Multiplayer Poker and Liar's Dice - New Screens and Details (from the Liars and Cheats Pack)

Posted on September 20 2010, 12:35pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

The Colonel goes all in on a hand of Multiplayer Poker - part of the Liars and Cheats Pack for Red Dead Redemption.

Tomorrow's release of the Liars and Cheats Pack for Red Dead Redemption features the debut of Multiplayer Poker and Liar's Dice, another of the most fan-requested free roam additions to the multiplayer world of Red Dead Redemption.

Queen-Two off suit... You should have probably folded this hand, Marshal.

All players begin with a $200 daily gambling allowance and once you run out, you will have to wait until the next day before your funds are replenished.

Agent Ross, Dutch, Bonnie, Seth, Marshal Johnson and John Marston engage in a friendly game at Beecher's Hope.

In Multiplayer Poker, 2-6 players can compete in Armadillo, Beecher's Hope, Casa Madrugada, MacFarlane's Ranch or Thieves' Landing.  The initial buy-in varies depending on your choice of location, with MacFarlane's Ranch being the lowest and Beecher's Hope being the highest.

Players examine their hands in Liar's Dice.

Liar's Dice can be played with 2-6 players in Casa Madrugada, Escalera and Thieves' Landing.  Similar to Poker, Liar's Dice buy-ins will vary depending upon location.  Escalera is the lowest buy-in while Thieves' Landing is the highest.

A showdown at the poker table between sworn enemies.

Despite being alluded to by the title of the pack, we're afraid there's no cheating (or fighting) permitted while gambling... all games are on the up-and-up.  You’ll be able to launch either game from their new respective Multiplayer playlists or via Free Roam by finding their icons on the map and going to it.

Check out all the shots above in High Definition at the official Liars and Cheats page, and we'll see you at the tables.


Multiplayer Horse Racing in the Red Dead Redemption: Liars and Cheats Pack
Screenshots and Details from the All-New Stronghold Mode in the Liars and Cheats Pack

  • 11208429on September 23 2010, 8:01pmReplyFlag
    Hey you know what I realized? My superbull mount has two very dangerous looking horns on his head and doesn't jump...and it made me think how angry not being able BOOM! RED DEAD HORN UP YOUR A$$! send the explosive rifle jerk flying with a simple stamina draining charge where there is an empty space makes me. And I realized this subconscious bitterness is powerful in my psychological response to the Rock* logo.
    • eldonno00on September 23 2010, 6:51pmReplyFlag
      i am very disappointed with the liars and cheats pack as are all of my friends, a daily allowance for online gambling..are you serious? i haven't played the game for months and now i think i will just sell it, i hung on because of the pending gambling with friends and strangers.
      i sure hope you guys rethink this and come up with some kind of xp based currency or atleast let people earn money to gamble with which will promote more online play in all game types and will save us from moving on to another game. thanks
      • HOUSTON_BOIon September 23 2010, 6:12pmReplyFlag
        • Thizzmanon September 23 2010, 5:21pmReplyFlag
          Liars dice and poker are fuggin great. Thanks R* these new games will hold my attention till the zombie pack comes out. hopefully soon. Probably october 30th or 31st. Either way i got patience now thanks to the DLC if you dont have and are knocking it or debating on buying it you should jus get it, Its ten measly dollars. Might as well by 1600 microsoft points and get the legend and killer pack as well.
          • BMore28on September 23 2010, 3:27pmReplyFlag
            Rockstar please fix the Leaderboards on poker it does tell you how much you have won and that should be the whole point of playing poker
            • UpNSmoke225on September 22 2010, 3:40pmReplyFlag
              @JackThe--- - You get UP TO 200 dollars daily for gambling. So say it's your first time ever gambling in MP and you win $300're total earnings to gamble with are $500 which carries over day to day until you lose it. Now say it's your first time ever gambling and you lose all but 20 dollars so you leave to do some races...the following day you'll be given back 180 dollars which brings you up to your original amount ($200). You dont receive any allowance unless you're below $200, and its only the difference that you receive.
              • Zeeroahon September 22 2010, 2:28pmReplyFlag
                R* i got some sad news,i picked a older post to not be off subject.
                words gotten around that the car controls on gta4 where too hard and need to be made easier in gta5.
                we both know that the car controls in gta4 where groundbreaking,cutting edge and the future of gaming controls.
                holdin all 4 top buttons on the top of the controller at once and being able to perfectly drift corners while shooting at someone was one of gta4s finest moments.
                whatever you do ,do not change the driving controls ,they are godamned perfect.
                • 11822340on September 22 2010, 2:13pmReplyFlag
                  can't play poker online, getting a message waiting for more players for hours. how did u guys manage to play ???????
                  got liars and cheats pack
                  • JackTheBastardon September 22 2010, 1:59pmReplyFlag
                    One question about the poker and Liars Dice yesterday I was given the 200 dollars today I had 165 left (i played a poker and liars dice game) and now I am at 90 dollars (what can I say, bad luck). What will happen if , like I had yesterday, you didn't completely spent your gambling allowence? Will it be replenished up to 200 or will you simply get 200 dollars?

                    More important when will the allowence be rewarded 24 hrs game time of our time and when will this then occur in Europe?

