Rockstar Game Tips: Conquer the Tomahawk Ambient Challenges in Single-Player (Red Dead Redemption: Legends & Killers Pack)

Posted on August 24 2010, 10:36pm | Author: R* Z | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

(Load up Legends and Killers, grab your Tomahawk and get ready to take on the Challenges.)

With the recent release of the Legends and Killers Pack for Red Dead Redemption, one of the most popular additions has no doubt been the devastating new Tomahawk.  For those of you that are wondering how to access (and replenish) the Tomahawk in single player, this latest edition of Rockstar Game Tips has got you covered…  

Just like all the other weapons in your vast arsenal, the Tomahawk features its own set of ambient Challenges.  Complete these Challenges to earn the rank of Tomahawk Master, and as your reward you'll be able to refresh your supply of Tomahawks at any safe house, without trekking out to Manzanita Post every time you need to stock up.

Here's a brief look at the 5 Challenges you'll need to complete, along with our helpful advice on how to accomplish each one.

Tomahawk Challenge 1

  • Purchase a Tomahawk from the store at Manzanita Post.
    • Tip: In order to purchase the Tomahawk, you'll need to visit the store at Manzanita Post, which is in the Tall Trees section of the northern territory, West Elizabeth.  

Tomahawk Challenge 2

  • Kill one enemy with the Tomahawk used as a throwing weapon, one as a melee weapon, and one from horseback. 
    • Tip: The easiest time to do this is when you come across a roadside stagecoach ambush or enemies robbing someone.  If you need another easy option you could always try one of the Bounties from Armadillo (easier as there are not as many enemies at the location and they tend to be a little softer than the later Bounties).  To use your Tomahawk as a melee weapon, you need to be extremely close to your enemy.  You can execute a chop, if you are close enough, just by pulling the trigger. 

Tomahawk Challenge 3

  • Kill a flying bird with a Tomahawk without using Dead-Eye. 
    • Tip: Try to get as close as possible to a bird that is on the ground and then hit it as it jumps up and flies away.  The closer you are to the bird before it is in flight the better.  Tomahawks are deadly but they can be tough to throw with precise accuracy over long distances. 

Tomahawk Challenge 4

  • Kill 5 enemies in a row without missing with the Tomahawk. 
    • Tip: You cannot use Dead-Eye for this Challenge, so being close to your enemies is a top priority.  Round up a group of gang members and try to get as close as possible before letting your first Tomahawk fly.  This Challenge is easier to complete when done in conjunction with Challenge 5. 

Tomahawk Challenge 5

  • Complete a Gang Hideout using only Tomahawks.  
    • Tip: The easiest Gang Hideout to get this done at is Pike's Basin.  The enemies in the Basin are pretty much stationary and you will only get rushed by 2 to 3 enemies at a time.  This is the perfect place to set up an ambush and then collect your reward. 

Once you've completed these 5 Challenges, you will earn unlimited refills for the Tomahawk, enabling you to bury the hatchet into your foes with abandon.  Stay tuned for more Red Dead Redemption tips in the near future - and let us know if you there's a particular part of Legends & Killers or any other part of the game that you could use some help tackling, as we may cover it in a future Rockstar Game Tips segment here at the Newswire.


  • badbboy99on October 26 2010, 2:39pmReplyFlag
    hi how are you boys i wish you are enjoying the game
    i have one problem which is i don't know what to bay from the man in MANZANITA POST and i did not find the Tomahawk weapon
    and i alrady did the new download so can you please tell me what to do ??
    • CONDEREon September 13 2010, 4:54amReplyFlag
      I forgot to add in my ideas below: Get 100 head shots with your arrows and or spear and the tips of these weapons turn GOLD. Please add traditional Indian characters and Indian chief characters with those cool heads of feathers and war paint etc. Please Rock* Bows and arrows and Assegai's(Spears).
      • DocRaidenon September 8 2010, 7:29amReplyFlag
        Tomahawk kill on horseback NOT registering
        Rank 2


        Are you informed about that bug? When will it be fixed?

        Please refer to the thread on where several solutions are offered. Unfortunately none of them works for me.

