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Posted on September 27 2010, 5:30pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

With this week's release of the Liars and Cheats Pack for Red Dead Redemption, we wanted to take this opportunity to answer and clarify a few questions about the pack, along with some additional inquiries we’ve gotten here at the Newswire as well as at  Mouthoff, Twitter and Facebook.

“@ R* i've been on the forums now reading about the explosive rifle for the single player. some people claim they've bought it in Blackwater for 5,000 while others like myself have to pay 15,000 can you please clarify how much it actually costs and if this is a glitch that i have to come up with some insane amount of money after completing the game.......i want my trophy!”Teamcool_5

In single-player, the Explosive Rifle from the Liars and Cheats Pack can cost as much as $15,000, but if you have enough honor and completed all nine Treasure Hunter Challenges, the price goes down to $5,000.  In order to begin the Treasure Hunter Challenges, you’ll need to find the first treasure map, which is only obtainable after helping a treasure hunter that is being attacked by bandits (which occurs at random – try assisting anyone you see on the side of the road asking for help, but beware of traps set by bandits themselves).  Once you’ve acquired the first map, subsequent treasure maps will be included with each treasure you find thereafter.  Collect all nine treasures to complete the challenge.

“It has been 24 hours REAL TIME and my gambling funds have yet to replenish. I still only have $15. This is a great pack, but what gives with that? I really enjoy all the new features but I am very confused on how this works.”argh001

Every 24 hours, if you’re out of money when you try to join Poker/Liar’s Dice, you’ll get an advance of $200.  If you have more money than that, you don’t get an advance.  The amount of money you have is saved, and will carry over from day to day. And if you don't think your money has replenished properly, enter a game via the playlist and check there, just looking at the playlist will not add money.

“Do you earn xp for playing poker or simply completing poker challenges, because I cleaned out a full table yesterday night and didn't recieve any xp? Another example, I was playing with my friend and he lost but gained more xp than the guy who won the match. I'm just a little confused? Awesome dlc tho :)” RedLineRacer03

Yes - you do earn XP for Poker whether you win or lose. The longer you stay in the game, the more XP you will earn. The player that's the last one left should obtain the most XP and money earned.

“Can you add more female options to choose from in Red Dead multiplayer?  Us girl gamers need more options!”received via Mouthoff

We agree.  That's why we’ve added a few additionally playable female characters to Multiplayer from the single-player story as part of the Liars and Cheats Pack.  These include: Abigail Marston, Bonnie MacFarlane, and Luisa Fortuna.

“How do you unlock the characters? Do you have to get to a certain level?”Clint147
“Rockstar can you please tell us how to unlock the locked characters please I really want to be Abraham Reyes” - LuisFernandoLope

To clarify this one – upon release of the Liars and Cheats Pack last week, players originally were required to have beaten certain single-player missions/achievements in order to unlock some of the new multiplayer characters.  Since then, and by popular demand, we went ahead and unlocked them for everyone who downloads the Pack.  You will not be prompted to download anything for the automatic update, but you may need to restart your console to see the changes in the outfitter.

 “Rockstar I really need an answer please, it’s been bugging me all day, for what reason did you decide to include the characters that you did?  Jack, Abigail, MacDougal, I was really hoping I could get to play as Escuella or De Santa or Archer Fordham at least :(.”StompingSnakes

Since the decision to include the story characters in multiplayer was made after the game was released, we had a technical limitation of only 15 additional characters we could add to this pack, in addition to a limit on the total number of multiplayer characters we could make available for the entire game.  While the single player story has well over 40 characters that people could find interesting, there was a finite limit we had to work within.  Realizing the number of female avatars was a little low in the original release, we included all 3 of the main female characters from the main story – Abigail, Luisa and Bonnie.  Obviously we needed to include John and Jack.  This left us with only 10 slots, and we felt it was important to include a variety of conventional western characters – such as Marshall Johnson and Bill Williamson – along with more unusual characters like Seth and Professor MacDougal, in order to cater to as many tastes as possible.  We ultimately had to omit characters that we loved, and were gutted to not be able to include all of them.  Our sincere apologies if your favorite didn’t make the cut, however we believe the selection lets players live out their fantasies as lawmen, outlaws, renegades or tyrants… or drug addled intellectuals and exhuming treasure hunters for the more exotically minded amongst you.

“Is it true that if one kills a developer of Rockstar online, you get an Achievement?” received via Facebook

Yes – unlock the Red Dead Rockstar Achievement/Trophy by taking down a Rockstar in multiplayer.  Look for the official Gamertags/IDs RedDeadDev1 through RedDeadDev26, and note that on PSN, 8 and 18 are RedDeadDev_8 and RedDeadDev_18.  Any similar names with other numbers are not official Rockstars.  Additionally, since the Red Dead Rockstar Achievement/Trophy is viral you can earn it by killing anyone that already has it.

