Witness the Power of the New Explosive Rifle - Part of the Red Dead Redemption: Liars and Cheats Pack

Posted on September 20 2010, 6:26pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Marshal Johnson brandishes the Explosive Rifle, a powerful new weapon included in the Liars and Cheats Pack.

As anybody that watched last week's Liars and Cheats Pack trailer can testify to, the Explosive Rifle does exactly what's advertised - It obliterates any enemy in its path in one powerful shot, with the force of its blast even knocking down nearby enemies in the process.  The Explosive Rifle is so devastatingly destructive, that in order to balance the sheer power of the weapon, it comes with limited ammunition and no-lock ability... so you'll need to choose your targets wisely.

Unleashing utter devastation on an unsuspecting gang member.

In Multiplayer Free Roam, the Explosive Rifle is earned after completing any of the new Gang Hideouts with the highest score. It can then be picked up from weapons crates. There are no additional ammo pickups for the Explosive Rifle though, and if a player holding an Explosive Rifle dies in Free Roam, then the weapon is lost.

The new Stronghold Competitive Multiplayer mode, part of the Liars and Cheats Pack as well, allows players to obtain the Explosive Rifle by cracking safes on certain maps.  Unlike in Free Roam however, if a player dies while carrying the Explosive Rifle, other players can retrieve it in these matches.

Vultures swooping in, but there won't be much left for them to feed on.

In single player, the Explosive Rifle is available for purchase from the gunsmith in Blackwater, and has a series of challenges to complete that will also earn you the 'Master Exploder' Achievement/Trophy.

Witness for yourself the firepower of this truly awe-inspiring armament, with a few brand new exclusive screenshots below, including a before-and-after treatment that illustrates how one of Marston's enemies meets his untimely end at the hands of the Explosive Rifle (these screens are age gated and Flash is required).



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  • RealMrDuke20on November 22 2014, 1:03pmReplyFlag
    Dear rockstar I have tried everything in the game but I cannot buy nor FIND the explosive rifle it will not show up anywhere! Please if you have any tips can you help.
    • ItalGTAon October 10 2010, 12:40pmReplyFlag
      It looks great.

      PS: Comment #400!
      • B0GiE-uk-on September 28 2010, 11:32amReplyFlag



        Delete the "game options" file then restart your PS3. Works for me and you don't lose your savegames or rank.

        • nibbolon September 26 2010, 12:20pmReplyFlag
          Played a couple times after the 1.04 update (PS3) and now today I tried getting on and the first time I got in got no overlay screens (when pressing select and the start button). Quit the game, attempted to restart and it went straight back to the XMB menu. Tried numerous times to no avail. Deleted the game data, re-downloaded the 1.04 patch, re-installed the game and still no joy. Is this some sort of perverse incentive to purchase the new DLC???
          • BXHITMAN01on September 23 2010, 7:42pmReplyFlag
            @ZeRo-Nullblicker the ammo for the explosive rifle is in the same shop you buy the rifle in blackwater. it's at the bottom of the list they go for $10 each.
            • Godfather187umon September 23 2010, 4:42amReplyFlag
              YO R* i always am glad to see new DLC. but why hasnt it come to asia Yet??? i mean all the world is playing it so why not here? i mean i confess im not from asia but a friend of mine bought an asian game and also 1 for me. DLC from US or europe doesnt work. Tried already with the Co-op DLC... So Please Give me an update. I know there arent many of us, but if you dont know when its coming, the waiting seems Endless... Im a big RDR fan. I was already a fan of red dead revolver. RDR is GREAT!!! only thing im missing is offline multiplayer games. but that seems to happen alot nowadays with shooters. Oh yeah 1 more thing! when it coming out in ASIA?
              • ProKillerGangstaon September 23 2010, 2:37amReplyFlag
                WHY WHY WHY CANT WE JUST HAVE THE EXP RIFLE IN OUR OWN WEOPONS LIKE THE TOMOHAWK PLEASE ROCKSTAR! But i realy do love the rest of the DLC good job just sort out the exp rifle.
                • R* Yon September 22 2010, 7:55pmReplyFlag
                  @Termie Thanks - let us know if you still haven't received a response to your Support e-mail.

