Free Red Dead Redemption Outlaws to the End Co-Op Mission Pack Downloadable Content Now Available

Posted on June 22 2010, 10:30am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

The free Outlaws to the End Co-Op Mission Pack for Red Dead Redemption is now available for download to your PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.  The pack features six all-new explosive and epic Cooperative Multiplayer missions to play with 2-4 players, plus all new Achievements/Trophies to unlock and more.

Once you've registered for a PlayStation Network account you can then scroll to the PlayStation Network icon on your XMB and select PlayStation Store. The Red Dead Redemption Outlaws to the End Co-Op Mission Pack is available from the Add-On section.

Simply go to Xbox LIVE Marketplace with your connected Xbox 360 console and select the Red Dead Redemption Outlaws to the End Co-Op Mission Pack from the Game Add-ons section of Marketplace. Alternatively, you can download the DLC from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace website and have it ready and waiting for you the next time you go online with your Xbox 360 (requires Xbox LIVE Gold Membership for online play).


(Update) We've isolated an issue with the free DLC mission pack that was causing broader problems with Red Dead Redemption's multiplayer, and we've implemented a fix that is now live on both platforms.  This update is now in place (you will not be prompted to download anything, but you may need to restart your game in order for it to take effect).

The update also closes an XP exploit whereby players could trigger empty Gang Hideouts and have them register as complete.

For anyone still experiencing issues, please contact our technical support team for assistance through any of the following means:



  • Maguaneroon November 8 2011, 9:48pmReplyFlag
    why i can't find the co-op option on the free roam (select/back button) ? i have installed it like a hundred times. plis .
    • 14953700on August 13 2011, 12:42pmReplyFlag
      • 12720686on December 27 2010, 9:08pmReplyFlag
        plese tell us the code or how u did it
        • Gamegurl06on September 29 2010, 3:04amReplyFlag
          ok disregard my last message. i just went through all one million comments and figured out how to get co op to work. just do what rockstar says and it works. thanx rockstar for such a great game!!
          • Gamegurl06on September 29 2010, 2:28amReplyFlag
            Ok I downloded Outlaws to the End Co-Op Mission Pack now can someone please tell me how do I get to it?? How do I play this with a friend? I went to multi player, but I don't see the option anywhere.
            • Nikeot1on September 20 2010, 3:27pmReplyFlag
              Yes ,I like to see the TRAIN ,on FREE ROM ?
              can they do it ?
              • Talaalon September 10 2010, 1:25pmReplyFlag
                @taz_devil22 and gram1799 i am facing the same problem......
                i downloaded the OTTE pack and when i go into multiplayer and press select, there is nothing related to coop missions..
                some of my friends r also facing this problem plz help rockstar...
                • GRAM1179on August 15 2010, 7:22pmReplyFlag
                  i have the same problems, i already downloaded the co op pack from the ps store, and when i look on select menu, doesnt appear the coop mission option, what can i do to fix this?
                  • Alawi164on August 5 2010, 4:53pmReplyFlag
                    Ok i think ive made a mistake i cant fix without deleting my account and making a new one.
                    I have an american (region 1) account for playstation 3. and i bought red dead redemption region 2. the game works and everything BUT, i cant play the Co-op DLC because i can only download the region 1 dlc. i really dont want to lose my throphies and saves. what should i do, i really want to play the DLCs. i tried making a new european account and downloading the dlc. it did work but only for the european account not the american... is there any solution???
                    • Connor52on August 4 2010, 1:09pmReplyFlag
                      They need to add the train to free roam
                      • R* Yon August 2 2010, 1:18pmReplyFlag
                        @11206697 Sure, enter multiplayer and press Back/Select on your controller, then select Cooperative Missions from the list.

                        @JFH123 Thanks, we'll be addressing this in a future title update.
                        • 11206697on August 2 2010, 11:23amReplyFlag
                          does anyone know how to play the co op pack after you downloAD IT FOR THE XBOX MARKETPLACE?
                          • JFH123on July 25 2010, 8:13pmReplyFlag
                            hey Rockstar somethins up with the co-op missions for Xbox 360. the River mission never loads. Help
                            • SidiousCyanideon July 24 2010, 11:41amReplyFlag
                              Has anyone else had the achievements for completing all the co-op missions (Not advanced) and getting all Gold not being triggered?

                              My buddy and I went through all the co-op missions together the other day and while he got those achievements after completing the final mission, I didn't :-/
                              • Shift-King005on July 21 2010, 8:26amReplyFlag
                                Kan mir bitte Jemand den COD Sagen oder we---stentz wo ich den COD finden kan BIITTTEEE
                                • Shift-King005on July 21 2010, 8:23amReplyFlag
                                  Kan mir bitte Jemand den Sagen um COD we---stentz Sagen wo ich den COD Finden Kann BIIITTTTEEEE
                                  • Vargas7xon July 20 2010, 11:15pmReplyFlag
                                    Can somebody help me? iv'e downloaded the DLC for the ps3 and installed it but i can't play it. on the main menu when i go to downloadable content it says no content is installed and when i play multiplayer on the select menu the co-op doesnt appear..
                                    • R* Yon July 19 2010, 5:09pmReplyFlag
                                      @bbomz88 No code is required for the DLC download, right below where the screen says something about a code is a second option that will take you to the download page on Xbox LIVE or PlayStation Network.

                                      @10649473 Sorry, split-screen is not supported with Red Dead Redemption.
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