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“We built the pyramids, baby!”

We asked you to keep ‘em coming, and you obliged.  Here’s our latest supply of answers to some of your questions…

"Is Omid Djalili the voice behind this guy? It really seems like him." - Luke874

Good ears.  Yes, British comedian Omid Djalili is the voice of Yusuf Amir in The Ballad of Gay Tony.

“Are there going to be tokens available to buy at retail for The Ballad of Gay Tony, similar to The Lost and Damned?” - received via Twitter

The Ballad of Gay Tony will only be available at retail locations as a part of the Episodes from Liberty City disc, there will not be branded in-store tokens.  However, it will still be available as a download on Xbox® LIVE.

"Hi Rockstar! I was wondering if you ever published a Grand Theft Auto for iPhone/iPod touch?"gabrypecio

Actually, Grand Theft Auto is making its debut for the iPhone/iPod touch this fall.  Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, one of the highest rated handheld games of all time, will be appearing on the platform.  Stay tuned for more info and media on it in the weeks ahead.

“Is there anything you can say about L.A. Noire, like when it is coming out?” - received via Facebook

While we have yet to announce a definitive release date, L.A. Noire is coming along quite splendidly, and we’re going to have details to share with you all very soon.

“Will Red Dead Redemption track stats on the Social Club?” - received via Facebook

You can expect pretty much all Rockstar releases in the future to include Rockstar Games Social Club functionality.  At this stage, Red Dead Redemption is of course still in development, but Rockstar Social Club support is in the cards.  Look for Social Club to continue expanding as our convergence of multiplayer community, stat-tracking and exclusive community features.

"I'd like to know the whole story behind Donald Love. What was in the package? And why did he run away with the Asian guy? I always assumed it was human flesh or something, lol, because he's a necrophiliac and all." - 129514

No one is quite sure what happened to Donald Love.  He certainly crossed a few boundaries and was trying to find a way back to normality.  Whether or not he managed this, and what happened to the elderly Asian gentleman are matters we cannot speculate on.

  • gabe7997on January 13 2012, 11:02amReplyFlag
    how many pictures? did rockstars take to make liberty city and did rockstar travel different place to make liberty city
    • R* Yon May 9 2011, 2:20pmReplyFlag
      Thanks guys, and for the latest on L.A. Noire visit the official site:
      • Wanted_Zon July 30 2010, 12:45pmReplyFlag
        i have to see gameplay from LA Noire im sending messanges to team bondi but they dont respond. i wnt to see gamplay so bad from LA noire its going to be a great game
        • superd325on July 23 2010, 11:13pmReplyFlag
          i think Rockstar games should make another grand theft auto,but it should be located in san andreas. i wonder if anything haz changed there or if itz been updated. If they do many people would buy dis game and thiz could be really successful
          • hickman7on January 7 2010, 8:43pmReplyFlag
            • hickman7on January 7 2010, 8:42pmReplyFlag
              • hickman7on January 7 2010, 8:40pmReplyFlag
                • brokenequipmenton November 2 2009, 6:26pmReplyFlag
                  where's the ballad of gay tony for the ps3
                  • wav3ofbabieson October 26 2009, 4:27pmReplyFlag
                    Here's a question for Rockstar:

                    Will you ever have a civilian of Liberty City's dialogue resemble that of a disgruntled PS3 owner? I love the random stuff I hear the characters blurt out when I walk by, gives me a motive for beating the crap out of them.
                    • gloryholemanon October 21 2009, 7:00amReplyFlag
                      do intergalaxtic wrestling entertainment its base on the commericals on gta san andreas as a satire of the WWE . the star of the game based on triple h and his climb through the igwe . with marrying the boss daughter. the montreal screwjob with bret the hitman hart. and destorying their competion based on wcw, ecw , tna and the ufc with parodys of bret hart , vince mcmahon , hulk hogan. shawn micheals , dana white, paul heymen jerry lawler and jim ross. they wrestling in san fierro , los santos , liberty city , carcer city and home of the fed is in bullworth and also las veturnas.. and the game feel is like a combo of raw vs smackdown and gta . this idea is never done before going into the world of vince mcmahon. gloryholeman . and the tna satire wrestle at glory hole theme park.
                      • gloryholemanon October 21 2009, 6:38amReplyFlag
                        hugh laurie should play a character in vice city 2 as tommy vercitti mafia doctor who has a bedside manner of gregory house . after tommy got shot and died. fought to get tommy empire back. with elements of house md, csi miami , and dexter with past and present wwe superstars who are associate with miami, hulk and brooke hogan, dwayne johnson and alvin MVP burke a former Mamba who act like terrell owens but who is the long lost son of Lance Vance whose mob doctor wilson. how do you think of my idea you guys
                        • IRastaon October 16 2009, 2:15pmReplyFlag
                          Dear OffensiveSavage,

