Watch the Winning Clip from the Social Club TV Episodes From Liberty City Bad Ass Biker Gang Video Editor Contest: "Easy Rider" by IWJOSH

Posted on September 7 2010, 12:33pm | Author: R* Z | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Our heartiest grats to IWJOSH from England on his winning taking home the top prize in the Bad Ass Biker Gang Video Editor Contest - to make the best motorcycle themed video using the in-game PC video editor from Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City PC.  IWJOSH submitted several entertaining entries, but his winning video, "Easy Rider" took the prize.  With its titular nod to the late great Dennis Hopper, "Easy Rider" takes viewers on one hell of a 2-wheeled thrill ride with some of the best action and editing we've seen in a Social Club TV clip yet, cut to the tune of The Yelling's "Blood on the Steps" from The Lost and Damned.

IWJOSH's winning entry earns him a brand new Shuttle Gaming PC that has been given a full Lost and Damned custom makeover.  Additionally, IWJOSH receives a Deluxe Prize Pack of Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City collectibles as well as a Steam code for Rockstar Games classics on PC.  Huzzah!
Our two runners up, BUMSFROSCH3000 and ADDICT_GRIMM, also turned out some decidedly "bad ass" entries and will be rewarded handsomely with a deluxe prize pack of Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City collectibles as well as Steam codes to unlock Rockstar's classics on PC.
"Get Lost" by BUMSFROSCH3000. Spend the day riding shotgun with Johnny Klebitz. 

"Bohan Saints" by ADDICT_GRIMM.  Paying homage to a cult hit... 

Note that winner prize fulfillment is contingent on response and completion of required eligibility forms.
Our next Episodes From Liberty City Video Contest announcement is right around the corner so stay tuned for details very soon right here at the Rockstar Newswire.

  • niko1663on December 26 2010, 1:03amReplyFlag
    yea how come xbox has bully make one for the ps3 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • niko1663on December 26 2010, 12:59amReplyFlag
      they should make longer videos
      • Ruben-gon September 14 2010, 3:34pmReplyFlag
        quiero poder jugar online en episodes from liberty city pero no se como
        • IWJOSHon September 14 2010, 9:56amReplyFlag
          Sent mine back yesterday, hopefully I did everything right... O.o haha :)
          • Skintinevilon September 14 2010, 9:21amReplyFlag
            I just send everything back, too. :)
            • ADDICT_Grimmon September 13 2010, 3:37pmReplyFlag
              Nice, got the email and sent it all in xD
              • Skintinevilon September 13 2010, 1:20pmReplyFlag
                Got the e-mail. :)
                Now I have to read that carefully (my english is not that good xD ) and sent the needed copies tomorrow.
                Thanks for all @ R* :)
                • IWJOSHon September 13 2010, 11:42amReplyFlag
                  @R* Roger that ;) haha, Cheers R*
                  • R* Yon September 13 2010, 11:21amReplyFlag
                    @IWJOSH @ADDICT_Grimm @Bumsfrosch3000 You should each now have an e-mail in the inbox of the e-mail address you used to register on the Rockstar Social Club.
                    • IWJOSHon September 13 2010, 11:02amReplyFlag
                      Haven't received anything here as of yet :)
                      • ADDICT_Grimmon September 13 2010, 9:18amReplyFlag
                        I haven't gotten mine yet. But it was the weekend. We could get it today or tomorrow.
                        • Skintinevilon September 13 2010, 6:55amReplyFlag
                          yeah. ^^
                          Somebody got an e-mail already?
                          • IWJOSHon September 11 2010, 12:29pmReplyFlag
                            haha, Congrats Bumsfrosch! :D
                            • Skintinevilon September 11 2010, 11:53amReplyFlag
                              What the hell?! :D
                              Thats a little bit surprising, I came back from my Holiday right now and see this. *.*
                              Thank you so much @ R* !
                              • ADDICT_Grimmon September 10 2010, 3:29pmReplyFlag
                                I am getting anxious! lulz, I just feel until I get an email I haven't won anythin
                                • IWJOSHon September 9 2010, 3:25pmReplyFlag
                                  Not yet ADDICT_Grimm :( haha
                                  • Joker-64on September 9 2010, 3:03pmReplyFlag
                                    We hope the next contest will receive participation from Turkey..
                                    • ADDICT_Grimmon September 9 2010, 1:05pmReplyFlag
                                      IWJosh you get the email yet?
                                      • IWJOSHon September 9 2010, 6:59amReplyFlag
                                        @AADDICT_Grimm @ Bumsfrosh3000 - Our videos are now being featured by R*! :D

                                        @Everyone - When I receive the computer, I'll make a video of it to show everyone how it looks :) I'm so excited to receive it! :P haha
                                        • Nem_Wanon September 8 2010, 8:43pmReplyFlag
                                          Easy Rider is thrilling. That is how you do that!
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