"Maybe a separate playlist for Free Roam with no killing?"- frogdropping

We are currently working on a new Title Update for Red Dead Redemption that will include a "Friendly" version of Multiplayer Free Roam, where player-vs-player killing is disabled.  Look for more details on that in the coming weeks.

“So what’s going on with the compatibility download?  I'd really like others to see me as the characters I’m playing as and not some random character I probably don't even like.” - WOLFMUTT

The compatibility issue with non-DLC owners not being able to see the unique multiplayer characters from the Liars and Cheats or Legends and Killers Pack will be resolved with a compatibility update that is part of the free Hunting and Trading Outfits Pack coming this October. Look for more details and an exact release date for this free pack very soon. 

“Is Tumbleweed really haunted?  I’m very curious about it cuz it says in the newspaper in the game” - BurntWafflez

There is definitely something strange happening there this fall.

“Rockstar you guys say you listen to the fans, well I think it's overwhelming the fans want Landon Ricketts as a mp character.” joseywales09
“Come on Rockstar Give us Landon Ricketts” - DaBXOutLaw
“@R* we want Landon Rickets come on guys”Schmitty_872145

We do listen to the fans – we can’t or sometimes merely won’t always do what the fans want for technical, taste or any other number of other reasons. That being said, regarding Landon we pointed this out recently – well there is bad news and good news… the bad news is that he isn’t in this set of playable characters from the Liars and Cheats Pack.  The good news is you have not seen the last of him.  Let’s just say he’s been rather busy dealing with some surprising phenomena.  More info soon.

“ok R* can you please send me the song from the mission "great men are not always men" please, I need that song, and can you make the all the other stand alone tracks available, I mean the ones on the soundtrack were alright, but the stand alone tracks are epic. i seen loads of people asking the same question all over the internet, come on R* please?”received via Mouthoff

Following up on our last Asked & Answered speaking about other original tracks from the score and soundtrack, we’d love to offer you guys some more music in this way.  Please understand though that to issue this music properly for release, they require a bit of production work and remastering, so we’d like to know from people such as yourself which other tracks you’d most like to see released in a new volume of the Red Dead Redemption soundtrack.  If there’s enough interest, we may do a post in a week or so to gauge which other tracks fans would most like to see (hear) released.

  • WhoElseWantsMoreon October 17 2011, 5:34pmReplyFlag
    Who Else Wants More? Do You Want More? If So Join The Facebook Campaign Here Red Dead Redemption Who Else Wants More? The Campaign is for new Singleplayer and Multiplayer DLC's like Landon Ricketts DLC, John in the Gang before the events of RDR, Cowboys & Aliens DLC, new hideouts, new locations for Undead OverRun like towns, Cart Races, new multiplayer characters, new Hunting Grounds and a Drinking Game etc
    • R* Yon August 24 2011, 11:35amReplyFlag
      Thanks guys for all the questions, please hit us up at if you have anything to ask us
      • 11265442on February 18 2011, 7:52pmReplyFlag
        yeah great game but theres one thing that is bugging me. is there a werewolf in undead ---htmare or normal single player? i'd very much appreciate it if you answered this. alot of people are searching for this beast and its just a waste of time if there isnt one... maybe in some future dlc a were wolf would be very much appreciated by everyone
        • mentosC4--FTWon February 5 2011, 8:56pmReplyFlag
          rockstar i love all your games and would like to play red dead redemption online again however i have just been banned and I am confused to why i have been. Could you let me know? i have no modded saves whatsoever and deleted them all when i heard about the ban hammer a while back
          • 11567878on December 28 2010, 10:51amReplyFlag
            one thing that pisses me on this game is having bunch of elementary, middle, high school kids shooting at other ppl and my horse for fun even though we r in same @$@#ing posse
            • 11567878on December 28 2010, 10:46amReplyFlag
              is there gonna be additional dlc after undead ---htmare pack?
              if so could u put scarlett lady, de santa and javier escuella on that pack as playable characters
              • 11567878on December 26 2010, 8:35pmReplyFlag
                why not having zombie escuella?
                i mean he's dead in single player mode
                • Carthaginianon November 3 2010, 9:41pmReplyFlag
                  Hey R*! Great Work! Ummm... Just and idea for the sequel. Or prequel actually... Landon Ricketts goes forth! Go back in time a tad and show us the Legend. His speech about the things he has seen would be so amazing to play. And this includes downgrading the guns. Who needs automatic pistols? They take the fun right out of the game. Starting the game with a single shot pistol and hatchet would be super!

