80s VC, Homemade Infographics, Fun with Filters and More

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This week's latest round up of exceptional fan-created pics and artwork highlights players that have been taking full advantage of all the new Snapmatic features (released in the recent GTA Online Holiday Gift), plus some helpful and impressively detailed infographics - and after the jump, check out a few of our favorite #XmasInLosSantos snaps that you guys shared during the Holiday Gift period that ended last Sunday January 5th.

We're always on the lookout for awesome Snapmatic shots and other original fan creations to feature here at the Newswire. If you've got a snap or some artwork that you'd like to share, drop a link to it in the comments below so that the rest of the Social Club community can check it out and feedback or email it directly to us at

New Snapmatic photo filters used to a great retro vibe effect. Clockwise from top left: a hazy, sun-drenched Vespucci Beach Party compliments of thegypsy66; Endless summer - the sun sets on another day in Los Santos (by xX-BUGALU-Xx); The heat is on - an LSPD response caught by vonloasterdrug; and Wilkinchatd1 artfully frames a Z-Type on the runway at Los Santos International.

Social Club member seb_Hells using the new Snapmatic filters to punch up the industrious beauty of Los Santos from the Del Perro Pier.

A peaceful sailboat gliding across the sea as snow falls on Christmas night - photo credit: BANDICOOT-RUS.

Also by the talented BANDICOOT-RUS (check the full gallery), this stunner capturing a butterfly against a hazy rural hillside.

No stranger to taking in the scenery, Ensor1 caught the sun setting on a picturesque day in San Andreas.

Amsterdam based infographic wizards Spijkermat created this elaborate buyers guide to getting the most out of your GTAV driving experience. They tracked the speed, braking, acceleration and handling of each vehicle, calling out the best buy, most expensive, best specs, and fastest.

You no longer have any excuses for not taking advantage of public transit in Los Santos. Redditor and cartographer m101m102m103 mapped out the Los Santos Transit System and apparently it wasn't his first time. Originally inspired by another Redditor who took a bus and drove it around a set route in GTAIV, m101m102m103 made this very intricate Liberty City Bus Map.

"Michael, Trevor and Franklin travel down south to lay low for a while, but per usual - things don't necessarily go as planned." Trinidadian artist Gerrel Saunders, does a totally rad job of bringing GTAV back to the 80s in his reimagining titled "GTA: Vice City Nights".

Hit the jump to check out a few of our favorite festive Snapmatics shared over the holiday season...


Fan Pics: Famous Rides of Film and TV Invade GTA Online, Uncanny Jimmy Hopkins Look-alike & More

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This week's collection of fun GTAV and Rockstar fan pics features an inspired photoset of vehicle shots, with everything from Vinewood Hollywood recreations to some well-made mock adverts. There's also some exceptional fan art, an uncanny bit of Jimmy Hopkins cosplay along with some standout Snapmatics of the picturesque natural beauty found in the Greater Los Santos area.

As always, if you happen upon (or take) any cool GTA or Rockstar-related shots make sure to send them our way via Mouthoff and remember to follow us at for all our latest official pics.

Clockwise from top left: @Meoriz shared his spin on the classic Adam West era Batmobile; and a trio of Redditors show off their TV and film inspired creations as ClydeMason1911 remakes the General Lee, JordanLorenze nailed this take on Spring Breakers, and blacklambgreyfalcon brings Dr. Alan Grant to Los Santos.

"Childhood dream come true, thanks to sticky bombs." Redditor, Berdu got creative with explosives, recreating KITT from Knight Rider and managed to only blow himself up five times in the process of creating this excellent animated GIF.

Bad ass Red Dead Redemption tat pairing Marston and the Scarlet Lady by Iowa-based artist @alecbauertattoo.


A spot-on Jimmy Hopkins look-alike readying his trusty sling shot - spotted by @alfienitsura at this year's Akicon in Seattle.

Deviant Artist davidstonecipher 's action-packed rendering of Michael, Trevor and Franklin making a hectic getaway. Also check out his cartoony take on Marston and other Rockstar related strips


Midnight Club II's cover-car Saikou XS drawn in Microsoft Paint? Wow. Kudos to @SeleOfficialArt for keeping it properly old school.

Above, Redditor and car enthusiast Vezuvius has created a very fun and convincing original series of GTAV vehicle adverts that look like they could have been pulled straight from the pages of this week’s Prattle.

In the Ansel Adams category, Birmandude1 photographed this
picturesque oasis tucked away in Blaine County.

