First Screenshots from the Undead Nightmare Pack

Posted on September 29 2010, 5:23pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

As part of our weeklong Undead Nightmare Pack reveal, we're pleased to unveil the first screenshots today from this new downloadable content pack for Red Dead Redemption.

Check out the high definition versions at the Undead Nightmare section of the official Red Dead Redemption site and look for the debut of the Official Undead Nightmare Teaser Trailer tomorrow afternoon.

Undead migrating across the plains.

Escaping from a pack of undead on horseback.

Running from an oncoming horde.

Marston mounts a zombie horse.

Original Artwork from the Undead Nightmare Pack
New Details and Teaser Trailer for the Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Pack Coming This Week


  • dutchsbrotherson October 29 2010, 3:48pmReplyFlag
    i agree with Daxas44, but a undead free can be that expensive to make?
    and its okay to ask money for a dlc, but if there is an release for undead free roam and you have to pay for it some people will think ''i already bought the undead pack iam not paying for an add-on for this''
    anyhow R* thanks for all the RDR dlc and i hope the next one includest undead free roam or a bow.
    • Daxas44on October 27 2010, 6:13pmReplyFlag
      And to ryanhazley567, NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS FREE! So don't expect something for nothing, they spend ALOT of money to make these games, and need to charge so they can provide us with more and more great ideas! The price is VERY REASONABLE! So quit being cheap!
      • Daxas44on October 27 2010, 6:09pmReplyFlag
        Instead of you guys telling R* what they can add/ what they should've done... why not tell them THANKS FOR DOING A GREAT JOB!! I love the game and it's amazing just the way it is. If you got a better idea(s) then why not make your own video game if you think you can do better?!?
        Rockstar you did a great job and I love the RDR and the Undead ---htmare! Keep those great games and ideas coming! I'll be waiting!
        • ryanhazley567on October 27 2010, 9:19amReplyFlag
          i wish this new game was free i waited all this time to get it and download it and then when the day came it said it was like 15 or 16 pound i just thought omg and im sure im not the only one waiting for it i would really love to trie it soon in the free version.
          • DamzyItsSamzyon October 20 2010, 10:58amReplyFlag
            Rockstar I think you should bring a serial killer into Red Dead Redemption just like in GTA IV, it would be really awesome, and you should have the serial killer as a computerised guy in free roam, for instance, he could Haunt Tumbleweed and kill players if they approach him, plus if players kill him or get killed by him then they should get a trophy.Another thing he should be in the story mode, personally i think that Seth Briars should be the serial killer because hes some crazy son of a b**ch. Either him or ---el west d**kens, I mean come on it would add more mystery to the game and if you made the killer appear like after 2:00 AM online or in the game then it would be a crease :D I Got Tons more ideas but i doubt you guys care. Laters.
            • bigthuon October 18 2010, 10:32amReplyFlag
              @ rockstar
              after the new friendly free roam is created will u remove stealth in normal free roam it has changed the gamepla completely and it has put an end to alot of fun aspects of free roam like posse wars for example, also how can u defend against griefers if they get free invisable revenge? if some1 is griefed the can use transport + public enemy is nice after6 kills. but seriously most ppl dont do gang shoot out because of campers so now there is no were 2 have fun wars plz remove the invisability its ruining gameplay for thousands of ppl plaz reply ill be here waiting
              • LoverofFRgameson October 13 2010, 7:24pmReplyFlag
                @SvarpellsI agree with you but if their going to make another cowboy one i think they need to add in more towns or something because basically (in my mind) theirs like 12 cities and nothing but terrain..... but anyways theirs one aspect that i havent heard yet... if the zombies come up to you will they....... eat you/Hit you/eat you and then you have to escape/ or nothing and just stand around... because i havent heard anything like that.....
                • YOURSLAUGHTERon October 13 2010, 12:02amReplyFlag
                  DEF. hoping for a free roam with run around coots chapel with a posse of 8 and kill the storming zombies would amazing. from hunting zombified animals with other players to setting up rpg in witch one group are zombies and others are lawmen would be awesome. LET US HAVE UNDEAD FREE ROAM!!! THANK YOU FOR THE ALREADY GREATEST VIDEO GAME OF ALL TIME.
                  • Steve_Miller69on October 12 2010, 12:12pmReplyFlag
                    First of all Biohazard_1888 quit whinning about the high powered pistol id rather be killed by that than a p***y snipeing from behind a rock.Rock star guys if you read this stuff I would like to say that after all the hard work to get level 50 five time that we should have gotten better rewards I mean damn who wants a fatass grandma.
                    I also have been a big fan of rockstar games since gta 1 and RDR is awesome for a western type game one thing I think would be awesome is a group of indians to use I know you all have only two more packs coming out but alot of people have told me more indians would be really cool so maybe when the next redemption comes out you will keep that in mind.....
                    • Rock_Khalidon October 9 2010, 2:55pmReplyFlag
                      Hello dear The staff of Rock Star that the new package is a wonderful and unique of its kind and thank you for this work and continued forward to your work and thank you.. my id ps3 : XAXA-KSA-XAXA
                      • W1L428on October 9 2010, 10:03amReplyFlag
                        about the kid 15 years old and i been playing m rated games since gta1 and my uncle let me play it and i see these games as fun or doing things you cant do in real life but what im trying to say is that its not what age you are its how muture you are or how you look at things and till today i love games from R* from gta1 to RDR and i think if i bought the game myself and my aunt or my mom or dad lets me buy the game i shoold not be look at like if im going to be a killer or criminal.Also i agree with biohazzard_1888 latest comment about the weapons
                        • Biohazard_1888on October 6 2010, 11:33pmReplyFlag
                          @ R*Y @Rockstar @Dev Team @ Whoever wants to read this:


