Undead Nightmare Original Artwork Series: Nuns with Guns

Posted on October 6 2010, 12:27pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Today, we present this entry in the new Undead Nightmare Original Artwork Series - featuring a gun-toting lady of the cloth who's taking no mess from the re-animated. 

Get this new original artwork as a downloadable desktop wallpaper, avatar or buddy icon from the downloads section here or at the Red Dead Redemption site.

  • ImWearingSockson December 14 2010, 8:27pmReplyFlag
    @PsYpHn Arent you my friend on ps3-ImWearingSocks, or do you have youtube vids or something?
    • ganjagirlon October 13 2010, 6:53pmReplyFlag
      @Biohazard_1888 i completely agree with the high powered pistol. people abuse it way too much. sometimes it's the ONLY thing people use because they know how powerful it is and when you're killed over and over again by the same person with the SAME gun, it gets kind of annoying. it should be a gun that when you run out of bullets, then you can't use it.

      though i disagree with the whole losing a gun once you die. thats unfair to lower levels. if they're in a game and fending for themselves, and they happen to pick up a buffalo rifle, well good on them. it's not like they keep it once they leave. plus what kind of a perk is that for 5th legends? someone kills you, takes your gun, you kill them EASILY because you have the whole weapon set and they lose the gun completely? ... that doesn't make any sense. you already have all the guns. and even if you mean EVERYONE, regardless of rank, it would still be dumb and unfair if someone gets, lets say, A HIGH POWERED PISTOL and started spawn killing you.

      anyways, my input for the game are

      1) lasso. it would be so amusing to be able to drag your victms (but of course for only a short amount of time, like extremely short, maybe 25 seconds, due to a lot of people taking advantage and abusing it).
      2) war horse as an unlockable. maybe for getting so many headshots or something.
      3) mooooore females even if you have to make up people. i'm a female gamer and i would looove to have a lot more selection.
      4) i would love to be able to change the color of my horse. i know you can identify them based on color, but having the same colored horse gets booooring.
      5) bow and arrow! i don't know why this hasn't been added already.
      • frogdroppingon October 12 2010, 2:06pmReplyFlag
        jcgamerlegend - I agree with EVERYTHING you suggested for some DLC (war horse, new characters of De Santa, rickets, Mr Mcfarlane, Walton, uncle, Javier Escuella, a bow and arrow as a new weapon and cochinay as a gang hidout)
        Seems awesome to me, and all of them do-able as well.

        Biohazard_1888 - i DO NOT agree with you, that's ridiculous, and basically going back to the GTA IV free mode where you have to pick up a gun, just to run out of ammo, die, be killed, or change session, then have to go pick it up again... he whole point of RDR having 50 levels is so you can unlock and keep stuff along the way, instead of the 10 pathetic levels unlocking you a new hat or something that GTA had (no offence rockstar)
        And as for picking up a weapon you haven't unlocked yet, and keeping it, tat's a good idea, for gang hide-outs and things, imagine dieing in the middle of a hide-out, then respawning with a cattleman revolver vs. 20 gang members with evans repeaters and such...

        And the whole point of the high power pistol is to be more powerful and fast then the others, haven't you seen the name of it yet? The wild west is dieing and the 1911 semi auto pistol has been invented, if you don't like it just wait for the friendly free roams and only join matches where there is no HIGH POWER pistol.

        PsYpHn - I agree with you :) Some damn good ideas there, robbing banks with a posse in free roam would be sweet! But it would be cool if it only worked when you were playing as someone who is not a lawman or marshall haha, because if you were one of them you could stop the robbery for exp.

        My input, done.

        Just hope R* reads this and doesn't listen to biohazard_1888 haha
        • InfernalMrAdamson October 10 2010, 4:52amReplyFlag
          This is so bad ass, please tell me shes one of the new MP characters! :D
          • Biohazard_1888on October 8 2010, 12:27amReplyFlag
            @ PsYpHn

            Yeah just what i wanted in a WESTERN game, a zebra and a grandmother two things I don't use. LOL!

            I do agree with you about the bank thing and there should be more things you can do as a posse besides hideouts. Robberies, Bounty Missions, Train heists...but that will never happen cause I dont think they are putting trains in multi but there should be more things. I mean dont get me wrong, what rockstar has been doing is totally sick and all but there is so much that can be added to the game and I hope they take everyone's opinions into consideration and keep releasing DLC.

            P.S. was gonna type this before but was sneaking on Social Club at work.
            • insaneracoonon October 7 2010, 7:48pmReplyFlag
              this is going to be awsome STOKED!!
              • InfernalMrAdamson October 7 2010, 5:23pmReplyFlag
                She's killin' Zombies for the lord! Totally Hot! :D
                • TenderBransonon October 7 2010, 2:39pmReplyFlag
                  @kaosSC -

                  That building is the chapel in Blackwater: http://reddead.wikia.com/wiki/Blackwater_Chapel

                  @LOUDmouthNOMAD -

                  Yeah, I've done the everything right as far as I can tell (help the nun in "I Know You", have high honor, etc.), I just never get a nun who offers me anything. They only ask me for money. I'm truly stumped...