Redditor and off-road adventurer, paperclipman123 joined PLAINFIELDian for some four-wheeling fun. This shot is a beaut that seems to perfectly capture a day spent taking in the rarefied thrills of Mount Josiah. 


Fan Gets Trevor’s ‘Cut Here’ Tat, Plus Snapmatic Homages & More
Architecture, Art, Landscapes & Leisure by Linalyx and More
'GTAV on Floppy' and More Awesome Costumery


Fan Pics: Fan Gets Trevor’s ‘Cut Here’ Tat, Plus Snapmatic Homages & More

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This week’s featured round-up of fan photos, Snapmatics and artwork brings us certainly one of the boldest Rockstar-themed tattoos we’ve ever seen – along with some impressive Snapmatic homages to everything from TMNT to Speed Racer to our own recently released GTA Online Beach Bum update.

Check it all out below and as always, if you happen upon (or take) any cool GTA or Rockstar-related shots, make sure to send them our way via Mouthoff and remember to follow us at for all our latest official pics.

Kudos to Kivlov- of the irrepressible Cyclop 9 Crew for this excellent recreation of the recent GTA Online Beach Bum artwork staged and snapped over the Vespucci Beach Party Social Club weekend - even nailing the necklace, headband, tat and background details. Rockstar Games character artwork staged as Snapmatic photo shoots… Perhaps a good candidate for a future Snapmatic photo contest? Hmmm… 

Red Dead Multiplayer character Sarah Grace apparently has quite the cult following with the ladies of the Antipodes. Last year, we featured her gracing the leg of a hardcore RDR fan in Australia. Now, New Zealand’s @pullthepins hit us up on Instagram to share hers: “Thought you might like my Sarah Grace of Red Dead Redemption tattoo. We gave her a little outfit change but she is still the badass Sarah through and through.”


Yikes. @RepeaterLegend tweeted us this quite bold tattoo “Tribute to Trevor Philips.”



New Zealand based tattoo artist Aja Anna's rendition of the gruesome Zombie Marston from Undead Nightmare. 



Crew on the half shell: DanglyZoidberg on Reddit gathered some friends together in Blaine County to get that TMNT look just right.

@thatzikoguy19 posted this striking Max Payne 2 stencil art – always nice to see Mona Sax in the Fall.


Israeli graf artist @spine_b7 deep in progress on a wall piece featuring a rendition of Franklin and Chop. Have a look at the finished product he shared this week: “Dirty South GTA Style”.

Ride at V. On the left, inventive caricaturist and illustrator Andy Urzua aka @mr_urzua showed off his collection Saturday morning cartoon and pop culture inspired Los Santos Custom rides with Mario Kart, Adventure Time, Speed Racer and Pokemon all making their way into the mix. On the right, Redditor SmokeySlim took the new BF Bifta from the Beach Bum update and kitted it out a la RC from Toy Story.

There’s tons of Trevor sketches out there, but Finnish artist @Nurmink’s stuck out to us for its detail and pathos. Trevor as the proverbial sad and tormented clown. There’s also perhaps a bit of Michael in there - intentional? 


In the grand tradition of Rockstar and GTA themed cakes and confectionaries, comes this epic multi-layered GTAV cake shared by @nothin_but_truckz on IG. We want a slice.


'GTAV on Floppy' and More Awesome Costumery
Epsilon Meta Masochism, Trevor Toons & More
Snapmatic Selfies and Scenic Photography


Fan Pics: Architecture, Art, Landscapes & Leisure by Linalyx and More

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In this week’s round up of exceptional fan photos, we check in on the talented lensmen and women of the Landscape Photographers of Los Santos and Blaine County group, who we're happy to report are still prolific in creating astounding in-game Snapmatic photos. A while back we featured the work of Phil Rose from that collective, and today another member of both that Flickr group and of Phil's Landscapers (FOTO) 50+ member Social Club Crew, Lin Moreno aka Social Club's Linalyx has caught our eye with a gorgeous photoset on Flickr including a few of our favorites as shown below. Enjoy a brief gallery of Lin’s work as well as some other fun photographic findings below like Franklin’s pad re-built in Minecraft, the continuing misadventures of Los Santos’ land-sharks and more.

As always, if you happen upon (or take) any cool GTA or Rockstar-related shots make sure to send them our way via Mouthoff and remember to follow us at for all our latest official pics.

Photo #1 of 4 by Linalyx of the Landscapers (FOTO) Crew, a gang that shoots with their iFruits. Lin calls this beautifully melancholic one "Alamo Sea the Hanging Tree Flash of Lightening 1".

