Rockstar Warehouse Update: Official Red Dead Redemption Poster Now Available & More

Posted on July 2 2010, 9:49am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

The posters section of the Rockstar Warehouse has been updated with the latest addition to the Red Dead Redemption Frontier Collection, the Official Red Dead Redemption 22x28 inch Poster

There's still limited inventory remaining for some of the other items in the Frontier Collection, including the Barking Irons Flannel Shirt, Playing Cards - Double Deck and the Dynamite Candle.

We are still taking orders for Frontier Collection Items that are backordered as well, but our most recent restock sold out immediately, so if you'd like to make sure you get your hands on any of the temporarily sold out items, make sure to place your order now as priority reservation for the next wave of stock will go according to reservation order.

Additionally, the previously sold out Grand Theft Auto IV Burger Shot Tee is now back in stock and available in all standard men's sizes.

  • InfernalMrAdamson August 12 2010, 11:20pmReplyFlag
    I noticed that there was a piece of original artwork featuring Shadow Wolf in the advertisement for today's PS3 social club/MP event! Any chance we might see some of the other RDRevolver characters as Wallpaper art soon??
    • UpNSmoke225on July 26 2010, 1:09pmReplyFlag
      R* -- any plans on making a Red Dead Redemption Liar's Dice Set...I like the playing cards but I'd definitely buy a dice game with the official RDR liars dice rules (since there are several variations)??????
      • 11024894on July 19 2010, 5:31pmReplyFlag
        I just love the game. It's far better than GTA IV. Thanks for making such a great game.

        BTW - I don't know where to put it, so I'll put it just here - Is it a server problem or are some people just not able to lose in Multiplayer - it happens really often that I am in an online match and suddenly all other players just drop out.

        THX in advance and greetings from Austria
        • RAFAN70NIOon July 8 2010, 6:52amReplyFlag
          I live in Spain. Can You Please add PayPal?
          • R* Yon July 7 2010, 11:21amReplyFlag
            @Christm77 Thanks, we take any attempts to cheat in Red Dead's multiplayer very seriously and are looking into addressing these exploits.
            • Christm77on July 7 2010, 9:59amReplyFlag
              Just wondering if your aware of the hack program thats been made that people are using to boost their level to max (and highest prestige) and unlock everything? I came across a forum hosting it looking up how to unlock golden guns in multiplayer (yes I am a noob not knowing how to) and I've come across players in game who have actually admitted to using it. I think its really unfair on the legit players and something needs to be done about the people who created it and the people using it.
              • R* Yon July 6 2010, 7:46pmReplyFlag
                @nicomc Thanks, we're really happy that you're enjoying all that Red Dead Redemption has to offer.

                @10192843 Sure, let us know if you continue to have issues.
                • nicomcon July 6 2010, 7:28pmReplyFlag
                  every time i play red dead , i say to myself "just 1 more kill" and 100 kills later i say " just one more kill". because every time you shoot someone there's a totally different response, and there are so many ways to kill people. no other game is like a ROCKSTAR game, rockstar always delivers the best graphics, best story, best overall game. its not just games there insanely good at they also make badass art, clothes, and websites. i don't really know how to end this heart felt speech so ill just say that rockstar is my favorite developer by a landslide and i will alway buy there products.
                  • 10192843on July 6 2010, 6:18pmReplyFlag
                    Rockstar Thanks but already send it a week ago i think and no respond and i try almost everything in support and diferrence companys my friends coneccion velocitys,NAT and diferents ps3 models and the problem stills i going to try again and thanks for reply me.
                    • R* Yon July 6 2010, 5:48pmReplyFlag
                      @10192843 Thanks, best way to get help on Red Dead problems including your multiplayer one is to contact Rockstar Games Support, they'll gladly assist:
                      • 10192843on July 6 2010, 4:43pmReplyFlag
                        Hitman is my name and Shooting is my game is no rap and rhyme i like to write it ok Rockstar 2 things is going to be a update that fix what is happening so many people and me have this problem when we enter to a roam to make posse up trophy the game automatilly kick us out of the roam it kicks when the 7 seg has pass before the first update everything works fine for me i play with many people i want no lags it was perfect when you released the first update my multiplayer broke along with others you know all problems start when the update appearred now my 2 Questions are 1 Theres some update that you going to released to fix this and a estimated date? ans 2 Question is you are thinking to revive the classic GTA Vice city and San andreas for PS3 and Xbox 360?? Thanks and have a Nice Day. Sincerrely TheHitman007PR PSN ID And sorry for my English
                        • R* Yon July 6 2010, 2:22pmReplyFlag
                          @Demolition502 @HGS360 @LiamSca2k10 & others, thanks, really glad you all enjoyed Red Dead, there haven't been any announcements on the possibility of any future Red Dead titles but we will have multiple DLC releases in the coming months for Red Dead Redemption, so if you stick right here on the Newswire you'll be able to follow all the details.
                          • The4orTy67on July 6 2010, 12:46pmReplyFlag
                            I'm pretty surprised that Rockstar hasn't deleted your Bully 2 Message.

                            I would love to see a GTA HD Classics collection, God of War is already available and Sly Cooper Collection will also Be out this Year. So could you please give us PS3 owners our GTA HD Classics Collection?
                            • nicomcon July 5 2010, 10:24pmReplyFlag
                              @ONE_EYED_EEL thanks for the info but how did you find out about it?? because rockstar hasnt announced anything and i havent heard any rumors.
                              • LiamSca2k10on July 5 2010, 10:07amReplyFlag
                                i have a question :) and a comment :D

                                Question 1: ROCKSTAR..just yes or no if there is going to be a third "Red Dead" ..Feel free 2 say "Maybe" ..:) please reply to this question!!!

                                this game is the greatest game ive ever played..i finished GTA: Episodes Of Liberty City 2day..and ive finished RDR a month ago..and GTA 4 7 months ago..and i have 2 say you give outstanding STORY lines..and great action delighted ive finished all these games..and i really hope you continue with GTA and Red Dead..and im really looking forward 2 "L.A Noire" & "Agent"..i already have my money for both wait :)..

                                Well done Rockstar..not dat u need 2 hear dat..u know it yourselves :)..THANK YOU..

                                LS ..
                                • Demolition502on July 5 2010, 9:52amReplyFlag
                                  Hey guys, just wanted to say thank you for the best game I've ever played!!! Speciaal thanks to the graphic landscape designers...omfg it's awesome ! Having said that I do have one issue wich I'm not quiet happy with....The codes. Living in the Netherlands and not beeing able to pre-order the US version of the game, I missed out on any of the special deals. I bought RDR the first week it came out overhere. Just recently the copies including the warhorse, golden guns codes are available here. So I kinda missed out on it. I feel a bit wronged having paid the full retail price wich is 60 euros, ( $75,25 !!!!), and lacking the extras. That's all I wanted off my chest guys......looking forward to RDR 2.
                                  • IceChrisCreamon July 5 2010, 6:16amReplyFlag
                                    we need some more stuff to do in free roam, like more vehichles
                                    • Mutiplayeron July 5 2010, 4:00amReplyFlag
                                      When take out Red Dead Redemption PC ?
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