Rockstar Game Tips: Attacking the Gang Hideouts of the Liars and Cheats Pack to Earn Your Explosive Rifle (Red Dead Redemption)

Posted on September 28 2010, 10:24am | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

(Aim your weapons and prepare to master all seven of the Gang Hideouts included with the brand new Liars and Cheats Pack...)

Earn the Explosive Rifle via multiplayer Free Roam by completing any of the seven brand new Gang Hideouts that are included with the brand new Liars and Cheats Pack for Red Dead Redemption.  We're breaking down how to clear out all of the areas in this installment of the Rockstar Game Tips series.

Before making your way to one of the hideouts for the first time, keep in mind that:

  • You can obtain the Explosive Rifle in a crate after completing any of the Hideouts.
  • The Explosive Rifle comes with five rounds.
  • While there are ammo crates at each of the seven new Hideouts, none contain Explosive Rifle ammo.
  • Each Gang Hideout ends with at least two bosses that have more health than other enemies.

The Scratching Post
Location: South of Gaptooth Breach along the river
Boss Weapons: Fire Bottles
Investigate the house at The Scratching Post.  When you go inside, miners will begin running at you from the northeast.  Eliminate them using the cover of the building, and be on the lookout for some reinforcements coming from the southwest.  When you get to the bosses, take them out from long range with a rifle or repeater.  They'll be spawning northeast of your position.  Once they're dead, you can claim your prize: the Explosive Rifle.

Critchley's Ranch
Location: Southeast of Ridgewood Farm, north of Rio Bravo
Boss Weapons: Dynamite
Kill the Walton Gang at Critchley's Ranch.  The first wave of enemies await you at the barn.  Pull out a Rolling Block or Carcano Rifle for long distance carnage.  After wasting the first enemies, reinforcements will arrive from all directions.  Use buildings for cover and refill on ammo at various points inside the fenced-in area.  Bosses will use dynamite on you, so take them out quickly from far away with a rifle while strafing.

Crooked Toes
Location: East of Escalera
Boss Weapons: Fire Bottles
Put down the rebels at Crooked Toes.  Head northeast from the road to engage the gang.  Snipe enemies from far away and then move in, using rocks for cover.  Defeat all of the waves as well as the bosses.  If you've got the Legends and Killers Pack, use those Tomahawks on the bosses for quick kills, but be careful when approaching them as it becomes easier for them to catch you on fire.  Be sure to pick some Prickly Pear in this region if you're going for one of the Survivalist Challenges.

Venter's Place
Location: South of Armadillo and west of Coot's Chapel
Boss Weapons: Fire Bottles
Kill the Walton Gang at Venter's Place.  The first wave of enemies comes out of the south building.  Other waves will come from several directions.  After clearing the remaining gang members, bosses with fire bottles will begin attacking.  Use rifles to take them down from a distance.  If you want to have a bit more fun, take out one of your fire bottles and show them who's better at using them...

(At Venter's Place and other hideouts, enemies will hide behind fences, so adjust your aim slightly up to score plenty of headshots.)

Rancho Polvo
Location: South of Las Hermanas
Bandit Leaders Weapons: Guns
Investigate the hut atop Rancho Polvo.  Eliminate the bandits once they surround you, and stay around the building for cover when the remaining waves close in.  Some enemies will be down below, so use the high ground to your advantage.  When you've taken all of them down, the rebel leaders will spawn to the south.  Best to use a sniper rifle to take care of the situation.

Cueva Seca
Location: West of Gaptooth Ridge
Boss Weapons: Repeaters and Rifles
Eliminate the miners trespassing on Dicken's home.  Shoot down the enemies that are outside, and then throw some dynamite in the cave opening to clear out the remaining miners in the first wave.  After a bunch of reinforcements that come from the north and the east, take cover behind a rock as men from above will be aiming for you.  It's best to use the Buffalo Rifle or one of the sniper rifles in this situation.

Warthington Ranch
Location: South of MacFarlane's Ranch
Boss Weapons: Fire Bottles, Rifles, Revolvers
Run all of the rustlers out of the ranch.  The first wave will be in and out of the barn, so stay far away and pick them off one by one at your leisure with one of the sniper rifles.  Or, if you want to use a stick of dynamite, hurl it in the barn and enjoy the blast.  Move in and shoot the rest of the gang in the building.  Once the first wave is gone, use the barn for cover as loads of enemies will begin closing in to Warthington Ranch from all directions.  Bosses will come in at the end with various weapons, so eliminate them fast.

The best tip for the new Gang Hideouts is to always stay in an area with cover, preferably near an ammo crate.  If you have any additional tips you'd like to add or want to ask for any help, let us know in the comments below.

