New Red Dead Redemption Social Club Challenge Unlocked at Fort Mercer - Earn the Dead Eye Level 3 Cheat

Posted on August 19 2010, 5:09pm | Author: R* Z | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

(Taking down a host of gang members out for blood is just the first part of the Fort Mercer Social Club Challenge.)

Head over to Fort Mercer to take our latest Red Dead Redemption Social Club Challenge, just unlocked today (press pause and visit the Social Club tab in the pause menu if you need info about the Challenge).  

Breaking into an isolated fortress with armed lookouts is a tall enough order, but add a handful ruthless gang members to the mix and you can see where this is headed.  Grab the best shotgun you can find and make sure your aim is steady, you're going to need both to make it back outside the walls of Fort Mercer alive and with the Challenge successfully notched under your belt.  
You will need to complete these three objectives to complete the Fort Mercer Challenge:
  • Kill 10 enemies with a shotgun
  • Hogtie 3 prostitutes
  • Disarm 3 enemies
(A gang member loses his gun thanks to some crack shooting.)
(The shotgun is going to be your key ally in Fort Mercer.)
(The ladies are going to be the least of your worries, take out the gang members first.)
Before you can gain access to the Gang Hideout you must have completed the mission "The Assault on Fort Mercer".  

Play the Challenge and then visit the Social Club to check out where your time stacks up on our Challenge Leaderboards.  All you need to take advantage of any Social Club Challenges is a Social Club account which can be created in-game or on the web by going here and registering
If you earn at least a silver medal in this Challenge, you will unlock the Dead Eye Level 3 Cheat - useful when you would like to change your Dead Eye style on the fly (do note that enabling a cheat will disable the ability to earn Achievements/Trophies).  Get your Social Club membership and see if you have what it takes to raid Fort Mercer. 
Stay tuned as we continue to unlock more Social Club Challenges in the near future.  

  • Alphapugon August 24 2012, 11:59amReplyFlag
    Stumbling upon this brought back great memories. I think I'll start a fresh save of RDR and experience it all again. Good times.
    • frakendeedon March 2 2011, 6:57pmReplyFlag
      hey rockstar what is with the lack of non dlc characters like the lawmen and the cattle rustlers you had such potential to make a vast variety of characters but unfortunately you never put them in especially the characters wearing dusters and when you put new non dlc characters you put some of the worst marshals in the game you also put these amazing npc's in the game and free roam so you could have put them in but you didn't WHY that's my question WHY didn't you put them in it puts variety to the game other than seeing two three or people in one game playing as the same person it is really starting to bug me and in my opinion and many others you need to make these npc's actual characters people will want to play as because you put cool people on the game but you put really crap uncool people no one wants to play as so when people get to a certain level you see them mostly playing as the same person and now you put add-on characters into the game people only play as them i even do it because the standard is so low that they are the only characters people want to play as so it also makes it a bit boring for the simple reason the percentage of cool characters is so low that when you bring out even one cool character that is the only one people play as so in fairness i am having a bit of a rant but to be honest the lack of characters people want to play as is shocking and people always try and so we need new characters but you never listen so i'm telling you now if you want this game to last online take my advise and put some cool characters on the game and put the non playable npc's on the game as well because it draws people to others games when they see that you have such a lack of cool characters and cool ones at that I'm not saying this to force gather a small force of people behind me to be honest I want new characters but if you don't I won't trade the game in but for the game best interest you will need to put them up their eventually or other games will surpass it even if you put them on an add-on for microsoft points or money on the ps3 you need to put them on otherwise this game will be left in the dust(sorry about the lack of full stops and commas i was on a bit of a rant and also i do not hate red dead i love the game i just think the game can be surpassed if another game comes along and puts even a simple bit of character customisation where you can get dusters and poncho's and other cool bits of clothing from the cowboy time period)
      • ImStraightEdgeon August 31 2010, 2:33pmReplyFlag
        Just a few ideas... Tomahawks were nice but where are the bows & arrows? lol More customizable characters in multiplayer would be awesome. It gets old seeing 15 people as the same character in a free for all etc... Mini games in multiplayer would be a nice addition. Not just the poker & blackjack, but give us arm wrestling and horseshoes! No cars in multiplayer! It's annoying enough with the people who shoot at you when you're doing a gang hide out etc. I don't want to start dodging people who think it's fun to run over people. lol & just say no to canoes. (at least until touching water doesn't kill you, lol)
        • AGothVampon August 31 2010, 1:10pmReplyFlag
          It's very annoying and really ruins the public roaming in multiplayer when people come up and shoot you for no other reason than to get that big 1xp they get I'm guessing. Anyways it would be kewl to take these idiots and after a certain amount of unprovoked kills throw them in a jail cell for awhile so they can't kill those of us picking flowers. lol On a serious note, races in multiplayer would be kewl. Carts or horses. Thanks for listening to my comments...
          • R* Yon August 30 2010, 11:08amReplyFlag
            @Super_Souvlaki Sure.

            @wolfzero01 If you'd like, please send an e-mail to and we'll help out.
            • wolfzero01on August 25 2010, 7:22pmReplyFlag
              has anybody had a problem on the Fort Mercer & Twin Rocks challenges not registering that you've Disarmed 3 enemies? I know I've disarmed them but its not showing up, yet when I complete the Nosalida challenge, it shows that I did all three parts.
              • Super_Souvlakion August 24 2010, 5:10pmReplyFlag
                Nice! THX!
                • R* Yon August 24 2010, 10:38amReplyFlag
                  @thejbird Sure - glad to help out.