Photo #2 of 4. "Strawberry Ave. Abstract"

Photo #3 of 4. Stunning geometric framing entitled "Richards Majestic 7".

Photo #4 of 4. "Vinewood Hills 4." A wonderful presentation of geometry, architecture and 'natural' color.

We continue to find excellent post-Halloween costume pics. This desperado is looking mean and green as an undead Marston by @jaincasey. Honorable mention to @Spiderborland for his well-appointed take on Marston


 @Creeper981 managed to faithfully recreate Franklin's crib in Minecraft. Pretty awesome. Nice to see Franklin's still repping the block. 

In this week's edition of Shark Week: What the... Looks like MAKAVELI brought home a pretty unconventional house guest for a sleepover. 


Slow-cooked campfire shark is apparently considered quite the delicacy in Vespucci. Another inventive shark out of water selfie by @viresh777.

Photographer Luis Serrano has been sharing more of his GTAV Photography with us,  here capturing a beautiful horizon. 


Spotted by @asap_ramzi in the streets of NYC - a latest official Grand Theft Auto V mural update in progress. 


'GTAV on Floppy' and More Awesome Costumery
Epsilon Meta Masochism, Trevor Toons & More
Snapmatic Selfies and Scenic Photography


Snapmatic Photo Contest: #EpicPhotobomb Winners

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Bombs away! The results are in. After an epic week of poring through shots of fortuitously-timed leering pedestrians, gravity-defying cars 'spoiling' Crew family photos, and deliciously disrupted Trevor selfies, we've narrowed down our five favorite #epicphotobomb snapshot winners of our very first Social Club Snapmatic Photo Contest. Congrats to each of the winning lensmen and women who will be receiving a Grand Theft Auto V prize pack - and stay tuned for our next Snapmatic photo contest, which we'll be announcing here at the Newswire soon.

Ophabyous: Not only is this one humorously unsettling and true to the classic over-the-shoulder 'I'm in your photos, spoiling your moments' photobomb form - but we've got a double-whammy on our hands with the creepy squatting mannequin in the background. Whoa!

bigdog0925: All in a day's work. Some real Manhunt-style body count humblebragging going on there.

snapjaw420: Great shot. A literally epic photo bomb counting down.

Ivinzi: Awesome composition, lovely color, and the coup de grâce: a perfectly timed aerial from a sky riding motorcyclist. 

Errrkshady: These HVY Dozers appear to be the proud new parents of a Stanley Fieldmaster in this elaborately posed set-up backgrounding an otherwise straightforward GTA Online selfie. 

Honorable mentions: 

Submission Consideration: Day and night, we welcome you to submit all related Los Santos and Blaine County images to the contest, please be aware that lighting and overall picture quality is something we also factor in when deciding on our winners so try and go for the best shot available. Clever presentation, visibility and timing is everything. 

Congrats again to the winners and stay tuned for our next Photo Contest coming soon.

Fan Pics: ‘GTAV on Floppy’ and More Awesome Costumery

Posted on November 8 2013, 7:30pm | Author: R* X | Filed Under: Games

In this week’s edition of awesome fan pics we’ve found on Instagram, Twitter and elsewhere around the web, we’ve got a bedroom-prying Sonny Forelli, striking GTAV-inspired art projects, and some spot-on Halloween costume pics that have continued to appear since last week.

As always, if you happen upon (or take) any cool GTA or Rockstar-related shots, make sure to send them our way via Mouthoff and remember to follow us at for all our latest official pics.

We’ll also have the winners of our first ever Snapmatic photo contest (#epicphotobomb) to announce soon.

This is dope. Italian artist Filippo Scaboro aka @gaspanic specializes in mixed media art homages to favorite videogames and his latest work is a striking series of Grand Theft Auto V character art recreations painted on 5x5 floppy disks – entitled ‘GTAV on Floppy’.

Marston lays down the deadeye on multiple targets in this epic photo by @onemanpartty taken as a warm-up before he took his Marston costume on the road for Halloween.


@djtalkstrash mugs his fiercest Philips Rampage grimace in this ’reaaaally messy’ Trevor costume. 

A clever take on the Trevor costume, @hatchetcosplay is ready for Blitz Play, donning the Smoking Monkey mask and boiler suit. Bonus points for Mr. Rasberry Jam. Looks like he met up with Michael and Franklin later that evening for a little Job of Beer Pong.