                  @Davisphere We're currently looking into an issue with Hardcore Free Roam and will let you know when we have an update on the situation.
                  • Davisphereon September 22 2010, 6:16pmReplyFlag
                    I just downloaded Liars and Cheats today and have been experiencing a few problems with it. I can load free roam alright, but when I try loading hardcore free roam the game just loads and loads and loads without going anywhere. The words like "loading" that normally appear next to the spinning cylinder just disappear, leaving just a tiny red dash. The system isn't frozen, I can still exit the game via the PS button on the controller.

                    When I started the game up again and jumped into free roam, my character had been changed to Seth, even though I was using Prof MacDougall before. I tried loading hardcore free roam again (didn't bother switching my character back) an again I encountered the same problem. I tried three more times and the result was always the same. I even left it loading a good ten minutes on the last attempt.

                    I guessed that the problem might lie in the new characters, so I switched to an original one that shipped with the game and tried loading hardcore free roam. The game loaded only...it wasn't hardcore free roam...it wasn't anything...I was plopped down into a sort of nothingness. There was a player list and a "vote to start" option like it was a competitive mode. There were other players there too and no one could move (although one guy was dancing a jig...) also the character models were VERY low poly and the textures on them very basic. When I moved the camera around it seemed to copy mirror images of everything over and over again. The countdown started at over 40 seconds and when it eventually got to the load screen for whatever game it was going to load it just did the never ending loading screen that I originally described.

                    I talked to one of the players there (the only other one who had a mic) and he said he was having the same problem.
                    • UpNSmoke225on September 22 2010, 4:00pmReplyFlag
                      R* - great job on the new DLC!! I really love being able to do so many diff. things in one ---ht! In fact the only this that bothered me at all was the gambling allowance thing, which is what many people bought the entire DLC for you only get $200 bucks a day. Then I got shiested my an ante that I didnt even put in cuz it took too long to return to Free Roam...weak. L&C pack = epic win for R*. That being said here are some suggestions for a 2nd Free Roam pack which in my mind would complete MP free roam:

                      -Where's the fun in Hunting if you cant skin your kills & ride into town to sell them, then buy items you need?!

                      -Looting bodies...NPCs and Players alike...maybe even give a small % of an enemy's spoils if you kill him and loot his body!! It'd be interesting to have to guard your spoils!

                      -In MP alot of the buildings in towns are empty, but if you put a corresponding Store/Shopkeeper Icon outside the store, gunsmith, etc., you could still use its full features!! It drives me crazy that I can't interact more with all of the amazing towns. If you can put icons that allow you to play the diff. game modes, you should be able to have icons outside buildings that act as if you walked in and are talking to that particular shopkeeper!*

                      -Items such as ammo, horse pills, snake venom, rabbits foot, health, etc., could be purchasable at their respective Store/Shopkeeper Icon Locations! Money should actually have a purpose!!

                      -Incorporate the Inventory section & the Buy/Sell section that's in SP with certain items purchasable at the above mentioned Store/Shopkeeper Icon Locations!

                      -Chests scattered around with random goodies, gambling money, ammo, etc. (increased chance of better goodies with Rabbits Foot in your Inventory!)

                      -add the feature from SP that allows you to hold the A-button while riding near a character to maintain a steady pace with them. This would of course be only for posse-members maintaining a steady pace & would make riding through the frontier that much better as a group!

                      -Lassos strictly for use on animals/NPCs...(I still think it could work for PVP, as long as theres no hogtying & and there'd have to be a quick button combo that wriggles you free.......think 5-finger Fillet.)

                      -Safecracking with random loot & money amounts! (increased chance of better goodies with Rabbits Foot in your Inventory!) C'mon R* I wanna rob Armadillo even if its for 15 bucks!

                      -Treasure Hunting!!! You could have a bunch of new locations which would add a lot of time/challenges to Free Roam. Of course you'd have to watch out for roaming enemy players who might just want a % of your treasures!

                      -Basically, if all of the Ambient Challenges, random strange events, etc. from Single Player were worked in somehow, Free Roam would become an even more epic open world environment!!!

                      -Trains...yeh I know it's a long shot but it would be awesome, and maybe add a few more Stagecoaches other than the one you have to earn at the Gaptooth Breach Gang Hideout.

                      -Ability to switch Golden Skins OFF!...I like making amateur movies with my buddies and authenticity is key.

                      -Swimming! or at least not sinking like a rock with holes in it LOL...no explanation needed!

                      -Higher Gambling allowance..or a way(s) to earn small amounts of gamblin money when you're out for the day maybe by Bounties, Gang Hideouts, or even adding chests with random goodies inside.