                    Plz respond to this R*

                    • PhunnyB1on September 22 2010, 1:36pmReplyFlag
                      Concerning the whole video-games is art discussion which JackisaBitch has so passionately spoken of:

                      If video-games are art (I'm not disagreeing, in fact I believe them to be as high a form of creative arts as films, painting, music or literature) why this need of yours to "fix" RDR? Are you also writing angry letters to the Louvre demanding that they add a small sombrero and a handbag to Mona Lisa? (that is if you thought it would be an improvement) The essence of art is that it stands as what it is (a formalist view perhaps). And what RDR is, is entertaining. If you don't think so then by all means trade in your game, although I don't think that will ever hurt R* sales, the disc is your property after all.
                      I can't count the amount of times I've seen people on these forums with their ideas on how to "improve" RDR, usually the ideas are centered around their own psychological needs when it comes to gaming. You SAY you want to put the game in a frame, well no body is stopping you. If you really find that the blu-ray/HD-dvd is so beautiful go ahead, but what games are about (to me and seemingly a lot of other people) is the personal experience of playing it. And try as you might, you can never show other people how it made you feel.
                      Art or not, a dlc is just product, you don't like it? don't buy it. Bought it and don't like it? return it or try to offload it on someone who will.

                      As for R* not listening... Believing that a company who has created the best selling media titles of all time (until that third teen vampire film perhaps), SHOULD listen to what a few hundred people say on their forums rather than what (probably) thousands write to them via the standard channels is ridiculous. You might as well send a petition signed by a couple of hundred people demanding that the ending of Casablanca be changed to something more heartwarming.

                      What really annoys me with your endless assault on RDR, is your claim that the game spreads hate, or encourages it. Clearly you haven't really paid attention to the game. Marston is no racists, but some of the people around him is, further the game is set in an era where racism was the norm. It all boils down to RDR as a genre being tragedy, it's not supposed to make you feel like a million bucks to make it through the storyline. That big fat 18 on the front of the box is supposed to tell you that it's for adults only, meaning that people are going to be not nice to you.
                      Allow me to make an example: I lent my PC version of the very first GTA (98) to a friend who turned it back the very next day. I asked why? and he replied because he didn't like being called names when failing missions. Should he have written R* telling them to change their game? No, he did the right thing, he just put the game down.

                      If games are art, then it must be subject to the same scrutiny as all other forms of art. It must be discussed and appraised, not painted over because you don't like the way it looks.
                      • R* Yon September 21 2010, 7:50pmReplyFlag
                        Hey guys - if any of you have completed the required missions/achievements and still can’t access the characters, know that we are currently investigating the issue and should have a permanent fix soon. In the meantime, please report what you’re experiencing to our Support team:
                        • boston2004on September 21 2010, 2:12pmReplyFlag
                          @Jackisabitch as much as we all want our own interests to be brought into the game, such as a bigger variety of guns for me, most people aren't gonna get what they want and you just have to accept that. rockstar is a business first and they cant do all this work to make these add ons such as what you want without making a profit and you cant blame them for that. sure you can critize their work as much as you want but just because they dont do what you want in their game doesnt make the game bad. instead of wanting them to make the game you want, go to college and learn how to make your own, im quite happy with the game they made. And i can see why R* probably didnt make it so u can refill your $ with xp since you can easily bet all your cash and have no worries or consequences making you to think about your moves which is a pretty good idea.
                          • UpNSmoke225on September 21 2010, 12:08pmReplyFlag
                            oh yeh - im also wondering is anyone has experienced the dreaded glitch from Single Player where your Ace/King hand turns into a Ace/Queen when you lay it down!!? this really had me confused until it happened again and i could confirm it (f.y.i. this happened a few patches ago so maybe R* patched it?) so if anybody has experienced it speak out and definitely be on the look out
                            • UpNSmoke225on September 21 2010, 12:00pmReplyFlag
                              wow i'm fried at work from waiting early this morning..but it was well worth it. Congrats R* you've done it again! this DLC is freaking loaded! i feel like i just woke up and found a Mercedes outside my apartment! nothings too terribly glitchy which was a concern, the explosive rifle is easy enough to get at will and gives fully ranked individuals the urge to want to do a hideout (although a lot of them seem to think you wronged them), strong hold i haven't figured out yet..seemed like there were no clear attackers or defenders (we got rinsed and repeated lol), races i knew i didnt have time for, but the gambling is epic (although was kinda hoping to see our pistols on the table like in the artwork of the colonel)!! in 2 hours this morning i didnt even have time to see everything, which is completely awesome and how it should be!! i hope R* continues to take suggestions and come up with more great ideas on how to evolve Free Roam even more!

                              Thanks again R*, I have a present for you and the whole RDR Community which i will be emailing to you guys prolly tomorrow morning (i want to double check a few things)!!
                              • Tolmar666on September 21 2010, 5:32amReplyFlag
                                Quick question: do winnings accrue from session to session, day to day? You'd think so. Also, will your daily $200 allowance accrue? Looking forward to 3pm, DLC should be available in Europe by then.
                                • Robbdoggaon September 21 2010, 4:57amReplyFlag
                                  This is actually what i am looking foward to the least..
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