Artist Dave Oluwexe aka @davelexe brought the glitz and glamour of 80s Vice City into his friend's boudoir with this sweet Vice City mural rendition of the original Sonny Forelli Artwork - #epicphotobomb by Futurama's Bender creeping in there bridging retro and future.

Trevor, Michael and Franklin costumes were a popular sight this Halloween but Redditor akaTheLumpyPianoKey gets some originality points for bringing his personal GTA Online character to life.  


Leader of the Break Yo Selfies Crew, OwlBoogie bugged' out with this homemade Bugstar costume  - he even included his Crew Emblem on the sleeve to 'complete the look'.

 @eddzyb did a smashing job carving this ornate V logo. 


Fan artist @Adrianharrisart says that he was inspired by leebraineater's “Honest American Business” Trevor piece to do his own take on Franklin, Michael & Trevor - complete with color-coordinated green, blue and orange backdrop. 

Very cool to see Bethesda get into the Halloween spirit - that Lester was spot-on. 

FORE! A little birdie must have told Franklin this guy kicked his ball down the fairway when no one was looking.
Shared by Redditor oPHILcial.

GTA Fan Pics on Instagram & Snapmatic: Epsilon Meta Masochism, Trevor Toons & More
Fan Photos: Snapmatic Selfies and Scenic Photography
Found on Instagram: #RDR Tattoos, Toys and Rockstar Costumes, A Few #GTA Instagram Faves


Fan Pictorial: Treats, Trickery & Trevor

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The GTA fan photos keep coming, this week with a special Halloween-heavy edition - with a variety of spot-on Trevor costumes (Ron Oil trucker hat and trusty jerry can in tow) to a Bugstar heistress and a frisky LSPD cop and an artful pumpkin carVing. Not to mention plenty of in-game action, hijinks and beauty courtesy of Snapmatic. 

As always, if you happen upon (or take) any cool GTA or Rockstar-related shots, make sure to send them our way via Mouthoff and remember to follow us at for all our latest official pics.

And also, all avid L.S. & Blaine shutterbugs, don't forget to enter the first Snapmatic photo contest #epicphotobomb with call for entries through this weekend into Monday.

 @itbealec gets in the Halloween spirit with his gourd-geous V-carved pumpkin in this year's lineup of carvings. 


We've seen a lot of excellent Trevor get-ups so far for Halloween with surely more to appear today and this weekend - but this one we spotted shared by sifnightmare on IG is a sure stand out,

Longtime Social Club member Piemanthe3rd shows us how to give a San Andreas fire truck a hand with this group effort.


Rightly titled "Business as Usual", illustrator Eric Meister puts his spin on Trevor, Michael and Franklin exchanging a few rounds in an explosive getaway.

 @Djunya and @digitallovechild are the picture of law and disorder, Los Santos and Blaine County style, in this clever couples costume.


We're not quite sure how they pulled this one off, but hats off to Snapmatic photographer iTYRONE99 and whoever his wave running partner picture here is (perhaps one of the RUG MUNCH3RS Crew?) for this epic shot. 

These right wing radicals really stuck the landing. Photocreds: nR_Zizer,


Trevor's inspired some fairly off-kilter artistry thus far for sure including this trippy amphibian looking number courtesy of the talented @thegimps on IG.

 The flesh and blood @doctorbattledoomstar and the in-game Trevor twinned up in these side-by-sides. The RON hat was a great touch to really bring home that authentic Blaine County savoir faire.


Honored for GTAV to be a part of this dude @Stet92's 21st celebration. Photocred: @Stret91

Sniff Sniff! Here's one we posted ourselves on Instagram today for Halloween. The super rare (and anatomically correct) Piggsy doll we made 10 years ago when #Manhunt came out. #TBT #HappyHalloween


Redditor daemonology gives Michael, Trevor and Franklin a run for their money in this Bugstars getup. Favorite comment: "So are u grabbing candy loud and dumb or quiet and smart?" - b3nd33z33.

Finally, 'Grand Theft Auto V Photographer' Luis Serrano of Spain has pulled together a fine gallery of stunning, artfully composed GTAV Snapmatics. Here's a couple of our favorites  below and view more at his official gallery site.

Dulcet amber tones brush across the city of Los Santos.

This BMX rider catches major air in this perfectly captured shot.

GTA Fan Pics on Instagram & Snapmatic: Epsilon Meta Masochism, Trevor Toons & More
Fan Photos: Snapmatic Selfies and Scenic Photography
Found on Instagram: #RDR Tattoos, Toys and Rockstar Costumes, A Few #GTA Instagram Faves


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