                      -Betting on races? Option to add in a NPC to either gambling games or races if the lobby's dead *ideas borrowed from Tuco1980

                      -Add the rest of the Mini Games like arm wrestling, 5-finger, and horshoes.

                      -Maybe even a Free Roam comparable to GTAs Party Mode where there's no PVP, strictly NPC killing and general horsing around! This would be a nice option for Racing too, where skill would be the factor, not a lucky shot! *also taken from a previous post by Tuco1980

                      ~Say what yall want i'm just tryin to keep people thinkin, R* included!!!!!!!!~
                      • Termieon September 22 2010, 2:15pmReplyFlag
                        And Rockstar im not ashamed to say you have done a hell of a job with Bonnie's insults :D
                        • TenderBransonon September 22 2010, 12:57pmReplyFlag
                          The new rifle is a blast (pun intended)!

                          I really like the way you limited its use as well and the way you can reopen the box and get more ammo if the posse does the hideout repeatedly.

                          However, the hideouts themselves are rather bland. After going through them all last ---ht, they are largely the same hideout over and over. Hell, the ones at the Scratching Post and Crooked Toes are almost identical to the the sequences in "The River". And it seems that Venter's Place and Critchly's and Warthington Ranches were chosen simply to have those goddamn fences in the way all the time.

                          Not that they're horrible or anything, they just aren't as dynamic as the original 7 hideouts so multiple replays got old a little too quickly. Not to mention that the amount of XP gained for them is pretty small considering the number of enemies that show up.

                          And, speaking of hideouts: THE KNIFE-THROWERS AT TESORO AZUL ARE FAR TOO ACCURATE! The most fearsome enemies that one can encounter there actually, they make the fire bottle guys be a welcome sight. I have been one-shot killed by a knife thrower at 57 yards, 71 yards and 80 yards - a feat I'm not entirely sure I could perform as a player. Any way to dial these guys back a little?

                          At any rate, thanks for the new pack, I still have a lot of it to go through...
                          • Termieon September 22 2010, 12:37pmReplyFlag
                            Rockstar, im disapointed to say the least. I love the pack dont get me wrong. But as i previously stated my game wont load after dl'ing the pack. So i emailed rockstar support. No reply in 2 days. Phone rockstar support. On hold for about a f**king hour only to be told to delete my game data and reinstall. Do this, nothing happens. Ring back, on hold for another hour. It seems my problem is so f**king advanced it needs to be sent to a spec ops team known as division 2 or something. This is bulls**t rockstar i paid £8 for a pack, and not only can i not play it i cant even play the original game!
                            • R* Yon September 22 2010, 11:13amReplyFlag
                              @QRStech @RadicalPredator @ZeRo-Nullblicker @11001132 @Lake_B0d0m and anybody else that has been experiencing issues with multiplayer characters being locked in the Liars and Cheats Pack, we are happy to report that we've initiated a permanent fix for this on both PSN and Xbox LIVE. You will not be prompted to download anything for this automatic update, but you may need to restart your console to see the changes in the outfitter if you are already online.

                              @PuffinStuff_ Double XP weekend starts in two days, it begins this coming Friday (September 24th) at 1PM Eastern and lasts until 11:59PM Eastern on Sunday (September 26th).
                              • QRStechon September 22 2010, 10:51amReplyFlag

                                Why would they make the content free for members who sign up for a FREE account? They are a business and deserve to make money.
                                • QRStechon September 22 2010, 10:49amReplyFlag
                                  For those with characters still locked, try syncing your trophies. I did not replay any missions and did not delete or reinstall any files. My locked characters were showing this morning. The only thing I did (unless R* fixed it) was sync after playing a different game last ---ht.
                                  • KillerStefanon September 22 2010, 10:18amReplyFlag
                                    @R*Y There's a bug at Downloadable Content screen.
                                    I bought Liars and Cheats but it doesn't show up there.
                                    • PuffinStuff_on September 22 2010, 7:58amReplyFlag
                                      DOUBLE XP WEEKENED PLS!
                                      • RadicalPredatoron September 22 2010, 6:51amReplyFlag
                                        do the missions over again
                                        • ZeRo-Nullblickeron September 22 2010, 3:24amReplyFlag

                                          I have 100% in single player mode and half of the new characters are locked. How can I unlock them?

                                          In single player mode I bought that explosive rifle with only one shot......
                                          Were can I get new ammunition? Without new ammunition I cannot complete the challenges.

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