        • R* Yon September 7 2010, 1:14pmReplyFlag
          @CONDERE Thanks for all of your thoughts, we take the time to read all comments written by everyone on the Newswire, we'll take them into consideration.
          • CONDEREon September 7 2010, 8:42amReplyFlag
            P.S. - My Rodio idea might be the right place to bring in the lassoo! Ride and tame a wild horse and then lasso and tie up x amount of calves within a designated time.???

            Love you guys and your game !
            • CONDEREon September 7 2010, 8:35amReplyFlag

              Last but not least. You guys have produced an awsome game that I would like to see beat the hell out of games like COD Modern Warefare tec and that we will all still be playing this game for years to come. Having said this, you guys need money to do all these things and keep adding content etc. So.......why don't you guys and girls make us some really cool, outrageous, special and awsome characters, mounts and weapons etc that we can purchase online in the PSN store. Just an idea that might generate you more income to keep us carzy gamers entertained.

              I would pay upto $10.00 for a set of characters with special abilities, cool and outstanding wild west outfits and dual gun characters etc. I would pay to be able to buy a set of unike mounts(Horses that set you apart from everyone else).I mean mounts with amazing saddles types with studs and bling(lol), and horse challenges that when complete, your horse becomes a legendary horse with gold horse shoes and has aditional power, speed and other capabilities etc. By adding wild west sets for RDR to PSN Store, you guys will make the necessary monies to evolve the game even further and we get to purchase unike characters and mounts etc that get added to our outfitter.

              An a crazy and fun idea would be to add a rodio into one of the corals at any of the farms wher players get to compete against each other on some carzy and wild horses and bulls etc. Like a game mode, you all eneter the rodio game mode and compete against each other on legendary bulls and horses to see who is the best rodio cowboy. Can you imagine how mush fun this would be?

              You guys and girls have a fantastic game and I will do anything and give any suggestions that might make this greatest and longest lasting game ever. R* You guys and Girls Rock and man, I speak for many - " We want more and are prepared to pay for it". !!! KEEP IT COMING PLEEEEEEASE.

              Kind Regards

              CONDERE - "The First South African Legend Level Five" "If It Moves, I'll Kill It" - LOL
              • CONDEREon September 7 2010, 8:18amReplyFlag
                Please read an elaberation of my PART1 ideas as follows:

                1) Another set of legendary badges that allows you to achieve extra abilities, characters and mounts as well as beeing able to whistle for a wagon, cart or stagecoach instaed of a horse.
                2) Reaching Legend level 10 would give you characters that are able to yield two revolvers or pistols etc, your character can roll faster, draw his gun faster, maybe have guns blazing, a legend level 10 has no icon or name tag above his head and is undetectable on the radar.(The only thing other player will know is a warning message that a
                "True Legend" has enetered the area. This adds a whole new perspective to free roam as more and more player will be able to go stealth or under cover and make the wild west that more interesting.
                3) Hows about adding some traditional Indian hide outs where there are T-Pees and Totum poles etc(Maybe in that north west part of the map in mexico and tall tree) and once you clear these out, you get to use a bow and arrow, a assigai (Spear), get a set of really cool indigenous/tarditional indian characters like the appachee, soux and camanchi warriors etc, together with a set of palimino horses with just blankets on for the indians to ride bareback.

