Rockstar Game Tips: Hunting Wildlife in Red Dead Redemption (Part 1)

Posted on July 13 2010, 8:00pm | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Social Club, Games
Hunting is one of the most fun and unpredictable gameplay offerings of the epic open frontier Red Dead Redemption experience - and judging by what we've been seeing at the Social Club and from player impressions on Twitter, it's also a fan-favorite Red Dead pastime.  

Today we'll be providing some tips to help you become an expert in some of the single-player aspects of hunting wildlife...
  • After hunting and skinning animals, keep in mind that the further away the shop is from the native land of the animal that you are selling, the more money they pay for the hides and parts.
  • If you see a cougar, immediately take action and begin shooting.  Best to move side to side instead of running in one direction as the cougar will follow right behind you.
  • If you hear a rattling noise when riding your horse, climb off and retrace your steps.  A rattlesnake is nearby...
  • Use rifles on soaring birds as pistols and revolvers aren't as accurate at long range.
  • When hunting deer, elk and other fast animals, stay on your horse so you don't lose them.
Master Hunter challenges for single player include the following:
  • Master Hunter 1: Collect five coyote pelts by killing five coyotes, skinning the carcasses and collecting the pelts.  Search around Hanging Rock north of Armadillo or on the hills surrounding MacFarlane's Ranch.
  • Master Hunter 2: Collect five deer pelts by killing five deer and skinning them.  One place you'll find them is prancing about in Hennigan's Stead.
  • Master Hunter 3: Kill five wolves with your melee knife and collect five wolf pelts.  Look for wolves south of Blackwater and north of MacFarlane's Ranch.
  • Master Hunter 4: Collect five boar tusks and three armadillo carapaces in addition to those you already have.  Search for boars southwest of Thieves Landing and for armadillos in the areas surrounding Armadillo and Ridgewood Farm. 
  • Master Hunter 5: Kill two cougars with your melee knife and collect two cougar pelts.  This will unlock the Buffalo Rifle in town weapon shops.
  • Master Hunter 6: Collect five raccoon pelts, five skunk pelts and five fox pelts in addition to those you already have.  Look for these around Armadillo at night, and in Tall Trees in the green regions.
  • Master Hunter 7: Collect five elk meat and five bighorn skins in addition to those you already have.  Search for elk in the snowy region of Tall Trees.
  • Master Hunter 8: Kill a bear with your melee knife and collect a bear pelt.  Bears are found in Tall Trees.
  • Master Hunter 9: Search Ojo Del Diablo for Khan the jaguar and collect his pelt.
  • Master Hunter 10: Search Aurora Basin for Lobo the Wolf, Stillwater Creek for Gordo the Boar and Nekoti Rock for Brumas the Bear.  This will unlock the ability to harvest vittles from animals that create a consumable health item.

We'll be covering more hunting tips and also all of the Sharpshooter Challenges in part two of our Hunting Wildlife tips series, coming soon.  In the meantime, let us know if you have any hunting tips or questions in the comments below and we may answer them now or in a future edition of Asked & Answered.

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  • masterRICHMAN1on August 22 2010, 8:01pmReplyFlag
    You people did a awsome job on this sequal to red dead revolver . I have both games wish red dead revoler was made for the 360 i have the ps2 one. Love playing western like this cant get any better hope there are mor sequals to come where this left off. Hope the down loads keeps me busy until next release once again. AWSOME JOB
    • TheRedDeadLegendon August 16 2010, 8:22amReplyFlag
      @dwight101 You can find ducks flying high above Lake Don Julio in Cholla Springs, directly south of Armadillo. And you can find seagulls by the bay in Blackwater.
      • macp90on August 10 2010, 5:45pmReplyFlag
        im close to completing 100% and found a nice way to kill bobcats and cougars with knife shoot them 1 or 2 times with your weakest weapon they will start running away from you then just run after with the knife and stab him. and when it comes to bears i got the bear with my knife on the sec chance he f**ked me up the first time but the sec one i was lucky to finde a civilian being hunted by a bear so i shot him once with my B-rifle and then run after him and keept stabbing him to death. Ty Rockstar for this great game thou i hate to have to complet it :( make a sec part and cant wait to gta 5. oh and rockstar guys if you could add the warhorse and assasin outfit on ps store to buy i would buy them. sucks since i didnt have money to preorder :/
        • redhandclanon August 9 2010, 12:46pmReplyFlag
          R* you guys do relise that you guys are like 1 step away from making rpgs with the hunting and the ai of the animals and stuff coz most rpgs dnt have this element and i personaly think R* could rule the RPG scene if you guys put your heads together and made a game with the animal ai and the free roaming element in it . i think without even trying you could make something that could easly beat say fallout or fable just a thought
          • KIDAO-RPon August 8 2010, 7:44amReplyFlag
            Morcegos - Olhe acima da entrada do porão fora da mansão Tumbleweed ou na parte traseira do edifício ferreiro em Thieves direito de aterragem em torno de 6:00 para ver uma colônia de morcegos voam para fora . Eles não podem ser mortos.