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  • bradleyjwardon November 8 2010, 6:31pmReplyFlag
    i down loaded the nitemare undead pack and now its says i need a rockstar code what do i do help please dont know how to get a code H E L P
    • CaptainDavisonon October 14 2010, 10:08amReplyFlag
      While I love the fact that the explosive rifle isnt a noob tube. I have a complaint. Me and a seven Man Posse were all going around getting the explosive rifle each taking turns. I allowed them to get theirs first, being polite. After seven turns of doing a gang hideout and maintain order making sure no one kills eachother (Looking over a big posse is like having 6 five year olds fighting.) We end up at Cueva Seca and I get my explosive rifle. So our plan is to ride to blackwater and go on the roofs and have an explosive rifle war. I understand we could have teleported but every one insisted we ride. By the time we get to MacFarlanes Ranch a person who is level 7 shoots me with this gun of all guns. The High Powered Pistol. He takes down three of our posse before the rest could even react. The Explosive rifle is gone. Please fix this R* its killing me. Just keep it so that either you unlock it at a level. Or do a new gang hideout and unlock it for the rest of the time your in Multiplayer like when you pick up weapons. And ammo crates dont refil it you just get like 3 shots and when you die it gets replenished ammo. something like that please rockstar. Will you at least respond to me and tell me if your planning anything like that? Thank you
      • ahetFINon October 3 2010, 4:26pmReplyFlag
        The glitches are the funniest things in free roam, without them it would be very boring. I just hate it that the MacFarlane's Ranch glitch that makes you go up and fall down, got fixed. I and my friends use many glitches just for fun, what harm do they make to someone?
        Rockstar, don't fix the harmless glitches, they are fun and make the free roam enjoyable, the hideouts get boring fast, so does hunting too (not even score for killing animals).
        And in singleplayer, the random encounters aren't very random, but there used to be some very random and funny, like bearman (man was replaced with the skin of bear) and gunslingerdog. They were just so funny and harmless.
        • pig333on October 2 2010, 3:47pmReplyFlag
          Thanks for the tips..
          • ItsReally_SBon September 29 2010, 3:22pmReplyFlag
            I saw a kid using one of The Marshalls on PS Network Yesteday! Its Crazy...Cant wait for unead!
            • R* Yon September 28 2010, 11:36pmReplyFlag
              @LeroyBrown01 Sure.

              @Shogibo Thanks for the tip, as for the Gang Hideouts, we'll take your thoughts into consideration.

              @BeerNutt Cheers, please also send a message to and we'll have a look.
              • Shogiboon September 28 2010, 8:53pmReplyFlag
                @R*, any plan to release more Gang Hideouts? I'm currently satisfied with the new ones (which are fantastic), but me as well as other fans think it would be cool to see Cochinay and Wreck of Serendipity hideouts in W. Elizabeth (as you probably know). Are the Blackwater Police really that efficient? All joking aside, is this still a possibility? Thanks R*, keep the amazing DLC coming!
                • Shogiboon September 28 2010, 8:48pmReplyFlag
                  I have a tip! for Warthington Ranch, I either go one of two ways of securing the barn. One, I peer through the windows and manually aim for headshots on the two rustlers on the ground floor, and then take out the guy on the second floor. Or, I whip out my tomahawks, taking out the guy on the top floor before I enter the barn, and then I quickly dispatch the baddies on the bottom floor with my axes.
                  • 11208429on September 28 2010, 5:18pmReplyFlag
                    I think it was a smart to bring in the explosive rifle as the objective of new hideouts. After a while getting exploded all the time when I'm leveling up would be annoying.
                    • LeroyBrown01on September 28 2010, 3:21pmReplyFlag
                      @R*Y thanx, and dont leave it too long i cant wait for the new outfits :)
                      • BeerNutton September 28 2010, 3:05pmReplyFlag
                        @Eastwood777 I've run into serious problems with lag-switchers and controller modders as well. I play Xbox so whenever I suspect someone of modifying their hardware to gain an advantage, I just report them to Xbox Live. Usually what I'll do first though is call them out on it. Once everyone else hears that he may be cheating, they usually pay closer attention to him and most will just kick him. Modding and lag-switching is just an unfortunate evil that anyone who plays on Live has to deal with at one time or another. But Microsoft is pretty good at following up on the complaints.
                        • KibblesMcGeeon September 28 2010, 2:58pmReplyFlag
                          Walton Lowe is one of the bosses at Venters Place
                          very cool if you ask me
                          • Donkey_Brainson September 28 2010, 2:22pmReplyFlag
                            there's been countless times when I'm in a posse and after we complete a hideout only ONE explosive rife is given and if I take it someone in my own posse will just kill me just because they couldnt have it and so nobody else will have it. And you made it so if you die you lose it.
                            • Le-Rockon September 28 2010, 1:43pmReplyFlag
                              asapcrewleader said :
                              "please DO NOT PATCH THEM i could play rdr for those glitches only serious"

                              is he serious lol ? i hope those glitchs will be fixed :D

                              By the way, R* did you plan to do a news wire on horseracing with some tips and pictures with all the plot races so we could learn about it, if you see what i mean (sorry for my bad english)
                              • Mesa_Kushempengon September 28 2010, 1:34pmReplyFlag
                                yep, I've witnessed such things also. I just don't hang around and may I suggest you don't either. Just file a complaint and move on.
                                My record doesn't suffer that way.
                                kills: 8573
                                deaths: 1808
                                ratio: 4.74:1
                                • R* Yon September 28 2010, 1:31pmReplyFlag
                                  @LeroyBrown01 Thanks - nothing new to report yet, but please stay tuned for any future details.