                          I generally do not post and beg or ask for anything but I just would like to say I want to make a small suggestion and was curious if it was technologically capable at this stage of the game. I just want to speak my mind and say I think it is ridiculous that there is no REAL perk for Rank 5 Legendary Level 50 players.

                          I feel that there should be an update where if you do not have the gun unlocked you can not keep it after you die, are killed or change sessions.

                          I would very much love to see this update as I am sure many others would too.

                          Pretty much to further explain myself If you have not reached the level where you have unlocked let's say THE HIGH POWER PISTOL(Btw which should be removed from the game and is WAY too powerful and makes the game totally one sided and unenjoyable BIG TIME), then you can pick it up after you kill someone with it equipped or get it at the hideout but once you are killed or die you lose it if you haven't unlocked it yet via leveling. Sort of like how you guys have it set up with the Explosive RIfle. I think that the fact that when you die you lose it is a great idea. Once again there has to be SOME perk for level 50s and I feel this would be a great one.

                          Rockstar I would appreciate if you took this into consideration and everyone else on the forum if you agree please voice your opinion I would love to see this happen.

                          Thanks all,
                          • G4SHEAD99on October 5 2010, 3:59pmReplyFlag
                            hey rockstar could u please please please PLEASE put something in thats similar to nazi zombies on call of duty like a survival mode or something
                            • vgasdu41on October 5 2010, 2:03pmReplyFlag
                              Hello Rockstar Games, on this Read Dead Redemption's new DLC would be you he(it) not better to add it mode of survival, free-roam etc....
                              Because sometimes one if troubles little in this vast map .
                              And to play with some nobody will make more important the use of the pack and at the same time the game
                              • TenderBransonon October 4 2010, 6:16pmReplyFlag
                                Oh, hey, I've got a question:

                                Did you re-hire ALL of the voice actors you had for the single-player game for the Undead DLC?

                                Because you didn't for Liars & Cheats - that's definitely not Anthony De Longis doing Leigh Johnson, who was one of my favorite voices from the original game (which is how I can tell).

                                The voices you cast are so distinctive to the characters that it's a shame when they're different.

                                I mean, I know you're getting Weithoff since it'd be really obvious if he weren't John, but what about everyone else. If Landon Ricketts is in this DLC, will Ross Hagen still do his voice?
                                • Svarpellson October 4 2010, 1:33pmReplyFlag
                                  Stop spam about the gta 5. i hope rockstar keep focuse on the red dead series. Red dead redemption is taking a piss on gta after my opinion.
                                  More cowboys games! moar moar! and meybe red dead revelution?... =)
                                  • raivo_latvijaon October 4 2010, 8:57amReplyFlag
                                    Need this DLC! it hink it will rocks!! But R* when will come some news about GTA 5 or better GTA SAN andreas stories?
                                    • BeDhAtHaIrYon October 4 2010, 8:56amReplyFlag
                                      I don't think many people feel the same as you because they clearly stated that the pack would be mostly single player. I'm sure there will be plenty of mp perks from it. But saying you would be mad if the mostly single player pack want multiplayer is being a bit stupid. They've got it under control. You're gonna love it when it comes out.
                                      • 11167848on October 4 2010, 4:50amReplyFlag
                                        R* I love the Game but I been hearing that for The Undead ---htmare pack you guys might not Include Freeroam in Multiplayer, Ive been looking forward to both single and multi-P with the Undead but Id really be pist off if freeroam isnt included in multi-P, It would totally shatter my thoughts about the pack cause thats mainly what I was expecting a freeroam in multi with other players, im pretty sure most ppl thought the same as me....oh and thanx for the mythical beasts I asked for them before any pack even came out and its finally a dream come true. thanx again R* hope for more packs in the future!
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