                  @Super_Souvlaki We'll have more info on the upcoming DLC soon, stick right here on the Newswire.

                  @JayG24 Thanks for letting us know.

                  @ati_kiraly You may have lost your save if you turned off your console while it was saving, or it may also be that you signed in to the wrong profile and your save is still there, we do not have access to restore saved games since save files are stored locally on players consoles.
                  • Super_Souvlakion August 24 2010, 6:02amReplyFlag
                    Agree. I bought the game this time for 360 because my friends have this version. I would like to see it coming to 360.
                    • JeroVGon August 24 2010, 5:52amReplyFlag
                      hey R* you should really come out with the Solomon's Folly Gang Hideout for the Xbox 360
                      • JayG24on August 24 2010, 4:18amReplyFlag
                        hey Roc* can u guys please update the game to make it when i throw my GOLD Tomahawks they stay GOLD.
                        please update this. the tomahawks should stay GOLD after i put one in sumbody's head. let me know if this is possible, that's all i ask for.
                        • Dwayne519on August 23 2010, 11:34pmReplyFlag
                          i guess you got a point with those canoes. maybe if they were just put into the game so say theres certain spots where you can jsut hop onto a canoe instead of drving them you jsut hop on and go . trains are a definite though. i think it would be cool to have a posse of eight on the train just shooting everythin it goes by. you also need to be able to drive the train. backwards and forwards so there could be sweet train crashes. and also one more idea if its not too late in the game to be making them. i think to be abl eto jump onto the train off your horse while your running. like in that one mission.
                          • Doughertyon August 23 2010, 8:39pmReplyFlag
                            i could understand why people would want the train in Multi itw ould be kind of fun for awhile i soppose.

                            but canoes just seem like a bad idea. the water areas in the game are very limited that canoes would be rarely used, plus when you goin down the rivers the canoe would be in constand movement down the current, and then once your each the end you have to paddle all the way back fighting the current, so with those two factors in there it wouldnt be fun bein on the river, and once the shootin starts, yeah you might get one or two guys, but you have no cover what so ever leaveing you to be a sitting duck so its just a one two goodbye to you deal.

                            stick with the want for trains, personally i would give up on canoes, as much fun as they would be, it would only anger people in the end. and then make them useless
                            • Showie360on August 23 2010, 6:55pmReplyFlag
                              A new Social Club Challenge (nobody need this), wow we can reward cheats.

                              Iam so sad that you guys need sooooo long to give us the Marshals free to choose, i can say iam realy sad about this.

                              And nobody from you say a cleard word when they come, why not now or in what case.

                              I go another day to bed, with a bad feeling.
                              • Super_Souvlakion August 23 2010, 6:44pmReplyFlag
                                (BTW I was talking about upcoming dlc)
                                • Dwayne519on August 23 2010, 6:09pmReplyFlag
                                  i really think that multiplayer needs canoes and trains. trians obviously can be done cuz its in singleplayer. giving the player a canoe would be bad ass. riding down the river and blasting fools. alos i think that the radar should be limited. what i mean by that is that it should show somebody on the radar if they are far away but if they are close they should disappaer unless running or shooting like in the bag games. just an idea. rockstar please answer me to when you are putting out more dlc packs or the "free outfits"
                                  • Super_Souvlakion August 23 2010, 5:59pmReplyFlag
                                    This is all the dlc you promised (is this all coming?!?!):

                                    New Social Club Challenges Rewards (FREE)
                                    - New single player cheats
                                    - 8 Federal Marshall Characters (multiplayer only)
                                    - etc.

                                    Savvy Merchant and Expert Hunter Outfit (FREE)
                                    - Adds Savvy Merchant Outfit
                                    - Adds Expert Hunter Outfit
                                    - Enables everybody who downloaded this to see “Legends and Killers” mp characters.

                                    Liars and Cheats pack
                                    - Attack and Defend multiplayer competitive mode and challenges
                                    - New multiplayer horse races, with mounted combat
                                    - Play as "the heroes and villains" of Red Dead Redemption, as well as eight new multiplayer characters
                                    - Multiplayer versions of Liar's Dice and Poker from the single-player game
                                    - New weapon, The Explosive Rifle, with corresponding multiplayer and single-player challenges
                                    - New Achievements and Trophies

                                    Free Roam pack
                                    - Additional Free Roam challenges
                                    - New action areas and defensive placements
                                    - Posse scoring and leaderboards
                                    - New anti-griefing measures in Free Roam

                                    Undead ---htmare pack
                                    - New single-player adventure, challenges and quests
                                    - Eight new multiplayer zombie characters
                                    - Additional animals to hunt
                                    - New dynamic events "and more"



                                    • jch2010on August 23 2010, 5:34pmReplyFlag
                                      hey r* iv been wondering is john marston red harlow cause he has the same scars and face.i think theywoud look almost the same if harlow wernt stylized.i know rdr is only a ''spiritule successer '' but is he .i would allso like a cool looking duster waering charector in mp .maby that cop in armadillo.
                                      • Super_Souvlakion August 23 2010, 5:29pmReplyFlag
                                        It could have happen in several ways.
                                        • ati_kiralyon August 23 2010, 4:43pmReplyFlag
                                          R*, My online character just dissappeared! I was on level 26 went for a break and I turned on the game and now it put me back to level 1 with nothing. I've never done anything to the save files and I've never even used any cheats. I really don't want to start from scratch... =(
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