                          Your "WHAAAMbulance" has arrived, please get in and go to the nearest hospital to treat that bad case of PS3 buyer's remorse you're nursing. Didn't your mother ever tell you that "No one likes cry babies?" Your little message to R* about that useless piece of s**t hardware called PS3, is, well, clearly LAME & pathetic. So do us all a favor & kill yourself already, because you missed the entire point of the GTA series... Life gives you choices, it's your responsibility to make the best or worst of them.



                          XBOX LIVE GAMERTAG: IRasta


                          You won't hear me complaining when R* drops the PS3 exclusive title "Agent." This is because I'm an adult with the freedom to purchase a PS3 if I "choose" to play that particular title. So, OffensiveSavage, get a f**king grip!
                          • mrGrampson October 15 2009, 6:15amReplyFlag

                            I really could use some help...

                            Perhaps this has happened to you. I cannot seem to get my gold trophy in 'Goal Attack" in Mid---ht Club Los Angeles, even though I have completed all "Goal Attacks" 100%. I have re-linked my account a dozen times or more using my laptop with my PS3 turned on and the game disk in the console; using the "fixed" web address; I have even tried to re-race the goal attacks in a different vehicle;..Still nothing!

                            Also, my tournaments aren't being updated, neither is my "overall wins" or "race wins"on the leaderboard on the "Rockstar" website. I have completed the Los Angeles and South Central careers 100%, but still nothing. I have all the licenses, have over 750 wins, with a win rate of 90%;....Again, still nothing!

                            What do I have to do?

                            Please help.

                            Thanks so much.

                            • gtaPaulyon October 15 2009, 2:14amReplyFlag
                              I have an answer for you IDIOT!, NO!
                              • Martinez_Xon October 14 2009, 5:33amReplyFlag
                                I have a question, will The Ballad of Gay Tony come out for ps3??
                                • __GTA__ACT__on October 14 2009, 2:57amReplyFlag

                                  Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.
                                  You're the epitomy of a PS3 fanboy in total shock and denial. Get a life, or a 360 and shudduppa yo face.

                                  As an owner of both the 360 and the PS3 I am sick of dumb s**tes like you posting your nonsense.

                                  THE ONLY PLACE TO PLAY THE __COMPLETE__ GTAIV IS ON THE XBOX 360.

                                  "WE GETTING ARAB MONEY, WE GETTING ARAB MONEY"
                                  Its not rockstars fault nor microsoft fault, nor sony's fault that your an idiot.
                                  "WE GETTING ARAB MONEY, WE GETTING ARAB MONEY"

                                  Competition is a marvellous thing, it breeds better console exclusives and overall better games.
                                  I love this generation.
                                  • BigREDgrinon October 12 2009, 11:10pmReplyFlag
                                    Plus X Box is just a money hungry W--H--O--R--E trying to wipe out the other consoles so that way Microsoft can get you all to buy there crap. They got no chops, pay your dues as a console first; then maybe your users could rightfully bitch.
                                    • BigREDgrinon October 12 2009, 11:09pmReplyFlag
                                      Plus X Box is just a money hungry --- trying to wipe out the other consoles so that way Microsoft can get you all to buy there crap. They got no chops, pay your dues as a console first; then maybe your users could rightfully bitch.
                                      • BigREDgrinon October 12 2009, 11:04pmReplyFlag
                                        I wanna see a episode only for PS3, then maybe the 360 people would know what its like to be left in the cold, and once again it's good to see that a big company has chosen money over the people who got you to the point the company is at now.
                                        • freeze2007on October 12 2009, 12:41pmReplyFlag
                                          And i wanted to ask what about those episodes for Playstation3??? It will be great thing for Playstation3 users. Answer please on my e-mail:
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