Rockstar Game Tips: Red Dead Cooperative Mission Strategies (Part 1)

Posted on July 29 2010, 3:31pm | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Games, Social Club

(A posse begins a cooperative mission, smartly staying together and dropping enemies from a distance...)

Red Dead Redemption's first and free pack of downloadable content, The Outlaws to the End Co-Op Missions Pack, features six cooperative missions that take place in different areas of the epic open world.  Whether it's assaulting Fort Mercer to rescue a farmer's daughter in The Kidnapped Girl, or riding a raft with your posse to rid the land of weapon caches in The River, or going after treasure in Walton's Gold, Outlaws to the End provides a variety of action-packed challenges for you and your friends online.

We recently held a weekend of Red Dead Social Club multiplayer events, playing a few of the missions with gamers worldwide, and we've gathered some general tips that will get you get through the missions and help to keep you alive so that you're able to finish each one as masterfully and dominantly as possible.

  • Keep everyone together and appoint a leader.  If you want to stay alive and complete the missions with a Gold goal in mind, it can't be every man for himself.  Always keep in mind the key word, "cooperative".
  • Watch for fallen posse members and revive them if needed.  The game will let you know in large letters in the center of the screen when a member of your posse has fallen.  Run over to the person and revive them by pressing Triangle on PlayStation 3 or Y on Xbox 360.
  • Use cover to regenerate health if your screen turns red.  Look for rocks, hills, stagecoaches... whatever you can find to hide behind.
  • Be careful when approaching a fallen friend as you may need to take out nearby enemies to avoid the same fate.  Your teammate died for a reason, and it might just be at the hands of that enemy that's manning the Gatling gun around the corner.
  • If you take the reins of a stagecoach, hold 'A' on the Xbox 360 or 'X' on the PlayStation 3 while aiming.  This will keep the stagecoach automatically steering and moving down the correct path, allowing you to concentrate on shooting.  This works in both single player and multiplayer.

(While playing "The Kidnapped Girl" during July 13th's Red Dead Social Club PSN event, RedDeadDev3 was able to survey the area and fire his rifle while in the drivers seat by aiming while holding X, helping RedDeadDev4 and Killer_Disease fight off enemies.)

  • Choose the right class for the particular mission you're about to enter.  For example, while Miner is great for Walton's Gold, it's likely not the best class for The River or The Herd.
  • The class 'No Holds Barred' is only available in Advanced Cooperative Missions.  In order to unlock Advanced Cooperative Missions, you must first play through and beat each of the six normal Cooperative Missions.

Next time we'll go through some of the specific missions, laying out tips to help you prevail in each one.  If you've got great Co-op tips to share, let's have 'em in the comments.

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  • Tomfpperottion September 11 2010, 5:34pmReplyFlag
    Stop making extra packs that worth money, i bought the game and finished it, i really enjoyed and i'm still finishing some trophies, but you guys keep adding things that you have to buy for real money and sometimes i can't buy it. Please make more free things. :(
    • Showie360on August 16 2010, 7:04pmReplyFlag
      Come on Rockstar, we all know that the Marshals allready on the Game Disk. Why you need soooo longt to bring them to the outfitter section? Nobody would play as them after the game is 6 months old...

      You guy know what appear in the next Months? A lot of Games with a Multiplayer Mode, and i know that a lot o gamers change from Red Dead to Halo and Co.

      Red Dead Redemption is a very good Game, but not the only one. So i cannot understand what dumb Game you play with us.

      A small update and we can choose them, whats the problem?
      • gmancrazyon August 8 2010, 10:30amReplyFlag
        @ROCKSTAR, the online experience is 1 of the best games out there but is it just me but all the games i have ill win most the matches but then most of the players do1 and the server never seems to get filled back up and im usually left by myself waiting for more players 2 join which it never does????? then il try 2 find another match to jump in, then it just puts me back in the same server by myself again whats going on????? finding matches shouldnt be stressfull but im started to get bored and fed up.
        how about sorting it so theres always atleast 10 or more players in a match, i dont have this problem on other games like COD etc so come on ROCKSTAR sort it cos i love this game but would hate to have to get rid cos of lack of online players to kill cheers
        • R* Yon August 5 2010, 9:39amReplyFlag
          @JoeCoolxD @ghostx1984 Nice - thanks for the tips guys.

          @MrsNaveen Check here to order your copy:

          • MrsNaveenon August 5 2010, 4:30amReplyFlag
            I want this game because this is very good game
            • ghostx1984on August 4 2010, 6:40pmReplyFlag
              If you're going for a gold medal on the river co op mission make sure you help each other get kill chains because they increase the team score by alot. Also make sure you're shooting their heads and you can refresh a kill chain by killing an enemies horse if the chain is about to wear off.

              Typically if someone near me is on a streak, i'll follow them around to get their revive if they need it rather than breaking their chain.
              • JoeCoolxDon August 3 2010, 11:21amReplyFlag
                3 way's to make your single player experience better.

