Advertising Council Site Updated with Classic Radio Ads from, Pogo the Monkey and More

Posted on July 15 2010, 5:01pm | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Games

"Delivering little bundles of love, in a box, directly to your door!"

Ten more classic radio ads have been uncovered from the archives and posted for your nostalgic listening and sharing enjoyment by The Advertising Council of Liberty City, Vice City & San Andreas at

This edition includes...

Vice City, 1986...

  • Complete the Look: Rock
  • Farewell Ranch
  • Fernando Presents: Medallion Man
  • Think Your Way to Success!

San Andreas, 1992

  • Inversion Therapy with Darius Fontaine

Liberty City, 1998...

  • Pilgrim's Pantry

Liberty City, 2001...

Listen and enjoy these and other previously unearthed ads at now.

  • MisterYpsilonon July 27 2010, 8:43pmReplyFlag was the definitive service. I ordered there my albino rhino that i keep in my living room.
    Nice work guys!
    • Darkbogdanelon July 20 2010, 10:21amReplyFlag
      Cant wait for the next GTA game.
      Hurry up,guys.
      • R* Yon July 17 2010, 12:45pmReplyFlag
        @Mortal91ify @Bflame7 @Master_2_GTA and others, thanks guys, glad you all are enjoying these classics.
        • Mortal91ifyon July 16 2010, 7:41pmReplyFlag
          in gta 4
          • Mortal91ifyon July 16 2010, 6:38pmReplyFlag
            lmao!! the good old days. i still think this funny even the gay guy talking about mummification hahaha!!
            • 8-Balledon July 16 2010, 10:46amReplyFlag
              HAHAHA ! I remember !
              • The4orTy67on July 16 2010, 5:55amReplyFlag
                It's pretty cool listening to these ads, because I had no english skills when I played GTA during my early days. School does have some uses after all.
                Scarface helped me to improve my english as well as GTA.
                • Master_2_GTAon July 16 2010, 4:47amReplyFlag
                  Medallion Man - WOW!
                  • Master_2_GTAon July 16 2010, 4:45amReplyFlag
                    @Rockstar I don't think if this news are something about GTA V... I mean this is any indice? Please Rockstar tell me! I love you! And awesome musics

                    Come back to GTA 5: Vice and GTA: San Andreas Stories? :)
                    • IslandBolton July 16 2010, 2:41amReplyFlag
                      Rockstar games when the gta game going out and u guys should ask the fans what location the game should take place in next
                      • socksandjockson July 16 2010, 12:14amReplyFlag
                        ah good old classic sounds from GTA, those were the days

                        III and VC had some awesome iconic radio adverts that many fans will never forget!
                        • pretttton July 15 2010, 11:06pmReplyFlag
                          These ads are just awesome!! Vice City FTW!!

                          "Enough aftershave to drown an household pet" :)

                          Also add, Salivax. That was a good one.
                          • Rafiosoon July 15 2010, 5:59pmReplyFlag
                            Medallion Man!!! Vice City for ever!
                            • Senator_BobDoleon July 15 2010, 5:37pmReplyFlag
                              I love the farewell ranch commercial. Call 866-BURY-ME lol
                              • jonnyklebitzon July 15 2010, 5:22pmReplyFlag
                                • jonnyklebitzon July 15 2010, 5:21pmReplyFlag
                                  Pogo the Monkey= awsome
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