                I could carry on forever. Is there maybe an email address wher I could sent my Wilbur Smith Edition. I have a host of really cool ideas that you might be interested in or maybe able to use?
                • CONDEREon September 7 2010, 8:04amReplyFlag
                  Hey R*. Firstly - Red Dead Redemption is an awsome game and has got my friends and I addicted. We can't get enough.
                  (PART 1)
                  I know you guys and girls are going out of your way to please as many RDR players as possible and trying to fix glitches etc. I would like to give my six cents worth with regards to Legend levels. As the days, weeks and months go by, we see more and more Legend Level five Players with Golden Guns etc. Is there any way you can add another set of Legend badges that will take us to the next level of achievement in the game and when you reach Legend Level 10, you get extra abilities, characters with special abilities such as dual revolvers, faster gun drawing and unlimited ammo etc,more mounts(a variety of horse with cool saddles and maybe an indian horse with just the blanket on, wagons and carts to use9 when you whistle a waggon or cart apperas instead of a horse), maybe be able to spawn/choose gattling guns and cannons etc.
                  My reason for this idea is that when it comes down to the wire, a new player(lvl1) and a legend (lvl5) have nothing between them. A lvl 1 can collect guns and mounts in free roam in minutes and give him the same fire power as a legend and when it comes to game types, we are all using the same weapons anyways. Please consider letting top level legends use no holds barred across all game types.
                  • bdyer666on September 1 2010, 10:18pmReplyFlag
                    • DP-Funkon August 29 2010, 8:12amReplyFlag
                      I was gonna say that Pike's Basin must be the easiest gang hideout to complete challenge 5 in, since there aren't that many enemies and there's quite a few hiding places. I will try this later. Also really looking forward to the new Liar's and Cheats Pack and other DLC - Red Dead: Redemption is the game that keeps on giving! Thanks a lot R*
                      • R* Yon August 28 2010, 5:53pmReplyFlag
                        @Techno769 Thanks for your kind comments, we hope to play with you online one day, what's your online ID?

                        @buckethead06 Hmmm, not sure, if you want you can send us a message and we'll check it out:

                        @bdr1220 We're glad you're liking the game, all we can confirm is what we've announced here, but thank you for your thoughts:
                        • buckethead06on August 25 2010, 10:41pmReplyFlag
                          Me again. So I was just playing and killing cattle at McFarlane's and I saw a buffalo so I hopped on and then more and more appeared. (4 max) So I checked the player list and nobody was higher than first legend rank 25. I know for a fact that they were all not spawned by someone who had one and then that person left because there were 3 then my posse killed 2, then I checked the player list, and then 3 more showed up. Is this a glitch or is there another explanation?

                          • Techno769on August 25 2010, 8:13pmReplyFlag
                            Thank you so much Rockstar! You guys are the greatest, and Red Dead is my all time favorite game. I just wanted to let y'all know that you're all superb at what you do, and you never miss a beat with your customer interaction and support. Thank you SO much again!

                            • R* Yon August 25 2010, 7:43pmReplyFlag
                              @Techno769 Sure - the titles are as follows...for the Tomahawk head shots: Steel Hawk, Gone Native and It's Just a Flesh Wound. For the Tomahawk kills: Scalp Collector and Going Native. For the Tomahawk trick shot challenge: Hair Splitter and The Hatchet. And for Tomahawk Revenge: Hack and Slash and Tomahawk Fury.

                              @joseywales09 Details on future DLC is indeed coming soon, stay tuned.

                              @Rafioso Thanks.

                              @buckethead06 Please direct all correspondence regarding banning to and we'll be glad to answer your questions.
                              • Senator_BobDoleon August 25 2010, 6:13pmReplyFlag
                                @BiG_IVXX: I originally tried Solomon's Folly but for some reason it didn't count? So I just did Twin Rocks and it worked perfectly!
                                • Senator_BobDoleon August 25 2010, 5:26pmReplyFlag
                                  Apparently, chickens aren't birds lol. That's okay though I was able to beat the challenge last ---ht challenge 5 was hard! I recommend Twin Rocks for that challenge.
                                  • Techno769on August 25 2010, 3:27pmReplyFlag
                                    @FRANKMAN1, mind your own business - I am asking Rockstar and nobody else.
                                    • gman_harmonon August 25 2010, 3:22pmReplyFlag
                                      Tesoro Azul was the winning gang hideout for my Tomahawk challenge. Your mileage may vary. I got the Axe Master trophy as soon as I bought the DLC and started fooling around.
                                      • Dking142on August 25 2010, 3:07pmReplyFlag
                                        @frazzlef50 yea i know man i cant wait for that to come out thats the only dlc i'm looking forward to because i'm not really into the multiplayer and plus there will be new animals to hunt OHHHHH BOOOY I CANT WAIT!!! Oh and i agree R* is one of the best game makers i have owned all the mid---ht, Gta, manhunt, ect and never been disappointed!
                                        • FRANKMAN1on August 25 2010, 2:50pmReplyFlag
                                          The is_lazy list is the official title list dude stop asking!
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