                  • LonelyFutureon October 18 2010, 3:25pmReplyFlag
                    When you did Liars and Cheats why didnt you take javier escuela as a character?
                    • CoLDSuNdeRon October 17 2010, 1:21amReplyFlag
                      In response to Biohazard_1888, I have had this same feeling and I did the best thing of taking the Hardcore freeroam into perspective and am only playing that version it feels some much more satisfying to kill with skill.
                      • DP-Funkon October 15 2010, 11:46amReplyFlag
                        I know Rockstar Games listen to their fans' suggestions sometimes so I thought I'd add some things that I would like to see in any future DLC, if at all possible:

                        - The ability to customise your character would be cool. If this could work (e.g. taking the head of one character, the body of another, with accessories etc) I think it would please a lot of Red Dead fans;
                        - Adding a few more characters such as Landon Ricketts (I don't know why he wasn't included in the Liars and Cheats pack), that huge miner that you see in co-op missions and elsewhere (the one with the black beard), the nuns that you occassionally see, the Welsh guy etc. I know a lot of others have been asking along similar lines;
                        - I'd also like to see something on multiplayer that allows the player to see how many dice are on the table in a game of liar's dice. I know this sounds trivial but I think it would help occassionally, especially for inexperienced players, and I don't like having to scroll along to see when it comes to my turn.

                        That's all I can think of for now but I hope you guys at R* read this and take note!
                        • REALTRUESKILLSon October 14 2010, 2:45amReplyFlag
                          I would very much love to have the LASSO in free roam
                          The fun of tieing my enemy just makes me love it
                          • Biohazard_1888on October 13 2010, 12:01pmReplyFlag
                            @ R*Y @R* @Rockstar @Dev Team.... I just put you all in cause I want to be heard.

                            Can please relay this to staff and eventually look into separating Casual & Normal Free Roams?

                            I mean I'm good and all but when someone is hiding behind a rock waiting for you to finish a hideout or just when ur passing through, dynamite only goes so far to flush them out, and for them to pop around and auto target you BEHIND WALLS?!?! Then the wonderful message: Casually Killed So-and-so from 70 something yards with the High Power Pistol! UUUUGGGGHH!! I could too if I could target you behind walls and I dont want to toot my own horn here, but I think at my level in the game i shouldnt have to stoop down to casual also. I mean if your parents let you play and you are like 6 or 8 thats cool no big deal I'm fair and will play and humor the kids and let them win a little and all but a little fairness is all I'm asking.

                            PLEASE PLEASE do something about the Griefing. I mean if you added friendly free roam the griefing should be removed totally. I become Public Enemy for killing someone six times cause they won't stop and get the hint to leave us alone and cause some lucky respawn for someone who has been bothering you all session, you are dead! OH AND CASUAL! Great Wonderful, GRAND! Please remove the griefing once you release friendly free roam. I mean the whole point of that is to give people who are getting their butts kicked a chance to get out it isn't necessary anymore once you have a separate session for them to go to and not worry about it. Thanks.
                            • WACKO-CRACKO-7on October 13 2010, 5:17amReplyFlag
                              R* give us eu costumers a explanation why the DLC for the hunting and trading out fits are not available in the EU
                              • hiphoper-boyon October 12 2010, 1:13pmReplyFlag
                                Why did it suddenly lock my redemption and damnation characters?
                                I had them till yesterday.
                                I'm legend 1 level 15 if that matters....
                                • GrimXxDeityon October 12 2010, 9:47amReplyFlag
                                  Rockstar, Can you plese add some more free roam space? Just a thought, anyways,Can you add horse racing WITHOUT guns? Can you put some like survival thing in the up-coming DLC, I think you aready have hadn`t you? Graveyard is what it`s called isn`t it? Hordes of zombies come at you? :D cool :)
                                  • KullDurosson October 10 2010, 4:02pmReplyFlag
                                    Would REALY love to see you make it where if you die and havent unlocked a type of weapon you don't keep it. Would make it harder for stuiped lower level players from trying to take on a level 50 5Th prestige person like me who would be happy to help them but am tired of being possie killed by them just to get a weapon I would have helped them get anyway. I also firmly beleive you should make a new legendary rank for those of us who have leveled legit to a 6th prestige that would be checked by such things as time in game leaderboard score and unlocked achivements. I would happyly grind the basin or work on my other quests just to have it where those of us legit players can be seen for the gamers we are. Not being compaired to the pathitic modders who refuse to work for their place in the game. I think this would also make banning modders from red dead easyer as you can't modd those type of stats
                                    • KullDurosson October 10 2010, 3:40pmReplyFlag
                                      When will the next Moder sweep take place ?. getting tired of idoits who havent even tryed to play the game griving well why cant you fix the lopsidedness of the npcs ?. I'm tired of using my bolt action rifle and be killed by a repeater carbine when fireing the same amount of rounds as a npc at 10 yrds. I have the better weapon and should win the battle.
                                      • Faceoff2000on October 10 2010, 2:12pmReplyFlag
                                        hi. i think the idea that wen u kill some one and they respawn next to u is stupid. just imagin riding on ur mount and the they respawn next to u and shoot u from behiand i wud like rockstar to change that and put tem quiet ar from the palyers taht just shot them.
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