                                  And thanks to everyone that posted tips and suggestions, we'll have more tips in the future.
                                  • Cosmic_Toeon September 28 2010, 12:16pmReplyFlag
                                    I have a tip: Stay with Pike's Basin and Tesoro Azul unless you want the Explosive Rifle in MP which really isn't worth it.

                                    I have hours of fun in SP with it, but I find that it's just too much of a hassle to earn and keep because in MP the guys doing the Hideouts with me just shoot me with a shotgun as soon as I pick it up. And IMO there's just not enough ammo to enjoy it. Plus, I'm not a troll who lives to make people in MP angry by shooting them with it. Time wasted.

                                    I believe that you shouldn't lose it when you die, just have it respawn with the same ammo it had when you died, and when it's depleted, make it go away the next time you die.

                                    If you wanna use it No Holds Barred, go into SP and use it, it's the same amount of fun.

                                    The new Hideouts are fun also, but hardly an XP is gained. I am glad that the new Hunting Grounds give XP though. Those Bobcats are some speedy lethal buggers. Just enjoy the new modes and characters in MP and play with the Explosive Rifle when you can.

                                    The Cosmic Toe (XBOX 360)
                                    • crome79on September 28 2010, 11:40amReplyFlag
                                      Game Tips: Attacking the Gang Hideouts its called head shots but when your playing with a posse and want that rifle use a shotgun you get hat shot and disarm points plus the kill.anotherthing why dont any of the dev play hardcore or vet?
                                      • Stackclusteron September 28 2010, 11:40amReplyFlag
                                        Here's a tips I could give for the new hideouts;

                                        Looks like the new hideouts AI is a little bit polished, that means that the enemies are more accurate and sometimes harder to kill, so always aim for the head when you have the chance. Make sure to not stay in the open for too long because you will get killed really fast.... so stay in cover and move only when the area is clear.

                                        I wish the new hideouts would be longer and give more xp, but I understand that you need to complete them to get the ER so it's a good balance ....
                                        • Eastwood777on September 28 2010, 11:36amReplyFlag

                                          Great stuff. I personally love the new hideouts. I understand how everyone feels about El Presido and Torquemada. I am hoping per the release of the undead pack, we haven't seen the last of those areas yet. Maybe they are saving the best for last. How about blasting a horde of cowboy zombies from a cannon at El Presido. As Cartman would say, "Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet".

                                          @everyone else

                                          Besides the stupid times of 8 seconds to 0 seconds on the leaderboards for some of these new hideouts, has anyone else noticed the following:

                                          I have been in gang shootouts and grab the bag games with people who are good, level 50 4th prestige. They usually win, top the leaderboard, etc. But you can tell they are not cheating, just really good. Then you have a small posse of people who are also level 50, 4th prestige, but clearly seem to be cheating. For one thing there title is like "greenhorn", but they are supposedly level 50, 4th prestige. What is worse, it is almost as if when they come in the room during a gang shootout, time slows. Your reactions to everything feels delayed somehow. I had guys with 400+ hours in MP, legit 4th prestige, who own the leaderboards that couldn't land a single shot on these guys. They also had rifles that fired like a Mauser. No, it wasn't dead-eye. Because one guy was perched on top the saloon in Armadillo for like 4 to 5 minutes with a rifle firing like a Mauser non stop. It would fire in 3 to 4 round bursts with shots coming on top the next. I have never had a rifle fire like that. It was as if he modded it for unlimited dead-eye. But there is no dead-eye refill on the rooftops, and at some point, you will run out after two or so kills. But this went on for four minutes with weapons like a winchester repeater that cannot fire at such a rapid rate.

                                          There is clearly still cheating going on in this game. Like I said, I am average at best, but I was playing with guys who are really good and they all said their was cheating going on when these 3 guys came into the room last ---ht. When you watch them move, their character will flash slightly like something is wrong. Nobody else had this problem but the suspected cheaters. I think it was a lag switch, which slows down game for everyone by tenths of a second, giving them an advantage. Any thoughts? Has anyone else run into these problems. I am not blaming Rockstar and I know they are doing all they can. But the cheating seems to have gotten worse lately.
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