                1- Turn off the map, unless you've already tried this you've got no idea how much more emmersive the game is with it off. You learn to cross the land using instinct and landmarks, other than constantly having your eye on a 2d road. Thing's become harder but at the same time more realistic, like fighting a group of bandits. You don't instantly know where they are by a quick look on the map, there for you have to use your wits more and skill.

                2- Don't break character. Army running through the town's and settlements look's stupid, mainly because the run John has is a pure battle run. When sprinting whilst in battle it look's amazing and so fitting to it's purpose, but sprinting down a street just looks idiotic. If you need to get somewhere, walk, if not, call your horse.

                3- Not always the face. My friend tired himself of this game after about 10 hours, because the entire time all he did was go around and shoot people in the face. Sure it's a little fun, but it wears off eventually, and then just completely ruins the entire experience Red Dead has to offer. A face shot every now and then will hold a lot more pleasure than a face shot every time.

                Also, as a bit of extra fun I was wondering the other day how it's possible to get bandits to John whilst on a train. After a few hours contimplating I finally figured it out, and it's not actually that hard. Simply get a bounty, go out, kill the bounty, loot his body and instead of returning to collect you prize, head for the train.
                The bandits that followed the bounty will constantly attack you until you turn in the mission, that includes being on the train (they don't follow the train into settlements.)

                Thank you Rockstar for a great game, I've had many glorious hours playing it, and am still surprised by some of the many amazing features this game holds. I can't wait for the next.
                • R* Yon August 2 2010, 10:59amReplyFlag
                  @Dilfmaster @trentslatter @Ozvortex Thanks guys for the additional tips.

                  @SenyorJMEZ Ha - yup.

                  @Gutripper We'll be announcing more regarding the release of the Marshals class in the future, stay tuned.
                  • TexasFloodon August 2 2010, 7:33amReplyFlag
                    The Co op mission are amazingly fun, but sometimes when I select it from Free Roam it takes me to Gang Shootouts or some other game mode.
                    • Ozvortexon August 2 2010, 4:24amReplyFlag
                      @Jack-Trey re: completing the Advanced co-op of The River. You will need a minimum 10,000 points to achieve gold. Take your time because time is not a factor. It's all about points, points, points. Go slow and go for head shots to get high points. When you reach Nosalida stay behind the house by the docks and check your combined points. Stay and snipe respawning AI until you've reached the 10K requirement and you've got your GOLD!
                      • SenyorJMEZon August 2 2010, 2:01amReplyFlag
                        But most of all, Have Fun!!
                        • trentslatteron August 1 2010, 10:09pmReplyFlag
                          You left out of the most important tip:

                          Time doesn't matter. If you want gold medals then pace yourself and kill plenty of people. Don't rush ahead and get yourself murdered. Took me soooooooo long to get gold on The Escape advanced because idiots would try to get to the end as fast as possible and get slaughtered.
                          • Gutripperon August 1 2010, 4:43pmReplyFlag
                            exactly what date are the marshals being released? it said july but its already august and as far as i know they havent been released yet. are the coming with the legends and killers DLC?
                            • Dilfmasteron August 1 2010, 1:16amReplyFlag
                              Hey rockstar you don't have to hold X while aiming to keep the stagecoach driving! All you need to do is hold L2. You can even set the controller down with the button pressed in, leave for a minute and have it still going. Provided the route your on is fairly straight.
                              • imax12345678on July 31 2010, 6:16pmReplyFlag
                                can you drive a car on red dead redemtion
                                • R* Yon July 31 2010, 12:04pmReplyFlag
                                  @10928872 Sure, no code needed, look right below where it says 'R* Code' and go to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace or the PS Store, there you can download the free Outlaws to the End DLC pack.

                                  @tuco1980 Thanks, since we haven't announced any info on any other characters, I'm afraid I don't have an answer for you, stay tuned right here on the Newswire for all game announcements.
                                  • tuco1980on July 31 2010, 8:28amReplyFlag
                                    R*Y I don't think you understand what I am asking. I know you can shoot NPC characters hats off and I understand that the Marshals will be released later with a challenge, I get that. What I want to know is why
                                    PLAYER characters cannot have their hats shot off? I quit playing the Mexicans with the big hats because if you are shot in the hat it counts as a head shot. In fact, I quit playing characters with hats period because of this. If the brim of your hat is sticking out from behind cover and some one shoots it, it counts as a head shot.

                                    The other question wasn't about the marshals, I wanted to know if you had any plans for other social club challenges to release any other new characters BESIDES the marshals. In the screens I linked there are plenty of your devs playing characters that are not selectable and NONE of them are the marshals.
                                    • -ssp92-on July 31 2010, 7:18amReplyFlag
                                      The co-op DLC is completely free, go buy it of PS Store or XB Marketplace.
                                      • bushisprezon July 31 2010, 1:53amReplyFlag
                                        The regular coop missions are simple enough with auto aim any class combination can win. If your playing with a class like miner on a long range type mission stick with your posse/team and pick up rifles from dead enemies and you can use them to increase your range of fire.
                                        • Baconshakeon July 31 2010, 12:17amReplyFlag
                                          hey rockstar i have finished all of the advanced co-op missions but i still havent gotten the achievement for it, please fix it.
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