                  • PsYpHnon October 7 2010, 1:13pmReplyFlag
                    And no one liked my Bank Robbery idea? Ouch.
                    • PsYpHnon October 7 2010, 1:11pmReplyFlag
                      Fair is not "I've played longer so I should get an advantage." That's the opposite of fair. They already GIVE you the guns to start. YOU don't have to do anything. THEY have to work for it. And yet you still want MORE of an advantage.

                      And stop acting like you didn't get ANYTHING for going Legendary 5.
                      You got a Zerbra and a Pee-pants Grandma. Quit crying.

                      • Biohazard_1888on October 7 2010, 12:41pmReplyFlag
                        @ rackemupg

                        Thank you. And you are correct, by the way I typed that fast last ---ht I don't mean Legendary Rank 5 lvl 50s only I just meant leveling in general regardless of rank. Cause you unlock the guns at the same level no matter what rank you are in the legendary scale. Sorry for confusion.
                        • Biohazard_1888on October 7 2010, 12:38pmReplyFlag
                          Thank you all, Wow Genius, I never thought I would get that reaction. THANKS!

                          Rockstar PLEASE make this happen!

                          And NO, PsYpHn, I fight fair, REALLY fair. Actually I don't mess unless messed with. I consider myself the Online Police and help when lower levels are being picked on. I use the double action revolver and vary my rifles and BARELY Snipe. I despise the High Power Pistol and only use it when someone abuses it.

                          AND Biohazard_1888 IS my PSN name. Add me and we can play. Let's see how you all fair using revolvers. Not that OVERUSED God Gun.
                          • dynam1ghton October 7 2010, 12:35pmReplyFlag
                            background is church of blackwater.
                            • PsYpHnon October 7 2010, 12:12pmReplyFlag
                              @Biohazard To me it sounds as if you don't like fighting on even terms. If I'm a lvl 1 with just a cattleman, and you are a lvl 50 and I manage to kill you once(which should be impossible if you're any good), why should I loose WHATEVER weapon you were stupid enough to let me take from you just because you kill me again? That would be SO unfair to ppl of a low lvl. How could they ever have a chance with just a cattleman vs the entire weapon set?!?

                              A good perk, I think, would be to make ALL the mounts the same speed when ou reach legend 5. That way not everyone will be riding the same thing all the time.

                              I've always wanted a Bank Robbery aspect of freemode. Take the chests and bags of gold from the bag matches. Place a chest with gold at the Banks. When someone takes it, not only would they get a bounty, but would be slowed down with the bag. Then place a chest somewhere on the opposite country as a safe house you must get the bag to. I'm not a programmer so I have no idea how hard it would be to implement something like that, but i would love to play it.
                              • UpNSmoke225on October 7 2010, 11:44amReplyFlag
                                great idea Biohazard!
                                • SGM690on October 7 2010, 10:54amReplyFlag
                                  Holy hell biohazard. I s**t you not, I literally said the same thing to my friend last ---ht, when killing a lvl 23 with a hpp. Do you, by chance have psn? If so, mine is SGM690. You, sir, have the brain of a genius,
                                  • Robbdoggaon October 7 2010, 12:35amReplyFlag
                                    F Yeah R*
                                    This new art owns. sweet job.
                                    A Nun as a multiplayer charicter would be insanely rad!
                                    • batik89on October 6 2010, 11:30pmReplyFlag
                                      Wow awsome! I think every uninfected people across the country in RDR will carry a gun to defend themselves from the living dead. Prepare to defend your village, folks!.... and your brain, too.
                                      • Biohazard_1888on October 6 2010, 11:30pmReplyFlag
                                        @ R*Y @Rockstar @Dev Team @ Whoever wants to read this:


                                        I generally do not post and beg or ask for anything but I just would like to say I want to make a small suggestion and was curious if it was technologically capable at this stage of the game. I just want to speak my mind and say I think it is ridiculous that there is no REAL perk for Rank 5 Legendary Level 50 players.

                                        I feel that there should be an update where if you do not have the gun unlocked you can not keep it after you die, are killed or change sessions.

                                        I would very much love to see this update as I am sure many others would too.

                                        Pretty much to further explain myself If you have not reached the level where you have unlocked let's say THE HIGH POWER PISTOL(Btw which should be removed from the game and is WAY too powerful and makes the game totally one sided and unenjoyable BIG TIME), then you can pick it up after you kill someone with it equipped or get it at the hideout but once you are killed or die you lose it if you haven't unlocked it yet via leveling. Sort of like how you guys have it set up with the Explosive RIfle. I think that the fact that when you die you lose it is a great idea. Once again there has to be SOME perk for level 50s and I feel this would be a great one.

                                        Rockstar I would appreciate if you took this into consideration and everyone else on the forum if you agree please voice your opinion I would love to see this happen.

                                        Thanks all,
                                        • Hydriosison October 6 2010, 11:10pmReplyFlag
                                          I hope that there's a infested Undead Free Roam!!! But no matter what! R* I am your lifetime fan!!!
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