The Legends and Killers of Red Dead Revolver: Part One

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In addition to 9 new Multiplayer map locations and the new Tomahawk projectile weapon, the Legends and Killers Pack for Red Dead Redemption also features 8 new playable Multiplayer characters from Red Dead Revolver, Rockstar San Diego's 2004 take on the myths and legends of the American West for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. 

The 8 characters featured in the Legends and Killers Pack include some of Revolver's most memorable personalities and each has been given the full high definition treatment.  For those that may not have experienced Red Dead Revolver check out a brief profile of 4 of the 8 characters included in the pack, and look for a rundown on the rest of the gang tomorrow.

Red Harlow
With his family slaughtered by bandits and left for dead when he was a young boy, Red Harlow now prowls the open frontier as a bounty hunter, bringing justice to wicked bandits, while desperate to unravel the identity of his family's killers.

Jack Swift
Jack Swift is an English gentleman and trick shooting ace who heads out West to join the circus as a sharpshooter, with his dual revolvers "The Showstoppers" in tow.

Mr. Kelley
The 3-time champion of the annual Brimstone Battle Royale dueling competition, the well-dressed Mr. Kelley is known throughout Brimstone for his prowess both at the poker table and with a six shooter.

Annie Stoakes
In the rugged Western frontier, staking your claim means being prepared for more than just hard work.  Cattle rancher Annie Stoakes knows this, which is why in addition to working a small plot of land outside of Brimstone, she's a crack shot with "Faith" - her affectionately named repeater rifle.

  • TherockandTJon August 3 2011, 3:34amReplyFlag
    Red and john has that Same scatch on there face,And there hair is in the same style,
    Does the both games have some sort of same connection characters?
    • JayDilon August 15 2010, 5:05pmReplyFlag
      Annie Stoakes lookes like Bonnie Mcfarlane, Mr. Kelley looks like Landon Ricketts, Red Harlow looks like John/Jack Marston and Jack Swift is almost like Mr. d**kens. WATS UP WITH THAT????
      • 9829811on August 10 2010, 11:26pmReplyFlag
        I'm waiting for some additional content for single player. Not everyone plays multiplayer. Paying that much for one additional weapon ain't worth it at all. For multiplayer folks though shooting it out in Blackwater would kick ass.
        • LuangChalon August 10 2010, 5:14amReplyFlag
          hi everybody.
          sorry for my english, i'm french..
          i can't download the new multi mission pack and it is 11 am in my country ... someone know more about it ?

          best regards

          • hassanrafiqon August 10 2010, 3:34amReplyFlag
            when this game will come on pc ? what you guys think about your pc users?
            • Shroomageddonon August 9 2010, 11:26pmReplyFlag
              hopefully u don't have to prestige to get the new charter's >.
              • 80sManon August 9 2010, 8:31pmReplyFlag
                Hey rockstar dude maybe you guys could allow the players on single player complete challenges to unlock gold versions of mostly all weapons. Because I want something to work for! And also motor cars are an idea I mean this game takes place in 1911 not 1873 or whatever. Stage coaches are so stupid. If you people don't agree with me that's fine. Do not attack me for bringing this idea up. Some immature dude just did attack me on my previous posts. To that person I'm not here to start a fight. I'm here to have some fun
                • BROTHER1HAZEon August 9 2010, 6:59pmReplyFlag
                  Yeah. All the maps should be free to everyone who plays because they just come from single player and or free roam. The characters and new weapon should be a pack thats like $4.99 which 400 microsoft points. I think $9.99 which is 800 points is kind of a rip but no biggy. Im going to buy it anyways. Just a suggestion.
                  • BROTHER1HAZEon August 9 2010, 5:01pmReplyFlag
                    I hope its about 400 microsoft points for xbox 360 if it's money wise. That seems like a reasonable price for some characters and a new weapon with maps that just come from single player / free roam...
                    • UpNSmoke225on August 9 2010, 11:44amReplyFlag
                      lookin forward to tomorrow! R* isn't ripping off anybody here..these DLCs are gonna be well worth it. I'm not too sure I like that new update but oh well. I do wish that other people who don't buy it could still see you, after all how else are you going to entice people to buy it?? And also R*, any plans of making an online stats website? Other companies are doing well with it and with the amount of precious stats that are being lost forever this needs to be addressed!!! The social club already has the stats so why not link it all!!
                      • Jason_Harryon August 9 2010, 11:34amReplyFlag
                        To all you guys comparing RDR to MW2 complaining about DLC pricing.
                        MW2 is complete garbage. We all know Battlefield - Bad co 2 is the best war shooter.
                        • 10649703on August 9 2010, 10:55amReplyFlag
                          Bow and arrow and swords/different knifes would be awesome!
                          • RafianoFandangoon August 9 2010, 5:42amReplyFlag
                            Everyone should just feel lucky that this game gets expanded at all, all the old gtas never got expanded and they were enough in their own right as is Red Dead Redemption. In response to mw2 expansions, I will never buy them as they are too expensive and BFBC2 is 1000% better, plus if you buy bfbc2 new you get all the map updates for free with the VIP code. Stop complaining about expansions in Red Dead which are a blessing and stop bum raping mw2 it sucks.
                            • Musashi_No_Kamion August 9 2010, 1:19amReplyFlag
                              I agree with boca_ftww. I know I'm going to still buy the DLC, but when I read that other people couldn't see it, it just got disappointing. I think that you should just make a patch adding the skins to at least be visible to them, if I come out as some random character that I never choose cause I hate how they look in their eyes, what's the point? You guys should really consider this, it's not like you have to add on to the DLC that's coming out tomorrow, it really can't be that much to ask, can it?
                              • MoMan501on August 8 2010, 9:35pmReplyFlag
                                I would buy this dlc even if it just had Jack in it for the same price as what it is now.
                                • TheWrox92on August 8 2010, 6:47pmReplyFlag
                                  its bonnie that looks like annie, since red dead revolver came out first!
                                  • vince_42069on August 8 2010, 5:09pmReplyFlag
                                    Hey R* I was wondering if you have to reach a certain level to use these characters or if they would be playable just from purchasing no matter what level you are. Because my power had went off during online play and my multiplayer got completely reset. Characters, titles, challenges, gold guns, legend and level everything was lost. Now back to the beginning, i assume i cant get it back?
                                    • MiTcHOvLs28on August 8 2010, 11:01amReplyFlag
                                      Why when people are comparing games they always talk about mw2 who cares their completly different games even though the addons are quite a high price they are still going to make more money with dlc compared to red dead
                                      • JayDilon August 8 2010, 8:06amReplyFlag
                                        Why does Annie Stoakes looks like Bonnie McFarlane but on heavy crack?
                                        • Tvkid4on August 8 2010, 6:23amReplyFlag
                                          Annie stoackes lookes just like bonnie mcfarlane
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