            Listas - Rockstar Game Tips: Hunting Wildlife in Red Dead Redemption (Part 3)

            • KIDAO-RPon August 7 2010, 10:51amReplyFlag
              1 - Onde e como matar MORCEGOS?
              2 - Há uma lista completa de todos os animais que tenham que ser mortos?
              • Jason_Harryon August 7 2010, 10:00amReplyFlag
                @Rockstar. One thing i'd love you guys to do is add some speach to one of the Mexican Characters.
                What i mean is alot of us remember The Good, The Bad, The Ugly with Clint Eastwood in it where this Mexican guy is in the bath and this guy walks in and starts saying how hes going to kill him etc then the Mexican shoots him through the bubbles in the bath and says "When you have to shoot, Shoot, But don't talk".
                Probably the most famous one liners in film history. You gotta do this Rockstar. It'll be so cool to say that after i shoot somebody in Multiplayer:)
                Added a link for the clip to view on youtube -
                • Jason_Harryon August 7 2010, 9:46amReplyFlag
                  @dwight101 To find Ducks head to Chuparosa then head North a tiny bit to the river and make your way east along the riverbank and you will find ducks.
                  To find Seagulls is easy. Head to the pier in Blackwater and you should find Seagulls.
                  • darkvisionson August 7 2010, 9:37amReplyFlag
                    first off many thanx to and kudos to rock star for the many fabulous years of fantastic imagination and gaming experiences just the worlds silliest question and eye do jest loll will there ever chane a pack download that will include vehicular (t-fords) transport eye mean hey why not carriages and horseback is cool soo why not a buggy to carry your posse in lol and double back on a horse or even being able to throw a rock at heads to make em see stars then again you guys have been doing that for years...... lol just silly writing rock on babees wooo hoooand yeeee haaawwwww
                    • Jason_Harryon August 7 2010, 9:33amReplyFlag
                      @ TRU BLU. To find Beavers head for Tanner's Span near the Pacific Union Railroad camp and slowly make your way North up the river bank and you will find Beavers.
                      Remember to be patient as there arent many Beavers in game so just keep patrolling that area and you will find the Beavers.
                      • Adriaanon July 21 2010, 4:41pmReplyFlag
                        Some pretty neat tips there, thanks.
                        • TRU_BLUon July 21 2010, 5:39amReplyFlag
                          hi just wondering where i find beavers,
                          • FrostyDonuton July 21 2010, 12:16amReplyFlag
                            Thanks R* so much for the Social Club challenges! They give me more things to do, and the cheats are awesome, and the new sharpshooting one was great. Keep making more and keep them creative. Also, do new challenges come every week?
                            • UpNSmoke225on July 20 2010, 2:04pmReplyFlag
                              @SpeedyFtEdward - it was an exclusive for pre-orders so R* BETTER NOT make it available to everyone!!! your only way of gettin it is to find a Brit on eBay (somehow the europeans acquired a sh*t ton of R* codes - prolly hijacked a GameStop delivery truck or somethin!) There like 35 bucks a whop! not worth it!!!
                              • R* Yon July 19 2010, 4:52pmReplyFlag
                                @Camosnake Sure.

                                @SpeedyFtEdward As we haven't announced any plans to release that, I'm afraid I don't have an answer for you, keep an eye right here on the Rockstar Newswire for all of our announcements.
                                • SpeedyFtEdwardon July 19 2010, 2:51pmReplyFlag
                                  Hey R* will there be any way to get warhorse mount if I haven't preordered the game??
                                  • Camosnakeon July 18 2010, 11:39pmReplyFlag
                                    Thanks for telling me where the ducks and seagulls are, those must be what im missing, Also, Cucawood, you were asking about the werewolf, well, i cant tell anywone for sure, but I was bear hunting in Tall Trees today, over by the bearclaw camp, and I had just killed one and was getting off my horse to skin him, and as the animation of me getting off my horse was playing out, I could have swore I saw him ontop a ridge there by the camp, when the animation was done playing out, I couldnt find anything, It may have been a bear standing on its hind legs, but I saw something for sure, big, brown, standing on two feet, to me it didnt look like a bear, but i didnt get a long enough glimpse either.
                                    • activesmoke44on July 18 2010, 9:03amReplyFlag
                                      hi R* i,ve got a suggestion. It would be great fun if you were able to do some tricks on horse back. Like jumping from horse to horse and standing up on the horses back to shoot. it would make some journeys alot more fun. ..........
                                      • R* Yon July 17 2010, 12:51pmReplyFlag
                                        @SirSmok3Alot225 @activesmoke44 @Darknight86 @lloydsgames @BeazelWeasel @adonisdemon and others, nice guys, thanks for all of the tips.
                                        • UpNSmoke225on July 16 2010, 12:42pmReplyFlag
                                          2 animals alot of people miss is the duck (which are mostly found in Mexico right on the river, smack dab on the dashed border line of Punta Orgullo and Perdido) and the Seagull which is only in Blackwater by the bay. So if your still missing Unnatural Selection try these places.

                                          Another good tip if you make most of your money hunting is the 'quick skin method' as I like to call it. All you have to do is kill a bunch of animals on horseback, then place your horse directly on top of the kill (make sure he's completely stopped before dismounting). Then simply press Y two times and he'll quick skin the animal and jump back on the horse! This sometimes doesn't work for smaller animals but they dont take too much time to skin anyway. Head up to Tall Trees or Bearclaw and give it a try! Hope this helps some people.
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