Lucky Participant of the Red Dead Rockstar Multiplayer Challenge to Appear in Undead Nightmare

Posted on October 6 2010, 7:08pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Behold... Abnash Samra of the UK, otherwise known as the virulent zombie Viper Craven in the upcoming Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare downloadable content.

Abnash was selected to have his likeness appear in game - as a member of the undead menace - after participating in the Red Dead Rockstar Multiplayer Challenge at the Rockstar Games Social Club.

  • 11789487on October 13 2010, 5:42pmReplyFlag
    Awesome pics will the add on come out on october 26th.

    By Roland Colmorgan-starr
    • 11789487on October 12 2010, 8:36pmReplyFlag
      mother f**king awesome

      Holy s**t this add on pack will be so f**king popurl
      • Cybercosmon October 10 2010, 12:36pmReplyFlag
        This undead pac needs a commercial on prime-time t.v.!!! People would run out and buy it!!!
        • rob99elion October 10 2010, 1:05amReplyFlag
          epic pics
          • CoLDSuNdeRon October 9 2010, 5:19pmReplyFlag
            Cant wait for the Undead DLC Hope something else is planned for more DLC's or a sequel,perhaps a prequel for RDR.
            • vince_42069on October 8 2010, 10:27pmReplyFlag
              at least make a scary zombie face. i would have made a freaky raging face. dude is smiling. he looks too happy haha, i'll most likely laugh when i run into him.. followed by me shooting a portion of his face off. then perhaps followed by more laughter.
              Congrats Abnash!
              • aaron_gill02on October 8 2010, 2:40pmReplyFlag
                Rockstars, are there any plans to make Mo Van Barr available as a multiplayer character?

                Seems a fitting tribute to the guy that won the Movember competition...

                I'm also asking under the assumption that Viper Craven will be available on multiplayer due to him being named in similar fashion to Dirty Dan Pister etc. rather than just a random zombie... Who knows though, and I wouldn't expect you to confirm this.

                Would appreciate your thoughts,


                • QRStechon October 7 2010, 7:33pmReplyFlag
                  MetallicaFan07, sorry, spelled your name wrong.
                  • QRStechon October 7 2010, 7:31pmReplyFlag

                    There's always hope for it to be released on a disc, probably not right away though. Episodes from Liberty City made it to disc and all the add ons for Fallout 3 were avail on a disc so it has been done before.
                    • jcgamerlegendon October 7 2010, 6:45pmReplyFlag
                      will be more DLC?
                      • UpNSmoke225on October 7 2010, 4:36pmReplyFlag
                        @metallicaFan07 - good question, but i highly doubt it...all other DLCs have been what their name states..downloadable. Dont see how it would happen any other way unless PC Steam users get lucky one day in the future...again highly doubtful. You sould check out the huge discounts on Gold Memberships XBL is running now through x-mas! I got renewed almost for free!!! Starting a new account should be way cheaper too!!! GL
                        • boston2004on October 7 2010, 3:16pmReplyFlag
                          lol doubt this guy had in mind from the start that he would be a zombie
                          • A.rizzle000on October 7 2010, 2:48pmReplyFlag
                            THIS IS GONNA BE SIIIICK!!!!! its about time we get more zombie content other than call of duty
                            • andrewmoon October 7 2010, 2:33pmReplyFlag
                              What? No comparison pic of the real Abnash? He kinda looks like Alan Cumming (Boris from Goldeneye & ---htcrawler from X-men 2) lol
                              • UpNSmoke225on October 7 2010, 2:28pmReplyFlag
                                @JoeIsCool - great idea R* take a look at this.....native american ambushes on the roads and trails would be epic!!! It could kinda be like the S.P. events when a stranded person sets u up to be ambushed when you go to help them! They could even chase after you as you shoot behind to fend them off!
                                • Josiecoolon October 7 2010, 2:09pmReplyFlag
                                  I think indians should ambush players in multiplayer and have the ability to scalpe the multiplayer people.
                                  • dmon522on October 7 2010, 1:31pmReplyFlag
                                    Will there be any more dlc after the Undead ---htmare? I hope so .
                                    • dmon522on October 7 2010, 1:30pmReplyFlag
                                      Will there be any more dlc after the Undead ---htmare? I hope so .
                                      • Deathstroke-on October 7 2010, 1:29pmReplyFlag
                                        Congrats Abnash!!!

                                        I can't wait to introduce my shotgun to your face & shoot it off. :)
                                        • UpNSmoke225on October 7 2010, 1:03pmReplyFlag
                                          eventually more multi-national playable characters please! im a whiteboy so i have plenty of options lol...but my black/asian/ european friends dont have as many options. Would be nice to hear more of those great hard European accents. 75% of all cowboys in the west were black (look it up if you doubt) so there could be several more. And what happend to all the Chinese immigrants?! (almost every rail worker who blew up mountains with nitroglycerin was an asian immigrant). getting a little bored of seeing the same characters over and over
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