Episodes from Liberty City Games for Windows LIVE Official Social Club Multiplayer Event (June 29, 4-7 PM Eastern)

Posted on June 29 2010, 4:04pm | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Update: The event has ended.  Thanks to everyone that played, watched the stream and participated in the chat...

Join us today from 4-7PM Eastern when we'll be playing Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City on Games for Windows LIVE.  Also stay tuned this week for the calendar announcement of our July through September events in the official Social Club Multiplayer Events Series – expect lots of Red Dead Redemption online action through the summer and into the fall...

As always, those who aren't able to play today can watch the live streaming video as the event unfolds and join in on our official live chat. 

We'll be starting the afternoon in The Lost and Damned in Team Deathmatch.  Those of you clamoring to get into base jumping, an APC or a Buzzard - we'll be switching over to The Ballad of Gay Tony at some point during the event.

Can't reach a gaming PC during our play time?  You can still follow everything at the Social Club Multiplayer Event page with a live streaming broadcast on both days.  We'll also have the chat box running during the events for those that want to discuss the action with fellow fans.

We'll be starting both events in Team Deathmatch in The Lost and Damned, so navigate through your in-game phone to Party Mode and have at least one friend join your Grand Theft Auto party.  Once you and your friend(s) are ready and you're sure that the event has begun, start up Team Deathmatch.  Rockstar players will be scattered through a number of different lobbies to allow for the maximum amount of people to play on each day.

As always, shout in our chat box on the Social Club Multiplayer Event page if you have any questions.

Hit up the chat box during the event or plan ahead and coordinate your party by posting your Gamertag in the Comments section below.

Participating Rockstar Gamertags from 4-7PM Eastern will be:

  • GwRockstar1
  • GwRockstar2
  • GwRockstar3
  • GwRockstar4

Party Mode is an easy way to get your group together and find matches.  Here are the 3 quick and easy steps to get you up and running:

  1. To get started, fire up the in-game mobile phone by pressing "Up" on the D-pad.  Navigate to Party Mode.
  2. From here, open up your phone again and select the Friends option to invite your friends (you need at least one more friend to play with Rockstar). 
  3. Once your team is ready to roll and the event has begun, open up the in-game phone again and select Ranked > Team Deathmatch.

Again, please be sure that you enter the lobby in a group of two if you plan to get matched up against us and other players for the event.

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  • GrandTheftAuto55on August 19 2010, 7:27pmReplyFlag

    Hey Rockstar you guy should make a GTA Game like san andreas but with GTA IV Game Engine and Graphics
    • Glamuson August 12 2010, 4:46amReplyFlag
      This sounds like fun, I'm in! PSN id : Glamus
      • marcosDogon August 1 2010, 1:29amReplyFlag
        el juego esta de mas
        pero cuando van a sacar el red dead redemption
        • RustyBTayloron July 11 2010, 4:19amReplyFlag
          I have an idea for a gta game with san andreas , bullworth , and grand theft auto 3 and 4 liberty citys . The cars will be from a mixture from all the games . The cars will have graphics from 3 and 4 and the building graphics will depend on what city your in. There will be a glitch that takes you to old liberty city ( gta 3 )in san andreas . And there will be missions in san andreas , bullworth ,London , Paris, and new liberty ( gta 4 ) .There will be side missions in all cities . San andreas will have a teliporter to some parts of vice city . Vice city will have better graphics inside shops . And if you travel either east or west you can (as soon as you get to land ) take a plane to london or paris. And you can swim under boats or under water . Also your character can cary two of any gun . You can also modify your character , cars , guns , and safe houses ( Once you beat the story line ) . The cars will change in each city you go to . Theres 3 or 4 types of guns (guns ( like cars ) will look diffrent in diffrent cities. And 1 mission will take you to vice city. 3 will take you to london ( before you do the missions in london) .2 will take you to paris.( Like london ). And Cars will(randomly) look a little diffrent every time you go back into diffrent cities (the more your away the faster the cars change). The same is with guns. And and interior world with gta 1 and 2 cities in it . ( in interior follow light when backgrounds light grey 2 doors apear leading to maps from 1 and 2 .

          • Razormouthon July 6 2010, 8:45pmReplyFlag
            I was wondering where is the forum where I can give suggestions for future games and plug-ins. I usually spend time with friends thinking of some interesting concepts. If there is a suggestion box, of sorts, I would like to visit that link, thanks
            • R* Yon July 6 2010, 12:04pmReplyFlag
              @BWOBLAZED Thanks, sorry to hear you're having some trouble linking your account, if you send us an e-mail using this form we can look at your problem more closely, be sure to include your platform, ID and any other helpful info:
              • FreeStallionon July 6 2010, 10:02amReplyFlag
                i hate this, why show the skylift in missions n then make it unattainable? :(
                • GTAMASTER_08on July 3 2010, 2:21pmReplyFlag
                  Hey R* sorry I could not make it that day, Verizon cut off my internet right after i send you guys a friend request . I blame verizon for disconnecting my internet and made me missed the event. I hope more events coming soon
                  • bad_fur_dayon June 30 2010, 7:42pmReplyFlag
                    Hey R*, you should put more music like this in ur games.



                    • The-Death22on June 30 2010, 2:34pmReplyFlag
                      Great event Rockstar !!! I've participated with my 3 friends : eastmanblues, rattletop1 & tom455olds
                      • JohanJohan08on June 30 2010, 10:22amReplyFlag
                        Snap! I missed this one! >.
                        • BoochArton June 30 2010, 10:09amReplyFlag
                          f**k i forget about event, why do not you remind me by email.

                          waiting other events.
                          • RomanBOY123on June 30 2010, 6:24amReplyFlag
                            Thanks Rockstar! It was really fan! Russian guys like GTA!!
                            • 6206837on June 30 2010, 4:10amReplyFlag
                              Thanks Rockstars! That was be nice :)
                              • yeti1221on June 30 2010, 4:03amReplyFlag
                                It was great, i was playing with GwRockstar2. He had good idea and maked a game with Sticky Bombs only ! hahaha. Thank you Rockstar for the event, i really like the company. Greetins from Poland :D
                                • iSinockon June 30 2010, 3:17amReplyFlag
                                  It was awesome , i liked it ! i hope for more event on pc :p
                                  • AslamAbbason June 30 2010, 2:14amReplyFlag
                                    Did Any 1ne Wannna be Ma Partner!~
                                    • Joker-64on June 29 2010, 10:23pmReplyFlag
                                      Event was amazing. We want more PC event Rockstar :)

                                      GTATurk http://bit.ly/d1FYWj
                                      • RGC_HeKuTon June 29 2010, 9:22pmReplyFlag
                                        @R They will be?
                                        • RGC_HeKuTon June 29 2010, 8:26pmReplyFlag
                                          @R i wait more events for original Grand Theft Auto IV !!!
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